History of the Psi Sites

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Article: “History of the Psi Sites”, by JediKaren
There are many articles and books to be and have been written about the past of psi. But there is practically nothing of the history of the psi sites. There were many great sites made and fell. Some of them did great things in the advancement and expansion of psionics. Some of them were not so great in material, but still can teach us what not to do and why. What little has been written has been done in a rather unorganized manner, thus bring us to the purpose of the article: to once and for all, officially and properly record the history of the psionic sites.Psi Palatium

Although many young and new psi members will claim PsiPog.net was the beginning, this is false. The first site to be made that was a serious psi site, was Psi Palatium, which means “Psi Palace” or “Palace of Psi”. The site was created by Zeus in 1997, but the current site was uploaded in September of 2008. The site was initially named “Psi Temple”, although it changed names later on. The goal of the site has been to provide information and community to those seeking, or already on a path in psi. This is one of the few sites that have managed not to change too much, especially with how old the site is. The site is more aimed not at science, but inner self and what some people may call spiritual or even fluff. The owner assures that this is not the case and it is encouraged to look deeper into the site. The site’s greatest success has been in their article directory, with nearly 600 entries and a wide range of topics on psionics, magic, and spirituality. The worst part of the site is in their forum, which is deleted every few years because of clutter, which means good information is lost forever. Despite the flaws of the site and all sites have their flaws, it continues to live on, bringing knowledge that is badly needed in the psi community. It has spurred on the makes of all other psionic sites in some direct or indirect fashion and should always be remembered for that.


PsiPog, which stands for Psychic Students In Pursuit Of Guidance, is usually thought to be the beginning due to the fact it was the first site it really hit it off and make psionics what we think and know of today. PsiPog was started on May of 2000 and was created by the ever so famous Sean Connelly, or more commonly known as Peebrain. The site lasted until August of 2006, when Sean archived it due to what he claims the site was not going in the direction he wanted. You can do you own research and come to your own conclusion. The site was a broad focus on psionics. It was a place for over 19,000 members to gather, learn, and teach each other. All skills had some article or more written. Many of the articles were written and nearly worshiped by Peebrain. Other articles were written by people who would then write more on other sites.

What truly made the site what it was, was its chatroom and side chatroom for practice. The chatroom was a huge hit, bringing in tons of members on a daily basis to talk, practice, and joke around. Occasionally, Sean or another author would host a lesson or seminar on a skill or topic, bringing in as much as 30-45 members to the chatroom. I can assure you, even with those numbers, there was order. For about a year, in 2006, Sean tried a forum that I can remember. He had tried to make a forum in 2002, but it was shut down due to a lack of maturity in psions. The forum was popular, as was everything about that site, with over 2,800 members. The site had best FAQ system I have seen, allowing members to post and receive questions, along with their question posted on the site for all to read and learn. My only complaint is the articles readability. Many young teens had trouble reading the long and complex articles. This great site lead to many other sites and finally was put to archives in late 2006.

Astral Society

Astral Society was created in 1999 JAC and Merc founded it. This site no longer exists due to suspected, but unknown, unpaid bills. Astral Society had been handed down to various people to run through the years. The site was handed to Socrates next. The second to last owner was Rahie, who inherited it in 2003, with Drako as the main admin. The subject matter is a different, and more disappoint story. The site was aimed for everyone who was interested in astral projection. This site started with good goals, but it because, especially at the end, a breeding place for false information and near role playing silliness. The site was famous for its large membership. At one point it has a total of 9000 members (including inactive ones). The site was then handed to another admin, Mike, who only owned it for a few short months and it died in 2008. The site’s name was then transferred over to a different site, with most of the old staff running it. This new version can be found, struggling to get off its feet and start its own history.


Psionline was created in by Stony, a very famous and good psion. It was a very focused site, energy manipulation and very little else. Although the site never grew to the numbers of Astral Society or PsiPog, it did however have its own claim to fame. The articles were by far some of the best ever written with great detail and a chance for newbies to be able to follow them. Sadly, this was not the most newbie friendly site. Stupidity was not tolerated and fluff was forbidden, one of the few sites to remain fluff free. Their forum was small in both number and activity, though the quality of the posts is probably the best out of all other psi sites. Because of the stern moderation and limited topics, the site never grew and eventually faded out of the spotlight. It did not help with Stony stepped down from the ownership of the site for personal reasons. The site went through one transformation and change in look. The current site is the blog look, but they did keep their old forum. The site still exists today, but aside from the articles and a weekly few posts in the forum, there is not much worth hanging around. But do not get me wrong, this was a great site in the hay day of PsiPog.


Another major site to spring up from PsiPog was UPC, or United Psionics Community. This site only lasted for a few short years and it was a hall mark of why many of the other sites died in the future. UPC was the combination of three psions (Float, JoeT, and Xict), although it was Float who made the site and first owned the site. The site was first just a small group of social psions that just liked to hang out. It was only later that the more famous version of the site was made. The site was later handed down to JoeT to run. It was created in around 2006 and died in mid 2008. Their focus was an overall coverage of psions with a well run, professional site with great articles, media, and forum. The site contained a limited link section, a standard FAQ, and later a psi game for people to try out their skills. They were more open to newbies, but like Psionline, they wanted intelligent members and no fluff. There seemed to be no obvious reason for the site to fall, if one was just passing by. Yet, after researching the cause, one can find out there were internal problems, hackers (4chan), and eventually a lack of paying the bill.


This one was of the later sites in the history of psionics. The site was made in 2006 by Sarah, or known as Metalforever. The site has gone through six different versions; the last one came out in January 2009. The site’s goal has been aim itself to the more advance crowd of psions, rather than newbies. For that goal, it has done well. The site, in one version had 900 plus members. The site also has a large collection of about 60 articles, some coming from old sites such as UPC and Psipog. The site’s strongest point has been their chatroom, which has always been active and has hosted many a lesson on psionics. They have also managed to retain some of the old and famous psions, allowing people to get to know the “good old days” that those old members remember. The sites’s weakest point was their forum, which has had in the past little active. The site has slowly changed to be focused on research, teaching newbies as well as the more advance psions, and linking psionics with other disciplines, such as psychology. This is one of the few remaining active sites and should be visited for information, a sense of community and practice.

Psi Links

One of the huge giants that made psionics what it was PsiLinks. Owned by Apollo, it was created in 2006. It was made to be a directory of psionic sites with a description explaining what made the site worth visiting or warnings to watch for when visiting the site. The idea of the site was to connect psions to all the different sites out there. The links grew to be over 250 with websites, chatrooms, blogs, yahoo groups, and forums. The site also included a small collection of good articles and a forum. The site became extremely popular with the fall of Psipog, as people went looking for new communities to join and learn. At one point, the site was getting over 500,000 page views per month. Although the link system did great, the forum never caught on very much and would not help the site. At the height, the forum had 588 members and the main site had 487. The death of the site really came from the death of psionics. When site after site died out, the use of Psi Links went. It was Apollo’s personal and independent choice to kill the site off and to focus his energies on a new site.


PsiWorld, owned by me, was created in 2005. It started as an msn, which lasted for six months. The first main site was made by Matt, who also started the first forum. The main site was then moved a year later to freewebs site and stayed that way until 2007 where it was moved to a new site, made by Apollo. The forum was moved in March 2008. The site’s aim was for newbies. It was a playground for newbies to run around, learn, explore, and advance. The site was a constant stream of people coming and going, writing articles, and moving on to more advance sites. The site original had problems with fluff and bad members, but after years of clean up, it grew to a serious and respectable site. The site was also known for a large collection of over 60 articles, in different levels of quality. The site gained a total over 1000 plus members before moved to a new forum where it reached around 530 members. It died shortly after the death of PsiLinks to make a new site.

Other sites

There have been many other sites that were not completely or even half related to psionics, but have made a noticeable impact in psi and the psi community, thus making them worth writing up. Some of these sites do not contain much, but what little they contained, has truly shaped our world today.


Veritas is not really a psionic site, but a magic and spiritual site, containing some information on psionics. What articles there are written through the view of someone who practices magic. But even so, this has been a very long lasting site. The forum was created in 2003, but I believe the site is older than that. Sadly, there is little information to be found as the site has changed at least once. The main site is in the format of wiki pages. The forum seems to be the same one as long ago with over 5000 members.

Fork You

It was created in Mid 2000. This site does not have the same fame as the more popular sites, it does have symbolic meaning. Fork You was a telekinetic site concerned with bending forks with your mind. This is the over simplified version of the definition of real telekinesis. The site was more of a rage in the early psionic years rather than the later years. This site encouraged people to try telekinesis and to explore other psi sites as well as other abilities. The site features techniques on how to twist and bend forks as well as an extensive link section, though many of the links are not related to psionics.


GotPsi is just one of a few sites that specialized in psionic tests. This site was made in 2000 and is part of the Boundary Institute, a famous paranormal site focused on research of psi. This site was mostly focused on remote viewing skills, but they also had micro telekinesis in one of their games. The site was created originally for research purposely, testing and trying to prove if remote viewing is real or not. This site still exists and contains originally six games with a seventh one added a year ago. While a psion can use remote viewing for each game, it is possible to use precognition rather try to sense or see the target or card. Each game is supposed to be equal in hardness. Each game has a running, daily cleared and recorded hall of fame that shows players how they did compared to other people. This site does not prove if you are “psychic” or not (making it more serious), but they do provide a valuable tool for people to practice and fine tune their skills and methods. A player can see how they did compare to change, which is 30%. The site has grown to include different options in how many trials or turns you play at once, giving different statistic. There is also a yahoo message board and a link section, with currently close to a 1000 members (although this number is the result of cutting back dead members and other members leaving) allowing members to talk, compare, and teach each other the skills. It is through this site that I discovered PsiPog, and began my own journey through the world of psionics.

Other Small Sites

Again, there were hundreds of small, independent sites that thrived on the boom of psionics in the early 2000s and the need for people to find their place in a community they liked. All of these sites died when the major sites started to fall one by one. Many of these sites were lead by well known psions and were generally kept up because of the owner’s reputation and knowledge. Some of these sites lost members. Others had their owners lose interest. This is a sad fact, but the most we can do is not forget them. They were Psi Dojo, Psi Visionaries, A State of Mind, Astral Dynamics, and Astral Voyage.

More Sites

It may seem like there are ton and were even more sites out there. The truth is there were a lot of sites. Some of them even still exist and still have not been mentioned in this article for various reasons. Sites like Psi Ludus, a chatroom with a front of a site is still active and going. Psionics is not dead. Not yet. In fact, we still have a change to grow and chance as we once were. It is through this article, that I hope that the psi community learns from its past so to learn for the future and the future beyond that. We can not just think of the present or what is going to happen within the next month. There are plenty of future generations of psions out there. We need to be aware of their future too.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute