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Article: “Precognition”, by JediKaren

Precognition is a very strange ability. There is still practically no knowledge in how it relates to the rest of the psionic skills. Taking this in mind, there is no truly official way to precognite. Most of the prophecies come sporadically, and are short-term, IE. “I knew he was going to say that!” However, there are cases of long-term precognitions, where one foresees episodes that will happen after a long time.

It is well known that with psi you can see into in the future, often called precognitions. This is a dangerous and unreliable ability that only a few people have. It is often seen as a curse, for people see the appalling roads of the future. An example of this would be 9-11. Many people felt, dreamed, and saw in their mind the planes crashing, the buildings on fire, or the people dying. There is no one way to see into the future, but there are people that tend to see the future in three different ways.


Dreams, visions, and feelings are all part of precognition. But one must be careful about these things. None of these forms should be trust. Dreaming is the least certain of the three. How do you know it was not just a dream? Visions tend to come to people rarely and never last long. They are generally very striking and cause a strong emotional reaction. Feelings come in a suggestion that comes quickly. Usually these feelings are things like knowing what a person will do it right before they do it. It was not dreamed, nor in a vision. It was just a strong feeling. These feelings are the most trustworthy.

The reason why a psion should be wary of foreseeing the future is because sometimes it is not the future you see, but what you wish to happen. You can think you foresaw something, but in reality it’s what you want to happen. A psion should also be careful about sharing your experiences. Be careful who you tell about your dreams and visions. It is advised that you do not tell people about death. It can really scare people. If you are wrong you will never live it down.

There is another way to classify the different types of foreseeing the future. The two categories are long and short term. Long term is anything foreseen that will happen, or does happen in more than a day. This type of precognition usually is serious and dire. Dreaming and visions are the two most common forms long term takes. Short term is anything that is foreseen, in any method, in less than twenty four hours. Usually feelings of the future come under short term.

Personal Experiences

I have had my fair share of “feelings” of something happening before it happens. I’ve many twice had dreams come true and 2-3 times had visions. I have never liked precognition and have never understood why anyone wants to see the future. Here’s a few examples.

Six months before my grandfather died I foresaw his death. It was in late winter, in gym when I was thinking about my grandfather. Suddenly I got this feeling that he would died before the summer was up. How did I know this? I don’t know. The only person I ever told during the time that he was alive was my boyfriend. I could tell he didn’t believe me. As time got closer and closer my granddad was getting in worse shape. He died only a week before school started: to me, that is when the summer ends. I had decided not to tell the family because I didn’t want to people to think I was a freak. I also didn’t want them to ask me to predicate everything in their lives. On a side note, many of us foresaw or forfelt something for 9-11. For me I forefelt something. It was only days before it happened. I just knew something big would happen and it would happen soon. I had no idea what it could be.

Two years ago my grandmother died. In the car I was being nervous. It was my second funeral. I was sitting when I had this vision of me breaking down and crying. When I say vision I mean it was like I was daydreaming in a way. My cousin who was next to me came and took me in her arms. When we arrived at the graveyard I walked over to my cousin. I didn’t do this because of the vision, in fact I had totally forgotten about the vision. The men were putting dirt into the grave, when I started crying. My cousin, still the same one, took me in her arms to let me cry. It was days later I realized what I had seen had come true.

One night I had this dream that my dad called me for. I was in my room and i went to the computer room where he was sitting in front of the computer. He told me about an email a friend had sent to me. At the time I didn’t have my own email account and had told this friend never to email me without telling me because my dad banned me from giving out his email address. My father asked me if I knew the person who sent the message. I told him yes. He then yelled at me for giving the email address. I woke up, with the dream clear in my head, hoping that would never happen and tried to tell myself it was just a dream.

About three weeks after this dream my father called me when I was in my room. I had this very strong sense that the dream was coming true. I went to the computer and sure enough my father told me about the email and asked me if I knew who the sender was. I quickly thought about the dream and figured I knew what would happen if I said yes. I decided to lie and said no. He believed me and I didn’t get yelled at. When I was released I went to my room, half shaking out of shock. This experience shows you have the choice if you know what will happen. You don’t have to do as you foresaw, especially if the vision or dream wasn’t clear.


Dream, visions and feeling are all part of precognition. One must be careful about these things. I wouldn’t trust any of time. How do you know it wasn’t just a dream? You can also think you foresaw something, but in reality it’s what you want to happen. The future is always in motion. It can change with the slightest movement of someone. Be careful who you tell about your dreams and visions. I would advise you don’t tell people about death. It can really scare them. Believe me, if you’re wrong you’ll never live it down.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute