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Log from #Classroom on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 6PM EST: “Telekinesis”, hosted by JediKaren:
[19:09] <JediKaren> START CLASS
[19:10] <JediKaren> Welcome to the telekinesis class
[19:10] <JediKaren> due to lack of interest I don’t think rules are going to be a big problem so I’m not going to be that strict about them. Basically be respective and be patient
[19:11] <JediKaren> I hope you all have your psiwheel because I’m about to start. We’ll first go into some problems people run into
[19:12] <JediKaren> Kinesis, most commonly known as telekinesis or pyschokinesis (Greek for mind movement) is possible the most popular of the skills and the hardest.
[19:12] <JediKaren> Kinesis refers to the movement of mass caused by a stimulus. For psions, psi, as energy, is the stimulant.
[19:12] <JediKaren> For all its popularity in books and movies, so few authors ever get close to the reality of telekinesis. They distort the effects, methods, logic, and results of the skill. YouTube is a perfect example of how people falsify telekinesis by creating thousands of homemade cheating videos, using hidden magnets and strings.
[19:13] <JediKaren> One famous video known to psions look so real and passes all the obvious tests, but it?s still faked. You can watch here:
[19:14] <JediKaren> If you are wondering how, know that there were tubes in the legs of the chair. This video was done on purpose to teach its viewers to be cautious when watching any video and to question any claim of power, as the author thought was very important.
[19:15] <JediKaren> One of the best weapons toward foolery is reason and logic.
[19:15] <JediKaren> Always question everything and never take anything for face value. As someone once said ?Keep an open mind, but don?t let it fall out.? The same applies to telekinesis.
[19:16] <JediKaren> Doubt is probally the biggest problem of tk (telekinesis)
[19:17] <JediKaren> Not to quote too much, but the “I don’t believe it! (luke) and “that is why you fail” (yoda) is perhaps one of the best quotes to use for showing the power of doubt when it comes to tk
[19:17] <JediKaren> There are beliefs, some real and others not, centered on telekinesis. One of the beliefs is the different names of ?kinds? of telekinesis such as ?pyro? ?aero? ?hydro? and even ?necro?. The truth is all of these names are unnecessary as they mean the same thing: move different kinds of mass with one?s mind.
[19:17] <JediKaren> You use your mind to effect water, wind, water using the same method that you would for a psi wheel. Some of the different names are just plain silly and do not make sense, like the ability to effect death, time, and shadows. So when reading an article mention these terms be alert and make sure the article is logical.
[19:18] <JediKaren> The hardest part about any kinesis is the belief factor. The actual doing of kinesis is rather easy, but convincing the mind that one can do this is decidedly difficult.
[19:18] <JediKaren> Many starters wish to see proof of this feat. Unfortunately, movies, homemade or professional, can be easily counterfeited or misleading in how easy it is to do the feat. Seeing someone do it through a web cam, in real time, is much more truthful, but even so the mind may not be convinced enough to succeed.
[19:19] <JediKaren> Whether big or small the object you are trying to move, both can be moved equally with the same amount of will power and energy. Do not let the size faze you. Weight does not play a factor in this skill as well. Only gravity and your own strength will and belief that the impossible is possible be your hinder.
[19:19] <JediKaren> Remember the movie the Matrix, (the first one) where Neo was being asked to jump from one building to the next. He was told to ?free his mind? from doubt so he could do such a feat. He jumped, looked down, and then fell.
[19:19] <JediKaren> He fell because he was not truly aware of how he had been condition by society to believe there will always be gravity and that he cannot possibly defy ?rule?. When he started jumping, he had a fear about breaking the rule of gravity and submitted to old rules.
[19:20] <JediKaren> . With telekinesis you will have to learn to stop fearing what society dictates is impossible. You need to let go of the doubt, of the fear of doing the impossible, and wholly embrace the fact that telekinesis is possible without proof.
[19:20] <JediKaren> The moment you let the fear and the doubt back in, your psi wheel will either stop moving or do nothing.
[19:20] <JediKaren> any questions at this time?
[19:21] <Nexus> ot as yet
[19:21] <Nexus> *not
[19:21] <DragonAtma> no questions
[19:21] <JediKaren> clear so far?
[19:22] * Ryunaker nods softly.
[19:22] <JediKaren> good
[19:22] <JediKaren> Proof
[19:23] <JediKaren> in tk I have found most people want me to show them proof, a video or such. I refuse. And I will not do a video because in my experience seeing so called proof doesn’t help you move the psi wheel
[19:24] <JediKaren> You get all sorts of excited and “I can do this” and “wow” but when you sit down, all that excitement goes away and slowly gets replaces by anger, depression, dissapointment, and disbelief because you are not willing to find within a way to open your mind enough to move the wheel
[19:25] <JediKaren> the truth is only you can convince yourself that wheel can move and for most it takes some days, sometimes weeks or years for that truth to come.
[19:25] <JediKaren> the star wars quote “do or do not, there is no try” comes to mind. But I’ll explain the in a few
[19:26] <JediKaren> Telekinesis This skill is the most famous one in movies and in books, often only half described on how to do it.
[19:26] <JediKaren> to some who have never done it, they may believe that you have to think the wheel to move. That’s incorrect. You actually use psi, energy to move it
[19:28] <JediKaren> Many people make the mistake of thinking that a psion move or lift something or start a fire just by thought and will power. This is not so. A psion manipulates energy so the psi causes the object at hand to do something.
[19:29] <JediKaren> So in order to do any type of kinesis, a psion should use their mind to access psi and let psi do the moving for the energy worker.
[19:29] <JediKaren> We all wish we could levitate the remote control to our hand and save ourselves the energy of getting up, but most of us have a far ways to go
[19:29] <JediKaren> Even once a psion gets past the doubt aspect, he or she is going to only be able to nudge something or cause a flicker in a flame.
[19:30] <JediKaren> All kinesis require mental strength and control. This strength must be built up with lots of practice, but beware of doing too much practicing at once. Short, thirty minutes or less practices, twice a day will enough.
[19:31] <JediKaren> Should you find yourself feeling drained of mental or physical energy or with a headache take a break for that day. Then shorten the practice for the next few times until you are not getting so worn out. Check to see how hard you are trying.
[19:32] <JediKaren> A few times an untrained psion will open them to energy while thinking or staring at an object and cause that object to fall. This is not bad and can be used for the belief problem by remembering that telekinesis can be done. In fact, one really good trick that a site describes is fooling your mind into believing that you just barely moved the psi wheel,
[19:32] <JediKaren> knowing you really did not.
[19:33] <JediKaren> Once your mind is convinced this can really happen, all you have to figure out is how to ask the wheel to move, not force, beg, or will it to move. Then, you learn how to be aware of the part of your mind that is moving energy around the wheel and start learning control.
[19:33] <JediKaren> Remember, once you do something, you can also do it again. Occasionally an angry, emotional, untrained psion can cause nearby objects to break.
[19:34] <JediKaren> This event is sometimes known as a poltergeist, but do not confuse it with the fictional ghost. Teenagers are often the ones to happen them the most as they enter a very emotional stage.
[19:35] <JediKaren> This sudden and strong telekinesis movement occurs because the psion has a lack of emotional and energy control. It is suggested that the person grounds daily and watches their anger or fear if these events happen.
[19:35] <JediKaren> Emotional control and concentration is essential to telekinesis.
[19:35] <JediKaren> any questions at this time?
[19:36] <DragonAtma> there’s one thing I want to mention
[19:36] <JediKaren> yes?
[19:36] <DragonAtma> there are a few monpsions whose doubt is so extreme it can interfere with the efforts of others
[19:36] <DragonAtma> they’re rare, though
[19:36] <DragonAtma> and the only one I can attatch a name to is James Randi
[19:36] <JediKaren> hmm never heard of them, but ok
[19:36] <JediKaren> ohh
[19:36] <JediKaren> him
[19:37] <JediKaren> yeah we better not go into that today. he is worth an hour rant
[19:37] <DragonAtma> If you want to do telekinesis — or other psionics — near one of those uberskeptics, you’d need to have enough skill and practice to overpower that skepticness
[19:37] <DragonAtma> very well then
[19:37] <Nexus> do you feel it is typically better to focus on a specific point on the object you are attempting to move, or encompassing the object with your awareness as a whole?
[19:37] <lutasi> ^not actually skepticism
[19:37] <lutasi> Just saying
[19:38] <JediKaren> encompassing the object with your awareness as a whole
[19:38] <lutasi> it’s the wrong title to give
[19:38] <JediKaren> we’ll go into how to move it
[19:38] <DragonAtma> well, skepticism about psionics… even if he may be unconsciously using psionics itself to prevent any other psionics form happening
[19:38] <DragonAtma> But I digress.
[19:39] <JediKaren> shall we move on?
[19:39] <DragonAtma> Let us move on!
[19:39] <DragonAtma> (unelss someone else has a comment; speak now or forever hold your peace XD)
[19:39] <Danki> *grabs the popcorn*
[19:39] <JediKaren> Some beginners think that trying very hard to move an object will do the trick. This is hardly correct way of thinking. No one should try to “will” anything to move, you have to “ask” and let the object move on its own.
[19:40] <JediKaren> In reality it takes very little effect to move a piece of paper. Do not try to command energy to move something, always respectfully request psi to do it. Understand that this is not the movies, we are not powerful Jedi, and we are far from able to lift entire houses without much training.
[19:41] <JediKaren> There are no masters in the Force to teach you these ?secrets? you might think exist. If you think are you going to be that all powerful, TV remote lifter in a month of a few practice sessions, you would be best to try another skill. Telekinesis is a slow process involving lots of hard, steady, frustrating work that cannot be rushed with no shortcuts to be
[19:41] <JediKaren> and little baby steps to take.
[19:41] <JediKaren> Psi Wheels
[19:42] <JediKaren> A psi wheel, or sometimes known as a pin wheel, is a small, handmade tool that is perfect for learning telekinesis. To make a psi wheel you will need a sewing needle or pin, a small, one inch squared piece of paper and a cork.
[19:42] <JediKaren> Stand the cork on a flat surface and then insert the needle or pin in so the pointy side is facing up. Fold the piece of paper twice and unfold it. The crease should divide the square into four smaller squares. . Balance the paper on the point of the needle or pin.
[19:42] <JediKaren> You can find pictures of psi wheels on various sites. Some people will take the folded paper and balance it on a flat hard surface, like a table, and move it around that way, rather than balance it on a pin. Notice how easily the paper will stir. There is very little friction for you to have to deal with. Let this fact enforce the idea you can move this p
[19:43] <JediKaren> To start off, sit in front of the wheel with on the floor, or near a table. Get comfortable because you are going to be there for a while, but do not get so comfortable that you become bored or fall asleep.
[19:43] <JediKaren> Have the wheel at a distance so if you breathe hard you will not move it, but try to get fairly close to the wheel. Wait a minute to check for breezes. If there is a breeze, try to track the breeze down, such as a fan, a window, or a heat vent.
[19:43] <JediKaren> You might have to move around the room or to new room because if there is any breeze, there is no way to tell if you or the breeze moved the wheel at any time. You will also want to check to see if you sigh or breathe a bit harder than normal will affect the paper. Third, put your hand near the wheel.
[19:44] <JediKaren> You will naturally cause a bit of disturbance in the air, so wait for the wheel to stop moving before you continue. Some researchers argue that the heat from your hand is enough to cause the wheel to move on its own, but this is merely an opinion with no research or solid logic to prove this.
[19:44] <JediKaren> . It is in my experience and the experience of thousands of others, this theory is incorrect, but you can test it out for yourself if that is a concern of yours. Once you have done these tests, you can be sure that whatever movement happens next, will come from your efforts.
[19:46] <JediKaren> Breathe and relax your mind and body to open your mind to psi. Open yourself up as much as you can. The more open you are, the easier this will be. Also the feel of the energy is indeed empowering. don’t allow yourself to get cocky, but feel the confidence
[19:46] <JediKaren> You will want to let go of any emotions, good or bad, that you carry with you as they are a huge distraction. Fear or anger will stop the flow of the energy off from a psion and make telekinesis hard or impossible.
[19:47] <JediKaren> You will want your mind to stop it?s usually racing and focus on just one goal; move the wheel. Allow energy to flow through you and become aware of your surroundings.
[19:48] <JediKaren> Extend your awareness to the wheel. Feel the paper, sense the paper, and know everything you can about it. Sense the paper so thoroughly that you become part of the paper. It is going to feel as though you are both the paper and yourself. It is like you are seeing and feeling it with your hands, but in an all-in-one feeling.
[19:48] <JediKaren> are there any questions?
[19:49] <RavenFire> None for me so far, sorry for being late.
[19:49] <JediKaren> we aren’t done yet but I realized that is a complex step for some
[19:49] <JediKaren> np
[19:49] * Socks unfortunately has nowhere to practice atm… :/
[19:50] <JediKaren> ugh!
[19:50] <DragonAtma> You may wish to use two hands (one on each side) instead of one
[19:50] <JediKaren> yep
[19:50] <DragonAtma> that way, any rotation form one hand would be countered out by rotation in the other direction from the other hand.
[19:50] <DragonAtma> SYMMETRY FTW!
[19:50] <JediKaren> ok then I’m going to keep going, let me know if I’m going too fast or something doesn’t make sense
[19:50] <JediKaren> Think of a direction that you would like the wheel to move in, right or left. The next step is very important, even if it doesn?t make sense, it is the utter most importance that it is followed, or you will make the mistake that so many beginners do.
[19:51] <JediKaren> Do not try to move the wheel. Do not try to mentally push or shove the wheel. Do not try to force the wheel to move. It will not work and it will give you a headache and tire you out. In my own practices, I have discovered there is something in the back of your mind that does the moving of the psi wheel.
[19:51] <JediKaren> You will have to find this part of the brain through experimenting. In order for the wheel to move, that part of your mind needs connect to the wheel with energy and to the wheel at the same time.
[19:51] <JediKaren> This will be hard at first and is usually a trial by error practice, much like learning many sports. You have to keep the skill until one time you get it and can understand what you did in order to reproduce it.
[19:52] <JediKaren> This is hard to put into words as it must be discovered by the student. You have to have this connection, ask the wheel to spin. At first the wheel might only shake or wobble. This is a good sign and happens because your focus is not very strong.
[19:52] <JediKaren> Continue to think of a direction for the wheel to move, but do not think about it too hard, as in do not try to force the wheel to move. Keep calm and focused. Check your mental state. For telekinese, you really need to get pass the doubt factor.
[19:53] <JediKaren> . Any disbelief will distract you and make this all but impossible. It is crucial to believe that this can be done even if you have not done it yet. If you are still getting nowhere, take a break and come back when you are fresh and calm.
[19:53] <JediKaren> Try breathing on the wheel just enough to see it move or try tapping it with your finger. Take a moment to really notice how little effort is needed to make it move. Keep this in mind when you go back to practice.
[19:53] <JediKaren> After a couple of practices, the wheel should start moving. Do not be surprised when you find that you are tired when you really just stared at a piece of paper and ?asked? the wheel to move for a few minutes. This is quite normal. It takes a lot of energy to move a piece a paper simply because you never have. It?s like trying to run a mile when you have
[19:54] <JediKaren> never run before. With time, practice, and experimenting, your control and endurance will grow.
[19:54] <JediKaren> I’ll give you a few mins to practice
[19:55] <Ryunaker> Is a headache natural?
[19:59] <JediKaren> no
[19:59] <JediKaren> headaches are a sign that you are trying too hard
[20:00] <JediKaren> anyone who has a wheel, got it to move?
[20:01] <JediKaren> anyone have questions?
[20:01] <JediKaren> I have a little more to cover
[20:02] * Ryunaker has no wheel, but is trying with something else, just to have something to practice on.
[20:02] <JediKaren> good luck is all I can say. moving a pencil is murder for most
[20:02] <JediKaren> I’ll keep going if there are no other comments
[20:03] <Nexus> when i look at at it looks like the space around/including is shifting sideways, but the wheel itself doesn’t move. is this a normal perception when attempting to practice this?
[20:03] <DragonAtma> nexus: is it soreta like the background in ?
[20:03] <JediKaren> uhh…not really. are you tired? hyper? got any medical issues?
[20:03] <lutasi> …
[20:04] <DragonAtma> Because I’ve had that happen (to a much smaller degree, mind you) many times.
[20:04] <Nexus> jedi, no, dragon.. let me check..
[20:04] <DragonAtma> (and without the scrolling)
[20:04] <JediKaren> hmm
[20:04] <Nexus> dragon yeah, actually
[20:05] <DragonAtma> interesrting
[20:05] <JediKaren> btw i have moved the psi wheel in front of 40 people at a buddhist seminar. I actually did the best ever with starting and stopping, going both directions, and with no hands (which I had never done)
[20:05] * DragonAtma still has no clue what causes it, but we’re making progress with that stretching…
[20:06] <JediKaren> good
[20:06] <JediKaren> should I keep going on?
[20:07] <JediKaren> I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping calm and completely focused. Just a split second diversion can stop the wheel. The flicker of emotion, the attention of something moving or shiny is all it takes to ruin your concentration when practicing with psi.
[20:07] <JediKaren> Because your connection to energy is directly linked to your emotions, it is important to learn and rid yourself of all emotions. One of the hardest lessons to learn is to let go of excitement.
[20:08] <JediKaren> Seeing the wheel move at your command is truly exciting. For the first time you have done what you have always wanted to do. It seems you gained god like power, even if it?s only getting paper to spin.
[20:08] <JediKaren> But you must release those elevated feelings. You have to get over the excitement and commit yourself to steel focus. If you do not, you will find excitement quickly replaced by frustration and anger at yourself. In time you will find that the excitement will wear off and you will be able to go further in your training.
[20:08] <JediKaren> This is just one method. Everyone ends up having a different way of explaining how telekinesis works for them. You would do well to research other explanations if this one does not help you. Though, beware, not all methods are valid as some are bogus or so poorly written, that the guide helps no one
[20:08] <JediKaren> Keep this in mind when reading another article. If you wish to take the wheel to the next step, find a glass jar to put over it and move it. You will find that the mental block is the hardest part to get over.
[20:09] <JediKaren> . Note that the glass has no effect on your skills, other than make it seems harder. If you find that the wheel is too hard or boring, you can try a pendulum, a string tied to something so it hangs and can be made through telekinesis to swing in any direction you wish. You can also play around with rolling round and smooth pencils.
[20:09] <JediKaren> and that is all I have to teach today on telekinesis
[20:12] <JediKaren> questions comments? review of the class?
[20:12] <JediKaren> was it easy to follow? good info? makes sense?
[20:12] <Nexus> fair enough. thanks for taking the time. makes sense, wish you could have had more people show up.
[20:12] <RavenFire> Makes sense, what I saw.
[20:13] <Ryunaker> Makes sense, and I’d say good info
[20:13] <DragonAtma> easy to follow, makes sense, changes bread into toast.
[20:13] <DragonAtma> …okay, not the last one.
[20:13] <RavenFire> lol
[20:13] <JediKaren> huh?
[20:13] <JediKaren> good
[20:13] <DragonAtma> seriosuyl, though
[20:13] <Socks> Now, if it changed water into wine, THEN we’d have something. ^_~
[20:13] <JediKaren> wanna know where the info came from?
[20:13] <DragonAtma> it was easy to follow and it does make sense
[20:14] <DragonAtma> where?
[20:14] <DragonAtma> socks: but we can do soooooooo much better than jesus
[20:14] <JediKaren> it was a near copy and paste from this:
[20:14] <Socks> So…water into absynthe?
[20:14] <JediKaren> I added a few things and obvious left out the “jedi” part
[20:15] <Danki> If someone turns add meds into viagra I’m going to smack you.
[20:15] <DragonAtma> Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to being ignored by the psiwheel. >_>
[20:15] <JediKaren> Danki what did you think of the class?
[20:15] <JediKaren> LOL
[20:15] <Socks> lol
[20:15] <Danki> Not bad, at all.
[20:15] <JediKaren> ok that made my day!

Posted By: Adara, Head Manager/Head Operator

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