Vampyrism and the Awakening Process

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Article: “Vampyrism and the Awakening Process”, by Brandon Keeton

An Introduction on The Awakening Process of Vampyrism

Some people wonder, are vampyres real? The simple answer is YES. They are not the undead as stereotyped by myths, they are an actual community. So what makes one a vampyre? The need for life energy (prana) in order to sustain their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

There are several types of vampyres in the community, but there are three main types; sanguinarian, psychic vampire (psi for short), and hybrid. The sanguinarian feeds from the blood of a person to sustain their physical, emotional, and spiritual health, but they don’t go slashing or biting a person’s neck, as that’s another Hollywood stereotype. They require a willing donor, someone who is free of HIV, psychotropic, and such. In obtaining their donors blood a lancet may be used to pull the blood from a main vein, and transferred into a vial.

The psychic vampyre obtains energy they need to sustain their physical, emotional, and spiritual health by drawing out ones vital energy using methods such as psi feeding. One psi feeding method used is termed deep feeding, which is feeding from a specific person’s (usually a donor’s) core soul (vital) energy.

The hybrid vampyre uses both methods of feeding in order to sustain their physical, emotional, and spiritual health, though more predominantly draw out the vital energy needed from their donor.

The process of awakening typically occurs around puberty, though sometimes it can occur a bit earlier or a bit later in life. On occasion a person may have awakened traits from an early age, and as they grow and develop, the more these and other traits awaken. Several changes takes place while going through the process of awakening and these changes will affect a person on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. The hypothalamus controls many functions of the body, and its prime purpose is to balance these bodily functions. In the process of awakening you will notice a few changes occurring which is controlled by the hypothalamus, such as a change in circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm controls when one sleeps and when specific hormones and proteins are produced. The circadian rhythm may become reversed when going through the process of awakening causing periods of lethargy. Body temperature is also controlled by the hypothalamus, and in the process of awakening may drop a couple of degrees. Clinical depression can also occur, along with feelings of emptiness, or feelings of not belonging. Drinks with citric acid may begin to cause stomach cramps during this process. You may also begin to pick up on others feelings or emotions during this time, and changes in appetite may occur, in which there may be an increase, or a decrease. Sunlight may become less tolerant as well. The process of awakening is not the same for everyone, so you may or may not experience some of these, and some experiences might not be listed. As an awakening is a process of self-discovery, no one can tell you that you are, or that you aren’t a vamypre.

Please note that there are many disorders and such that can be similar to the process of awakening, so it’s advised that you contact your doctor for a checkup before coming to a conclusion.

Here is a list of conditions that should be checked out for before coming to a conclusion. Please note this is not a full list.


Created by: Brandon Keeton (Used with permission of author – 2012)
© 2012 Psionics Institute