The Effects of Psionic Energy on People, Animals, and of Non-Living Things

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Article: “The Effects of Psionic Energy On People, Animals, and of Non-Living Things”, by JediKaren

As you may have well known energy is everywhere. It exists through and in us, animals, plants and non living mass like rocks. It not only just exists, but flows through everything. Energy flows in currents like the ocean does. The currents tend to slow down and build up in areas of the world. These build ups are in placed like the southwest of America and other places. You can tell it is a build up because there will be lots of psionics and a history of weird, unexplainable things that have happened there. These areas attract psionics and are a nursery for beginning psionics.

Energy even flows through rocks, water of all forms, dirt, even mountains where there is no life. There is no visible effect to be seen, but the flow can be felt. Psionics currents work in local, personal levels as well as world wide. You see this happening all over and generally it?s taken for granted. The best psionic connections known are with pants and animals.

We’ve all heard of people having green thumbs and sweet talking to their plants. People that can grow anything are naturally consciously or unconsciously sending energy to the plants. Because plants can not talk, move or make sound a psionic must be able to feel what the pant needs. In other words a psionic will use empathy to communicate. The link between the plant and person has a very positive effect. You will note these people are kind, caring, and gentle to all.

Large areas of woods, parks or jungles also have currents of energy running through them. You can tell the type of energy running through by noting the health of the plants and animals. Energy and nature work together to keep all the animals and plants well balanced. If there is too much or too little of type of energy, life will respond according. Nature will get together with energy so to help the mistake in the balance of life. An example of this is the deer population here in America.

There is something wrong with the energy that is making the deer multiply too fast. A different type of energy has come and made the deer attracted to cars and getting run over. The deer don’t even know this is happening. It sounds horrible, but it’s nature’s answer. The other option is for the deer to starve. Nature doesn?t like this answer, but for millions of years this was the only way of dealing with the population increase. It is a slow method that is rather harmful than good.

Those who use their good energy on plants work similarly animals. Animals are much more complex, especially the more developed the mind is. A psionic has a calm aura, a relaxed body and a soft voice. I, myself, am one of these people. Most animals want you to properly introduce yourself to them. An animal will pick this up right away and will be more inclined to trust you. If you ever break character your trust will be lost and it will be hard to regain.

Some animals are known to be more psychic than others. Cats and dogs are the best known. You hear and watch on television their miracles. Cats and dogs seem to be able to known when something is wrong. They can sense danger in a house, such as a fire. The pets will try their hardest to warn you and try to lead your out of the house. Pets can tell when you are sick or in pain and will curl up on your bed with you to bring comfort. Some pets have such intense links with their owner they know when their owner is not well at a great distance.

In an experiment, I sent energy to one of my cats to see what would happen. My cat, at the time, was sleeping. His ears started twitching as my energy reached him. I sent more energy to him and the cat woke up, looking annoyed. I came over to him, petted him and he went back to sleep.

Next time you are in the woods, on a road trip, over at a friend’s house or just playing with your pets take the time to study the energy around them and see if what I say is true.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute