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List of P.I. Articles:

I. Astral Projection
A. About The Astral Plane
B. Astral Properties
C. The Myths of Astral Projection

II. Dream Phenomenon
A. The Dream of Dreams

III. Empathy
A. Dealing With Negative Emotions
B. The Cursed Gift

IV. Energy Manipulation
A. About Kinesis
B. Shielding Facts
C. The Effects of Psionic Energy On People, Animals, and of Non-Living Things

V. Healing
A. About Healing
B. Healing Headaches
C. Managing Pain

VI. Introductory Articles
A. Easy As 1, 2, 3
B. The Newbie Welcome Mat
C. The Problems of Newbies
D. The Uses of Psi
E. You’re Grounded!

VII. Miscellaneous
A. History of the Psi Sites
B. The Great Balance, Science, and Spirituality
C. The Subconscious

VIII. Precognition
A. Precognition
B. To Tell Or Not To Tell

IX. Scanning
A. Scanning Energy Levels: An Unrealistic Ability

X. Vampyres and Otherkin
A. Elemental Vampyrism
B. Vampyrism and the Awakening Process

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