Welcome To Psionics Institute

We are a non-profit organization and community dedicated to the study and attainment of knowledge in psionic abilities, religious paths and practices. If you happened upon this site, you are like many others who have more than likely had an experience or some mysterious feeling that has made you question yourself and ponder the unknown and unseen things of life. Let us be the first to inform you that you are not alone. Many individuals are now being awakened and are acknowledging that there is more to life than what meets the eye.

From the paranormal, to the mystic, the spiritualist, and even the skeptic, the main thing all these groups have in common is that we are searching for something. That something may not make itself obvious to us but we know it’s there. Many of you may know it as a feeling that has been with you most of your life. A feeling of wonder, amazement, and desire. A desire to know the truth. Many spend a lifetime searching for this truth, some are lucky enough to find it and some die trying. It is our goal as an organization and community to help our fellow psion workers and truth seekers to find this cherished prize and help each other excel on the path we choose to take.