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Psionics Institute’s Glossary of Energy Working Terms:  A – C

A.K.A. Abyssal Plane; A distorted piece of reality left over from a previous universe and/or existence. The distortion is infectious. Native and infected creatures referred to as Abyssals. Subcategory for Planes.

Analytical Overlay (AOL)
Interpretation by the analytical mind of incoming ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) that could cause misunderstanding of the perceptions.

Ghostly figure or other similar unexplained sighting.

Astral Plane
Plane of existence that is coterminous with the Physical Plane. Acts as a medium for energy work and as a hub for interplanar travel. Subcategory for Planes.

Astral Projection
Shifting one’s consciousness over to the Astral Body and traveling elsewhere in it.

Astral Travel
Moving through the Astral Plane and/or other Planes of existence.

The Subtle Energy that radiates out from a person’s Astral Body. Various aspects of its appearance can indicate the health and mental state of the person.

Process of animating constructs.

The inevitable and indisputable act of nature by which we found our understanding of reality.

Process of sending an unwelcome entity back to its place of origin.

Bubble Shield
One of the most basic shields which is is programmed to protect the individual from attacks and negative energy. Subcategory of Shield.

An intersection of energy pathways within the Astral Body. Major Chakras are also energy processing centers.

Processing an energy or entity through oneself.

Chaos Shield
A shield that is designed(programmed) to shift from one particular shield type to another at random intervals in order to confuse potential attackers or to help in warding off stray negative energies. Subcategory of Shield.

Prefix meaning “clear”. Used in tandem with several suffixes to denote a set of ESP abilities. -audience(hearing/listening) -voyance(seeing) -sentience(feeling/touching) -alience(smelling) -cognizance(knowing) -gustance(tasting).

Hiding one’s Astral Presence.

A object built in the Astral from energy.

Coordinate Remote Viewing
Remote Viewing program set up by the U.S. Military.

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