Strong Will (Relation of Will and Energy)

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Log from #Classroom on Friday, February 17, 2012 at 7:30PM EST: “Strong Will (Relation of Will and Energy”, hosted by Taetarthe:
[19:36] <Taetarthe> I’m beginning now, then.
[19:36] <Taetarthe> Will, Substance, Balance.
[19:36] <Taetarthe> These are the foundations by which I describe will work.
[19:37] <Taetarthe> Will, is you.
[19:37] <Taetarthe> It is your conscious, it is your power, it is your expression on the world around you. It alludes to every action you impress on this and every other world.
[19:37] <Taetarthe> Substance.
[19:38] <Taetarthe> everything physical, everything astral, anything and everything that you may have influence on or may have influence on you.
[19:38] <Taetarthe> Balance is simple as well, but it is often the least understood of these three.
[19:38] <Taetarthe> That said, it is also the most important.
[19:38] <Taetarthe> Balance is the inevitable and indisputable act of nature by which we found our understanding of reality.
[19:39] <Taetarthe> 1 = 1, 2 = 2, 1 + 2 = 3.
[19:39] <Taetarthe> This is math.
[19:39] <Taetarthe> a very basic language we use to translate our understanding of the real world into something practical.
[19:39] <Taetarthe> Math is an example of exploiting balance.
[19:39] <Taetarthe> Now.
[19:39] <Taetarthe> Getting to my point here.
[19:40] <Taetarthe> Will work, is math, minus the language.
[19:40] <Taetarthe> Understanding, unhinged from language, and allowed to be shared and experienced by others. This is expression.
[19:40] <Taetarthe> That said, will work is expression.
[19:41] <Taetarthe> Is everyone following so far?
13[19:41] * DreamLord nods
[19:41] <Gorath> same line as where artwork comes from
[19:41] <RavenFire> yes
[19:41] <Taetarthe> I’ll give everyone a few minutes to make sure everyone has read all this.
[19:42] <Taetarthe> and so I can eat a little more.
[19:42] <DJ_Ephraim>
[19:42] <Taetarthe> If you are done, I’d like you to reflect on the nature of what I am saying.
[19:43] <Taetarthe> How far you can take that, what it really means.
[19:44] <Taetarthe> Alright, everyone caught up?
[19:44] <DJ_Ephraim> to me it seams you dont need to know the theory behind what is it you are doing, just think it and it will/should happen
[19:44] <Taetarthe> That is absolutely the case.
[19:45] <Taetarthe> You don’t need to know how to make a pen to use it, if you will
[19:45] <Taetarthe> Does anyone else have thoughts about what I have said? Questions?
[19:46] <kallisti> what happens when part of the equasion is left out? balance, for example
[19:46] <Taetarthe> According to the laws of physics, change happens
[19:47] <Taetarthe> An example of this is sympathetic compensation
[19:47] <Taetarthe> That is, the body suffering from an imbalanced system, or etc.
[19:49] <Taetarthe> For my furture classes, if you have a long question, just send an “!” so I know to wait
[19:49] <Taetarthe> but I’ll take it that there are no others.
[19:49] <Taetarthe> So, now I’ll address another issue that will plague you until you learn about the problem and work against it.
[19:50] <Taetarthe> This will hamper your energy work a lot, but it spreads to other areas to.
[19:50] <Taetarthe> *too
[19:50] <Taetarthe> Tell me, which of these two equations look less complicated
[19:51] <Taetarthe> 3(((4x)^2)-7 ) = (45+2/3)/x^2
[19:51] <Taetarthe> or x = 3
[19:51] <DJ_Ephraim> the latter tho it prob came from the former
[19:51] <Taetarthe> Close answer, but not entirely true
[19:52] <Taetarthe> The former came from the latter.
[19:52] <RavenFire> I was going to say the first one lol
[19:52] <Taetarthe> Now, They are the same equation.
[19:53] <Taetarthe> but, as you can plainly see, there are differences.
[19:53] <Taetarthe> Can you tell me what they are?
[19:54] <Taetarthe> take your time folks, I’ve got all day
[19:54] <Taetarthe> Gorath, maybe you can answer this one
[19:54] * DJ_Ephraim goes to try to solve the top equation, its bugging him >.<
[19:55] <Gorath> lol me and math….nooo likie
[19:55] <Taetarthe> This is interesting, do let me know what you come up with Eph.
[19:55] <Taetarthe> I know, Gorath
[19:55] <DJ_Ephraim> ditto Gorath, tho its just bugging me
[19:55] <Gorath> but with more you have more information to go off of
[19:55] <Taetarthe> but we’re looking at it for good reason.
[19:55] <kallisti> lmao- i was JUST pming tae that x=3 is not something my mind can process. at all.
[19:56] <kallisti> im absolutely math dyslexic.
[19:56] <DJ_Ephraim> >.<
[19:56] <Taetarthe> I love it, you’re all falling to the same pitfall here.
[19:57] <Taetarthe> Tell me
[19:57] <Taetarthe> What are you focussing on?
[19:57] <Taetarthe> right now
[19:57] <DJ_Ephraim> GAH! I CANT REMEMBER HOW TO DO (4x)^2 !!!
[19:57] <RavenFire> The first one is nothing more than a longer explanation of the second.
[19:57] <DreamLord> 144
[19:57] <Gorath> focusing on tearing down the problem aside from acsepting its there
[19:57] <DreamLord> if you’re plugging in 3 as a test
[19:58] * DJ_Ephraim needs it w/o teh plug
[19:58] <DJ_Ephraim> i’m not joking, i HAVE to solve this now
[19:58] <RavenFire> lol
[19:58] <DreamLord> -.-
[19:58] * RavenFire pats Eph
[19:59] <Taetarthe> This is silly.
[19:59] <Taetarthe> to be honest with you though.
[19:59] <Taetarthe> x = 3
[19:59] <Taetarthe> I gave you the answer
[19:59] <DJ_Ephraim> no, need to solve
[19:59] * DJ_Ephraim has ld and other issues
[20:00] <Taetarthe> With the top equation
[20:00] <Taetarthe> 3(((4x)^2)-7 ) = (45+2/3)/(x^2)
[20:00] <Gorath> what he is saying is that X=3 is the awnser
[20:00] <Gorath> not the problem
[20:00] <Taetarthe> What makes it different than x = 3
[20:00] <Taetarthe> ?
[20:00] <Itchies> >.>
[20:00] <Itchies> I thought there was a class in here. . .
[20:00] <Taetarthe> there is
[20:01] <DreamLord> the degree of complexity on either side of the equation
[20:01] <Taetarthe> alright
[20:01] <DreamLord> as well as the fact that there are multiple values x can be in the first one
[20:01] <Taetarthe> I’ll accept that
[20:01] <Taetarthe> Tell me, what is the cause of complexity in reality?
[20:02] <Itchies> Oh. Okay. .
[20:02] <Taetarthe> oh, and itchies
[20:03] <Taetarthe> Ask someone for the logs, or don’t be late next time.
[20:03] <Itchies> Yessir?
[20:03] <Itchies> . . . .
[20:03] <Itchies> I tried to be here when I could.
[20:03] <Taetarthe> *nod*
[20:03] <Taetarthe> I know
[20:03] <Taetarthe> zacharys, same to you
[20:04] <Taetarthe> Please get a printout of the logs
[20:04] <Itchies> We will. Just continue.
[20:04] <Taetarthe> *nod*
[20:05] <Taetarthe> To everyone else here, lets have a regroup, please.
[20:05] <Taetarthe> Gorath, kallisti, RavenFire, DJ_Ephraim, DreamLord
[20:06] * RavenFire nods
[20:06] <DJ_Ephraim> k
[20:06] <Gorath> nods
[20:06] <Taetarthe> If you’re focussing in the problem still
[20:06] <Taetarthe> You’re missing the point
[20:06] * RavenFire nods
[20:07] <Taetarthe> They are the same equation.
[20:07] <RavenFire> [19:58] <RavenFire> The first one is nothing more than a longer explanation of the second.
[20:07] <DreamLord> but the second is not equivalent to the first
[20:07] <Taetarthe> Now.
[20:07] <DreamLord> but i can assume it is
[20:08] <Taetarthe> It should be.
[20:08] <Taetarthe> But anyway
[20:09] <Taetarthe> The longer equation is being limited by perspective.
[20:09] <Taetarthe> Which, can be useful, I suppose.
[20:09] <Taetarthe> but certainly not as useful as it’s reduced form.
[20:10] <DreamLord> it can be said that the longer equation may hold more information
[20:10] <DreamLord> as well as be more specific
[20:12] <Taetarthe> That is true enough.
[20:14] <Taetarthe> What I am trying to get across though.
[20:14] <Taetarthe> Is that, if you need x
[20:14] <Taetarthe> a value for x
[20:14] <Taetarthe> It’s a lot nicer to just have it, than to go through the hassle of a long equation.
[20:14] * DreamLord nods
[20:15] <Taetarthe> All the information and specifics tend to act more as a clouds than anything useful.
[20:16] <Taetarthe> Unless, you are specifically in need of that bit of information
[20:16] <Taetarthe> Still, it is nicer to just have it, than to have to dig.
[20:17] <Taetarthe> This should translate to everything you do, though my focus here is on will work.
[20:18] <kallisti> but sometimes the ‘digging’ is a means to self exploration. the journey is always worth taking.
[20:18] <kallisti> just saying.
[20:18] <DreamLord> for practicality’s sake, i agree (otherwise, I’m the kind of person that likes to know ‘why…?’ and ‘how…?’)
[20:18] <Taetarthe> That is a different subject for a different time.
[20:19] <Taetarthe> But you make a good point, kallisti
[20:19] <Taetarthe> The translation here, is that if you need something, you will it so, rather than complicating your self and limiting your perspective on what is and isn’t possible.
[20:20] <Taetarthe> Now, I’m probably confusing atleast a few of you with all this math and transliteration
[20:21] * DreamLord understands at least
[20:21] <Gorath> still with you
[20:21] <Taetarthe> So I’ll be taking questions on anything up till now where I can.
[20:22] <Taetarthe> And then I’ll start the active portion of the class, where I’ll show you some will work.
[20:22] <Taetarthe> If you think you may not fully understand something, ask anyway
[20:23] <Taetarthe> I’m not going to get into a debate, but I will do my best to answer you as clearly as possible.
[20:23] * zacherys didnt even need the logs
[20:24] <Taetarthe> Did you read them zacherys?
[20:25] <Taetarthe> If you’re going to be in my class, you should atleast do a bit to understand what it is I’m working to get across
[20:26] * zacherys is very familiar with the subject
[20:27] <Taetarthe> Good, then.
[20:27] <zacherys> ive understood everything you have said thus far
[20:27] <Taetarthe> seems like everyone is following me well enough
[20:27] * RavenFire nods
[20:27] <Taetarthe> But do you understand why I’m saying it?
[20:27] <zacherys> yes
[20:28] <Taetarthe> ^– the above question was for all of you
[20:28] <zacherys> its better than the way i whould teach it…
[20:29] <Taetarthe> However, since you were so apt to speak up, zacherys, can you state the reasons you think I said everything so far?
[20:29] <Taetarthe> I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but I’m putting you on the spot, and I want to make sure I’m clear.
[20:30] <zacherys> np
[20:31] <zacherys> i beleve most of what you have said in the part i have is to introduce concepts that will be required to understand the actual concepts of the practice
[20:31] <Taetarthe> that is correct.
[20:31] * zacherys is always correct
[20:32] <Taetarthe> Is there any way that you can elaborate on that?
[20:33] * kallisti is waiting for someone to ask “so, define ‘will’ for me”
[20:33] <zacherys> im not a teacher by any means, i stated the facts i perceved. if you give me more time than im betting most of you have im sure i can come up with something, but otherwise no not realy
[20:34] * Chance|Chinese|Food|Real is now known as Chance
[20:34] <zacherys> kallisti, i love that question!
[20:34] <Taetarthe> I defined it at the beginning of the class
[20:34] <Taetarthe> xD
[20:34] <zacherys> more importantly i like to whatch people try and come up with a satisfactory answer
[20:35] <Taetarthe> I hope this isn’t going too slow for anyone?
[20:35] * zacherys is waiting for the meat of the disscution
[20:35] <Taetarthe> I am too
[20:35] * kallisti laughs and high fives Zach
[20:36] <zacherys> lol
[20:36] <Taetarthe> I was actually hoping for more confusion
[20:36] <Taetarthe> So I could help answer more questions folks might have.
[20:37] <zacherys> the only meaningful questions i have will most certainly lead to a debate, which you already said you dont want
[20:37] <Taetarthe> Speak them anyway.
[20:37] <Taetarthe> I want discussion for the purposes of clarification
[20:37] * RavenFire is moderating, so keep it civilized and respectful
[20:38] <zacherys> well first let me get a log, you mind pming my them?
[20:38] <Taetarthe> You didn’t get a log?
[20:38] <Taetarthe> xD
[20:38] <Itchies> ^^
[20:38] <Gorath> so basicly….if you will it, they will come….no corn field needed
[20:39] <Taetarthe> I’m putting it up on pastebin
[20:39] <zacherys> ty
[20:40] <Taetarthe>
[20:40] * Taetarthe taps my foot a little.
[20:42] <Taetarthe> Gorath, I would have phrased that “If you will it, it will.”
[20:42] <Gorath> lol
[20:43] <Taetarthe> zacharys, Itchies, you actually reading the logs now?
[20:43] <Taetarthe> I’m going to give everyone a 10 minute break.
[20:44] <Chance> k
[20:44] <Taetarthe> So that you two can get caught up, and so that the rest of us have a chance to get drinks, stretch, ask private questions, and etc.
[20:45] <Taetarthe> The catching up applies to anyone who just walked in mid class, by the way
[20:45] <Gorath> nature call brb
[20:46] <zacherys> alright, you defined will perveously, so how does it work to effect the universe? where is the trasfer of substance? how does it impart velocitys to substance? how does it createt the imbalence as you put it?
[20:48] <Taetarthe> hold that thought till we come back, k?
[20:48] <zacherys> ok
[20:54] <Taetarthe> Alright
[20:54] <Taetarthe> everyone back here
[20:54] <Taetarthe> ?
[20:55] * DreamLord is here
[20:55] <Taetarthe> DJ_Ephraim, DreamLord, Gorath, kallisti, RavenFire, Chance, zacherys, Itchies?
[20:55] * Itchies is just watching, but yes, is here.
[20:55] <zacherys> yes
[20:56] <DJ_Ephraim> same, and is going nuts trying to recall high school math ?.?
[20:56] <DreamLord> you still haven’t gotten it?
[20:56] <Chance> yup
[20:56] * DJ_Ephraim points to lobby
[20:56] <Taetarthe> You are still on that Eph?
[20:56] <Taetarthe> xD
[20:57] <DreamLord> i mean, it doesn’t factor nicely but you should be able to plug and chug through
[20:57] <DJ_Ephraim> adhd hyper focus has kicked in, it must be solved
[20:57] <Chance> later then, sheldon
[20:57] <Chance>
[20:57] <DreamLord> -.- fiiine *goes to solve it*
[20:57] <Chance> i solved it!
[20:57] <Chance> x = 3
[20:57] <DJ_Ephraim> ik, but i need the HOW
[20:57] <DreamLord> no, x = 3 does not work
[20:57] <Chance> hehe
[20:57] * DJ_Ephraim takes it back to lobby
[20:58] <RavenFire> I’m here
[20:58] <Chance> it does.. lemme check
[20:58] <DreamLord> aye, continue Taetarthe
[20:58] <Taetarthe> Just waiting on gorath then
[20:58] <Taetarthe> but, he’ll be able to catch up
[20:58] <RavenFire> He’s still in the bathroom lol
[20:58] <Chance> yeah
[20:58] <Itchies> lol
[20:58] <Chance> it doesnt anyways
[20:59] <Taetarthe> Can you restate your question zacherys?
[20:59] <RavenFire> He said continue and he’ll catch up
[21:00] <Taetarthe> oh
[21:00] <Taetarthe> I know why it doesn’t add to three
[21:00] <Taetarthe> the 2/3 should be in parenthesis
[21:00] <Taetarthe> anywho
[21:00] <Gorath> back
[21:00] <zacherys> you defined will perveously, so how does it work toeffect the universe? where is the trasfer of substance? how does it impart velocitys to substance? how does it createt the imbalence as you put it?
[21:01] <Taetarthe> The simple answer to that zacharys is going to beg more questions than it answers, but I’ll state it anyway
[21:01] <Taetarthe> Will is the universe.
[21:02] <Taetarthe> Though
[21:02] * zacherys asked the big one, now someone else do the work to keep this going…
[21:03] <Chance> heh
[21:03] <Taetarthe> I will stress enough to say that the math section was used as an illustration for why that question is uneccesary as far as work goes.
[21:04] <Taetarthe> But I’m giving you the simple answer so that you can seek the depth of it yourself.
[21:06] <Taetarthe> I love the quiet of this room, wish I could use a cattleprod or something to get you folks talking.
[21:06] <Taetarthe> xD
[21:06] <Chance> we’ve been trained otherwise.
[21:06] <Gorath> still following…no questions yet
[21:07] <Chance> Fine, so if will is the universe, are there an infinite amount of wills, one will, or a finite amount?
[21:07] <Taetarthe> it doesn’t matter
[21:07] <zacherys> coll question, both are assumptions are correct
[21:08] <zacherys> well, it does if you want to understand the dual nature of reality…
[21:08] <Taetarthe> Frankly, Chance.
[21:08] <Taetarthe> The answer is all three
[21:09] <Taetarthe> And to comment on what you said zacharys, I follow a triadic structure.
[21:10] <zacherys> well im more interested in that frankly
[21:12] <Taetarthe> I can speak to you more about it after class, then.
[21:12] <zacherys> please do
[21:12] <zacherys> is class over yet?
[21:13] <Taetarthe> Well, I was going to do an active portion of the class
[21:13] <zacherys> well, we all seem to get it, so i think thats next
[21:13] <Taetarthe> Sounds good.
[21:14] <Taetarthe> I’ve been going a little slower than I like, but I suppose that’s the best I can hope for.
[21:14] <zacherys> youve been going a little slower than i like.
[21:15] <Taetarthe> *nod*
[21:15] <Taetarthe> I’ll be right back, then I’ll start the active portion.
[21:15] * Taetarthe needs a drink
[21:18] <Taetarthe> alright
[21:18] <Taetarthe> back now
[21:18] <Taetarthe> This is going to be a simple exercise.
[21:18] <Taetarthe> Forming a psi ball, without using any energy
[21:19] <zacherys> heh
[21:19] <Taetarthe> Or, if you rather
[21:20] <Chance> ah, this again
[21:20] <Taetarthe> forming a psiball sympathetically
[21:21] * zacherys is just going to get creative
[21:21] <Taetarthe> Pick a place, on your desk, or some other surface (or in the middle of the air and etc.) where you’re going to put it.
[21:22] * zacherys made something a tad bit more complex than a ball.
[21:22] <Taetarthe> Without using any energy, I want you to express your will into a space.
[21:22] <Taetarthe> To form a ball, or a contstruct, or what have you.
[21:23] <Chance> so what would it be then? just pure will?
[21:23] <Chance> of what?
[21:23] * zacherys finds that createing a shield this way makes it much much more strong against attacks
[21:23] <zacherys> think of it as programing, without energy
[21:23] <Chance> i do too, but when i usually create those shields they will to do something
[21:23] <Taetarthe> You’re making your will on the location.
[21:23] <Taetarthe> Or rather, marking
[21:24] <Taetarthe> Note
[21:24] <Chance> zach, this kind of projecting your will onto a space is the first thing i did in magic
[21:24] <Taetarthe> I said the location
[21:24] <Taetarthe> not on energy
[21:24] <Chance> yes, i know. but are we projecting all of our will?
[21:24] <Taetarthe> Not projecting
[21:24] <Taetarthe> expressing
[21:24] <Taetarthe> Leave a mark of your will
[21:24] <Taetarthe> not the will itself
[21:24] <Chance> yes yes, impregnating, etc.
[21:24] <Taetarthe> Does that make sense?
[21:24] <Chance> ah, sort of
[21:25] <zacherys> …
[21:25] <Chance> (it’s a proper english term zach, but brb)
[21:25] <Taetarthe> Gorath, Ravenfire, kallisti, you having any troubles?
[21:25] <Gorath> nope am good
[21:26] <Taetarthe> good, I was hoping for some decriptions
[21:26] <zacherys> its not that, its the transition of “this is the first thing i did in magic” to “that sort of makes sence”
[21:26] <Taetarthe> It is a very different thing.
[21:27] <Taetarthe> Mostly in terms of effort
[21:27] <Taetarthe> but different, nonetheless.
[21:27] <zacherys> your telling me?
[21:27] <Taetarthe> I’m speaking to the room.
[21:28] <Taetarthe> It’s like the difference between stamping a paper and gluing it to your head
[21:29] <zacherys> rotfl
[21:29] <zacherys> i like that way of putting it
[21:29] <Taetarthe> Not only is one of those things just a bit rediculous, but there are different practical uses for each of them.
[21:30] <Chance> zacherys, this is the first ‘system’ of magic that i started to learn/basically how i got into magic
[21:30] <zacherys> meh.. i dont realy want to argue that…
[21:30] <Taetarthe> chance, you following what I’m saying?
[21:30] <Chance> i didn’t spend much time on it because i was easily impressionable and when i heard about psionics/other ‘better’ systems, i gave it up.
[21:31] <Chance> basically, will work was the first thing that i was introduced to, but i pretty much disregarded it
[21:31] <Taetarthe> that’s a shame
[21:31] <Chance> and that was 5 years ago. i just find it ironic, that’s all
[21:31] <Taetarthe> Will work is powerful
[21:31] <zacherys> its funny how often that happens
[21:32] <Chance> I’ve learned a lot about myself anyways, so it’s not a waste.
[21:32] <Taetarthe> Anywho
[21:32] <zacherys> i seccond that
[21:32] <Taetarthe> I’ve given you all a little tease at this, nothing big.
[21:32] <zacherys> yeah…
[21:33] <Taetarthe> The idea of this is that I want you to all try it at your leasure.
[21:33] <Taetarthe> experiment.
[21:33] <Chance> Yeah. I’m still somewhat confused about this, since I always filtered my will, never just printed it all on a space
[21:33] * zacherys was before this class…
[21:33] <Taetarthe> Alright
[21:33] <Chance> I get it, I think
[21:34] <Chance> Just not the implications
[21:34] <Taetarthe> So I’ll work with you a bit, Class is mostly over but I’m keeping the logs up
[21:34] <Taetarthe> for a bit longer
[21:34] <Chance> *nod*
[21:34] <Chance> Wouldn’t lots of your desires conflict, thus rendering them useless?
[21:34] <Taetarthe> I suppose.
[21:34] <Chance> I know it’s not meant to be useful, but just being clear
[21:35] <Taetarthe> Thought
[21:35] <Taetarthe> *though
[21:35] <Taetarthe> That all depends on your ability to control yourself.
[21:36] <Chance> *nod* Yes, but you said leave a mark of your will, and I’m essentially asking, what part of my will, if my will is myself/my desires/etc.
[21:36] <Chance> Unless you’re asking to leave a mark of all of it, which is rather interesting.
[21:37] <Chance> In psionic terms it’d be like imprinting your ‘energy signature’ on a space, except it would be the signature part
[21:37] <Taetarthe> Your will is your expression
[21:38] <Taetarthe> That is
[21:38] <Taetarthe> Express unto the area what you want of it
[21:39] <Chance> Okay. That I get. For instance, I can express onto an area to deflect attacks that target me.
[21:39] <Chance> Not onto the energy, onto the area
[21:39] <Taetarthe> yes
[21:39] <Taetarthe> Ofcourse
[21:39] <Chance> That I get/I think I’ve done
[21:39] <Taetarthe> you could be even more encompassing
[21:40] <Chance> It was just the whole ‘make a will ball’ that confused me.
[21:40] <Taetarthe> and simply express ‘deflection’ into the area
[21:40] <Chance> Yes, but that could get even more annoying than deflect attacks that target me
[21:40] <Taetarthe> perhaps
[21:40] <Chance> especially if the imprint is a strong one
[21:40] <Taetarthe> if you don’t get the very root of what you want
[21:41] <Taetarthe> This really is an easy thing.
[21:41] <Chance> For instance, if you express deflection into the area three feet around you…
[21:41] <Chance> you do need air
[21:42] <Taetarthe> That is the interesting thing, isn’t it?
[21:42] <Chance> Yes, a novice probably wouldn’t have a problem
[21:42] <Chance> But, potentially, yes.
[21:42] <Taetarthe> You aren’t really limited by language with expression
[21:42] <Taetarthe> so you can get to the root of what you want without much effort.
[21:43] <Chance> *nod*
[21:43] <Taetarthe> Interesting side note
[21:43] * zacherys likes side notes more than main points
[21:43] <Chance> heh ^
[21:43] <Taetarthe> Sigils essentially use either one of two methods to influence an area around them
[21:44] <Taetarthe> They either directly relate to the flow of energy, or they are meant to impose a proper psychological affect on the one casting.
[21:46] <Taetarthe> When they are cast directly, it is usually the former. Whereas the latter case is when they are called as a reference.
[21:47] <Taetarthe> What’s with the quiet? people typing or just staring? xD
[21:47] <Taetarthe> Anyway, I’m going to end the log here.
[21:48] <Taetarthe> The class is over, feel free to talk to me more on the subject, I’ll be around.

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