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Psionics Institute’s Glossary of Energy Working Terms: D – F

A feeling of disconnect from a given subject, possibly oneself.

Techniques used to read possibilities and glean insight from them.

A double intended to replace the real individual. Could be a living creature or a construct.

Dream Control
When in a dream, you are able to control the dream.

Dream-walking is when another psion enters your mind, and with your permission, shares control over the dream. This skill requires the walker to be lucid and in control of their own dreams in order to enter someone else’s.

A collective thoughtform, an entity which exists because enough people believed enough in it for it to begin to actually manifest. The more collective belief, the more powerful the thoughtform becomes, but the egregore can’t really do anything that the people that believe in it don’t expect, since it is a manifestation of their beliefs.

Projected image of a being, living or dead. If living it is usually a form of communication. If dead it is usually an afterimage lingering after death.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)
Instances of voices being heard in white noise recordings.

Elemental Feeding
The idea of consuming the energy of an element, ie, fire, water, earth, etc, for the purpose of maintaining one’s own health and ability. Subcategory of Feeding.

Empathetic Shield
Shields designed to block out the conscious or unconscious broadcasting of emotions that may come within range of them. Subcategory of Shield.

Feeling the emotions and mental states of those around you.

A.K.A. Subtle Energy. Basic material of Energy Work and Psionics.

An unidentified individual or creature.

Ethereal Plane
Plane that overlays with the Physical Plane. Plane where the dead dwell and the unborn linger until birth. Subcategory of Plane.

External Flow
In Scanning, they represent the person’s actions directed outward, toward the world around him or her.

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)
A.K.A. Extra Sensory Means, receiving input from beyond the normal, physical senses.

Faith Healing
Healing through belief in a greater power.

Taking in a required substance for the purpose of maintaining one’s own health and ability.

Separating, removing, and discarding in some way unwanted properties of some kind of energetic form. When used in reference to feeding, involves taking in the energy that you need, and grounding or dissipating energy that could could be harmful or disruptive.

Nonsense information.

The shape of an object or entity.

Frequency Variance
Active alteration of the frequency of energy, used mostly in shields and other barriers. Sometimes used in attacks.

Frontloading is where a person gives information which alters a scanner’s perception. For example, if two people are sparring and one says “ok, time to turn up the heat”, that is frontloading in the way that the ref now expects that particpant to fight better and in most cases will see that as happening even if it is not true.

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