Basic Combat

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Log from #Classroom on Sunday, May 5, 2013 at 6PM EDT: “Basic Combat”, hosted by TashRikil:
[18:02:07] <TashRikil> welcome to combat. have a seat. we’re going to wait some minutes, quietly, for the late stragglers to show up. i suggest you meditate.
[18:02:14] <Little_Dragon> are we going to be doing the “take off your coat, put it down, pick it back up, hang it up again over and over?”
[18:02:43] <Alathan> probably based on this bots program limitations.
[18:03:04] <Alathan> he reminds me of the ai from the new total recall
[18:03:08] * Little_Dragon notes that bith what tashrikil said and what i said were karate kid movie references
[18:03:27] <Little_Dragon> both*
[18:03:35] <Alathan> lol
[18:04:27] <DragonAtma> back
[18:04:32] <Alathan> wb
[18:04:53] <DragonAtma> nah, LD — we’ll fopllow the modern Ai of “face wall and run frantically”
[18:06:01] <Little_Dragon> Or “Run at and pass through the wall” (The Men Who Stare At goats)
[18:06:43] <Little_Dragon> I can keep referencing movies but need a drink. I’ll be back (Terminator)
[18:07:39] <Little_Dragon> sorry, that was terminator 2, my bad.
[18:09:03] <TashRikil> now. who is here for the lesson tonight?
[18:09:31] <DragonAtma> I am.
[18:10:13] <TashRikil> everyone in attendance please speak up. that includes Akradai
[18:10:19] <Zephyr> hi
[18:10:31] <michellethemit> sup
[18:10:32] <Little_Dragon> hey
[18:10:35] <DragonAtma> Up.
[18:10:37] <Akradai> I’m here, will be poking head in and out.
[18:10:58] <simica> Yup
[18:11:21] <TashRikil> very good.
[18:11:37] <TashRikil> simica. you have failed the first lesson in combat. you were late.
[18:11:42] <minkydave> hi
[18:11:47] <Akradai> lol
[18:13:04] <TashRikil> Alathan, Little_Dragon, DragonAtma, Akradai. you all failed the second lesson of combat. you were impatient.
[18:13:22] <Little_Dragon> How was I impatient?
[18:13:23] <TashRikil> my watch is the only one that matters, here.
[18:13:49] <TashRikil> you messed around and gabbed
[18:13:59] <TashRikil> you also got up.
[18:14:18] <Alathan> and time is irrelevant
[18:14:32] <Little_Dragon> no, that is called killing time. And getting a drink of water. Hardly the signs of impatience. 😛
[18:14:46] <TashRikil> timing and patience in combat are of the UTMOST importance, gentlemen and ladies. they are primary.
[18:15:21] <minkydave> what time are we startin up in this mother?
[18:15:32] <TashRikil> you need to remain patient, and focused, to determine when your opponent lets down their guard, even for a split second. and you need to have the timing to have your energy there when their guard is down.
[18:15:34] * DragonAtma mutters something about Musashi and Sasaki
[18:15:47] <Alathan> which means greater perspective of your self and surroundings are far more important
[18:16:26] <Alathan> oohh musashi would be an epic teacher of speed and acuracy
[18:16:42] <TashRikil> that is correct. you cannot hit what you cannot see. and your job is to see through your opponent and prevent them from seeing through you.
[18:17:27] <Alathan> two words blind fight
[18:17:54] <TashRikil> now. someone tell me the purpose of combat.
[18:18:26] <Alathan> philisophics or technics?
[18:18:35] <Little_Dragon> to resolve a conflict through violence
[18:18:43] <TashRikil> Little_Dragon, wrong.
[18:18:59] <Little_Dragon> or to protect oneself while at the same time subduing one who attacks you
[18:19:00] <TashRikil> next?
[18:19:24] <TashRikil> someone else. i want other answers.
[18:19:49] <Alathan> philisophics then. The use of superior skills and technic to over come objection
[18:19:52] <Little_Dragon> dang, I had a lot more answers. But overall the reason for combat differs from one situation to the next.
[18:19:58] <DragonAtma> It varies, depending on the circumstances.
[18:20:47] <TashRikil> there is really only one reason, other than training. that reason is to get your opponent to stop attacking you.
[18:21:11] <Alathan> but in the historical term of combat is the conflict between two opposing forces to achive a goal. And didn’t i say that?
[18:21:42] <Alathan> ment the second part
[18:21:45] <Little_Dragon> The first thing I said can tie into that, words can be as deadly an attack as a sword.
[18:21:58] <TashRikil> no. violence is sometimes involved. but when your opponent is no longer able to hurt you, or no longer wants to, you stop hitting.
[18:22:01] <Alathan> and so can thought
[18:22:10] <michellethemit> but then what about the opponent who started the attack? he’s engaging in combat with you.
[18:22:14] <Little_Dragon> Tash: I agree
[18:22:33] <TashRikil> damn right it’s self defense.
[18:22:45] <TashRikil> self defense is the only legitimate use of the skills i will teach you.
[18:22:48] <Little_Dragon> well, self defense is the best reason to fight.
[18:23:07] <TashRikil> anything else, and you are in the wrong.
[18:23:28] <Little_Dragon> No teacher can teach all parts of combat.
[18:23:41] <Alathan> untill you get to a level of skill that at any point other then the initial attack would cause more harm then good.
[18:23:52] <TashRikil> i can see defense of others. funny nobody mentioned it. but that can be extended too far sometimes.
[18:24:58] <Little_Dragon> Sometimes people take combat too far and use it to prove something often ending up looking stupid.
[18:25:22] <TashRikil> and thats exactly what needs to be avoided.
[18:25:44] <TashRikil> combat does not prove your self worth.
[18:26:14] <TashRikil> combat does not mean you are a big man. in fact, it frequently means exactly the opposite, that you’re a sneaky rat bastard who took advantage of someone’s weakness.
[18:26:29] <Little_Dragon> yep
[18:26:50] <Little_Dragon> And sometimes people who are not yet ready for an aspect of combat demand that they prove they are.
[18:27:12] <TashRikil> combat is not how you are judged here at PI.
[18:27:18] <TashRikil> nor will it ever be
[18:27:41] <Little_Dragon> A friend of mine desperately wanted to prove he can take a punch. I am not a fighter but have strong arms so he wanted me to hit him. I sent him flying after he kept begging me to hit him and he only looked like an idiot.
[18:27:48] <TashRikil> but everyone needs to learn to defend themselves, both philosophically and mentally against the errors in judgement that other people use to initiate combat.
[18:28:02] <TashRikil> and then be able to stay alive under their attacks.
[18:28:09] <Little_Dragon> yep
[18:28:14] <DragonAtma> true
[18:28:41] <Little_Dragon> agreed…there is way more to life than being ready to fight and at the top of the food chain.
[18:28:41] <TashRikil> does everyone understand this?
[18:29:27] <Jonn> YES,
[18:29:30] * DragonAtma nods
[18:29:32] <Little_Dragon> yep
[18:29:35] <Jonn> – caps
[18:29:51] <michellethemit> ye
[18:30:16] <TashRikil> Alathan? simica? Zephyr?
[18:30:30] <Alathan> reading aikidou
[18:30:52] <TashRikil> aikido will teach you much the same things.
[18:31:05] <Little_Dragon> Also, a note: real combat is not the same as sparring and many do not win spars because they do not want to hurt their opponents which in turn leads to their will dampening their ability to attack.
[18:31:35] <TashRikil> that’s right.
[18:31:45] <DragonAtma> LD: Indeed
[18:31:51] <Little_Dragon> as such, that is no bearing on true ability.
[18:32:02] <Alathan> *seven year aikidou practionar.
[18:32:15] <TashRikil> sparring is significant bearing on true ability
[18:32:17] <Little_Dragon> I not long ago made the mistake of thinking that it was a direct bearing on one’s ability and willpower.
[18:32:31] <TashRikil> then all you need do is agree with what you have likely already agreed with. 😛
[18:32:34] <Alathan> its both
[18:33:03] <Alathan> a wiser man knows when to let other speak
[18:33:10] <Little_Dragon> If sparring requires the will and desire to harm your opponent to succeed, how does it reflect true ability?
[18:33:17] <Alathan> this is my turn
[18:34:05] <TashRikil> Alathan is correct.
[18:38:40] <TashRikil> Alathan, Zephyr. simica, do you all understand that combat is to be used only in self defense, or the defense of others that are being attacked inappropriately? And that when your opponent is either no longer willing, or no longer able to attack you that it is time to stop?
[18:38:53] <Zephyr> I can’t do this right now
[18:39:17] <TashRikil> okay.
[18:39:46] <Eniri> Passing that point is when the word changes to violence
[18:40:49] <TashRikil> that is correct. why didnt you report in?
[18:41:01] <Little_Dragon> One thing you did not yet mention: In self defense not harming your opponent anymore than necessary is not a sign of weakness. Too many think they have to kill their opponent but in the majority of cases the opponent stops attacking after one round.
[18:41:29] <Little_Dragon> er, kill or cripple*
[18:41:30] <Eniri> When you did the role I was making dinner and didn’t notice the time. I’ve been quietly listening for the last couple of minutes though
[18:42:15] <TashRikil> i did not mention that explicitly, but it is implied.
[18:43:04] <Eniri> Sorry
[18:43:10] <TashRikil> truth be told, in psionic combat the ability to kill or cripple your opponents are minimal. the reality is that you can blow someone away and they will be back in a few hours.
[18:43:52] <Little_Dragon> unless you use the weakened state of your opponent to your advantage by sealing him in a manner that prevents recovery
[18:44:18] <TashRikil> or by breaking in and damaging his unshielded, weakened mind.
[18:44:30] <Jonn> Little_Dragon: That is even less probable than harming someone irl.
[18:44:52] <Little_Dragon> True, but it can happen.
[18:44:52] <TashRikil> but that is hard to do.
[18:45:11] <Jonn> It is possible, however very improbable. That’s all Im pointing.
[18:45:22] <TashRikil> yes it can. and you need to stop before it does.
[18:46:48] <Little_Dragon> Also, having a more solid defense is better than being able to hit harder because any combat is first won in the mind and if you look like you are not an easy target due to solid defense most will not bother to attack in the first place.
[18:46:58] <Little_Dragon> correct?
[18:47:23] <TashRikil> incorrect. bright strong defenses shine out like a beacon, practically inviting everyone and his brother to come get you.
[18:47:42] <Little_Dragon> hmmm…
[18:48:05] <TashRikil> it is harder to attack than to defend
[18:50:42] <TashRikil> because when you attack, you have to make sure it hits. and you have to hit a shield several times, focused on penetrating it, to make sure it goes down.
[18:50:54] <TashRikil> all you have to do to defend is not be where the energy is
[18:52:33] <TashRikil> but hurling multiple bolts at someone is a lot harder than dodging those bolts, or deflecting them with a good shield which is always on. attackers wear out faster.
[18:52:57] <Little_Dragon> I can attest to that.
[18:53:18] <Little_Dragon> I did not last in spars until I stopped focusing mainly on attacks and started focusing mainly on defense.
[18:53:26] <TashRikil> that’s just the way it is.
[18:53:56] <Little_Dragon> But focusing too much on defense can also ensure that the attacker has no distractions when finding your weakness, so a balance between attack and defense is necessary.
[18:54:03] <Jonn> I think they are two different skill sets that cant be really compared as to which is easier/harder. Defending is passive energy working for the most part, while attacking is active energy working.
[18:54:22] <TashRikil> and that is exactly why attacking is harder.
[18:54:44] <Intriman> May I join?
[18:54:49] <TashRikil> yes.
[18:54:54] * TashRikil sets mode: +v Intriman
[18:55:06] <Intriman> When I attack I use a completely different strategy.
[18:55:10] <Jonn> I will disagree simply in the sense that for some people is harder to pool energy into one place as oppose to move it around. And viceversa for others.
[18:55:11] <DragonAtma> Jonn: of coruse, you can supplemnent passive defense with active defense
[18:55:31] <Intriman> My strategies are always randomized but have a strict underlying strategy..
[18:55:40] <Jonn> My point being, some people’s best defense is offense.
[18:55:44] <Intriman> For example, if something that is sentient attacks..
[18:55:56] <TashRikil> there are infinite variations. and having someone focus purely on making the biggest brightest shield they can is a great way to suicide.
[18:56:18] <Intriman> A construct of mine may change it’s programming hash and be unable to be recognized.
[18:56:23] <Intriman> Sort of like a virus
[18:56:27] <Intriman> A virus in the body
[18:56:38] <Intriman> will have certain receptors or antigens
[18:56:45] <Intriman> That antibodies can bind to
[18:57:03] <Intriman> An example, HIV, always changes its’ surface proteins
[18:57:33] <Intriman> And in my case it can be a randomized hash or noise in the programming
[18:57:43] <Intriman> Making it unable to be predicted.
[18:57:57] <Intriman> Do you get me??
[18:58:08] <TashRikil> of course. your way is not new, Intriman.
[18:58:22] <Intriman> I just paraphrased it.
[18:58:33] <Intriman> Say we have a square construct
[18:58:53] <Intriman> The construct is for say defense and information collection from incoming constructs
[18:59:25] <Intriman> It’s hash will change for every construct, and it’s attributes, programming pieces, location, frequency, will change.
[18:59:27] <simica> Distortion is a nice way of screwing up thought patterns in a person
[18:59:41] <Intriman> At random but still functioning.
[19:00:36] <TashRikil> a lot of people do what you do Intriman, or some variation on it.
[19:01:05] <TashRikil> basic weapons, folks. what are they made of?
[19:01:16] <Intriman> Subtle energy
[19:01:44] <TashRikil> not if they want to be effective, they arent.
[19:02:00] <TashRikil> what else we got?
[19:02:01] <Intriman> Everything is subtle energy in a form or another.
[19:02:23] <Intriman> Subtle energy can be raw, programmed, patterned, etc.
[19:03:44] <TashRikil> then you operate on a different paradigm. ladies? gentlemen? weapons. we’ve all used them in spars. what are they made of?
[19:04:09] <DragonAtma> energy
[19:04:28] <TashRikil> correct, but so vague as to be unuseful.
[19:05:25] * Eniri raises hand.
[19:05:28] <Eniri> is it intention?
[19:05:43] <TashRikil> not bad. anyone else?
[19:05:48] <Intriman> Psi,.,
[19:06:14] <TashRikil> psi. again. correct but so vague as to be useless.
[19:06:34] <TashRikil> come on guys, if you dont know what your stuff is made of no wonder you can’t fight. 😛
[19:08:26] <TashRikil> alright. you can make your weapons, and your defenses too, out of lots of things. but the biggest ingredient is emotion.
[19:08:45] <TashRikil> beating the tar out of someone is not, fundamentally, an intellectual endeavor.
[19:09:03] <Little_Dragon> so, you are saying, the less emotion you have the weaker your attacks will be?
[19:09:33] <TashRikil> if you shoot from the hip, yes. it goes hand in hand with sparring, and not really wanting to hurt someone.
[19:10:49] <simica> Emotion is energy in motion. Programmed energy from enviroment etc. However that doesnt mean a person can properly harness it. However it can be a useful tool in a spar or fight
[19:11:38] <Little_Dragon> then what would you consider to be a good set of techniques for harnessing emotion?
[19:11:47] <TashRikil> it is the most useful tool i have found. but it’s personal energy, and unreliable, as Little_Dragon said. so you need to combine it with something.
[19:13:15] <TashRikil> the best way to harness emotion is to summon it, through memories and feelings, and then push it into something from the environment, intended to do violence.
[19:13:52] <Jonn> I have to agree with simica.
[19:14:00] <TashRikil> thats how you make a weapon, anyways. making protection is similar. but instead of hostile feelings you want to harness positive, safe feelings.
[19:14:29] <Intriman> In my opinion, emotion ruins energy effectiveness.
[19:14:57] <TashRikil> it can and it will, if you use it alone.
[19:15:02] <simica> If it isnt harnessed properly I would agree with you
[19:15:27] <Jonn> Intriman: It is a double-edge sword. If you know how you use it, then it can help. If you dont, it will screw your final result.
[19:15:37] <Intriman> Actually, emotion in any form, harnessed or not, ruins energy effectiveness.
[19:15:38] <simica> Agree
[19:15:41] <TashRikil> but it needs to be carefully pushed into something outside yourself, and bound with intents.
[19:15:41] <Intriman> No emotion will increase focus and effectiveness.
[19:16:06] <Eniri> I don’t know if I should say anything, given how this is all way over my head, but could one make an attack out of positive emotion? My thought behind the question is that someone might let their guard down to it
[19:16:11] <Intriman> If you actually put emotion, your intent can be ruined simply by using empathy.
[19:16:21] <Jonn> That is not true in every case. Anger helps certain people to focus.
[19:16:24] <TashRikil> Eniri, yes. absolutely.
[19:16:57] <Intriman> No emotion will patch loopholes in the emotions.
[19:17:16] <simica> May I ask where the class in this? It sounds more like a discussion. No offence.
[19:17:16] <Intriman> A negative attack can be stopped by a positive shield.
[19:17:26] <TashRikil> Intriman you are entitled to your opinions. and in a fight you will have no cooler or more calculating opponent than me. keep your head cool, but make your weapons hot.
[19:17:33] <Intriman> But an emotionless attack will go through a negative and positive defense.
[19:18:01] <TashRikil> this is not a debate.
[19:20:46] <Little_Dragon> Tash: If a debate starts in a lecture and the points stated by the other person are valid than hearing that person out and discussing things a bit farther may be enlightening for all parties.
[19:21:20] <TashRikil> he has a valid point. things can be made other ways.
[19:21:49] <DragonAtma> LD: in most cases, yes, but rememebr: this is an intro class
[19:22:07] <DragonAtma> After the class is done, i’m sure tash will have no problem discussing this.
[19:22:28] <Little_Dragon> Cool, I would like to read more of what Interim would have to say.
[19:23:21] <TashRikil> i’m going to unmute now. but sometimes, debate needs to be halted, so that class can be brought back on track.
[19:23:43] <Intriman> It wasn’t even a debate .,.
[19:23:46] <Intriman> Continue.
[19:23:50] <TashRikil> now. there’s more than one way to make a weapon.
[19:24:06] <TashRikil> there’s more than one way to make a shield.
[19:24:32] <TashRikil> what is most effective for you personally will depend more on your personal nature than my instructions.
[19:25:21] <TashRikil> but now we have you thinking creatively about strengths and weaknesses involved in everything you make, and everything the other person makes.
[19:25:43] <TashRikil> combat is not high guns at noon.
[19:26:03] <TashRikil> combat is sneaking up behind the other guy and clubbing the crap out of him before he can retaliate.
[19:26:28] <Intriman> That I believe is called a first-strike attack..
[19:26:51] <Vetr> That seems rather contradictory to your “defender has advantage” thing earlier
[19:26:57] <Intriman> But why not make him UNABLE to retaliate at all?
[19:27:24] <TashRikil> the defender does have the advantage. the attacker must win the advantage.
[19:27:43] <TashRikil> making the attacker either unable or unwilling to retaliate is the goal of combat.
[[19:28:22] <Jonn> wb
[19:28:34] <Intriman> That actually seems quite a bit contradictory since the attacker has the ability to make the defender unable to retaliate before the defender can offend.
[19:28:35] <TashRikil> sometimes that can be done with words. hitting people with various types of energy is what happens when words fail and harm is threatened.
[19:29:19] <TashRikil> the attacker seldom will win with the first strike.
[19:29:28] <DragonAtma> Intri: the attacker gets to surprise the defender, a one-time thing; the defender;s advantages tend to be lasting.
[19:29:31] <Intriman> Only after an attack can a defender try to disable an attacker, but if the attack is good enough, he can severely weaken the defender.
[19:29:37] <TashRikil> another reality of energy combat that does not apply to the physical.
[19:29:38] <Intriman> Yes, Dragon.
[19:29:55] <Intriman> A one-time strike, an ONLY chance to weaken the defender’s retaliation.
[19:30:11] <Jonn> Good luck with that
[19:30:26] <Intriman> So in that case if the attacker is skilled, or at least decent, the advantage is to the attacker, they have the ability to kill before being killed.
[19:30:29] <Intriman> See me?
[19:30:30] <Jonn> If the idea is to fight like an RPG, then yes.
[19:31:06] <TashRikil> the idea is not to fight like an RPG.
[19:31:10] <DragonAtma> only if the attacker is capable of one0-shotting the defender — which they usually aren’t.
[19:31:13] <Intriman> Alright.
[19:31:31] <Intriman> A beginning shot can weaken the defender, it need not be a one shot.
[19:31:35] <Little_Dragon> Intriman: A person who is defending can strike first thereby halting the attacker while in a defensive position if the opportunity presents itself.
[19:31:57] <TashRikil> or, simply put, the defender can get out of the way.
[19:32:46] <TashRikil> there is also no excuse to not have your shields up all the time. i believe my shielding and filters class covered that, and how it’s possible.
[19:33:21] <DragonAtma> people can dodge
[19:33:28] <DragonAtma> some attacks are homing; many aren’t.
[19:33:36] <TashRikil> because it’s quite possible to get out of the way
[19:33:45] <TashRikil> even homing attacks can be fooled.
[19:34:09] <DragonAtma> if robin hood shoots and arrow but the sherriff of nottingham jumps to the side, the arrow’s not about the suddenly curve towards the sherriff’s new spot
[19:34:15] <DragonAtma> it’s the same for many psiballs
[19:34:26] <DragonAtma> *an arrow
[19:35:19] <DragonAtma> even if it’s 2d, people can still dodge to the side
[19:35:22] * DragonAtma waves
[19:35:50] <TashRikil> you have to think hostile thoughts at someone to attack them. thinking “i’m not there” is a pretty effective defense, as crazy as it sounds.
[19:36:12] <simica> Wb
[19:36:13] <IntraStellar> Thanks
[19:36:37] <DragonAtma> the point is, unless the attack is instantaneous, the target may dodge
[19:36:49] <TashRikil> yet. the brain thinks of it as a place, usually.
[19:37:11] <DragonAtma> I know I’ve had my drones dodge in Tag The Drone!
[19:37:16] <TashRikil> you can use the implied physics from your own prejudices to get out of the way of an attack pretty easily.
[19:37:21] <IntriMan> The attacker has the one-time ability to first-strike. A weakened defender is in the Attacker’s favour
[19:37:54] <DragonAtma> depends on how much the defender is weakened
[19:38:10] <IntriMan> An attacker only has an advantage if their first strike is good.
[19:38:22] <TashRikil> not true.
[19:38:32] <IntriMan> Otherwise, if the attacker is weak and the defender is strong, a defender is in the favor..
[19:38:36] <TashRikil> an attacker has an advantage if the defender is burning energy faster than he is.
[19:39:20] <TashRikil> running out of energy, and you can feel it when it happens means you’ve lost. flee before that happens.
[19:39:56] <TashRikil> anything you can do to make your opponent’s energy levels go down more quickly than your own is the key to winning a fight.
[19:39:58] <IntriMan> Tash, so if I shoot a nuke construct at you that can supposedly damage your shield a lot, but you burn energy slowly, you have the advantage with most of your energy splashed out (Energy lost = attack energy) in most cases.
[19:40:37] <TashRikil> if i can dodge that nuke construct and it took you a lot of energy to make it, i have the advantage.
[19:40:44] <IntriMan> But if I simply have ley generators, I can have a net 0 loss, the energy replenished will be equal to the attack strength, causing no energy loss.
[19:40:46] <IntriMan> Tash.
[19:40:54] <IntriMan> We’re talking in real terms..
[19:41:00] <IntriMan> You can’t dodge a construct.
[19:41:09] <TashRikil> we are. and yes, you can. easily.
[19:41:09] <IntriMan> If it has an intent to go to YOU
[19:41:14] <IntriMan> You can misaim
[19:41:31] <IntriMan> But if it has a navigation system it makes that advantage null and void.
[19:41:37] * TashRikil chuckles
[19:41:39] <Jonn> You can deflect/reflect.
[19:41:43] <IntriMan> 😛 I’m like a Mars Roman.
[19:41:46] <TashRikil> how good a navigation system?
[19:42:37] <IntriMan> Enough to follow psi signatures that are not its own, unless the psi-sig is on a different person (As a cloak, using my psisig to hide yourself), and find cloaked signatures.
[19:42:39] <DragonAtma> Intri, how about we test this aftyer class: you can make the best navigator you can, and I’ll make the best dodger I can, and we’;ll see what happens.
[19:42:51] <IntriMan> Jonn, the deflect requires the same energy as the attack.
[19:42:56] <TashRikil> i think that would be an excellent thing to watch
[19:43:00] <IntriMan> To fully deflect you need more energy than the attack.
[19:43:12] <TashRikil> no, IntriMan, you dont.
[19:43:13] <IntriMan> Or you’ll simply stop the attack in mid air
[19:43:52] <IntriMan> If I shoot a high energy nuke it needs to be deflected, requiring more energy than the attack force, for example:
[19:44:01] <IntriMan> A nuke has an energy of 50 force.
[19:44:10] <TashRikil> filling the field with fire is seldom a good battle plan. takes a lot of energy to do that, and not so much to disperse it around you, as a defender.
[19:44:10] <IntriMan> You stop the nuke with 50 force.
[19:44:10] <simica> I am out
[19:44:16] <IntriMan> You stop it in midair.
[19:44:27] <IntriMan> But stopping the nuke with 60 force.
[19:44:28] <Jonn> Oh please. Thats too much arrogance and bragging.
[19:44:32] <IntriMan> Will stop it and deflect it
[19:44:50] <IntriMan> Heh I’ll stop.
[19:45:03] <TashRikil> you’ll stop when someone proves you wrong. amirite?
[19:45:18] <IntriMan> Oh yea, but I haven’t been disproven.
[19:45:43] <Jonn> Lol
[19:45:45] <TashRikil> no, but you have been silenced for not listening to the teacher. perhaps a demonstration is in order, for the next class.
[19:46:24] <TashRikil> you sir, have an ego problem, and you’re refusing to consider my way might work. or that someone else’s way might work.
[19:46:36] <TashRikil> your way works for you, i suppose. or you wouldnt be here tonight.
[19:47:23] <TashRikil> but i’m not bullshitting. this stuff works, if you understand the theory. and you’re yelling so loud with your ears plugged you’re not learning a thing tonight.
[19:47:56] <TashRikil> gentlemen and ladies. combat is not a slug match.
[19:48:07] <TashRikil> he that hits first and hits hardest does not always win.
[19:49:19] <TashRikil> you can get out of the way. even of people that think their attacks are impossible to dodge.
[19:49:57] <TashRikil> i might add ESPECIALLY of people who think their attacks are impossible to dodge, usually because they havent put enough safeguards in their attacks to make sure they arrive to deliver the payload.
[19:51:06] <TashRikil> you can redirect hostile energy and constructs and attacks without expending as much as it took to throw. when you deflect a sword in real life, you do not intercept a flat surface with the blade. does anyone know why?
[19:52:30] <TashRikil> direct hits hurt and will ruin the shield and the sword. an optimal block does not go BANGBANGBANG on a shield. it comes at it from 90 degrees away, and pushes it away from you harmlessly.
[19:53:00] <DragonAtma> indeed
[19:53:09] <TashRikil> which also, i might add, if you have your sword ready, lines you up for an excellent counterblow.
[19:53:29] <DragonAtma> block the sword head-on, and you have to slow it until it stops; deflect it to the side, and its movement changes much less.
[19:53:30] <TashRikil> the same principles apply to psionic combat.
[19:55:11] <TashRikil> the old medieval adage applies here as well. do not give your opponent a flat surface.
[19:58:09] <TashRikil> wb Alathan
[19:58:29] <TashRikil> i am sorry you left. we had quite the lively discussion.
[19:58:51] <TashRikil> now, i’m going to call class in favor of the training session set to start in a minute or two
[19:58:53] <Alathan> phone = internet
[19:59:01] <Alathan> send me the log later
[19:59:11] <TashRikil> we will have to revisit this topic again. and next time there will be some practical examples.

Posted By: Adara, Head Manager/Head Operator

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