Creativity In Psionics

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Log from #Classroom on Sunday, March 10, 2013 at 8PM EST: “Creativity In Psionics”, hosted by Aerys:
[20:06] <Aerys> So the dictionary defines creativity as :The use of the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work.
[20:07] <Aerys> I personally like to define it as being able to think
[20:07] <Auegamma> So I’m the only one de-voiced.
[20:07] * Aerys sets mode: +v Auegamma
[20:07] <Auegamma> ^^
[20:08] <Aerys> xI define it as such because everyone has some creativity from the way they dress to some small aspect of their life
[20:08] <Lavi[Nali]> Morning!
[20:08] <Aerys> Creativity is an important aspect in all fields of technology art etc etc
[20:09] <Aerys> It is also extremely important in the fields of psionics and magick
[20:09] <Zephyr> question
[20:09] <Aerys> shoot
[20:09] <Zephyr> whatis the difference between psionics and magick?
[20:10] <Aerys> Depends on everyone’s personal definition
[20:10] <Soro> everyone has a different definition I think
[20:10] <Soro> sorry for chiming in 😛
[20:10] <Aerys> Some people classify them seperately some say psionics is a sub category in magick
[20:10] <Aerys> No problem Soro
[20:10] <Little_Dragon> A better question is, what are the relationships between the two?
[20:11] <Aerys> Does anyone want to say why they think(or don’t think) that creativity is important in psionics or magick?
[20:11] <Pyralis> Because linear thinking is a great way to stagnate.
[20:11] <Cene> Because without it, life isn’t worth living.
[20:11] <Zephyr> because creativity means that you can come up with new and different ways to approach and solve a problem
[20:12] <Aerys> All of those are right and I really like Zephyr’s answer
[20:12] <Rebekkah> because with out creativity we can not be opened minded to the things aroun us
[20:12] <Aerys> exactly
[20:12] <Rebekkah> we would look at a brick wall as just a brick wall… but if we use creativity
[20:12] <Little_Dragon> Creativity is important in psionics and magick because in both practices nothing works for everybody so you need to work out how you can manage to do things using what you have.
[20:12] <Rebekkah> we can see a brick wallf or somethign more
[20:12] <Pyralis> Like MacGyver!
[20:12] <Aerys> lol Pyralis exactly
[20:13] <Aerys> A great example is geometry and Pythagoraen Theorem where there are supposedly unlimited ways to prove that it works
[20:13] <Little_Dragon> Also, improvisation is sometimes required in magick since you do not always have what you are used to using to solve problems.
[20:13] <Aerys> Right
[20:14] <Zephyr> Several times, I’ve had to figure out how to do something without the proper knowledge on how to do so
[20:14] <Little_Dragon> Same here.
[20:14] <Zephyr> if I weren’t creative about it, I’d never had gotten anywhere
[20:14] <Aerys> So i actually have a little exercise i want everyone to do
[20:14] <Auegamma> It would be nice to draw a line between creativity and mental capacity, both blend in well and are hard to separate.
[20:14] <Aerys> I want you to spend 5 minutes brainstorming that you are inside a room furnished however you want with a locked door
[20:15] <Aerys> Tell me how you would get out without using a key
[20:15] <Aerys> Or breaking a wall or door
[20:15] <Auegamma> While creativity works upon “what could we do with it?” mental capacity works upon “ok, we got the plan, gotta make it happen”.
[20:15] <Aerys> take 5 minutes to think about it
[20:16] <Soro> not enough information to make a proper decision Aerys
[20:16] <Auegamma> “I’m outside”, done.
[20:16] <Aerys> lol Auegamma
[20:16] <Little_Dragon> Soro, our minds also create the details of the situation, hence creativity.
[20:16] <Aerys> Use your imagination Soro
[20:16] <Aerys> soro
[20:16] <Zephyr> does it have windows or is that part of the furnishing?
[20:16] <Aerys> Exactly LD
[20:16] <Aerys> No windows
[20:16] <Auegamma> Walls could be moving, like the “doll house” wall.
[20:16] <Aerys> That is something i forgot
[20:17] <Little_Dragon> how about adjacent rooms?
[20:17] <Soro> how many doors.
[20:17] <Aerys> !
[20:17] <Aerys> 1
[20:17] <Little_Dragon> as in, your front door is locked but you can enter another room therefore being out of the main room?
[20:17] <Rebekkah> I am so lost
[20:17] * Quits: Forge ( (client quit)
[20:17] <Aerys> Ok
[20:17] <Aerys> Let me re explain this
[20:17] <Baltazaar> kk
[20:17] <Aerys> With a bit more on the specifics
[20:18] <Little_Dragon> 1 door does not mean there is no archway or hallway leading to other rooms.
[20:18] <Auegamma> Evaporate the wall, well, it simple “ceased to exist”, that’s not “destroying” it, “changing” it’s physical state, and for that matter, make yourself go past the wall, like a ghost, bloob of mist or what not, teleportation and so forth.
[20:18] <Aerys> that works Auegamma
[20:19] <Soro> this is of course we’re assuming we’re inside a area or scenario where we could use our abilities
[20:19] <Auegamma> Move the room at about 90 degrees, destroy the old roof or the old floor.
[20:19] <Soro> example, while one can just ask the door to open itself, it doesn’t work so well in the physical
[20:19] <Little_Dragon> I was thinking more along the lines of the classic escape by crawling through the ventilation system or using a screwdriver to dismantle the door’s mechanism therefore allowing you to open it and then replacing the parts or making a flag and waving it through the door crack while calling for help…
[20:19] <Baltazaar> ….. currently, I have around 90 solutions.
[20:19] <Pyralis> I would just get a hairpin and pick the lock.
[20:19] <Aerys> All of those works and you guys are already going crazy
[20:19] <Aerys> That was my idea Pyralis
[20:20] <Aerys> which is great
[20:20] <Auegamma> So the setting is realistic.
[20:20] <Little_Dragon> Or create a room in the room out of items that are currently there to build a wall, by entering it you will be in a different room and therefore not in that room.
[20:20] <Cene> So no teleporting out of the room?
[20:20] <Baltazaar> the simplest would be the math approach to define the inside of the room as outside, and go find something to write.
[20:20] <Auegamma> You can always move the door from it’s hinges.
[20:21] <Little_Dragon> Not easily while it is locked since the lock would hold it in place.
[20:21] <Auegamma> I did it.
[20:21] <Aerys> I just gave you guys the frame and you decided all the rooms based off of your past experiences and thoughts
[20:21] <Auegamma> And they were locked.
[20:21] <Aerys> Which is great
[20:21] <Little_Dragon> Well, there is always the old lock picking tricks, one uses magnets and another with a bump key…
[20:22] <Aerys> As creative as you want everything you think of is being influenced by a past experience
[20:22] <Baltazaar> The more complicated involve stuff exploding, and my tendency to weaponize household chemicals / items…. mac guyver style
[20:22] <Aerys> or something you read
[20:22] <Cene> Another method is calling the outside of the room in, and the inside ‘out’.
[20:22] <Aerys> or saw
[20:22] <Lavi[Nali]> My small list so far:: pick it with a hairpin, use a modified credit card, pop the pins. push it harder. find out it opens in, ask it to open, draw a window on the door and open it.,
[20:22] <Little_Dragon> Wait, what if there is a locked window? You can break the glass on the window which will not violate any of the rules.
[20:22] <Cene> Therefore getting out of the room would involve staying ‘inside’ it.
[20:22] <Aerys> Alright
[20:22] <Aerys> Good job guys
[20:22] <Zephyr> Teleportation; Phasing throug ha wall; move walls out of the way; unlock door (who says you need a key?); create a matching key; create an exit (door, window, etc.)remove house; bring [outside] to [inside]; create a space that is not “inside” the room; assuming a mirror: Look in the mirror and see wht you saw, take the saw, cut the mirror in half, put the halves together to make a whole,
[20:22] <Zephyr> leave via hole (sorry, obligatory)
[20:22] <Aerys> You came up with about 100 different ways to get out
[20:23] <Auegamma> Not really.
[20:23] <Auegamma> What’s next?
[20:23] <Aerys> I like hyberbole
[20:23] <Aerys> *Hyperbole
[20:23] <Auegamma> Hypercube.
[20:23] <Zephyr> hyper something
[20:24] <Little_Dragon> If there is a padlock on the door on the inside and you do not have a combination you could use scissors and a pop can and pick it with that easily enough…
[20:24] <Lavi[Nali]> The Hyperbole… its after the superbole
[20:24] <Little_Dragon> HyperDragon
[20:24] <Little_Dragon> Dun dun Duuuuun!
[20:24] <Aerys> Alright I have one more exercise before we start discussing more psionically inclined scenarios
[20:25] <Zephyr> oh
[20:25] <Zephyr> I wasn’t supposed to be thinking outside of physical capability?
[20:25] <Little_Dragon> uhm, we all forgot the obvious solution.
[20:25] <Baltazaar> I would not say that it is based on past experiences, more on observe, improvise, adapt
[20:25] <Aerys> No that was fine but I mean more geared towards psionics
[20:25] <Little_Dragon> Why not use your cell phone to call somebody to open the door saving us the trouble?
[20:25] <Aerys> Ok
[20:25] <Aerys> Moving on
[20:26] <Aerys> The next one I want to do is word association
[20:26] <Aerys> I say a word and you say the one that comes first to your mind
[20:26] <Baltazaar> kk
[20:26] <Aerys> This one is great if you have to write something(at least it is for me)
[20:26] <Aerys> Everyone ready?
[20:27] <Soro> knock em dead
[20:27] <Cene> Yup.
[20:27] <Lavi[Nali]> ready
[20:27] <Pyralis> Yeah.
[20:27] <Little_Dragon> eee-yup
[20:27] <Baltazaar> 10 4
[20:27] <Little_Dragon> rodger dodger
[20:27] <Aerys> alrighty
[20:27] <Cene> Now
[20:27] <Cene> 😛
[20:27] <Little_Dragon> positively
[20:27] <Baltazaar> mkay
[20:27] <Zephyr> oh
[20:27] <Zephyr> was that a word?
[20:28] <Aerys> yeah
[20:28] <Zephyr> shoot
[20:28] <Lavi[Nali]> that
[20:28] <Little_Dragon> somewhat\
[20:28] <Pyralis> Nopony’s perfect.
[20:28] <Pyralis> Don’t worry about it.
[20:28] <Cene> Chicken doodles
[20:28] <Aerys> Fire
[20:28] <Auegamma> Vietnam.
[20:28] <Zephyr> water
[20:28] <Pyralis> Pancakes.
[20:28] <Lavi[Nali]> icecream
[20:28] <Little_Dragon> Christians
[20:29] <Baltazaar> tourettes gives you an unfair advantage in word association. also, headhunters
[20:29] <Soro> yellow
[20:29] <Aerys> freedom
[20:29] <Pyralis> Corpses.
[20:29] <Cene> Sea
[20:29] <Lavi[Nali]> Feilds
[20:29] <Baltazaar> ‘murica
[20:29] <Cene> Wheat
[20:29] <Little_Dragon> Falling
[20:29] <Cene> Yellow
[20:29] <Aerys> Shield
[20:29] <Little_Dragon> 😛
[20:29] <Soro> entropy
[20:29] <Zephyr> fast
[20:30] <Cene> Barrier
[20:30] <Cene> Under
[20:30] <Little_Dragon> Fences
[20:30] <Baltazaar> Hydra
[20:30] <Aerys> Seal
[20:30] <Zephyr> I’m lagging
[20:30] <Zephyr> dolphin
[20:30] <Lavi[Nali]> home^
[20:30] <Little_Dragon> Mammal
[20:30] <Baltazaar> Clubbing
[20:30] <Lavi[Nali]> protect
[20:30] <Aerys> scanning
[20:30] <Pyralis> Barrier.
[20:30] <Little_Dragon> good one
[20:30] <Soro> selkee
[20:30] <Zephyr> searching
[20:30] <Pyralis> Star Trek.
[20:30] <Little_Dragon> alert
[20:30] <Cene> Spying
[20:30] <Lavi[Nali]> Copying
[20:30] <Baltazaar> 1084
[20:30] <Aerys> sigil
[20:30] <Cene> Word
[20:30] <Zephyr> symbol
[20:30] <Baltazaar> veve
[20:31] <Pyralis> Glyph.
[20:31] <Lavi[Nali]> rune
[20:31] <Cene> meme
[20:31] <Aerys> Elder Futhark
[20:31] <Little_Dragon> server
[20:31] <Zephyr> what?
[20:31] <Pyralis> Sex.
[20:31] <Baltazaar> dusty
[20:31] <Cene> Runes
[20:31] <Pyralis> … seriously.
[20:31] <Lavi[Nali]> old
[20:31] <Aerys> Runes cene
[20:31] <MoonWind> baculum
[20:31] <Aerys> Alright
[20:31] <Cene> (You said first that came to mind)
[20:31] <Little_Dragon> yes
[20:31] <Aerys> That was good guys
[20:31] <Aerys> interesting
[20:31] <Pyralis> Really Moon?
[20:31] <Soro> minus my half behind step 😛
[20:31] <Little_Dragon> we did well
[20:31] <Aerys> And funny
[20:31] <Little_Dragon> intriguing
[20:31] * Cene thinks some aren’t being honest
[20:31] <Cene> 😛
[20:32] <Little_Dragon> comical
[20:32] <Cene> Blurb
[20:32] <Aerys> Alright so is everyone thinking now?
[20:32] <Auegamma> That’s one of the psychology tests, association test.
[20:32] <Little_Dragon> braindead
[20:32] <MoonWind> Pyralis: well i saw your word first
[20:32] <Zephyr> yes
[20:32] <Little_Dragon> waity, am i supposed to stop now?
[20:32] <Pyralis> Oh, I tainted the test.
[20:32] <Pyralis> Alas…
[20:32] <Little_Dragon> kidding
[20:32] <Aerys> yeah Little_Dragon
[20:32] <Cene> Spike
[20:32] <Cene> Hehe
[20:33] <Little_Dragon> sorry, someone had to do the comical thing and keep going.
[20:33] <Aerys> Alright so now creativity in psionics can be used to get out of situations or to make innovative constructs or to just clown around
[20:33] <Baltazaar> but seriously, I would love to play word association against a guy with creative tourettes
[20:33] <Little_Dragon> Agreed. Anything can be used in psionics and magic.
[20:34] <Zephyr> brb
[20:34] <Cene> brb
[20:34] <Aerys> And with psionics and magick there are nearly unlimited ways to solve any problems
[20:35] <Little_Dragon> One example would be banishing an entity by tracing a sigil on a piece of paper that you associate with the entity and flushing it down the toilet.
[20:35] <Little_Dragon> And yes, I did that.
[20:35] <Aerys> So in the next set of exercises i want you to think about what you would do
[20:36] <Aerys> if it was you
[20:36] <Auegamma> With what?
[20:36] <Auegamma> Which case?
[20:36] <Aerys> What you would do in that certain scenario Auegamma
[20:36] <Baltazaar> be patient
[20:36] <Pyralis> He hasn’t even said anythin’ yet
[20:37] <Aerys> So after I give the first scenario I am going to ask that instead of just saying it as soon as you think of it to pm it to me to let people figure out what they would do
[20:37] <Aerys> wb Forge
[20:37] <Baltazaar> Aery is just typing up the scenario, and we already have young whippersnappers being impatient… shame that…….*loads his shotgun with rocksalt*
[20:37] <Pyralis> Damn kids.
[20:37] <Aerys> We are going to start off with something simple
[20:37] <Pyralis> And their rollerskates and their jukeboxes and their black leather jackets and their pomade…
[20:37] <Aerys> remember pm it to me first
[20:37] <Little_Dragon> damn old farts
[20:38] <Little_Dragon> kidding
[20:38] <Baltazaar> ==
[20:38] * Baltazaar listens to the scenario
[20:38] <Auegamma> Balt, white noise eh?
[20:39] <Baltazaar> ^^ I want to be attentive, not sleepy.
[20:39] <Aerys> You have been trapped under a reversed mirror shield(a seal- something that inhibits energy work to a certain point) how would you get out? It is of a strength that is on par of whatever you could do
[20:39] <Aerys> IF you have any questions about the scenario please pm me
[20:40] <Cene> Back
[20:40] <Aerys> wb
[20:41] * IIZard sets mode: +o Aerys
[20:42] <Akradai> That won’t work
[20:42] <Forge> Aerys: pm sent
[20:44] <Little_Dragon> already sent 2 solutions.
[20:45] <Aerys> Most people are done sending
[20:45] <Aerys> just a few more minutes
[20:45] <Auegamma> I’m done.
[20:45] <Auegamma> Who else is?
[20:45] <Little_Dragon> I’m done, all ideas sent.
[20:46] <Baltazaar> awww… mini-me did not even say goodbye
[20:47] <balthazar48> Bye.
[20:47] <Aerys> lol
[20:47] <Aerys> Alrighty
[20:47] <Aerys> These were some pretty funny answers
[20:48] <Little_Dragon> what were the answers?
[20:48] <Auegamma> If the point was to share them all it could be done individually by the participants.
[20:48] <Auegamma> But PM’s were used, so most likely with a reason.
[20:49] <Aerys> I did that so everyone could think of something by themselves
[20:49] <Aerys> Alright
[20:49] * Cene is curious about other people’s answers. 😛
[20:49] <Aerys> Now since many of you picked more than one reason pick your favorite and post it here and than i would like you to read what others did and decide if you would change your method in any way
[20:50] <Zephyr> [18:50] <Zephyr> send the shield’s energy elsewhere is another option
[20:50] <Aerys> anyone else?
[20:50] <Auegamma> Use love.
[20:50] <Baltazaar> direct physical violence against the caster, as this would only utilise sensing, not doing any supernatural stuff (that the shield would prevent me from doing so)
[20:51] <Aerys> Soro?
[20:51] <Aerys> I really liked yours
[20:51] <Forge> 20:46 Forge switch to the next frequency up or down and teleport out
[20:51] <Forge> ^that was assuming it was on one set frequency
[20:51] <Little_Dragon> Since the mirror shield prevents me from sending energy of my own outside of it I would pick up a physical object and use that as a medium for holding a construct I would create to break the shield from the outside, the construct would then attack the shield after I put the item down and since it was given a location outside of the shield and teh shield only keeps things in it would be able to destroy the shield.
[20:51] <Soro> Thank you
[20:51] <Cene> Okay. One of my solutions would be to ask the being who binded me why they binded me and tell them I’d do what they wanted if I could get out.
[20:52] <Aerys> can i post it?
[20:52] <Cene> Well, sort of. Hopefully the minor variation is okay. 😉
[20:52] <Little_Dragon> uhm…is my solution too clunky and wasteful?
[20:52] <Aerys> reflect it against itself in a infinit mirror match sparked by one bit of energy, as long as it’s not constantly reinforced it’ll cracka s long as you reinforce yo
[20:52] <Aerys> No
[20:53] <Aerys> His just wowed me in how fast he thought that out
[20:53] <Aerys> Ok
[20:53] <Cene> I’m confused. What?
[20:54] <Aerys> Confused about what?
[20:54] <Cene> The solution. It seems useful, but I’m not sure what it means.
[20:54] <Baltazaar> his is not supposed to work, if the first shield is created properly
[20:54] <Aerys> I think it would work Baltazaar because eventually the seal would wear out
[20:55] <Baltazaar> then “wait untill it goes away” would have been a decent answer?
[20:55] <Cene> Oh, I guess that assumes that the seal is around a previously existing mirror shield?
[20:55] <Aerys> yeah
[20:56] <Aerys> For the next scenario i want you to pretend that you were going to seal someone from this class knowing how they plan on escaping how would you make a seal that would stop them from escaping
[20:56] <Aerys> please pm me your thoughts first
[20:56] <Aerys> hi Kira
[20:56] <Forge> there are a lot of variables with any method. his method is assuming the mirror shield he is making will outlast the seal on him, for example
[20:56] <Kira> Hey
[20:56] <Forge> mine was assuming the shield was only on a single frequency
[20:56] <Forge> there is no perfect answer, only intuitive attempts
[20:57] <Cene> But how can you make a mirror shield if you’re sealed?
[20:57] <Lavi[Nali]> mine was escape by manipulating your aura itself through it to act like a window?
[20:57] * Cene doesn’t get it
[20:57] * Quits: Aerys ( (client quit)

**Class ended abruptly and without reason. Aerys did not return to the class.

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