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Log from #Classroom on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at 8PM EST: “Meditation”, hosted by Ravke:
[20:12] <Rav> im going to make this class more of a discussion type thing because i know i dont know all there is to know about meditation and im sure we all do it differently and id like it if we could share
[20:13] * MoonWind nods and chews on kindle
[20:13] <Rav> im restarting classes with meditation because meditation teaches essential skills such as focus visualization and helps a person know their own energy
[20:14] * Rav swats moon
[20:14] <Rav> no chewing on the kindle
[20:14] <MoonWind> ^-.-^
[20:14] <DragonAtma> back, sorry — my cats needed me.
[20:14] <Aiden> XD
[20:15] <Rav> are they ok?
[20:15] <DragonAtma> yeah
[20:15] <Rav> 🙂
[20:15] <Rav> now for a beginner id like to clear up a few misconceptions that i find often
[20:15] <DragonAtma> josie and polgar do NOT get along; I had to separate them
[20:15] <Rav> eeeek
[20:15] <Rav> now there is no one right way to meditate
[20:16] <Rav> any comfortable position will do as well as anything from silence to blasting music in headphones
[20:16] <Rav> i myself lay on the couch and blast music through headphones
[20:16] <Rav> would anyone likes to share what they do?
[20:16] <MoonWind> yeah
[20:17] <Rav> hey
[20:17] <Rav> go ahead moon and dannerz we’re sharing medition techniques
[20:17] <DragonAtma> I lie on my back, eyes closed, and mute the music I normally play.
[20:17] <DragonAtma> (I also clsoe the door so my cats don’t disturb me)
[20:17] <Rav> lol 🙂
[20:18] <DragonAtma> Mediotating comes to an abrupt end if a cat jumps onto you >_>
[20:18] <Rav> oh i bet
[20:18] * Rav looks at moon
[20:18] <Rav> 😛
[20:18] <Rav> hey
[20:18] <Rav> we’re sharing meditation techniques
[20:18] <MoonWind> i rock back and forth nearly constantly and apparently i was doing it even in the incubator. I can cease it, but i don’t usually bother. I find that it actually helps center my mind and i use that in meditations.
[20:18] <Rav> nice
[20:19] <MoonWind> doing so helps me get to a good alpha state and once i’m there it stops. I ususally use music to push me along.
[20:19] <Rav> i use music to disrupt my thoughts so that i stop thinking
[20:20] <MoonWind> i do that too
[20:20] <MoonWind> sometimes it’s beautiful yoko kanno music other times it’s death metal
[20:20] <Rav> mhm it varies for me too
[20:20] <Rav> so atma you need silence?
[20:20] <MoonWind> depends on what i want to accomplish in the meditatoin. I think of it as a soundtrack and it changes with the “movie”
[20:20] <Baltazaar> I prefer modem noise, or white noise randomly generated.
[20:21] <Rav> i like white noise sometimes too
[20:21] <DragonAtma> I get distracted easily, so normally no music. On the rare occasions that I DO use music, I use something non-distracting.
[20:21] * Rav nods
[20:22] <Rav> now both atma and myself lay down, does anyone assume a specific position?
[20:22] <MoonWind> usually sitting up. If i lay down i will fall asleep
[20:22] <Rav> ive noticed falling asleep is a common issue
[20:23] <MoonWind> if i’m out side, i can do it just about anywhere. Though, do try to avoid meditating on a black ant hill. I learned that the hard way.. being pinched once every few minutes is very destracting, but i made it though 6 hours of that
[20:23] * Aiden sits during meditation.
[20:23] <Rav> there are several other techniques that ive used that help with mediation too such as staring into a candle flame and walking meditation
[20:24] <DragonAtma> I have the lights on in here, so my falling asleep is impossible.
[20:24] <Rav> i prefer darkness myself
[20:24] * DragonAtma would only be able to fall asleep if he was in his bed and is quite sleepy and there’s no natural lighting — and in such a case, Atma would not be meditating!
[20:25] <Rav> lol nope youd be sleeping
[20:25] <DragonAtma> mmhmm!
[20:26] * Rav waits for seren
[20:27] <Rav> im gonna post a link for any begiiners that look in here later
[20:27] <MoonWind> i find that worrying about wether you’re meditating “correctly” is the worst thing on can do
[20:27] <Rav> its good reading too
[20:27] <Rav> <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>
[20:27] <Rav> i do too moon
[20:28] <Rav> meditation is different for everyone and i dont believe there is one right way
[20:28] <MoonWind> i read that it was important to have your spine straight.
[20:28] <Rav> meditation can vary based on what youre trying to do, your mood, lots of things
[20:28] <Rav> hey
[20:28] <MoonWind> hello seren
[20:28] <DragonAtma> Hey.
[20:29] <seren> Hello
[20:29] <Rav> we’ve been sharing meditation techniques
[20:29] <MoonWind> and sitting up straight is not as easy as one would think. A lot of us haven’t built up the musculature for it
[20:29] <Rav> thats why i like laying down i get full body support
[20:29] <DragonAtma> When I try and meditate, I never pay attention to whether my spine is straight or not
[20:29] <DragonAtma> whether I’m comfortable matters a lot more.
[20:30] <Rav> it is more important because its much harder to meditate if youre uncomfortable
[20:30] <DragonAtma> But for those who disgree, feel free to try meditatingh while sitting on a lego XD
[20:30] <Rav> gah ive stepped on them *glares at offspring*
[20:30] <Rav> hry
[20:30] <Rav> hey
[20:30] <DragonAtma> Hey.
[20:30] <Rav> we’re sharing meditation techniques
[20:31] <Vridarin> aside from the basic sit yo ass down and stare at the wall I aint got much to share
[20:31] <Rav> id appreciate no swearing thank you
[20:31] <Vridarin> where did I swear?
[20:31] <seren> I always liked meditating while sitting
[20:32] <Rav> do you do anything specific while your meditating seren?
[20:33] <seren> Ground pull back my own energy enjoy my own quiet time
[20:33] <Rav> 🙂
[20:33] <Rav> you mentioned grounding does anyone else use meditation for that?
[20:34] <MoonWind> *shakes his head* i’ve been told by numerous mediums that i’m “not supposed to be grounded.” Donno why. I dislike hematite.
[20:34] <ThundraFire> I use meditation for multiple things
[20:34] <Dannerz> For me I am for zero stimulation of the senses. So, no sounds, eyes closed, laying on my back.
[20:34] <Dannerz> Then I try to focus 100% of my mind on a task
[20:35] <Rav> so you use it as a focus?
[20:35] <Dannerz> yes
[20:35] <Rav> nice
[20:36] <Rav> and just to reiterate this is more discussion then class becuase i feel we can all learn from each other
[20:36] <E[X]ILED> use meditation for grounding? or actually grounding while doing meditation?
[20:36] * MoonWind would love to meditate in an anechoic chamber
[20:36] <Buffalo> I do two things mainly. Ask myself/intuition questions, and send energy/cleanse karma for myself and others.
[20:37] * E[X]ILED would love to not have another voice in his head
[20:37] <Rav> i ground myself when meditating by becoming calm and centered and just floating there
[20:37] <seren> I use meditation to do anything energetically
[20:38] <Rav> buffalo im curious how do you get the answers to your questions?
[20:38] <Buffalo> Hmm I started by using a basic pendulum technique,
[20:38] <Buffalo> Then realized I could feel answers sort of in my chest.
[20:39] <Rav> kinda like a sense of knowing if its right?
[20:39] <Dannerz> Are the answers accurate?
[20:39] <Buffalo> Now I just go through a quick series of phrases that put me into a meditative state–
[20:39] <Rav> nice
[20:39] <Buffalo> and then ask the question(s)–if I am not too spaced out to remember them.
[20:40] <Buffalo> I would say 80 or 90 % Dannerz, but
[20:40] <Buffalo> I tend to get answers as percent chance, so it is hard to cross check that.
[20:40] <Dannerz> Wow ok. Can we talk more about this in a PM?
[20:40] <Rav> but but i want to hear
[20:40] <Rav> 😛
[20:41] <seren> Me too
[20:42] <Buffalo> “Great Spirits, Mother of All (Earth,) and in the name of the Grey-Furred Diety (Moonwind’s planet,) With no input from those not vested in my best interest, and without drowning in emotion…”
[20:42] <Rav> its something about meditation that we can learn about
[20:42] <Buffalo> Spirit, not Spirits, though that would work too.
[20:42] <Buffalo> While I chant that silently, to further distract myself, I picture myself in layers of protection.
[20:43] * Rav nods listening
[20:43] <Buffalo> I only meditate to relax if I want to put myself to sleep, then I breathe in and out through each chakra in turn.
[20:44] <Rav> i do that by focusing on my breathing
[20:44] <Buffalo> though after the head I have to do a quick circling to keep the energy moving for each chakra.
[20:44] <Rav> hmm ill have to try that
[20:45] <Buffalo> Did you have any other questions, Dannerz?
[20:45] <Dannerz> Well, one is, what do you feel is the source of the answers to your questions?
[20:46] <Buffalo> Hmm, the interconnectedness of us all/connection to the place where everything is, has and is happening.
[20:47] <Buffalo> But often just talking to spirit guides.
[20:47] <Dannerz> Would you be able to check if I have any guides?
[20:48] <E[X]ILED> is a guide like a guardian?
[20:48] <Buffalo> Looks like one main one, at least two who hover nearby.
[20:48] <seren> I want yo be able to communicate with guides
[20:49] <Dannerz> What species do they look like?
[20:49] <Buffalo> Exiled you can probably find a guided meditation to help meet your guide(s).
[20:49] <E[X]ILED> I’m Korr’s guardian.. that’s why i asked the question the way i did.
[20:49] * Rav looks for one
[20:50] <E[X]ILED> I never considered myself as a guide, but wasnt sure if thats what u were referring to
[20:51] <Buffalo> Hmm I was more thinking spirits. Those not in bodies.
[20:51] <Buffalo> And in my experience they can shift.
[20:51] <Buffalo> For example my grandmother, deceased, apparently guided me until I reached the point I became aware of her
[20:52] <Buffalo> then she kind of breathed a sigh of relief and bowed out, retired at least from guiding me.
[20:52] <Rav> <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a> guided mediation for contacting your guides
[20:52] <Buffalo> The first one I became aware of seemed to be male. I thought loudly “Not another male telling me what to do!” So he was pointedly mute for some time.
[20:54] <Rav> lol i bet
[20:54] <Buffalo> MW was aware of 3 when we first met. At least one watches over us both.
[20:54] <Rav> i myself have never had contact with any guides i might have as far as i know
[20:55] <Buffalo> And has done minor repairs, a nice ordinary reality bonus.
[20:55] <Rav> sweet
[20:55] * DragonAtma has na guardian, but never really had any guides.
[20:55] <DragonAtma> *no
[20:55] <Buffalo> I would guess that you have at least two.
[20:55] <DragonAtma> err
[20:55] <DragonAtma> *an
[20:55] <Rav> o.o
[20:55] * Rav pets atma
[20:55] <DragonAtma> sorry, let me rewrite that
[20:56] <MoonWind> Rav: that would be BloodTrail
[20:56] <Rav> ive a guardian and protectors but just no awareness of guides
[20:56] * DragonAtma has a guardian, but never really had any guides.
[20:56] <Rav> except vic but im not sure he counts 😛
[20:56] <Buffalo> When I worked as a psychic at the NY Rennfest my–root soul? and others were pleased and releaved to have a way to talk to my customers through me.
[20:56] <seren> So does everyone have atleast two guides
[20:56] <DragonAtma> (until my current mentor, anyway — but he’s just as physical as I am!)
[20:56] <Rav> mine are too atma
[20:57] <Buffalo> I don’t know seren but sometimes Blood Trail, who I call Wind through Pines, has duties elsewhere and leaves someone else on watch.
[20:57] <Buffalo> So my guess is that the matter of spirit guides is, like most things, a bit complex.
[20:58] <Rav> ive read that the number varies
[20:58] <Rav> and that they can come and go when you dont need them anymore
[20:58] * DragonAtma nods
[20:58] <seren> Makes sense
[20:59] <E[X]ILED> “and that they can come and go when you dont need them anymore” – thats how it typically works =^-^=
[20:59] <Rav> 🙂
[21:01] <E[X]ILED> Korr needs me, so i’ll be around a lot…lol
[21:01] <Rav> ive read a lot about it just dont have any experience myself
[21:01] <Rav> thats great x 🙂
[21:01] <Buffalo> If we meet in person I would be happy to work with you on that.
[21:01] <Rav> id really like that and thats a when not an if 😛
[21:02] <Buffalo> 😀
[21:02] <Rav> 🙂
[21:03] <Rav> does anyone else have questions for Buffalo?
[21:04] <Rav> oh and eyilwrass wanted me to share his mediation technique before he want to bed
[21:04] <MoonWind> ooo
[21:04] <Rav> he says just be careful
[21:04] <Rav> <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>
[21:04] <DragonAtma> Ah.
[21:05] <Rav> yah he was too sleepy to attend
[21:05] <DragonAtma> that’s okay; it happens to all of us.
[21:05] <Buffalo> It is pretty late where he is.
[21:05] <Rav> and yes thats my blog/archive thing feel free to wander around it
[21:05] <Rav> mhm
[21:06] <Dannerz> How often is Buffalo online?
[21:06] <Rav> on our home server all the time
[21:06] <Buffalo> I hang out, what she said.
[21:07] <Rav> pm
[21:07] <Rav> you and dannerz
[21:09] <ThundraFire> I apologize not talking much.
[21:09] <Rav> its ok
[21:11] <Rav> any questions or comments thundra?
[21:12] <ThundraFire> just wondering how many do their meditation quietly versus listening to music
[21:12] <Rav> i think that was me and moon sometimes atma
[21:13] <seren> I perfer music
[21:13] <MoonWind> well, i *always* have music going in my head so i’m not sure i count
[21:13] <E[X]ILED> we do most of our meditation while we sleep. or right before sleep..its when (for us) is the most quiet
[21:13] <Buffalo> I find music too distracting but can tune out everyday noises.
[21:13] <DragonAtma> I’m easily distractable, plus the music I listen to is usually fairly fast
[21:14] <DragonAtma> As much as I like Queen — We Will Rock You, it’s jsut not appopriate for meditation.
[21:14] <Rav> oooh i like that too
[21:14] <Rav> lol and ive meditated to it
[21:15] <DragonAtma> but you;re not the type who gets distracted when someone three states away coughs
[21:15] <Rav> depends who it is
[21:15] <seren> E nomine is my meditating music
[21:16] <MoonWind> Rav: ha ha ha ah
[21:16] <Rav> lol tis true
[21:16] <MoonWind> Rav: i know ^>.>^
[21:17] <Rav> ive managed to narrow my focus to those who are close to me
[21:19] <Rav> hmm im not formally gonna close class just in case people want to talk

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