The Great Balance, Science and Spirituality

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Article: “The Great Balance, Science and Spirituality”, by Empath

Science and Spirituality border a very fine line, energy work and scientific endeavors, things that most of the world says contradict each other. Science is said to not work well with religion and spirituality, however in my belief, this is not the case. Science and religion create a very fine balance, something that keeps the world from collapsing in chaos, science and spirituality working together in order to keep the world in a peaceful balance of man and machine.

All that science is in a nutshell, is the manipulations of natural elements to create and alter matter within the physical world. The spiritual edge of that, is that there is one set of natural laws that all things must follow, regardless of religion or creed the natural order must be upheld; There is a single energy and force that flows through all things in the world, whether you say it’s atomic particles that fill everything, or energy or something else..there is a force that embodies everything. This energy flows through both the physical and the nonphysical world, the astral realm(if you choose to call it such) and the physical realm, it is but one instance in which the two forces meet. Likewise, whether you believe in Buddha, Abrahamic God, Islamic Allah, or whatever else there is something out there, some force that created something from nothing, whether it was the big bang or creation or whatever there is something that has given us life, that has created the energy that sustains us and makes us who we are.

I choose to believe that it is one higher power that rather than interfere with our lives in mundane forms, chooses to observe and watch us. I believe that we are not the only planet with sentient life, it would be rather narcissistic to believe as such; however I believe strongly that this single form of energy, this single force that is molded and shifted with energy work, supplements and allows us to do things that science has not yet pinpointed or explained, and may not ever be able to explain. This explains things such as problems with the energetic body that affect the physical body, or even remote viewing and telepathy, as well as precognitive dreaming, however this is not the only way to think of this philosophy. Another way of looking at this is by picturing for example Dante Alighieri’s three plane model as used in his works Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. Now this model, widely criticized in it’s day for not following religious laws, depicted 3 planes outside of our own world. Now if you take this model and narrow it down to two planes total, you have what I have mentioned before, the physical plane and the astral plane, or if you choose you could call it the energetic plane and the physical plane. This energy I’ve mentioned passes through all living things and bridges the gap between the two planes by using us as vessels, as bridges between the physical plane and the energetic one. This transversely allows the energy to flow and allows us to use energy to affect both our physical and spiritual worlds, making healing, shielding, rituals and other spiritual pursuits possible.

In saying this, I believe that humanity does not even know what it is fully capable of, I have seen energy work influence people’s lives in ways that astound even me, and science, though evolving at a fast rate, cannot match certain parts of energy work and spiritual belief. Energy work and the belief in energy itself is not a widespread knowledge either, I believe that until the world awakens to the possibility of a flowing energy within all of us, we will not know what we are capable of, and until that happens the world will not see just how united we are even in our differences. In this vein of thought your religion does not matter, because we are all part of the same cycle, we are all filled with an energy that makes us who we are and makes us the extraordinary beings we are. Science makes leaps and bounds every day, but there are things even science cannot duplicate, natural laws which create the balance between science and spirituality that we know today. Science and spirituality can coexist, but it is up to us to open our eyes to the possibility of coexistence before the balance can be made possible.

Written By: Empath (2012)
© 2012 Psionics Institute