Sensing Will and Intents

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Log from #Classroom on Sunday, March 18, 2012 at 9PM EST: “Sensing Will and Intents”, hosted by Taetarthe:
[21:00] <Taetarthe> Alright, before I get into the beef of the lesson, I’m going to set some ground rules.
[21:02] <Taetarthe> First and foremost. If you have Trouble with basic scanning, or don’t feel confident in scanning, please leave now.
[21:02] <Taetarthe>
[21:02] <Taetarthe>  If I hear complaints about basic scanning during this class, you will be kicked.
[21:03] <Ephraim>  bye then
[21:03] <Malvita> Lol eph
[21:03] <Starborn> 0.0;;;
[21:03] <Ephraim> i’ll just read the log
[21:03] * Ephraim goes idle
[21:03] <Starborn> yeah um… me too.
[21:03] <Taetarthe> I don’t take kindly to idlers, if you don’t want to participate, please remain quiet.
[21:04] <Chaos> …..
[21:04] <Chaos> That’s…
[21:04] <Chaos> Kinda what an idler does….
[21:04] <Chaos> Hence “idler”
[21:04] <Taetarthe> Doddlers?
[21:05] <Taetarthe> If you ain’t going to participate, sit down and shut up =P
[21:05] <Taetarthe> lol
[21:06] <Taetarthe>  If you aren’t going to be here for the whole class, or foresee any unexpected leaves of absense, please state so now. This is so I’m prepared when you do leave.
[21:06] * DragonOfDreams sits down and shuts up
[21:07] <Taetarthe> Finally, if you have questions during the class, please type “!” and send it before you start typing out your question, this is so I know when to stop for you.
[21:07] <Taetarthe> I don’t mind if idlers ask questions, but please don’t ask anything to the ilk of “how do I scan in the first place?”
[21:07] * RavenFire nods
[21:07] <Taetarthe> Is everyone clear?
[21:08] <RavenFire> yes
[21:08] <Taetarthe> Fantastic.
[21:08] <Malvita> yep
[21:11] <Taetarthe> A brief note on my personal views about energy working, so that we can allieve a bit of confusion in relating to what I’m saying. It is my personal belief that everything is will, even energy. Anything with any sense of ‘uniqueness’ has it’s own will. That said, when I refer to energy or substance, I am usually referring to passive will. The energy may have an inherent nature, but it does not actively affect other wills as an energy worker’s may.
[21:12] <Taetarthe> If there are no questions on that, I can move onto the heard of the lesson.
[21:12] <Taetarthe> *heart
[21:13] <Taetarthe> Alright then, moving on.
[21:14] <Taetarthe> How Sensing will is different from sensing energy as a whole.
[21:14] <Taetarthe> :
[21:15] <Taetarthe> There’s no easy way for me to explain this, but I can provide a basic visual.
[21:15] <Taetarthe> An Old house that hasn’t been cleaned in a while. It’s dusty, and the main source of light is a beam of light through a window.
[21:16] <Taetarthe> In the light, you see the dust. the way it moves, etc.
[21:17] <Taetarthe> Now, this dust, this would be psi, or some other basic energy.
[21:18] <Taetarthe> This energy is moving, slave to air currents, etc.
[21:19] <Taetarthe> Now, If you were to take all that dust away, all the energy, you are still left with the currents. Relatively speaking, This is active will.
[21:20] <Taetarthe> Now, sensing will, is doing just what I described in the visual.  It is removing the ‘energy’ or ‘passive will’ from your scan, while focussing on the Active will.
[21:21] <Taetarthe> Is everyone following so far? Any questions?
[21:21] <RavenFire> So far
[21:21] <Taetarthe> Who’s all here anyway?
[21:21] <Kasada> .
[21:22] <Taetarthe> Alright, that’s two atleast. I know Eph and Dragon are atleast looking in.
[21:22] <Malvita> .
[21:22] <Starborn> .
[21:22] <Taetarthe> Cool, I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself here.
[21:23] <RavenFire> lol you’re not
[21:23] <Taetarthe> At any case, if there are no questions I’ll just be moving on.
[21:25] <michellethemit> i’m checking in every 5 min or so
[21:25] <Taetarthe> I can speak more directly of scanning will. This part will be a description of technique.
[21:27] <Taetarthe> When you are scanning a person as normal, you mentally tell yourself to ‘ignore’ the energy of the person, while focussing on the pure flow of that energy.
[21:27] <Kasada> !
[21:28] <Taetarthe> Yes Kasada, floor’s open to you
[21:29] <Kasada> I’m unsure of your method, but the previous statement, given “you” as a singular rather than plural, was entirely false as regards to mine, and quite possibly that of others.
[21:29] <Kasada> That is to say, why would someone ignore the energy of a person and only focus on flow?
[21:30] <Taetarthe> The flow is the will of the target that you are scanning.
[21:31] <Kasada> Ahh, you meant for this exercise, not as the norm or habit that was needed to be broken
[21:31] <Taetarthe> The point of this is to learn to sense will, and it makes the presumption that you have some inherent or trained ability to scan as is.
[21:31] <Taetarthe> It’s a modification on what you’ve already learned.
[21:31] <Taetarthe> Whatever that may be.
[21:31] <Taetarthe> Does that answer your question?
[21:31] <Kasada> No, but it’s satisfactory enough.
[21:32] <Taetarthe> Alright, we can talk more about it after I’m finished with the class if you’d like.
[21:32] <Taetarthe> For now though, I’ll continue on.
[21:35] * RavenFire nods
[21:35] <Taetarthe> When you scan this way, the internal flows are representative of stuff that only directly affects them, not to say it wouldn’t affect you passively, as in mood changes or etc, but it’d geared toward them.  They aren’t the most important, but should not be ignored.
[21:37] <Taetarthe> The external flows are more important. They represent the persons actions directed outward, toward the world around him or her.
[21:39] <Taetarthe> There is a lot that comes of this, though the idea at heart is rather simple. What we have been assessing so far is the “what”. That is, what it is that is actually happening. Will is simply the “what” of the universe.
[21:39] <Taetarthe> The why, that is intent.
[21:41] <Taetarthe> To read intent, you must look at the will, look at what is happening, and be able to assess why. To perfect this, you will need to know some degree of psychology and inherent symbolism. I can’t cover that here though, there’s too much to a mind.
[21:43] <Taetarthe> The rest of this this class is going to be dedicated to discussion on application of this technique.  I’ll also be helping you out if and where I can.
[21:43] <Taetarthe> That said, you can now talk freely.
[21:45] <Taetarthe> Alternatively, I’ll take suggestions on what to talk on further? If people are confused?
[21:46] <RavenFire> So basically, you’re saying alternative way for scanning, instead of the energy itself, focus on the flow of that energy, both internally and outwardly?
[21:50] <Taetarthe> Yes and no
[21:50] <Taetarthe> Yes as in, that’s the way to get to the technique.
[21:51] <Taetarthe> However, there may be flows that don’t carry energy in the first place, but still exist.
[21:51] <RavenFire> Ahh, so read all the flows, not just the energy ones
[21:51] <Taetarthe> Correct.
[21:52] <RavenFire> Hmm wouldn’t that be considered a deep scan tho?
[21:52] <Taetarthe> It could be. I suppose.
[21:52] <RavenFire> Suppose the trick would be to do it without causing their defenses to trigger
[21:53] <Taetarthe> I don’t seem to have much of a problem with that.
[21:53] <RavenFire> lol I know you don’t
[21:53] <Taetarthe> But I have a lot of control of my energy
[21:53] <RavenFire> I know
[21:54] <Taetarthe> That said, you should be alright as long as you don’t always direct your will where you scan.
[21:54] * RavenFire nods
[21:54] <Taetarthe> A lot of people don’t realise that there can be a difference.
[21:55] <Taetarthe> Between paying attention and giving attention
[21:55] * Taetarthe moves that period over
[21:55] <RavenFire> lol
[21:56] <Taetarthe> Does anyone else have questions? If it’s active, I’ll keep the class going, but otherwise I’ll end the class on the hour.
[21:57] <RavenFire> Sometimes I have the problem of doing what I do in person, I focus on the eyes of the person when I’m talking to them.  Sometimes I focus too much on the person I’m chatting with online as if I were there talking directly to them.
[21:58] <Taetarthe> I seem to have that problem too, to some degree
[21:59] <Taetarthe> When online, you have a few degrees of seperation
[21:59] <Itchies> (6, to be exact)
[21:59] <RavenFire> heh
[21:59] <Itchies> (sorry. continue)
[21:59] <Taetarthe> =p
[22:00] <RavenFire> I ended up pushing or scanning when I don’t mean to do it because of it
[22:00] <RavenFire> So I try to keep my mind distracted
[22:00] <Taetarthe> it allows to you…relax yourself physically… and focus more psychically
[22:01] <Taetarthe> Doing that face to face, seems to open up more vulnerability..
[22:01] <Taetarthe> Anywho
[22:01] <RavenFire> doing what?
[22:02] <Taetarthe> Energy work, scanning, things.
[22:02] <Taetarthe> =P
[22:02] <RavenFire> ahh
[22:02] <Taetarthe> But, speaking to the problem you specifically mentioned
[22:02] <Taetarthe> Or rather, the direction you wanted me to focus on.
[22:02] <RavenFire> heh sorry
[22:04] <Taetarthe> It seems your main issue is a lack of seperation between those things. You tend to give attention, rather than paying attention. Which means your will is focussed on focussing on them.
[22:05] <RavenFire> yeah
[22:05] <RavenFire> Although I do try to do both
[22:05] <Taetarthe> The comedy of this statement aside…If you stop focussing so on focussing, and start focussing, you’ll see an improvement
[22:06] <RavenFire> lmao
[22:06] <Taetarthe> You can’t do both.
[22:06] <Taetarthe> If you focus on the focus you’re giving, you’re giving attention
[22:06] <Taetarthe> if you just focus, you’re paying attention
[22:07] <Taetarthe> That only really corrects the pushing
[22:07] <Taetarthe> The Scanning, I’ve no idea on how to help with that. Deep scanning is quite relative to one’s ability to scan in the first place.
[22:08] <RavenFire> I think part of it too is that I’m always trying to read people
[22:08] <Taetarthe> mm
[22:08] <RavenFire> Not always consciously
[22:08] <Taetarthe> Stop trying, start doing
[22:08] <Taetarthe> +P
[22:08] <Taetarthe> =P
[22:08] <RavenFire> lol
[22:08] <Itchies> that’s what she said
[22:08] <RavenFire> “Do or do not, there is no try”
[22:09] <RavenFire> Yes I know, yoda
[22:09] * Kasada glares
[22:09] * Kasada points to the box
[22:09] <Kasada> Bad.
[22:09] <RavenFire> meep
[22:09] <Itchies> pssh. that’s what she said jokes are apropros everywhere
[22:09] <Kasada> alternatively
[22:09] <Taetarthe> What I’m seeing, RavenFire, is that you have a tendency to buffer your focus
[22:09] * Kasada points to inner nerd
[22:09] <RavenFire> Buffer how?
[22:09] <Taetarthe> That is, you focus on what you’re focussed on.
[22:09] <RavenFire> Ahh
[22:09] <Taetarthe> If that makes sense.
[22:10] <RavenFire> In other words, doubly focused
[22:10] <Taetarthe> mhm.
[22:10] <RavenFire> Yeah I know
[22:10] <Taetarthe> Your second layer of focus acts as a buffer for the first.
[22:10] <RavenFire> Part of it I need to learn to quiet all the ‘noise’
[22:10] <RavenFire> It’s part of what makes me focus so hard
[22:11] <Taetarthe> This makes whatever you’re doing more noticeable, and noisy
[22:11] * RavenFire nods
[22:11] * Starborn swallows
[22:11] <Taetarthe> What I’m getting at, I suppose, is that you don’t have to push yourself to get the information above others.
[22:12] * RavenFire nods
[22:12] <Taetarthe> You’re turning up the volume on one thing, instead of turning down the volume on the others
[22:12] <RavenFire> I understand what you’re saying
[22:13] <Taetarthe> Yeah, but it’s still difficult to achieve in a practical sense, right?
[22:14] <Taetarthe> You should look a little into trancendent meditation, and see how you can apply those techniques in your energy work.
[22:14] * RavenFire nods
[22:14] <Taetarthe> Starborn, did you have questions?
[22:15] <RavenFire> Similar to the Theta waves meditation or different?
[22:15] <Starborn> No, not right now…
[22:15] <Taetarthe> Not even close, RavenFire
[22:15] <RavenFire> Ahh alright
[22:16] <Taetarthe> I’ll give you a few links in pm. Since there aren’t questions from other people though, I think I’ll end the logs here.

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