Beginning Healing Theory

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Log from #Classroom on Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 10PM EST:  “Beginning Healing Theory”, hosted by Aceso:
[21:03] <Aceso> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to yet another discussion here hosted by the Psionics Institute. We’ll be discussing energy healing tonight and I hope you enjoy the session.
[21:03] <AgentAAA> hey ^^
[21:04] <Aceso> In the near future, I will begin an energy healing class. It will be held weekly for 10 weeks. I will accept 5-9 people by application only.
[21:05] <Aceso> Please go to and see or join the healing group for more information. If there are more people interested than that, never fear.
[21:05] <Aceso> I’ll happily repeat it.
[21:05] <RavenFire> yay
[21:05] <AgentAAA> alright.
[21:05] <Aceso> I?m going to start today?s class by introducing myself and my expectations for you. In real life I have spent thirty years as a medical professional mostly in emergency medicine.
[21:05] <Aceso> I have met various qualifications in teaching CPR, advanced cardiac life support, tae kwon do, hapkido, reiki and have been a guest speaker at several national and international health and wellness conferences.
[21:06] <Aceso> Today is gonna be like Health classes you had in junior high.
[21:06] <Aceso> The healing classes will be more like premed in universities.
[21:07] <Aceso> I do assign homework and expect participation.
[21:07] <RavenFire> wooot
[21:07] <Aceso> So who is just gonna listen and who is gonna participate?
[21:07] * Itchies listening
[21:07] <Itchies>
[21:08] <kallisti> Yes!
[21:08] <Aceso> mkay Itchies
[21:08] <kallisti> Fu phone!
[21:08] <kallisti> Righto, sorry
[21:08] <Hellios> Greetings
[21:08] <Hellios> -Pity. If i am Freshmen . Now, I will follow your instructions.
[21:08] <Aceso> Question on the floor. Plz answer if you are at the keyboard. lurking or participating?
[21:09] <RavenFire> Participating
[21:09] <kallisti> Participating
[21:09] <Apep> a mix
[21:09] <DragonOfDreams> just reading
[21:09] <Hellios> Participating. Might got AFK for 5 seconds, then come back at worst
[21:09] <Aceso> Good enough. I was gonna cancel if no one was gonna participate.
[21:10] <kallisti> Lol
[21:10] <Aceso> So, for those of you brave enough to give it a shot. What is health?
[21:10] <Hellios> Will take a second Aceso. I must use the “Forgot your password”.
[21:11] <Hellios> Health: Your State of being, physically, as if your body is strong physically, weak, sick, ect. How healthy you are, or on a mental scale, mhm.
[21:11] <Aceso> This is a brainstormy question, no bad grades for guessing.
[21:11] <kallisti> Health is the ideal balance of mind, body, and spirit
[21:11] <Change> Health is when you’re at the state that you’re normally at.
[21:11] <Change> Usually
[21:11] <kallisti> When all things are in allignment one is healthy
[21:11] <Aceso> Ravenfire?
[21:12] <Change> Well, i guess not but.. eh. it’s murky
[21:12] <Change> Hi Renzuko
[21:12] <][X][> Lurking!
[21:12] <Aceso> I like how you’re thinking Change.
[21:12] <Change> [knows your intention behind the question, and likes it. heh]
[21:12] <Aceso> You guys are bringing up good points and what I hope to do tonight is stimulate yor thinking on this important subject.
[21:12] <kallisti> Lol
[21:13] <Aceso> No telepathy allowed, lol.
[21:13] <kallisti> Lmao
[21:13] * Itchies is now known as ItchiesBRB
[21:13] <Aceso> It’s important to examine what health is, because that is what we are shooting for, if we are trying to be healers. Health is our goal.
[21:13] * kallisti nods
[21:14] <Aceso> kallisti actually brought up one of the first things i wanted to point out.
[21:14] <Aceso> balance.
[21:14] <kallisti>
[21:14] <Hellios> Balance?
[21:15] <Aceso> between mind body and spirit is an important part of health
[21:15] <Aceso> can anybody think of other things that need to be in balance for optimal health?
[21:16] <kallisti> Physical weight/ diet/ nutrition :p
[21:16] <Aceso> ok, let’s pick that apart a little.
[21:16] <Aceso> diet.
[21:17] <kallisti> ^^;
[21:17] <Aceso> can anyone here do a little better with balancing their diet?
[21:17] <kallisti> I’m a recovering anorexic, FYI.
[21:17] <Aceso> then you know more than most people about that
[21:17] <Change> Eh. I’ve probably got anorexic tendencies, but nothing serious.
[21:17] <kallisti> Mhmmm
[21:18] * Change is a vegan
[21:18] <Hellios> Well, you need a balance, physical wise, of Fruits, vegetables, and meats.
[21:18] <Change> No you don’t
[21:18] <Change>
[21:18] <Aceso> we need the proper balance of proteins, carbs, fats, micronutrients like vitamins and mineral, and water
[21:18] * Change is perfectly healthy without meat, tyvm
[21:18] <Aceso> change, explain how you can be perfectly healthy without meat.
[21:18] <Hellios> By Balance, do you mean exact intake of all, or?
[21:19] <Change> Other forms of protein for one. Beans, nuts, etc.
[21:19] <Change> But I don’t want to change this into a vegetarian or not topic. Heh
[21:19] <Aceso> proteins are made of amino acids if we want to break it down even further
[21:19] <Hellios> But I thought scientific research proved you did need some meat? Or am I wrong?
[21:20] <Aceso> and yes, it is possible to get a good balance of amino acids without eating meat.
[21:20] <Change> Scientific research also proved that going vegan increases your life span by ten years or more
[21:20] <Change> or something
[21:20] <Change> Basically, going vegan encourages a healthy lifestyle, although it might not be the best one.
[21:20] * Change shrugs
[21:21] <Aceso> scientific research changes it’s mind about every 30 seconds, so let’s just go with generalizations for tonite if that’s all right
[21:21] <Hellios> Sorry
[21:21] <Change> I’ve basically given up junk food, pizza, etc. as a result
[21:21] <Change> All things which are healthy to give up
[21:21] <kallisti> I was eating between 100-300 cal per day
[21:21] <Change> Plus most/all processed foods/stuff in boxes, but anywho.
[21:22] <Change> and eek
[21:22] <Aceso> the main point here is that a balance of nutrients is important.
[21:22] <zacherys> most scientific reaserch isnt worth a shit because its compleatly biased…
[21:22] <Change> Basically, knowing what’s in stuff is good for you
[21:22] <Aceso> how you get that balance is up to you
[21:22] <Aceso> lets move on to physical exercise for fun
[21:22] <Change> So if you give up stuff that isn’t just turkey, or carrots, etc. Then you’ll be quite healthy (if your meat is gotten locally but–)
[21:22] <Change> Okay
[21:23] <Aceso> any fitness freaks here?
[21:23] <kallisti> Yes
[21:23] <Aceso> runners, weight trainers?
[21:23] <kallisti> I did resistance weight training
[21:23] <Aceso> what is your fitness addiction, kallisti?
[21:23] <Change> I sometimes run. I’ve gotten back into it as of tomorrow
[21:23] <Hellios> I like running.
[21:23] <Hellios> Running, alot.
[21:23] <Hellios> *
[21:24] <kallisti> Exsaustion.
[21:24] <zacherys> also, your vegies are sprayed with aluminu floride, that you cant get off no matter how much you wash it… so whats the point if you still get that same poison in your food?
[21:24] <Aceso> ok. we can use both of those for examples
[21:24] <Aceso> runners AND weight lifters tend to get strong quads.
[21:24] <Change> zacherys, i live in Ontario
[21:24] <Change> Which is a lot better for that stuff
[21:24] <Aceso> the muscles in the front of the thigh.
[21:24] <zacherys> your point being?
[21:25] <kallisti> True that
[21:25] <Aceso> do i need to mute you guys or can you argue in PM?
[21:25] <zacherys> you dont think that stuf thats spraied in the air stays in one place do you?
[21:25] <Hellios> Aceso, forgive me for intruding, or is it the Healer/Shaman group?
[21:25] <Change> plus, there’s way more stuff wrong with the stuff in meat… and we’re done.
[21:25] <Change> zach, pm, but you wouldn’t care
[21:25] <Aceso> healer/shaman
[21:25] <Aceso> SO……..
[21:26] <Aceso> any runners or weightlifters with knee problems yet?
[21:26] <Aceso> cuz it’s just a matter of time.
[21:26] <Hellios> No. Unless I run wrongly, but I tend to run on my upper feet/toes, to avoid back problems or legs.
[21:26] <kallisti> Fuuuck yes
[21:26] <kallisti> I broke both knee caps as a child
[21:26] <Aceso> unless you are working out your hamstrings
[21:27] <Aceso> you have to have strong hams to balance out those quads
[21:27] <Aceso> or the quads will pull the kneecaps out of the patellar groove
[21:27] <Aceso> a problems called patellofemoral syndrome
[21:28] <Hellios> hamstrings?
[21:28] <Aceso> this is one example of needing BALANCE
[21:28] <Aceso> yes hamstrings aka biceps femoris
[21:29] <Aceso> work all major muscle groups, front and back, top and bottom, left and right
[21:29] <Aceso> whats wrong with really muscly people?
[21:29] <Aceso> they’re not flexible
[21:29] <Aceso> so you need a workout that helps with strength, flexibility AND balance or coordination.
[21:30] <Aceso> this is just physical
[21:30] <Change> Yoga is good
[21:30] <Change> Heh
[21:30] <Aceso> what about chakras? [yoga is great]
[21:30] <Aceso> again, balance
[21:30] <kallisti> Afk for a few
[21:31] <Aceso> ok kaalisti
[21:31] <Aceso> am i driving this point home? this is SO important.
[21:31] <Aceso> sleep/wake cycles
[21:32] <Itchieeeee> maybe you should do it again. once for good measure, you know.
[21:32] <Hellios> You need sleep, of course -I tried going a whole week with no sleep. Succeed. Cost killed me, though.
[21:32] <Aceso> I think you’re right Itchie
[21:32] <Aceso> BALLLLAAANCE
[21:32] <Aceso> ok, moving on.
[21:33] <Aceso> I sort of listed some of our systems that need to be healthy
[21:33] <Aceso> Our systems are many. They need to function with regularity and in tandem with each other.
[21:33] * Change checks down ‘take up Yoga again’ and sleep regularly on to do list.
[21:34] <Aceso> We also need organization and flow in order to be well. These are very general principles that can applied to all sorts of situations.
[21:34] <Aceso> I can think of quite a few systems that require organized movement for health/effectiveness.
[21:34] <Aceso> Just for an example, the solar system.
[21:35] <Aceso> If one of the planets went too fast or slow or stopped, we’d have problems.
[21:36] <Aceso> Name some other systems that need organized flow and movement
[21:36] <Hellios> The Circulatory system
[21:36] <Change> energy systems
[21:36] <Aceso> Because whatever pops into your head is going to help you with your healing efforts
[21:36] <Change> the digestive system
[21:36] <Change> the nervous system
[21:36] <Change> hehe
[21:36] <Aceso> besides energy systems….
[21:37] <Change> Go?
[21:37] <Itchieeeee> lol
[21:37] <Change> [Japanese board game. ]
[21:37] <Change> oh wait. system. Hmm..
[21:37] <Change> Ventilation system?
[21:37] <Aceso> sure.
[21:38] <Change> The water cycle
[21:38] <Change> Definitely needs flow
[21:38] <Aceso> excellent
[21:38] <Aceso> here are some that help me. seasons
[21:38] <Aceso> respiration [breathing]
[21:39] <Aceso> day/night
[21:39] <Aceso> traffic
[21:39] <Aceso> rivers [which are a part of the water cycle
[21:39] <Aceso> ecosystems
[21:40] <Aceso> if you know anything about physical ailments
[21:40] <Aceso> sinus problems, pneumonia, bladder infections and many other problems
[21:41] <Aceso> are directly linked to what medical people call STASIS
[21:41] <Aceso> which is basically when flow stops
[21:41] <Aceso> emotionally, spiritually this is a bad thing, too
[21:41] <Aceso> having our ups and downs is not only normal but important
[21:42] <Aceso> Imbalance, disorganization and stasis are unhealthy.
[21:42] <Aceso> We try to notice when these things are happening and correct them.
[21:42] <Aceso> Am I causing confusion anywhere?
[21:42] <Hellios> Nope.
[21:43] <Baltazaar> not really.
[21:43] <Aceso> yay. I have one unconfused pupil. and one not really confused one.
[21:43] * Change looks around at his room
[21:43] <Change> nope
[21:43] <Change> [it’s organised chaos! organised!]
[21:43] <Itchieeeee> No, sir!
[21:43] <Aceso> Gonna move on to the role of the healer and the heal-ee
[21:43] <Aceso> that’s not a bad point, change.
[21:44] <Hellios> Mind after this discussion, if I copy/paste this all to note pad to review continously?
[21:44] <Chaos> Holy crap there’s a class going on. O.O
[21:44] <Change> yup. as long as /you/ know what’s going on, it’s fine
[21:44] <Itchieeeee> Surprise!
[21:44] <Aceso> i’ll divert for a moment. flow does not always APPEAR organized
[21:44] <Aceso> flow physics aren’t easy to mathmatically graph and calculate, but you get a feel for them
[21:45] <Baltazaar> so, there is a system, even if we don’t recognise it?
[21:46] <Aceso> and a huge part of energy work is actually practice and getting comfortable with how you process input that isn’t coming from your 5 physical senses
[21:46] <Aceso> it’s easy to wonder at first if you are imagining things
[21:47] <Aceso> and when you are a beginner it’s hard to find someone experienced who will hold your hand and give you guidance and reassuance
[21:47] <Aceso> and know if you can trust them
[21:47] <Change> yeah. i need to work on that more, heh.
[21:48] <Aceso> yes you do. anyone who says they don’t is kidding themselves
[21:48] <Aceso> we all need more practice and there is always someone who can elp us get better.
[21:48] <Aceso> so back to healing
[21:49] <Aceso> a healer is a lot like a farmer with a plant.
[21:49] <Aceso> the farmer probably wants the plant to be healthy for some reason.
[21:50] <Aceso> and let’s say the farmer notices something wrong with the plant.
[21:50] <Aceso> already the farmer has done 2 things right.
[21:50] <Aceso> what are they?
[21:51] <Hellios> Payed attention, and has a reason to care for it? Ethusiasim.
[21:51] <Aceso> there we go.
[21:51] <Aceso> if you don’t know what healthy looks like, you won’t know when something is wrong
[21:52] <Hellios> My personal failure in caring for some plants in the past*
[21:52] <Aceso> so this farmer is smart or experienced enough to notice when something is wrong
[21:52] <Aceso> and he cares enough to want the plant healthy
[21:52] <Aceso> now what does the farmer need?
[21:53] <Change> Yes, but what if people have different looks when they’re healthy?
[21:53] <Aceso> good question.
[21:53] <Change> Water?
[21:53] <Aceso> not every plant looks the same.
[21:53] <Aceso> not every person looks the same.
[21:54] <Change> I mean, depending on how you sense things, that may not be an issue but.. *nods*
[21:54] <Aceso> good guess, change. we actually don’t have enough info to answer that question.
[21:54] <Alusa2> yeah but they have enough in common they share common symptoms for big problems
[21:54] <Alusa2> if it flops over like its going to die for example
[21:54] <Aceso> the farmer may need to water the plant less!
[21:54] <Alusa2> shows great stress
[21:55] <Alusa2> then you check the leaves and the roots and see whats wrong
[21:55] <Aceso> or stakes to tie it up or a remedy for a parasite or any number of things
[21:55] <Change> Maybe. But if you look at some body, and it seems healthy but there’s this big thing sticking out, maybe it is healthy
[21:55] <Aceso> good job Alusa.
[21:55] <Change> So you can’t just ‘shape’ an otherwise normal person into what you think is a healthy form.
[21:55] <Aceso> he needs to know all about what things can ail the plant and what the plant needs to help it heal
[21:56] <Aceso> if the farmer does everything right, is it possible that the plant might die anyway?
[21:56] * Alusa2 nods
[21:56] <Alusa2> theres always a small numbers of fatalities
[21:56] <Aceso> why?
[21:56] <Alusa2> but its not likely
[21:57] <Alusa2> there are always too many variables to catch them all before casualties happen
[21:57] <Baltazaar> everything has to die
[21:57] <Alusa2> maybe you have pests hibernating that come out at the last second and kill a few plants
[21:57] <Aceso> ah philosophy. this is when it gets fun.
[21:57] <Alusa2> yeah but i think he means premature death
[21:57] <Baltazaar> same system, right? birth and dead?
[21:58] <Aceso> good point baltazaar
[21:58] <Aceso> let’s switch it up
[21:59] <Aceso> farmer plants a seed and waters it and it grows. who grew it? the farmer or the seed?
[21:59] <Change> both
[21:59] <Aceso> who is growing the seed? who is doing the growing of that seed?
[21:59] <Baltazaar> I would say the seed grew itself
[21:59] <Hellios> Farmer.
[22:00] <Hellios> As he provided the conditions to let it grow, he made it grow.
[22:00] <Hellios> The seed would not of grew without him, so the Farmer.
[22:00] <Baltazaar> seeds do grow in the wild
[22:00] <Itchieeeee> The seed also wouldn’t have grown without the seed
[22:00] <Hellios> But were talking about a Farmer, growing it, right? So it wouldn’t of really grew, or might not of, if he did not intervene.
[22:01] <Aceso> seed without farmer can grow plant. farmer without seed?
[22:01] <Itchieeeee> Magic Farmer!
[22:01] <Hellios> Farmer without seed is no farmer. ?
[22:01] <Aceso> it’s something to think about.
[22:02] <Hellios> Aye.
[22:02] <Aceso> but one important thing to note is that it’s in the seed’s nature to grow.
[22:02] <Baltazaar> wow…. wild plants grow all over the right conditions. Modify the seed, make it bigger, better fruit, or something, and you have to have a farmer present to care for it
[22:02] <Aceso> …given the right conditions.
[22:02] <Aceso> are we in agreement with that?
[22:02] <Baltazaar> yupp
[22:02] <Aceso> the farmer provided the right conditions
[22:03] <Hellios> Yep.
[22:03] <Aceso> can we apply this to humans, though or does the analogy fall apart? is it in the nature of people to be self-healing given the right conditions?
[22:04] <Hellios> Yes, it is.
[22:04] <Baltazaar> given the right circumstances, anything can happen
[22:06] <Aceso> really? anything? wow. in that case, can someone set up the conditions so my supervisor gets a better job far away from me?
[22:06] <Hellios> Possible.
[22:06] <Baltazaar> cocaine in his pocket during a police search
[22:06] <Hellios> Though possible does not mean likely.
[22:06] <Aceso> do eeeeet.
[22:06] <Baltazaar> ^^
[22:06] <Apep> Or just a sigil
[22:06] <Itchieeeee> Balt’s would make for a better show.
[22:07] <Aceso> anyway… all joking aside, what i would like to propose it that we as healers or in learning to heal ourselves even, can dramatically make a difference
[22:07] <Aceso> in providing the right conditions for our overall health
[22:08] <Aceso> and that things spiritual have an affect on things emotional and physical and energetic
[22:08] * Itchieeeee is now known as Itchies
[22:08] <Aceso> and you can turn that around. they all affect each other for good or ill
[22:09] <Aceso> if you make awareness of your energetic systems a regular part of your practice you will gain resilience in all facets of your life
[22:09] <Baltazaar> improve the condition the system needs to function, and then system corrects itself
[22:10] <Aceso> and be less likely to be thrown off by little irritations… you’ll rebound faster from illness and stress
[22:10] <Aceso> and your mom yelling at you
[22:10] <Aceso> and if you keep your room clean she won’t yell at you so much
[22:11] <Aceso> any questions before I move on to the grand finale?
[22:12] <Aceso> [good point baltazaar]
[22:12] <Baltazaar> no further questions
[22:12] <Hellios> So, Balance, healing onself, spirtual and physical/mental affect on another, heal yourself. Mhm.
[22:13] <Aceso> i know, boring, but this is the first white belt class.
[22:13] <Aceso> you have to have a good foundation before you can learn the cool stuff, right?
[22:14] <Hellios> Not boring. I enjoy the the general knowledge the most.
[22:14] <Aceso> actually, theory is cool i think, because it can be applied to lots of things
[22:15] <Aceso> so, next class can be on grounding, centering, breathing or other meditations, or chakra balancing. whaddaya want/need?
[22:16] <Itchies> And we have to sign up for that one?
[22:16] <Hellios> Everything -Though, this class is not finished yet, is it?
[22:16] <Aceso> i’ll do that in open class
[22:17] <Aceso> this class is pretty finished except for homework assignments.
[22:17] <Hellios> kk, I’ll copy and paste this entire chat then to review later.
[22:17] <Change> homework! i just got out of school.
[22:18] <Hellios> Pity. Alright, I can fail High School, but pass this class then
[22:18] <Aceso> i do fun homework
[22:18] <Hellios> Homework,
[22:18] <Hellios> As long as it involves pie in some way, i’ll be happy.
[22:18] <Change> lol
[22:19] <Itchies> Did someone say pie?
[22:19] <Hellios> 3.14. Yes.
[22:19] <Itchies> Wrong Pie.
[22:19] <Change> 3.1415926358979323846264..
[22:19] <Change> aww
[22:20] * Change should learn more of it again
[22:20] <Itchies> Still wrong pie.
[22:20] <Change> i can’t type for infinity ya know!
[22:20] <Aceso> pie, hmmm. well, I want everyone to be on the lookout for things around them that get clogged up or don’t function well. Jot it down. The person with the longest list gets an hour private lesson.
[22:20] <Change> ks
[22:20] <Itchies> ooooooh
[22:20] <Aceso> -end- of class.
[22:20] <Itchies> BITCHES GOIN DOWN
[22:20] <Change> lol
[22:20] <Hellios> Aceso, do you mean human bodies, stuff I notice, such as a person being sick, why, ect, or everything, from a stopped up sink to dog, ect?
[22:21] <Aceso> anything
[22:21] * Change goes through his chat logs and finds all the broken pipes
[22:21] <Change>
[22:21] <Aceso> herds of people. clogged toilets or sinks, hairballs your cat coughs up.
[22:21] <Hellios> Excellent. Living in a deteriorated city aids me. What is the private lessono on, however ;P ?
[22:22] <Aceso> depends on what you want it on.
[22:22] <Hellios> I see. It can be anything, or healing related only?
[22:23] <Aceso> This is a one hour pick my brain or get a healing of your own coupon.
[22:23] <Aceso> I can do lots more than heal.
[22:23] <Apep> he can fix things too
[22:23] <Apep> lol
[22:23] <Baltazaar> ok, so, just to get it in my head right, the human body is like an outocorrecting software system. Give it the right processor, ram, and enough hardware space, and it runs fine on its own. modify the system, and the added modification counts as a disturbance in the flow, which requires a caretaker to counterballance, i.e. cancel out tha bad with the good so the system can run naturally. Right?
[22:23] <Hellios> Generally, since I am new to everything, I’ll bug you on the basics of the basics and how to begin on a generalizes subject on energy. Thanks, i’ll get onto my list right now.
[22:24] <Aceso> baltazzar, no but really close.
[22:25] <Aceso> what’s the difference between a living organism and a program?
[22:25] <Change> programs have emotions too!
[22:25] <Change> meany
[22:25] <Change> ()
[22:25] <Aceso> lol
[22:25] <Baltazaar> a body of its own?
[22:25] <Aceso> i guess that’s open to debate
[22:26] <kallisti> Back
[22:26] <Aceso> yaaaaaaaaaaaay
[22:26] <Aceso> we’re done, tho
[22:26] <Itchies> lol
[22:26] <Hellios> A program is a construct in a fixed data pattern that cannot change or learn, nor be really “killed” or is not truly “alive”. A L.Organism is something alive that can evolve, change, adopt, so forth.
[22:26] <kallisti> Gotcha, I’ll ew read
[22:26] <kallisti> *re
[22:26] <Change> ty for the class, Aceso
[22:27] <Change> time to take up yoga [heh]
[22:27] <Hellios> ty
[22:27] <Aceso> lots of people see humans as mere programs. [yw, Change]
[22:27] <Baltazaar> compare that to a polymorph computer virus, hellios
[22:27] <Change> taking up yoga is actually my version of being lazy
[22:27] <Change> >.>
[22:27] <Hellios> Can you learn Yoga by yourself, without a real life, physical teacher?
[22:27] <Change> and i actually am lazy
[22:27] <Change> pfft, stop being a buzzkill hellios
[22:27] <Aceso> btw, martial arts and gymnastics are some other good balancy workouts]
[22:27] <DragonOfDreams> that’s very true
[22:27] <Change> Yoga you can, martial arts is really hard though
[22:28] <Hellios> brb, and alright Change.
[22:28] * DragonOfDreams is a tae kwon do black belt
[22:28] <Hellios> Once Im back, i’ll ask you more questions(if allowed, so don’t go -15-30 mins)
[22:28] <Aceso> i’ve seen good yoga dvds
[22:28] <Change> Since yoga doesn’t require interaction with other people
[22:28] <Change> and touching people
[22:28] * Aceso is a TKD black belt, too
[22:28] <Change> anywho.
[22:28] * Baltazaar was in enough bars to know how to barfight, but nothing more^^
[22:28] <Aceso> i guess i mentioned that in the beginning
[22:29] <DragonOfDreams> you did
[22:29] <Aceso> would be fun to spar
[22:29] <Aceso> not easy finding sparring partners
[22:29] <kallisti> Why not easy?
[22:29] * DragonOfDreams nods
[22:30] * kallisti shrugs
[22:30] <Aceso> because it’s no fun sparring with yellow belts
[22:30] <kallisti> I’ll spar anyone, just abouts
[22:30] <RavenFire> lol Aceso
[22:30] <kallisti> I like my manriki just fine
[22:31] <Aceso> it’s true  right, dragon?
[22:31] <DragonOfDreams> wellll
[22:31] <DragonOfDreams> i used to be an assitant instructor too
[22:31] * Baltazaar does not know about mind to mind sparring, but usually needs 2 liters of alc to spar IRL.
[22:31] <DragonOfDreams> one of the most fun things was to spar 3 yellow belts at a time
[22:32] <DragonOfDreams> taught them how to fight as a team, etc
[22:32] <DragonOfDreams> but i did get them to accidentally kick eachother a few times }XD
[22:32] <Itchies> lol
[22:33] <Aceso> haha. my problem is that i’m a woman and guys have this thing about fighting a woman
[22:33] <Itchies> You’re a woman?
[22:33] <DragonOfDreams> heh, i never had that problem
[22:33] <Itchies> lol
[22:33] <DragonOfDreams> if a girl wanted to spar me, i’d spar her back
[22:33] * Baltazaar has had a couple of Exes that taught me how to fight
[22:34] * DragonOfDreams never thought it was “wrong” to fight a girl…if it’s a clean fight (aka sparring)
[22:34] <Aceso> they’d start by thinking no way am i gonna hurt an old lady until i’d hit them and then they’d get mad and lose control.
[22:34] <Hellios> Back
[22:35] <Aceso> except the black belt, who actually had control.
[22:35] <Aceso> wb hellios
[22:35] <Baltazaar> interesting….
[22:35] <Hellios> Aceso, Can I ask you a few questions on Martial Arts? Something I have always wished to study, and do via books, somewhat.
[22:35] <Aceso> sure
[22:35] <Baltazaar> so, the natural state is not allways the best to be in?
[22:35] <Hellios> Is it possible to learn Tai Chi, Aikido, one or the other without a instructor, via books or better yet, the Internet only? Possible to learn on your own?
[22:35] <Aceso> define the natural state
[22:36] <kallisti> Don’t suppose you’re near Kansas.
[22:36] <kallisti> I need to learn self defense beyond ranged weapons and knives
[22:37] <kallisti> I’m fine with a manriki, or daggers…but hand to hand, I’m fucked
[22:37] <DragonOfDreams> come eastward kallisti, i’ll teach you
[22:37] <kallisti> :3
[22:37] <Hellios> I do live in Kansas -Though,
[22:37] <kallisti> Where at;
[22:37] <kallisti> I’m in topeka
[22:37] <Hellios> Leavenworth-But is it possible?
[22:37] <Aceso> you can definitely learn some basics via online or dvd
[22:37] <Itchies> It’s hott. In topeekaaaaaa
[22:38] <kallisti> Fuck yes itchies!!!!
[22:38] <kallisti> Hellios, pm me
[22:38] <Hellios> Alright.
[22:38] * Itchies high fives
[22:38] <Aceso> but there really is no substitute for up close and personal practice
[22:38] <Baltazaar> I mean, when I fight, it is goodnatured, without much more plan then “what am I gonna do now?”. usually, the guys I fight see it the same way, and when some of us goes down, we take care, wait till he gets back up, and so on. I thought the problem allways started if there was some kind of organized fighting guy who wanted to get all the guys down, and took it as a personal insult if I raised my fist against him
[22:39] <Hellios> Well Aceso, is it possible for me to learn it all, if I call in random people to practice on, if I try very hard, naturally what would take one month will take five, but hey, is it possible to learn it all?
[22:39] <Hellios> Or are the basics, and a horribly twisted version of them, best I can get?
[22:40] <Aceso> if you have a good resource and a friend or two who will practice with you, i think i can be done.
[22:41] <Aceso> you need someone who will throw a fist in your face though
[22:41] <Hellios> Generally, my interests are in Aikido and Tai Chi, But I am also looking for effectiveness, and the benefits.
[22:41] <Aceso> aikido is excellent, basically the same as hapkido which i trained in
[22:42] <Hellios> I do have two books on it, and technique, but am horribly confused on how to start, solo style.
[22:42] <Hellios> Do you need a partner?
[22:42] <Aceso> you want something like kickboxing, something with jointlocks and pressure points for control and grappling in case you get taken down and need to fight from the ground
[22:42] <Aceso> you absolutely need a partner
[22:43] <Hellios> Alright.
[22:43] <Aceso> stances and breathing
[22:43] <Aceso> start with stances and breathing. focus on every part of your body at once
[22:43] <Hellios> Physically, I am not interested in brute strength, but coordination, something strategic, flexible. That is why Aikido appeals to me, but I have heard it takes about thirty years before it can be used defensive wise, and it may be in fact, crap?
[22:44] <Aceso> like when you first started driving and you had to focus on enerything at once.
[22:44] <Aceso> aikido is not crap
[22:44] <Hellios> Both books by Nobuyoshi Higashi, Aikido-tradition and new tomiki free fighting method, and Koryo-Aikido.
[22:44] <Aceso> i’ve seen a cheerleader get out of a chokehold by the biggest football player on the team after a 5 minute lesson
[22:44] <Hellios> Though it lists some stuff, I am generally confused on everything,
[22:45] <kallisti> I’m 4’8,  about 73 lbs
[22:45] <kallisti> What all would be a good place to start?
[22:46] <Hellios> But Aceos, Generally getting a partner would be hard, so I am wondering-Learn something else, then come back, or try to find a person, or both.
[22:46] <Aceso> strength, flexibility, stamina
[22:46] <Aceso> make friends!
[22:47] <Hellios> I will. Though, I dislike socializing.
[22:47] <kallisti>
[22:48] <Aceso> hellios, so do i. i’m almost neurotically shy.
[22:48] <Hellios> Same. I would stay in complete solitude if I could. I am forced out into the open, though.
[22:49] <Hellios> -What about knifes, knife techniques, throwing, ect? Can that be accomplished by oneself, though I have no idea where or how to learn it from(google?)
[22:50] <Baltazaar> you can do that
[22:50] <Baltazaar> after all, it’s just technique
[22:50] <Hellios> Oh.
[22:50] <Aceso> you can watch it over and over, but there are some things, like doing a layup or punting a football, that you really need your body to DO over and over to really get it
[22:50] <Aceso> it’s called muscle memory
[22:51] <Hellios> I understand muscle memory, Ah, I enjoyed being a member of sow.
[22:51] <Hellios> Well then, Thank You.
[22:52] <Aceso> you can start strength training and flexibility stamina and moves now
[22:52] <Hellios> Define, though. I truly do not wish to go out to the local gym, though.
[22:52] <Aceso> there are kicks, blocks, stances, strikes
[22:53] <Aceso> i can give you all the white belt stuff to learn and a list of stretches and stuff like that that I used when running classes
[22:53] <Aceso> maybe find a youtube of the first kata, etc.
[22:54] <Hellios> Alright. I’l get my paper.
[22:54] <Aceso> but not tonight!
[22:54] <Hellios>
[22:54] <Hellios> I got an incentive for my homework now.
[22:54] <Aceso> I had a long yucky day at work and my husband needs a healing session
[22:54] <Aceso> sooooo. goodnight all.
[22:55] <Hellios> Night. And Thank You.
[22:55] <Aceso> yvw

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