About Healing

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Article: “About Healing”, by JediKaren

Learning To Train While Sick

We all heal ourselves naturally. We heal ourselves in our sleep. Our body has a natural defense system which is suppose to take care of infections of all sorts, but sometimes that system needs help to speed up the process. Sometimes a simple cold or flu can take forever to get over and be purely miserable to suffer through. Lucky for us psi users there is a way to help make the sick more bearable, even to the point of self healing yourself.

Of course, the problem for most beginners is when sick, you body reserves most of your energy to heal itself, taking away energy, will, and focus to feel, gather and use energy. So you may find in your early months of training that your ability to heal yourself is not as strong as you would like it. You will need to slowly shape your mind when you are sick. Try to just open yourself up to psi each day for no more than five minutes. That may not sound long, but you will mostly find that tiring. Opening yourself up to energy flowing within you can start strengthening your immune system. You may not even be able to feel psi if you are particularly sick and should stop trying. The next step in shaping your mind is to feel psi outside of your body. Imagine a blue, glowing shield of energy about two inches away from your body. Calm your mind and slowly reach out with your mental awareness to the shield. You should feel a stronger feeling of energy around you. As you get better at feeling psi you can move on to gathering psi like you would for a psi ball. Remember to take this training slow and easy. If you get tired, stop. If you keep pushing you could do damage to yourself. These are the basic steps that you will need into order to start healing yourself.

The Three States of Healing

There are three states any energy user can be for self healing. The first and the most natural, healing state is called sleep. It is a state where the body and mind come to a rest; a halt. Psi energy will slowly flow through the person and in a small amount. The level of energy is low and not being directed, thus promoting healing and encouraging natural body healing.

The first thing to note about that you heal better when relaxed, laying down, and sleeping. Dreaming is a good state for your mind to be in when sick. Dreaming is a way to distract the mind, like using television to distract a kid. If we do not dream, we are not healing or not doing any serious healing. Although, if you are experiencing nightmares, you may want to check to see if you are running a fever.

The second state for healing is called meditation. Meditation is when the body goes to sleep and will start healing, but the mind remain half active and alert. There are many types of meditation, each with a different goal, but all meditations are helpful to the mind and body. Meditation, even when not drawing on energy is good for the body because it helps you control your breathing and focuses your energy and thoughts. Psi flows greater while meditating and can be controlled. The amount of control depends on the user’s skill level.

The last state is the least natural and is known as trancing. Trancing is very much related to meditation and is a natural state that can be achieved without the use of drugs. You may try music to help you trance. Trancing is when the body goes to sleep, but the mind is fully alert, but in a meditative state. Psi is fully controlled. What makes this start different from all others is the mind is totally focused on itself. It is like sleep in that the person is not aware of anything around them. This state allows psion to focus completely on healing the body, while getting the sleep needed.

Connection To Psi

The natural connection to psi is something all humans have. We have had it since we were born and one of the first things a new psion should do is to become aware of it in order to use it. Remember that energy exists in the body, as well as moving through and around the body. This energy connection to your body is critical to your health. Should a person ever try to cut themselves off from psi, even if they do not believe in such energy, their health will rapidly degenerate. People who are constantly sick from stress are usually unconsciously blocking the flow of energy. Sometimes the body and mind will develop energy blocks which block psi from flowing naturally. It is important that a healer looks not just at the body of the patient, but also the mind, checking to see if there is a disconnection.

Mental Healing

The brain has a large amount of control over the body. The body may naturally heal itself; the brain can sometimes purposely keep the body from healing, or heal in a certain way. Sometimes this happens because the brain itself is hurt or fooled into thinking there is something wrong and needs to be straight before the body can be healed. There are chemicals in the brain that when are imbalanced can cause certain mental and physical reactions. A healer should be aware of this and check the mind out before looking at the body.


No matter how good a healer you or another healer is, healing should not be used to substitute going to the doctor or hospital, if needed. Even if psi helps with a nasty flu, you should still have your pills. Never heal anyone for more than half an hour at most, or you will hurt yourself, by draining yourself of energy. Never heal yourself for more than twenty or more minutes. It is better to do short healing sessions than long ones. Short sessions, followed by rest, eating, and drinking water gives the body a chance to do some healing for you and recover from any stress the healing caused the body.

Also beware of having your empathy when healing people. It is very easy for your mind and body to feel the other person’s sickness and feel and to convince your body you are sick. This can fool the mind into being unable to feel and gather psi. Remember; when you are sick you lack energy and will find it hard to feel, gather and use psi so take it slow and easy.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute