Will Work V. Psionics

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Log from #Classroom on Sunday, January 15, 2012 at 10PM EST:  “Will Work v. Psionics”, hosted by Taetarthe:
[23:09] <Taetarthe> Alright.. to begin, This class is meant to get people more acquainted with different techniques and form for energy work/magick practice other than the standard psionic method.
[23:10] <RavenFire> no but I could make it moderated
[23:10] <Vridarin> Will actually be away for the next ten or so minutes though :
[23:10] <Taetarthe> That’s fine, I will ask that to happen if talking gets out of hand.
[23:10] <RavenFire> ok
[23:10] * RavenFire sits and listens
[23:12] * SilentEcho curls up on his bed
[23:12] <Eilatan> ;o
[23:12] <Eilatan> :O
[23:12] <Dannerz> lol
[23:12] <Taetarthe> I may also be a bit slow due to back and forth, so expect it to take a while.
[23:12] <Eilatan> So I’m not late? 
[23:12] <Taetarthe> not at all.
[23:12] <Eilatan> Yay
[23:12] <Taetarthe> Alright, when you folks think of psionics, what comes to mind?
[23:12] <Taetarthe> What defines psionics for you?
[23:13] <Eilatan> Energy work!
[23:13] <Vridarin> Mental control and whatever comes of that
[23:13] <Dannerz> I consider general energy manipulation and sensing to be psionics but also part of magic.
[23:14] <kallisti> non magical energetic manipulation
[23:14] <Taetarthe> When you say non magical, what do you mean kallisti?
[23:14] <Taetarthe> Just so I’m clear.
[23:15] <kallisti> as in, no drawing corners or quarters, no channeling from anywhere ‘else’ outside of your own self. least for me anyway
[23:15] <Eilatan> o.o
[23:15] <Taetarthe> For the purposes of this discussion, I’ll define that as ritual magick.
[23:15] <Eilatan> I don’t agree with the no channeling from anywhere “else”
[23:17] <Taetarthe> Willwork is another way to do energy work, by which expression is used to guide energy (more on that later.)
[23:18] <Vridarin> Expression deifined as?
[23:18] <Taetarthe> More on that later =P
[23:18] <Taetarthe> Psionics, is a defined form which likes to rely on visualization in order to accomplish it’s goals.
[23:19] <Taetarthe> That and construction, based usually on a single or limited bandwidth of energies, relying on programming rather than inherent natures.
[23:20] <Taetarthe> Now, questions. Does anyone disagree with what I am saying? or have anything that they are unsure of?
[23:20] <kallisti> I aggree.
[23:21] <Taetarthe> please speak now, I will be right back
[23:22] <Taetarthe> Anyone?
[23:23] <Taetarthe> XD
[23:23] <Taetarthe> Go ahead and keep writing if it’s long, but I’m taking it as there being no confusion or disagreements
[23:24] <SilentEcho> trololol
[23:25] <Taetarthe> Vridarin, to answer your question now. Expression defined as the act of expressing, that is, Conveying (a thought or feeling) in words or by gestures and conduct.
[23:25] <Eilatan> 
[23:26] <Taetarthe> I intend to walk everyone through a meditation session in some 15 minutes in order to give a small introduction to what willwork is like.
[23:27] <SilentEcho> oh nice
[23:27] <SilentEcho> i need to learn to meditate anyway
[23:27] <Eilatan> Ohh meditating, fun.
[23:27] <SilentEcho> YAY FOR LEARNING
[23:27] <Eilatan> o.o
[23:27] <Taetarthe> one moment
[23:30] <Taetarthe> I hate last minute cooking
[23:30] <Taetarthe> Alright
[23:30] * Eilatan is now known as Eil
[23:31] <SilentEcho> lol
[23:32] <Taetarthe> For now however, I’d like to get a discussion going on psionics and willwork. As well as cover the differences (and define them amongst us) between different forms of energy work and magick as a whole.
[23:33] <Eil> Okies
[23:34] <Taetarthe> I would appreciate some help from you all by voicing some questions that you have as of now, so that we can talk about them as a group.
[23:34] <Taetarthe> How about you SilentEcho? Would you like to start us off?
[23:35] <SilentEcho> i honestly dont have any questions
[23:35] <Taetarthe> None at all?
[23:35] <SilentEcho> ive undserstood everything up to now
[23:35] <SilentEcho> understood*
[23:35] <SilentEcho> 
[23:35] <Taetarthe> Anything outside of this discussion? Maybe the reasons for ritual work or etc?
[23:36] <Taetarthe> or rather
[23:36] <Taetarthe> outside of my lesson so far.
[23:36] <SilentEcho> well actualy, why must you perform rituals in order to perform magick
[23:36] <kallisti> what’s the benefit of ritual work?
[23:36] <SilentEcho> well…..that certain form of magick
[23:37] <Taetarthe> Rituals have importance in the small scope as acting in the same way programming a construct does.
[23:38] <Eil> I don’t think you need to perform rituals in order to perform magick.
[23:38] <SilentEcho> well magick in itself is a giant mistery to me
[23:38] <Taetarthe> And in the large scope, they can allow for enactions you can not otherwise perform via psionics or magick.
[23:39] <Taetarthe> In the case of willworking, the common usage would be to achieve a state of mind conducive for the type of work you are doing.
[23:40] * SilentEcho nods
[23:40] * Shay is now known as Shay|Bed
[23:40] <SilentEcho> your going to go over that i assume?
[23:40] <SilentEcho> night shay
[23:41] <Taetarthe> Does anyone remember a native american ritual or similar so I can give a good example?
[23:41] <Eil> Err
[23:42] <Eil> A ritual?
[23:42] <Eil> Rain dancing?
[23:42] <Taetarthe> I’m not too familiar with that one, myself.
[23:42] <Taetarthe> Are you?
[23:43] <SilentEcho> i remember one, but have no idea how it goes
[23:43] <Taetarthe> I suppose I’ll use the drug induced one that appears to be common amongst the world.
[23:44] <Vridarin> Why does it have to be native american?
[23:44] <Taetarthe> It doesn’t
[23:44] <Taetarthe> But my focus has been on them as of recent
[23:44] <Taetarthe> Different plants are used in each region, but it is a common practice for shamans to use a psychedelic or otherwise poisonous material in order to reach a near death state.
[23:45] <Taetarthe> Via ingestion, inhalation or otherwise.
[23:45] <kallisti> peyote is a common one
[23:47] <Taetarthe> The good this does is to show them their limits, and to direct consequences, but there is a lot of good that can come out of such drug use. It allows them to alter their state of mind, and use that altered state to impress effect on either themselves or the world around them.
[23:47] <Taetarthe> Though not all do this.
[23:47] <Pacifist> You need a second person who is not under the effects
[23:47] <Pacifist> Otherwise you have no manner of clarifying the actual results
[23:47] <Taetarthe> That is the ‘guide’ in most cases
[23:47] <Taetarthe> I’ll be right back, feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.
[23:48] <Pacifist> I’ve never really been interested in what I call tertiary methods of exploration
[23:48] <Pacifist> Such as rituals, spells, etc.
[23:49] <Pacifist> Or drugs for that matter
[23:49] <Taetarthe> Eh, for most purposes, they aren’t actually necessary
[23:49] <Taetarthe> That’s likely the reason
[23:49] <Eil> I don’t think rituals are needed for all magick
[23:50] <Taetarthe> They aren’t
[23:50] <Taetarthe> But they do have purpose.
[23:50] <Pacifist> I’m not interested in results anyway
[23:50] <Eil> Yeah
[23:50] <Pacifist> I don’t technically practice psionics at all
[23:50] <Eil> They help to direct magick
[23:50] <Taetarthe> On their low end, I would agree, Eil
[23:51] <Taetarthe> But on the high end, they can act as a catalyst for much stronger enaction.
[23:51] <kallisti> where would sigil magick and chaos magick fit in
[23:51] <Pacifist> I’d call that a tertiary
[23:51] <Taetarthe> Sigils are light ritual, as is Chaos magick.
[23:52] <Taetarthe> I use sigils, but chaos magick is something I haven’t invested too much time in.
[23:52] <kallisti> any other chaotes present?
[23:53] <Taetarthe> chaores?
[23:53] * Eil pokes DragonOfDreams
[23:53] <Taetarthe> *chaotes?
[23:53] <Taetarthe> …
[23:53] <Eil> II think Kalli means chaos magic people/
[23:53] <kallisti> chaotes- term used for chaos/khaos magician
[23:53] <Taetarthe> ah
[23:53] <Taetarthe> I see.
[23:54] <Chaos> I’m just gonna part this channel for now.. lots of highlights.
[23:54] <Chaos> …nevermind, my bnc won’t let me part without making it a hassle.
[23:54] <Eil> XD
[23:54] <Eil> Sorry, Chaos
[23:54] <Chaos> No worries.
[23:54] <Taetarthe> change your damn nick
[23:54] <Taetarthe> xD
[23:54] <Taetarthe> I’ll be completely honest
[23:54] <Chaos> Nick change won’t matter, Chaos is in my highlight list 
[23:55] <Eil> Yeah
[23:55] <Taetarthe> In the case of psionics, sigil work is probably going to be completely useless for you.
[23:55] <Eil> Sigil work?
[23:55] <Taetarthe> That is, working with sigils, Eil
[23:55] <Taetarthe> =P
[23:55] <kallisti> totally different ballpark
[23:56] <Eil> Ahh
[23:56] <Taetarthe> But in other forms, that use expression or otherwise a state of mind, these sigils have effect in influencing what is actually happening.
[23:56] <Eil> Like cookies 
[23:57] <Taetarthe> hm?
[23:57] <Eil> Nothing..
[23:57] <Eil> Using cookies as a sigil
[23:57] <Taetarthe> ok?
[23:57] <Taetarthe> xD
[23:57] <Pacifist> Magick gives results for sure.
[23:57] <Eil> XD
[23:57] <Pacifist> It’s simply the difference between taking a picture and drawing one when compared to psionics.
[23:57] <Eil> Not true, Pacifist. It’s hard to tell if some magick gives results
[23:57] <Taetarthe> Pacifist, can you clarify your stance on things for me?
[23:58] <Taetarthe> Eil
[23:58] <Eil> Hm?
[23:58] <Taetarthe> If you make a counter, provide an example.
[23:58] <Taetarthe> It saves trouble.
[23:58] <Eil> Well.
[23:59] <Eil> Sometimes you don’t know if it was the magick making the end or just some other cause
[23:59] <Eil> Like say someone cast a sleeping spell on a person having sleeping troubles
[23:59] <Eil> Then they get a good nights sleep
[23:59] <Pacifist> Magick I generally consider tertiary, meaning it’s like taking a plane to get somewhere. Psionics I see as secondary, meaning you learned how to fly a plane, bought one, and flew. I don’t practice either. I am interested in the systems that are behind all of energetic possibilties and how one could use these systems if they so desired. This I call primary exploration, meaning I am learning how planes are built, but not actually flying.
[23:59] <Eil> You don’t really know if it was the magick or the fact their body was so tired it gave out.
[00:00] <Eil> Also, sometimes you can’t tell if your magick is just a placebo effect
[00:00] <Eil> :p
[00:00] <Pacifist> Often it is
[00:01] <Taetarthe> Result is result, Eil
[00:01] <Pacifist> Otherworldly explanations are always last resort.
[00:01] <Pacifist> Never assume
[00:01] <Eil> Aye. I’m just saying that what Pacifist said about magick giving results for sure, well yeah.
[00:01] <Eil> I think that depends on the person, Pacifist.
[00:01] <Pacifist> I just meant they’re based on results
[00:01] <Pacifist> Not that they always do
[00:02] <Taetarthe> Alright, who’s all still here?
[00:02] <Eil> Me 
[00:02] <Eil> <- Killed everyone else
[00:02] * RavenFire is here
[00:02] * DragonOfDreams is watching from the window
[00:02] <Pacifist> o_o
[00:02] * SilentEcho roars
[00:03] * Vridarin is a zombie noe
[00:03] <Taetarthe> I’ve got to dig up a log momentarily, but I intend to start the active portion of this class now.
[00:03] * Chaos popped in late, doesn’t even know what he popped into, so is kinda like.. not paying attention.
[00:03] <Eil> Eeep
[00:03] <Pacifist> This is where I leave then.
[00:03] <Pacifist> I’ll just stay in for the log
[00:03] <Taetarthe> If you don’t intend to participate, I ask that you remain silent or leave
[00:03] <Pacifist> Will do
[00:03] <Eil> brb one second
[00:03] <Eil> But still here
[00:04] <Vridarin> in other words
[00:04] * Chaos can’t leave, already tried..
[00:04] <Vridarin> STFU or GTFO!
[00:04] * Chaos kicks his BNC.
[00:04] <Taetarthe> As for those who do, please give me a notification that you will be participating.
[00:04] <Taetarthe> While I dig up the log of what I said I was going to do.
[00:04] <SilentEcho> ill be participating
[00:04] <kallisti> ill be participating
[00:04] <Eil> back
[00:05] <Eil> You said some meditating thing
[00:05] <Vridarin> Ehhhh
[00:05] <Vridarin> …4
[00:05] <Vridarin> sure i’mm participate
[00:07] <Taetarthe> Still digging up the log, I forgot to write stuff down so this is the next best thing
[00:08] <Eil> <Taetarthe>: I intend to walk everyone through a meditation session in some 15 minutes in order to give a small introduction to what willwork is like.
[00:08] <Eil> that?
[00:08] <Taetarthe> No
[00:08] <Taetarthe> Much earlier
[00:08] <Taetarthe> and a different room
[00:08] <Taetarthe> xD
[00:08] <Eil> Ahh
[00:09] <kallisti> LOL
[00:09] <Taetarthe> Kallisti, you’ve been through this before.
[00:09] <Taetarthe> So you’re free to stay or go, your choice
[00:10] <Vridarin> implying the rest of us aren’t?
[00:10] <kallisti> I’ll still participate. always good practice
[00:11] <Taetarthe> Alright, everyone comfy?
[00:11] <Taetarthe> If not, take time to make yourself so.
[00:11] * Eil sits on Dragon
[00:11] <Eil> Sure
[00:11] <Taetarthe> …
[00:11] <Taetarthe> xD
[00:12] <SilentEcho> im good
[00:12] <Eil> actually, I’m sitting on the floor. Which is more comfy atm
[00:12] <Taetarthe> In all seriousness though, you’ll want to be in a position where you won’t feel too compelled to move in order to stay comfy. And you should probably be sitting.
[00:13] <SilentEcho> lying down not good?
[00:13] <Taetarthe> Don’t want to fall asleep or have to move too much to type do you?
[00:14] * Vridarin is pondering taking his laptop to the floor
[00:14] <SilentEcho> true
[00:14] <Taetarthe> You’ll also want to rest your hands in a comfortable position when you aren’t typing.
[00:14] <Taetarthe> Let me know when you’re all ready to begin
[00:14] <kallisti> ready
[00:14] <SilentEcho> im good
[00:15] <Eil> ready
[00:15] <Taetarthe> Vridarin, you ready?
[00:15] <Vridarin> K good I guess
[00:15] <Taetarthe> Alright.
[00:15] <Taetarthe> We’ll begin now then.
[00:15] <Taetarthe> We’ll begin with breathing.
[00:16] <Taetarthe> I want you to focus on it, but it doesn’t matter how you breathe
[00:16] <Taetarthe> Just do it how you like, fast, slow, whatever.
[00:16] <Taetarthe> As long as you aren’t hyperventalating or turning blue, we’re good.
[00:16] <Eil> lol
[00:17] <Taetarthe> As you breathe, feel your energy, the energy around you, your thought, and your emotion.
[00:18] <Taetarthe> what do you all feel?
[00:18] <SilentEcho> i feel calm
[00:18] <Eil> Tired. 
[00:18] <Eil> Nah, calm
[00:18] <Vridarin> Same general buzzyness I get whenever I pay attention to “energy”
[00:18] <Eil> Yeah like the tingling stuff
[00:19] <kallisti> emotion, all, not just the energy feel
[00:19] <Taetarthe> Well said kallisti
[00:19] <kallisti> personally, I’m a bit a stressed, anxious
[00:19] <Vridarin> Well I don’t feel any much particular emotion
[00:19] <Vridarin> Mild impatience
[00:19] <kallisti> whatever you feel, go with it
[00:19] <Taetarthe> What are you feeling emotionally? What are your thoughts as you do this? Does your energy have color, shading, texture, tempurature?
[00:20] <Eil> XD I’m fine, calm, a bit tired and somewhat hungry
[00:20] <SilentEcho> i see the nergy around me as static
[00:20] <SilentEcho> energy*
[00:20] <Taetarthe> static how?
[00:20] <Taetarthe> in what sense?
[00:20] <SilentEcho> the txture static would have
[00:20] <SilentEcho> and its grey
[00:20] <Taetarthe> ahh
[00:20] <Taetarthe> *nod*
[00:20] <Eil> The stuff around me has a cool feel, as if it’s a cool wind blowing past softly. 
[00:20] <SilentEcho> well
[00:20] <SilentEcho> more colorless
[00:20] <kallisti> any enotional feeling to the gray?
[00:21] * Vridarin is mostly with eli
[00:21] <SilentEcho> no not really
[00:21] <SilentEcho> its just blah
[00:21] <Taetarthe> good, good.
[00:21] <Vridarin> colour wise it’s all pink reds purples and blues
[00:22] <Eil> I don’t have colour to mine 
[00:22] <Taetarthe> Though this particular excercise is dependant on your own ability to sense to some degree, these two things, your emotion/thought and your energy are inherently connected with eachother.
[00:23] <Vridarin> Pensive That’s how I feel
[00:23] <SilentEcho> hm…..maybe thats why i see it as colorless static
[00:23] <Taetarthe> SilentEcho, I want you to, using the technique you know, to try and make the energy around you spin.
[00:23] <Eil> Hm. I think I see energy in shades. the energy around me is bright as it suits it’s coolness.
[00:24] <Taetarthe> Eil, I want you to try to make it pink.
[00:24] <SilentEcho> how will i know if it works?
[00:24] <Eil> Err.. okay o.o
[00:24] <Taetarthe> you should see it, SilentEcho, or feel it.
[00:24] <Taetarthe> Vridarin, I want you to try to make your energy like Silents
[00:25] <Taetarthe> *SilentEcho’s
[00:25] <Taetarthe> that is, like static.
[00:25] <SilentEcho> i feel it moving around
[00:25] <kallisti> and I’ll let mine do as it always does :p
[00:26] <Taetarthe> Kallisti, do what you would like with yours.
[00:26] <kallisti> lol
[00:26] <Taetarthe> SilentEcho, what is your emotion and thought while this energy is moving as it is?
[00:27] <SilentEcho> im still calm
[00:27] <SilentEcho> but i feel a bit excited
[00:27] <Vridarin> Done
[00:27] <Eil> gah
[00:27] <Eil> Mum walked in and killed me. >__<
[00:27] * Eil headdesks
[00:27] <Taetarthe> That’s alright Eil
[00:27] <Taetarthe> Can you start over?
[00:28] <Eil> Yeah
[00:28] <Taetarthe> For the rest of you, can you describe your thoughts/emotion while your energy is in the state it is?
[00:28] <Taetarthe> Vridarin, mostly I want to hear yours
[00:29] <SilentEcho> i feel a bit light headed and my stomach feels like its floating
[00:29] <Taetarthe> SilentEcho, don’t force it
[00:29] <SilentEcho> im not
[00:29] <Vridarin> Well considering I lose it everytime I type that would be difficult
[00:29] <Taetarthe> If you feel uncomfortable, I mean, just stop
[00:29] <Taetarthe> xD
[00:29] <Eil> …. brb
[00:29] <Vridarin> But somewhat blank
[00:30] <kallisti> mostly stressed here, trying to balance it out
[00:30] <kallisti> slowly its resolving some
[00:30] <Vridarin> Much more cynical I feel
[00:30] <Eil> back. Now let’s try again. XD
[00:30] <Taetarthe> good, good.
[00:30] <Vridarin> less inclined to … I’m not sure what to say here
[00:31] <SilentEcho> right now…..i feel like i can bend the energy to my will with ease
[00:31] <Taetarthe> There is an inherent relationship between the way your energy behaves and your emotion, if goes both ways.
[00:31] <Taetarthe> *it
[00:31] <Taetarthe> For example.
[00:32] <Taetarthe> You can also pick an emotion, and express that emotion strongly within yourself, and observe the way your energy reacts.
[00:32] <Taetarthe> Would any of you like to try this?
[00:33] <Eil> okay.
[00:33] <Vridarin> Already trying it :
[00:33] <Taetarthe> Good, what emotion did you pick first?
[00:33] <SilentEcho> when i thought happy my energy whent from green to bright yellow
[00:33] <Eil> Btw, while trying to get pink, it first went from orange to brown, then again when I tried it was orange, and a tinge of pink came in and spread itself
[00:33] <Vridarin> Tearyness since I was tending toward it anyway
[00:34] <Taetarthe> don’t just think it silent
[00:34] <Taetarthe> Feel it
[00:34] <Taetarthe> if you can
[00:34] <Vridarin> Energy pulled down
[00:34] <Eil> -.-
[00:34] <SilentEcho> hmmmm my energy is now pink
[00:34] <Vridarin> Specially around my neck
[00:35] <Eil> Every time my mum knocks on the door to bug me about something while trying this, I flare dark :p
[00:35] <SilentEcho> well thats interesting
[00:35] <Taetarthe> You can keep experimenting with this as you like.
[00:35] <Eil> Also like to point out, for me annoyance and anger always feel like putting on clothes that are too tight, as far as energy feels
[00:35] <SilentEcho> i imagine my energy changing colors and then i feel the emotion i tie it to
[00:36] <Taetarthe> When you’re done, there’s no real need to clean up, just take a few controlled breaths and maybe walk around a bit.
[00:36] <Vridarin> I find it easier to change the energy and ket the emotion follow rather than the other way around
[00:36] <Eil> What Vri sid
[00:36] <Taetarthe> Well yes, but I wanted to show you this relationship for a reason.
[00:36] <SilentEcho> Vridarin i tried that and found it to be much easier
[00:37] * Vridarin is completely not in a meditative state anymore :
[00:37] <Eil> XD
[00:37] <Eil> Pink makes me a bit err. Well not hyper, but a bit silly
[00:37] <Taetarthe> meditative state is relative to what you’re doing.
[00:37] <Taetarthe> This sort of expression, is the basis for willwork.
[00:37] <Taetarthe> It describes that the energy around you conforms to your will.
[00:38] <Taetarthe> and that means that, with effort, one can use this expression without programming in order to accomplish the same work as in psionics.
[00:38] <Eil> I think it depends, Tae. I’m very earth centric and energy from the ground always has a calming effect on me.
[00:38] <Vridarin> I’m not seeing a difference between this and programming
[00:40] <Taetarthe> I speak not to the part of working with your energy, but when working with your emotion Vridarin
[00:40] <Taetarthe> Does that clarify at all, or are you still confused at the line I am drawing?
[00:40] * Vridarin will wait till later to bring up what he means
[00:41] <Eil> Ahh. I don’t know what programming is, so I’m just gonna agree. XD
[00:42] <Taetarthe> this should have perhaps been brought up beforehand, but I suppose we could cover the difference between this expression and programming.
[00:42] <Taetarthe> Vridarin, how would you define programming?
[00:43] <Vridarin> Making the energy do what you want and making it stick
[00:43] <Taetarthe> Ahh
[00:44] <Taetarthe> I suppose the line I am drawing here then, is that one needn’t even consider energy in will work if they do not need to.
[00:44] <Taetarthe> Except when you get to advanced practice, at least.
[00:45] <Taetarthe> At that point, one deals with the inherent natures of different energies and exploiting them to acheive better result.
[00:46] <Eil> Doesn’t need energy in will work??
[00:47] <Taetarthe> More accurately
[00:47] <Taetarthe> it need not be considered
[00:47] <Eil> how come?
[00:47] <Taetarthe> Because it’s there
[00:47] <Taetarthe> it will do it’s job.
[00:48] <Eil> Ahh
[00:48] <Eil> I still don’t get why you needn’t consider it, you mean bringing it to you?
[00:48] <Taetarthe> bring it to you, focus it, etc.
[00:48] <SilentEcho> do you need to consider the path electricity takes to get to your house?
[00:49] <Taetarthe> It does have effect though, the quantity
[00:49] <Taetarthe> and quality
[00:49] <Taetarthe> that is where advanced practice comes in.
[00:49] <Taetarthe> Which isn’t so advanced.
[00:50] <Vridarin> It seldom is
[00:50] <Eil> Ahh okay
[00:50] <Eil> Gotcha.
[00:50] <Taetarthe> With advanced practice, one usually first brings in an energy that will compliment the work, and then expresses what need be done.
[00:51] <Vridarin> Or tweaks the energies nature
[00:51] <Taetarthe> tweak yes, but not bend or break
[00:52] <Vridarin> … screw it i’m dropping the calmness :
[00:53] <Vridarin> We’re not goanna do any more like that are we?
[00:53] <Eil> lol
[00:53] <Eil> Why drop it?
[00:53] <Taetarthe> At any case, I think this class is over for now.
[00:53] <Pacifist> Some people don’t have a calm demeanor.
[00:53] <Eil> Awwr
[00:53] <Vridarin> Sorry?
[00:53] <Pacifist> I think demeanor is the word…
[00:54] <Taetarthe> We can continue to discuss, but the log ends here

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