The Wild Side: A Therian’s Perspective

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Log from #Classroom on Saturday, October 20, 2012 at 8PM EST: “The Wild Side: A Therian’s Perspective”, hosted by Gorath:
[20:00] <Gorath> Anyhow let me just start by saying thank you all for your interest 🙂
[20:00] <ThundraFire> 🙂
[20:01] <DragonAtma> 🙂
[20:01] <Gorath> It’s nice to see other communities take a active interest in Therian discutions
[20:01] <Forge> so what is the thing on
[20:01] <Oven> so is therian a synonym for otherkin or have I got the wrong idea in so far?
[20:01] <Gorath> first off, for the spelling and grammar natzi’s out there… sorry in advance LOL my spelling and typing is legendary in how bad it can be….I make spell check commit suicide
[20:02] <ThundraFire> lol
[20:02] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Gorath: you and i probably have the same body/level of knowledge, but i’ll just put my muzzle on for this one till later :”)
[20:02] * Adara{I} twitches in advance 😛
[20:02] <TashRikil> actually the only word you got wrong in that schpiel was nazi. XD
[20:02] <ThundraFire> will be silently reading for a bit baby needs to be tucked in
[20:02] <Gorath> LMAO
[20:02] <DragonAtma> mmhmm
[20:02] <Adara{I}> Alright, quiet down guys, let Gorath speak 😛
[20:03] <Gorath> The information I will be using for this class is mostly based on personal experiences.
[20:04] <Gorath> What I say is NOT Gospel. Many therians have their own unique experiences and just like people in the energy community, people see and experience things differently
[20:04] <Gorath> With that said, please dont be affraid to ask questions but please be respectful of others views as wel
[20:06] <Gorath> For those that dont know, the term “Therian” is used a lot to discribe what people would call Werewolves, werecats, and otherkin that associate with having, being, something to do with an animal.
[20:07] <Gorath> It’s an all emcompasing term that has been acspeted by the community…mind you not reluctatly LOL
[20:07] <Gorath> personaly I still with Were.
[20:07] <Gorath> First off some myths
[20:07] <Forge> wait
[20:08] <Forge> so what are you
[20:08] <Gorath> Therian, Canine influence
[20:08] <Gorath> I stoped refering to a specific animal years ago
[20:08] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Gorath: do you mind if i make a comment to expand a bit?
[20:08] <Forge> werewolf then?
[20:08] <Gorath> sure Moon
[20:08] <Gorath> Forge: yea thats fine 🙂
[20:09] <Gorath> There are many theirans that talk about specific animals
[20:09] <MoonWind-Bearcat> The word “therian” is a short form of “Therianthrope” which is dirived from lyanthrope meaning (wolfman). The root lycan was changed to ‘therian’ back in the day to be more encompasing to more than just wolves.
[20:10] <MoonWind-Bearcat> *lycanthrope
[20:10] * Gorath nods
[20:10] <MoonWind-Bearcat> please note my spelling and grammer is as least as bad as Gorath’s today so this will be a wild ride
[20:10] <Gorath> for the longest time, therians were refered to Lycanthropes
[20:11] <Gorath> but since there is a variaty of different therians, it was changed
[20:11] <Gorath> and befor anyone cracks a joke about it YES I used to know a Werebunny Lol
[20:12] <Adara{I}> lol
[20:12] * MoonWind-Bearcat knows an earwig …
[20:12] <Gorath> Here is the thing though, one encompasing feature about therians is that we as a kin, are connected in one form or another to animals
[20:13] <Forge> i make a lot of bear thoughtforms and relate well with bears, what would you say about this?
[20:13] <Gorath> weather you are kitsue, therian, berserker, it does not matter
[20:13] <Forge> and by relate well with bears, i mean i go into the woods and they just show up
[20:14] <Gorath> Forge it’s hard to day but you could have that connection im talking about
[20:14] <Gorath> see its not a one fits all kind of deal
[20:14] <Gorath> some therians, have what they call a spiritual connection
[20:14] * MoonWind-Bearcat tends to be very hardlined about it.
[20:15] <Gorath> others like myself, they carry around the instincts.
[20:15] <Gorath> for some others it goes deeper, and they at times will even reject the notion they are human
[20:15] <Forge> i know its not a one glove fits all scenario, i was just curious if you had some kind of opinion and theory. ive had mothers and cubs come right up to me in the wild and walk past no problem
[20:15] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Forge: i think it means you have a lot of bears in your woods.
[20:16] <Forge> i live in the desert
[20:16] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Forge: or you may have a totemic connection of some kinds.
[20:16] <Forge> but i go back home to ohio and michigan
[20:16] <Forge> i see them all the time
[20:16] <Forge> no matter where i go
[20:16] <MoonWind-Bearcat> but a totemic connection is not at all the same thing as being a therianthrope
[20:16] <MoonWind-Bearcat> (to me)
[20:16] <Gorath> Moon: you touched on the spiritual side I was refering to 🙂
[20:16] <Forge> im not a bear
[20:16] <Forge> just a conneciton
[20:16] <MoonWind-Bearcat> ahh
[20:17] <Gorath> Forge: its like the connection some have heard about native amerians/canadians with spirity animals or guides
[20:17] <Gorath> Its a strong connection but does not mean they are therians
[20:18] <Gorath> personaly, I am not the spiritual type lol
[20:18] <MoonWind-Bearcat> i know plenty of therianthropes who don’t think it’s spiritual for the record. Some feel that it’s psychological or just abberant neural biology.
[20:18] * Gorath nods to Moon
[20:18] <Gorath> I would fall in that catagory
[20:18] * MoonWind-Bearcat is unsure but is sure his brain is broken somehow :”)
[20:19] <Gorath> For me, being therian is basicly part of my nature or who I am
[20:19] <Gorath> the only reason I associate it with wolfs or canines is because my instincts reflect that to some extent
[20:19] <Gorath> its the only one that I found that fits
[20:19] <MoonWind-Bearcat> so Gorath you’re a cladotherianthrope?
[20:20] <ThundraFire> ghhljlkilkulp;kulk;k,/jju.k,ju;j.yj.kyhj;.
[20:20] <Gorath> Moon: have not encountered that term yet LOL
[20:20] <DragonAtma> You okay, Thundra?
[20:20] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Gorath: Molole coined it in the 90s. It means “i’m a canine but no specific species.” or “i’m a lizard, but no specific species”
[20:21] <DragonAtma> Ah.
[20:21] <Gorath> I guess you could say that
[20:21] <MoonWind-Bearcat> er.. Mokele
[20:21] <MoonWind-Bearcat> some would say it means “You haven’t looked hard enough” but i don’t feel that way about it.
[20:21] <Gorath> some have LOL
[20:22] <Forge> does this have any practical application to energy manipulation?
[20:22] <Gorath> believe me, ive had my share of “bible thumping” (for the lack of a better term) therians oust me for that
[20:22] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Forge: not that i know of, but anything could be used to help energy manipulation i suppose.
[20:23] <Gorath> Forge: not directly
[20:23] <Forge> thoughts on psychic vampires?
[20:23] <Oven> uh wouldnt it be wrong to classify lizards as therianthrope since therians are mammals?
[20:23] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Oven: still animals though
[20:24] <Gorath> Oven: in the litteral translation your right, but as moon said, it was made to be an all encompasing term
[20:24] <Gorath> Well take Naga-kin and Kitsue as exsamples
[20:24] <DragonAtma> Forge, while it may not have a direct effect on energy manipulation, I have a feeling that our actual energy systems are somewhat different form the norm.
[20:25] <DragonAtma> ooh, two of my known forms.
[20:25] <Forge> i have my own theories behind studying that actually DragonAtma. i can discuss that with you later, dont wanna hijack the lesson
[20:25] <Gorath> Kitsune for exsample, have a mythos and historical reference
[20:25] <ThundraFire> sorry was trying to get 3 year old to stay in her bed
[20:26] <Gorath> some kin that associate with Kitsune may not be acsepting of the term therian and visaversa
[20:26] <Gorath> but its all part of the same bowl of soup
[20:26] <Gorath> different ingredients, same dinner
[20:26] <Gorath> 😉
[20:27] <ThundraFire> lol
[20:27] <Gorath> lol you can tell ive not eaten yet
[20:27] <Gorath> 😉
[20:27] <ThundraFire> lol
[20:27] <Forge> er gorath, your thoughts on Psychic and Sanguine vampires?
[20:27] <ThundraFire> I am trying not to think about food. upset tummy
[20:27] <Gorath> yea
[20:28] <Gorath> Personaly I have had no problems with psi vamps.
[20:28] <Gorath> they feed on energy and generaly have no issue with therians
[20:29] <Gorath> that is one myth I want to debunk
[20:29] <Forge> some consider vamps otherkin
[20:29] <Forge> thats why i ask
[20:29] <Gorath> I know
[20:29] <blades> we will have a open class on vampires in a couple classes.
[20:29] * ThundraFire looks up.* if they had problems with each other I would be in trouble
[20:29] <Gorath> Therians and vampires (of any kind) do not have a war going on, grudge, or slavery issue
[20:29] <ThundraFire> I personally don’t count vampires as part of otherkin
[20:30] <Adara{I}> lol in other words, not like “Underworld” 😛
[20:30] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Adara{I}: ugh.
[20:30] <Gorath> im sure in life, some might hate the other for personal reasons but nothing like underworld
[20:30] * Adara{I} giggles at Moon
[20:30] <ThundraFire> but that is just my point of view
[20:30] <Gorath> LOL adara yea
[20:30] <MoonWind-Bearcat> burn hollywood..burn..
[20:30] <Adara{I}> lol
[20:30] <ThundraFire> lol
[20:30] <Gorath> lol Moon knows where im comming from
[20:30] <MoonWind-Bearcat> i do
[20:31] <Gorath> that also leads into another myth
[20:31] * ThundraFire noms o battery from earlier today
[20:31] <Gorath> Therians (untill its proven otherwise) do NOT change into large monsters
[20:31] <ThundraFire> lol
[20:31] <Gorath> gods that would be cool though
[20:31] <Gorath> but no
[20:31] <MoonWind-Bearcat> what most of us would not give..
[20:31] <ThundraFire> therian not lycanthrope lol
[20:32] * Adara{I} now thinks of Gorath’s “instawere” commercial he made and laughs
[20:32] <Gorath> However, there are therians (including myself) that do shift….let me explain on that
[20:32] <ThundraFire> lycanthrope original meaning not the were alt
[20:32] <Gorath> Moon knows this has been a topic of controversy in the community even when I first came on
[20:32] <ThundraFire> 🙂
[20:32] <MoonWind-Bearcat> indeed ^9.9^
[20:32] <Gorath> Therians used to refer to P-shifting
[20:33] <MoonWind-Bearcat> stil do,,
[20:33] <Gorath> P-shifting is Physical shifting…basicly man to beast
[20:33] <Gorath> hollywood style
[20:33] <Gorath> …dont exsist
[20:33] <Gorath> not happening
[20:33] <ThundraFire> honestly first time hearing what it was called that I can recall
[20:33] <Gorath> but there are therians that have a physical reation
[20:34] <Gorath> Im sure everyone here has heard of the Flight/Fight responce
[20:34] <DragonAtma> mmhmm
[20:34] <Gorath> its build into all of us
[20:34] <Gorath> some therians can actualy connect and control this responce
[20:34] <ThundraFire> not sure if this applies but the stronger presence influences how I walk and act
[20:35] <Gorath> but not in a consiouse level like “hey! today im going to go shift and stuff”
[20:35] <Gorath> no
[20:35] <Gorath> Now this goes into personal territory
[20:36] <Gorath> these are personal discoveries from my experience of being therian and 2 people in this room have seen it in real life
[20:36] <ThundraFire> for example dragon- I tend to walk on my toes and lean slightly forward
[20:36] * DragonAtma winds up doing that form time to time.
[20:37] <ThundraFire> not sure if you are referring to what I think you are but procede
[20:37] <Gorath> Normaly when you enter a flight/fight situation, your body gets adrenaline, you go into protective mode and there have been reports of mothers lifting cars, men doing extrodinaty thing, people enduring things that normaly should not be able to
[20:38] <Gorath> our bodies are extrodanary for something that can be so fragile
[20:38] <Gorath> The difference that I have discovered with therians, is the instincts
[20:39] <DragonAtma> Thundra: sometimes I walk elsewhere in the house and aprtway through I realize halfway there that I’m walking digitigrade.
[20:39] <Gorath> Where as normal people panic, freak out, what have you, Therians “regress”
[20:39] <Gorath> Again…not all therians do this.
[20:39] <Gorath> personaly I have many times and have payed the price for it (and still do)
[20:40] * DragonAtma nods
[20:40] <Gorath> Their instincts come forward and they shift into a instinctual state
[20:40] <ThundraFire> has that problem a lot
[20:41] <Gorath> this is what I call shifting
[20:41] <Gorath> a combination of that responce and instinct.
[20:41] <ThundraFire> even when fully trusting of another instincts kick in and often I will react like fighters
[20:41] <Gorath> you cant reason, or be resoned with, you can speak or understand, all you know is the moment
[20:42] <Gorath> anything aside from that, ive only been told by witnesses because for me in that state, its hard to remember it at all
[20:42] <Gorath> does that make therians super? No
[20:42] <ThundraFire> tried to put cuffs on me and I hit my daughter accidently and was reactiong of trying to not get the other hand caught
[20:42] <MoonWind-Bearcat> yes!
[20:42] <Gorath> LOL Moon
[20:42] <MoonWind-Bearcat> oh..wait a minute… no.
[20:43] <Gorath> we are not super heros, we die like anyone else.
[20:43] <Gorath> but the trade off is painful
[20:43] <Gorath> to this day, I still suffer the physical drawbacks from those shifts
[20:43] <Gorath> its not cool, or awesome to do, or look at
[20:44] <Gorath> its a responce and nothing more, just a more controled one
[20:44] <Gorath> I still have to deal with physical pain, shock, and consequences
[20:44] * Adara{I} notes sometimes they are very scary to witness 😛
[20:44] * DragonAtma nods
[20:45] <Gorath> It’s also where I believe the whole werewolf mythos came from as well
[20:45] <Gorath> the hollywood version that is
[20:45] <ThundraFire> the likilhood of my now pain and the then reactions is unlikely
[20:46] <Gorath> Imagine your some guy way back when you you piss off a therian
[20:47] <Gorath> he/she goes into this responce. They cant talk or speak, they growl, thei look biger because of tensing mussle and stance, and they are Fast and chasing your ass
[20:47] <ThundraFire> wouldn’t know the difference
[20:47] <ThundraFire> exactly
[20:47] <Gorath> You as a normal person getting chased down do not see a person anymore
[20:47] <Gorath> you see a monster/animal
[20:47] <MoonWind-Bearcat> there’s nothing supernatural about any of this. It’s just adrenaline and a psychological reaction.
[20:47] <ThundraFire> they would think they turned into an animal and proceded the chase
[20:48] <Gorath> nods
[20:48] <DragonAtma> mmhmm
[20:48] <Gorath> I honestly believe this is where the book/movie version of therians came from
[20:48] <MoonWind-Bearcat> and frankly, if you’re really “becoming” your inner animal your instinct will be for flight.
[20:48] <Gorath> nods
[20:48] <Gorath> exsactly
[20:49] <MoonWind-Bearcat> most animals run from comfrontation. I have a big problem with these “tough” “alpha” weres
[20:49] <Gorath> its only when an animal is cornered that they become dangerous
[20:49] <Gorath> Moon: I agree
[20:49] <Gorath> The thing is, therians now adays are in cornered situations….what triggers them to that responce, IS being cornered
[20:50] <ThundraFire> has some alpha mode in her but is usually the flight
[20:50] <Gorath> its a big misconseption that all therians are just brutes and like fighting
[20:50] * Adara{I} personally does not like being backed into a corner
[20:50] <ThundraFire> not caring what is in the way
[20:51] <Gorath> now just so i say it, not having this responce DOES NOT MEAN your not therian
[20:51] <Gorath> not all therians do this
[20:52] <Gorath> but it is a birth place for a lot of the misconseptions of our community
[20:52] <MoonWind-Bearcat> i don’t even “shift” i just feline all the time and have reactions that are more feline than most people.
[20:52] <MoonWind-Bearcat> *i’m just
[20:52] <Gorath> and that goes into my next point
[20:52] <Gorath> lol
[20:52] <Gorath> some therians DO adopt the manurisums of their spirit/instinct animal
[20:53] <DragonAtma> mmhmm
[20:53] <Gorath> its a part of who we are
[20:53] <Gorath> you will find for exsample, some canine therians (and other types) have a pack mentality or longing
[20:53] <Gorath> others dont
[20:54] <MoonWind-Bearcat> most of us try not to lick ourselves in public ^>.>^
[20:54] <Gorath> LMAS cute moon real cute
[20:54] <MoonWind-Bearcat> hey, i said i *try*
[20:54] <ThundraFire> I tend to act a lot like myself. part of the problem with the current residence situation. has to cut back a lot of what I usually do
[20:54] <Gorath> side note: I dont hump legs ok…not on the first date anyway
[20:55] <Gorath> 😛
[20:55] <ThundraFire> lol
[20:55] <Gorath> kidding aside
[20:55] <Gorath> you can tell some personality traits in therians
[20:55] <Gorath> but this also leads to a large problem with some therians, not being able to be acspeted by others
[20:56] <Gorath> or social akwardness
[20:56] <DragonAtma> true
[20:56] <DragonAtma> pretty much every group has divisions; therians are no exception.
[20:56] <ThundraFire> usually when I get angry growling is first sig of it
[20:56] <Gorath> the difference, no matter how slight, leads some therians to not be acspeted by people
[20:57] <Gorath> Even among themselves!
[20:57] <ThundraFire> yep
[20:57] <Gorath> You will find that like minded theirians stick with each other
[20:58] * DragonAtma nods again
[20:58] <Gorath> its HARD to get a discussion going with other therians at times because instinctualy we are different
[20:58] <Gorath> its why if you look at the vampiric community vs the therian community, its black and white
[20:59] <Gorath> Vamps are socialy acsepting MORE than therians are
[20:59] <Gorath> yes both communitys gather
[20:59] <Gorath> they have groups
[20:59] <MoonWind-Bearcat> same for otherkin. It’s why i call myself a therianthrope even though techincally some would say i’m not.
[20:59] <Gorath> but vampires are more acspeting of their own ranks
[21:00] <ThundraFire> not always but most of the time
[21:00] <MoonWind-Bearcat> therianthropes tend to say “oh yeah? What makes you feel you’re a [insert animal here]? How much have you thought about this..”
[21:00] <Gorath> not trying to single out any vamps btw…just the most public exsample i have
[21:00] * ThundraFire knows that
[21:01] <Gorath> Therians as a community have a harder time being a whole community
[21:01] <Gorath> even the OEC have a better time of being a community
[21:01] <Gorath> Online energetic Community for thouse that dont know
[21:02] <DragonAtma> I believe therians vary more than the OEC and vampires, which is likely one fo the reasons for that.
[21:02] <Gorath> its also why you find a lot of therians permeation different communities as well…because those comminities are more acspeting
[21:02] * Gorath nods
[21:02] <Gorath> thats true atma
[21:03] <Gorath> It’s also why some therians are driven to the Furry community.
[21:03] <ThundraFire> sees more vampire communties
[21:03] <Gorath> The ease of acsptence
[21:03] * DragonAtma nods
[21:03] <Gorath> OK…some Furrys Are therians, but NOt all therians are furrys
[21:03] <ThundraFire> correct
[21:04] <Gorath> lol just to make that clear before I get roasted for it
[21:04] <Fenris> The furry community definitely tends to be less judgmental. I would attest to that, I’ve seen a lot of overlap.
[21:04] <DragonAtma> Same
[21:04] * MoonWind-Bearcat puts away his lighter and looks at Gorath
[21:04] <Gorath> I personaly have a few furry friends but would not consider myself one
[21:04] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Gorath: same
[21:04] <Gorath> lol Moon
[21:04] * ThundraFire could go either way
[21:04] <DragonAtma> furries are usually — but not always — more open-minded.
[21:04] * Fenris would consider himself both.
[21:05] <Gorath> and for them, animals are more of an idolizing
[21:05] <ThundraFire> some wants to play dressup others are like not for me. one of the pains of being multiki
[21:05] <MoonWind-Bearcat> one thing i’d like to say is that i go by the following defintion: a therianthrope is a person who feels that an integral part of themselves IS a non-human animal.
[21:05] <Gorath> Moon: thats a good definition
[21:05] <Gorath> and its true
[21:06] <MoonWind-Bearcat> i am a jaguarundi internally wether i like it or not. Been westling with that for 34 years now. It will never change not matter how much upset i feel.
[21:06] <Gorath> as a therian, I didnt become like this, its who I have always been
[21:06] <DragonAtma> indeed
[21:06] * Gorath nods
[21:06] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Gorath: i first remember seeing the jaguarundi reflection at age 2
[21:06] <Gorath> Now…Can you be turned into a therian….NO.end of story
[21:07] <Gorath> lol
[21:07] * ThundraFire wishes I can say that. some things stay the same others tend to change
[21:07] <Gorath> I had someone ask me once to turn them…this was my responce…
[21:07] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Gorath: and i don’t think you can get rid of it either. I and others i know have tried.
[21:07] * Gorath blind folds you, spins you around in the other direction and smacks your ass “congrats your turned”
[21:07] <MoonWind-Bearcat> ha ha ah
[21:07] <MoonWind-Bearcat> nice
[21:08] <Adara{I}> lol
[21:08] <DragonAtma> lol
[21:08] <Gorath> and yes moon your right…you cant just up one day and take off your therian button and la de da your good
[21:08] <ThundraFire> tried mergers they may work for a bit but eventually they fail
[21:09] <ThundraFire> I wish sometimes I could
[21:09] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Gorath: yes. That would be the difference betweena therianthrope and a furry for me
[21:09] <Gorath> some even go as far as to ignore it and eventualy surpress it
[21:09] <Buffalo> That is part of my working definition of a therian, that they can’t even ignore that part of themselves successfully.
[21:09] <Gorath> nods to buffalo
[21:09] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Buffalo: yeah, in me it lead to depression.
[21:09] <Gorath> we are who and what we are
[21:10] <MoonWind-Bearcat> *led
[21:10] <Gorath> same for me moon
[21:10] <Gorath> for years i have no mentor, no one to bench mark myself to
[21:10] <Gorath> I though i was a freak and was treated as such
[21:10] <Gorath> then i found IRC and the communities
[21:10] <MoonWind-Bearcat> i wasn’t treated badly but i thought i was the only one for decades
[21:11] <Gorath> Moon: I was not as lucky unfortunattly
[21:11] <Gorath> my childhood after awakening was HELL
[21:11] <Gorath> educational, but hell none the less
[21:12] <ThundraFire> moved a lot and got pissed enough at my mom to tell her if she moved I wasn’t
[21:12] <Gorath> when you are a “monster” amoung monsters, things dont get better. One people discovered I was a good adversary in a shifted state, it was constant violence for me
[21:13] <Gorath> to the point I almost lost myself to my instincts
[21:13] <Gorath> anyhow
[21:14] <Gorath> I want to go back to Forges question about does being a therian relate back to energy or energy work
[21:14] <Gorath> Forge: as I said, not directly but it does have an effect
[21:14] <Gorath> your energy system keys off your mind
[21:14] <Forge> so its as i thought
[21:14] <Forge> okay
[21:14] <Gorath> so if instinctualy your therian, then it bleedds over
[21:15] <Gorath> its why I dont do energy work when im close to that state
[21:15] <Gorath> A: my energy keys off it and B: going further into that state, you lose mental cohesion
[21:15] <ThundraFire> was told my energy work even goes through instinctively
[21:15] <Gorath> you go from controled consious thought to a different part of your brain
[21:16] <Gorath> The part of your mind you use for controled energy work is different then were your instincts lay
[21:16] <Gorath> its also why therians can be immune to energy when in that state
[21:17] <Gorath> It’s a whole different ball game mentaly when a therians that can shift does.
[21:17] <ThundraFire> according to the guy it felt like a block hit his chest when I was making sure my other hand didn’t get caught
[21:17] <Gorath> does it give an energy worker an advantage being therian? not really. Energy work is what you put into it reguardless of who and what you are
[21:18] <Gorath> also, not all therians are psions
[21:18] <Gorath> its a general misconseption of ALL the comminities
[21:18] <Gorath> just because you are [insert here] does not mean your automaticly a psion
[21:19] <ThundraFire> true
[21:19] <Gorath> ive known therians who have never had an psionic event in their lives or do any kind of energy work
[21:19] * DragonAtma nods
[21:19] <ThundraFire> even if you are a psi vamp doesn’t mean you can do energy work
[21:20] <MoonWind-Bearcat> many therianthropes i know dont’ believe in psychic stuff or spiritual stuff at all.
[21:20] <Gorath> nods to Moon
[21:20] <ThundraFire> I know that sounds strange but I have seen it
[21:20] <Gorath> Thundra: not really
[21:20] <MoonWind-Bearcat> ThundraFire: i think some people draw from others without even being aware of it.
[21:20] <Gorath> psion or not, energy affects us all
[21:20] <ThundraFire> to some
[21:20] <MoonWind-Bearcat> ThundraFire: abusive people do that sometimes.
[21:21] <ThundraFire> even if they control their “feeders” still not actually same as energy work
[21:22] <Gorath> Therians are as varyed as anything else
[21:22] <Gorath> but the common denominator is that we all share the same experience and belief
[21:22] <ThundraFire> 🙂
[21:22] <ThundraFire> exactly
[21:22] <Gorath> and yes, belief does play into this
[21:22] <DragonAtma> mmhmm
[21:23] <Gorath> you have to feel that your therian as much as you believe in it
[21:23] <Gorath> all we can do is draw from our experiences
[21:23] <MoonWind-Bearcat> actually, i think you’re a thrianthrope wether you belive it or not.
[21:23] <Gorath> true moon
[21:24] <MoonWind-Bearcat> or you are even if you’re not awere (har har) of it
[21:24] <Gorath> but you dont bring it out untill yoiu acsept it
[21:24] <Gorath> its whats refered to as awakening
[21:24] <ThundraFire> good choice of words Gorath. belief more correct then religion. it isn’t a religion. but believeing and acknowledgin it can help control it instead of it controlling yhou
[21:24] <MoonWind-Bearcat> ThundraFire: we’re too disorganized to ever be a religion :”)
[21:24] <Gorath> Almost all therians will be able to recal that “aha!” moment
[21:25] <Gorath> what a lot refer to “their awakening”
[21:25] <MoonWind-Bearcat> heh, or a few of them as the mystery unfolds
[21:25] <Gorath> many therians go through life always wondering why they are different
[21:25] <Gorath> some awaken young and some very old
[21:26] <MoonWind-Bearcat> i knew i was a cat of somekind for my whole life but only narrowed it down to jaguarundi 8 years ago
[21:26] <Gorath> good exsample
[21:26] <ThundraFire> knows some but not all
[21:26] <Gorath> for me, my awakening was young when I was getting tortured.
[21:26] <Gorath> not the best way but it happened
[21:27] <ThundraFire> dragon first to appear.
[21:27] <Gorath> my awakening unfortunatly almost got someone killed
[21:27] <ThundraFire> appeared with a lot of other differeneces about me
[21:28] <ThundraFire> I was too young to remember it exactly
[21:28] <Gorath> but it is something we all share as a community
[21:28] <Gorath> its also something that opens up the world to us in some cases
[21:28] <ThundraFire> dad was able to see it before I could and until my mom and him split taught me a few things and was amazed at other odd things I did
[21:29] <Gorath> now
[21:29] <Gorath> does anyone have any questions they want to ask?
[21:29] <MoonWind-Bearcat> hmm
[21:30] <MoonWind-Bearcat> well i find the divisoin between therianthrope and otherkin to be an interesting and sometimes fine one.
[21:30] <DragonAtma> No questions come to mind.
[21:30] <Gorath> yea that has been a point of contention for years now
[21:31] <MoonWind-Bearcat> to some an otherkin is someone who feels that a core part of themselves is a mythical creature, while a therianthrope is a known. earth animal
[21:31] <MoonWind-Bearcat> i even know a direwolf that is a therianthrope
[21:31] <Gorath> Personaly I see us all as the Otherkin community
[21:31] <Gorath> that is what we are
[21:31] <Gorath> other than human
[21:31] <MoonWind-Bearcat> however, i also know a dragon that considers herself a therianthrope because she’s not a *particular* idenity as a dragon. Just a dragon as though it were another animal.
[21:31] <ThundraFire> kind of like my struggle with energy working terms one word multiple definations depending who you ask
[21:32] <Gorath> we still ARE human…cant be here without not being human
[21:32] <Gorath> but we are different
[21:32] <Gorath> so OtherKin
[21:32] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Gorath: let’s touch on that shall we?
[21:32] * DragonAtma nods
[21:32] <Gorath> sure
[21:32] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Gorath: species dysphoria? I don’t see that so much in the otherkin community as i do the therianthrope community.
[21:32] <MoonWind-Bearcat> and i wonder why
[21:33] <Gorath> well because of the spiecies
[21:33] <MoonWind-Bearcat> do you note that as well?
[21:34] <Gorath> let put it this way
[21:34] <Gorath> Dragons, faes, deamons
[21:34] <Gorath> all mythical creatures that was have not PHYSICALY seen
[21:34] <Gorath> there is a grandure about them
[21:34] <Gorath> an alure
[21:34] <Gorath> weather they exsist or not is beside the point
[21:35] <Gorath> you become the power of the thing associating with it
[21:35] <Gorath> not to say your pretending please no
[21:35] <ThundraFire> or lack there of. thinks of the ladyybug
[21:36] <Gorath> its easyer to associate and acsept something that we honestly have no working knowledge of acspet story, histor, and myth
[21:36] <Gorath> animals…now thats something we know and scientificly document
[21:37] <Gorath> its more…tangible?
[21:37] <ThundraFire> some believe the ones that are mythical creatures are not real as they don;t believe in the creature
[21:37] <DragonAtma> their loss
[21:37] <DragonAtma> Not ours.
[21:37] <Gorath> I mean if someone wanted to medicaly prove or disprove therians…there is a working physical and scientifuc anilouge to go on
[21:37] <ThundraFire> true but it is the vase in some cases
[21:38] <Gorath> yea but you see…dragons for exsample
[21:38] <ThundraFire> vase =case
[21:38] <Gorath> its easy to believe and feel that without having a burden of proof, because we have not scientificly diolouged a dragon
[21:39] <Gorath> to us, dragons exsist
[21:39] <Gorath> weather we know it or acspet it
[21:39] <Gorath> they do
[21:39] <Gorath> but a werewolf?
[21:39] <Gorath> ahh now there is something a skeptic can go to town on
[21:39] <ThundraFire> werewolf they think movies too much
[21:39] <Gorath> blood tests, dna, sensors
[21:40] <ThundraFire> just like vampires
[21:40] <Gorath> nods
[21:40] <MoonWind-Bearcat> Gorath: i’d love to have a therianthrope shift in an MRI and see what’s actually happening.
[21:40] <Gorath> So would I Moon
[21:40] <Gorath> honestly, I would love to be able to do a controled shift while being monitored
[21:41] <Gorath> reguardless of how conclusive or not it is
[21:41] <Gorath> just to see the data
[21:41] <Buffalo> Right at least more info.
[21:41] <Gorath> but you get what im saying
[21:41] <ThundraFire> yes
[21:41] <Gorath> now im not saying dragons and the like dont exsist
[21:42] <Gorath> please…I honestly thing energeticly im phoenix (for the lack of a better term)
[21:42] * DragonAtma nods
[21:42] <Gorath> cant prove it
[21:42] <Gorath> but there it is
[21:42] <DragonAtma> and you never know
[21:42] <ThundraFire> true
[21:42] <Gorath> but, its easier to go with it than it is for an actual animal that you can just look outside and see
[21:42] <DragonAtma> SETI may yet find a world inhabited by dragons 😉
[21:43] <ThundraFire> lol
[21:43] <Gorath> lol atma that would be awesome
[21:43] <DragonAtma> indeed
[21:43] <Gorath> its why i say weather your therian or otherkin, belief is as much a part of it as knowing
[21:44] <Gorath> but its easier when your balls are not as close to the scientific bandsaw as therians are
[21:45] <Gorath> I mean honestly….to a learned schoolar and man of science reading this…he/she would think we are all nuckin futs
[21:45] <ThundraFire> lol
[21:45] <Gorath> lets be honest
[21:45] <Gorath> lol
[21:46] <Gorath> but to use…who KNOW who and what we are
[21:46] <Gorath> we also believ in it
[21:46] <Gorath> and for many, its all we will ever have
[21:46] <ThundraFire> they would look at sending us to the psychologist to see that though
[21:46] <Gorath> well ive been to shrinks and therapysts
[21:47] <Gorath> you know what…they are just guessing too
[21:47] <Gorath> lol
[21:47] <Gorath> for all the scientific knowledge we have of the brain and body, yea they can make an educated guess, and yes even explain how it all works, but they still cant 100% explain why
[21:47] <ThundraFire> used to go to one in school. she didn’t get it or ask. more for other reasons. but my
[21:48] * DragonAtma has been to a therapist for a decade and a half; he eventually realzie that Atma is correct XD
[21:48] <ThundraFire> “Brother” did
[21:48] <ThundraFire> just like my pains. puzzles others
[21:49] <Gorath> If one thing the therian comminity can teach others, is acspeting ones self…even though at times they cant do it themselfs….just the fact they can stand there and say “yes im a therian’ should empart to others that you new to believe as much as you need to Know
[21:50] <ThundraFire> several mri, bloodwork, eeg, emg, evg, and many other tests no body can understand why I feel them when all the tests are showing normal stuff
[21:51] <Gorath> Anyhow all im going to stop there for tonight
[21:51] <DragonAtma> Okay
[21:51] <ThundraFire> ok
[21:51] <blades> thank you gorath for the class.
[21:52] <Buffalo> Yes thank you.
[21:52] <Gorath> If you want another therian discussion or have something specific, just ask Adara 🙂 i really enjoyed talking to you all
[21:52] <MoonWind-Bearcat> personally speaking, and since i think Gorath might be interested, im not *techically* a therianthrope
[21:52] <ThundraFire> 🙂
[21:52] <Gorath> blades: your welcome
[21:52] <MoonWind-Bearcat> yeah, thanks Gorath. It was great
[21:52] * ThundraFire hugs Gorath
[21:52] <ThundraFire> hope you rest well
[21:52] <Gorath> my pleasure
[21:52] <Gorath> well Food calleth LOL
[21:53] <blades> eat well
[21:53] <Gorath> btw if any of you ever want to get a hold of me: is the best one and also linked to my iphone
[21:53] * DragonAtma nods
[21:53] <ThundraFire> of course the one I didn’t have lol
[21:54] <Gorath> Thanks again all for attending and being a great class to talk to 🙂 This encourages me to try it again in the future 🙂

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