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Log from #Classroom on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at 8PM EST: “Empathy”, hosted by JediKaren:
[20:00] <JediKaren> START CLASS
[20:00] <JediKaren> Welcome to the Class
[20:01] <JediKaren> First I’m going over a few things before we begin on the lecture part
[20:01] <JediKaren> This is a two hour class. We can go a little beyond that if people are doing ok.
[20:01] <JediKaren> For rules:
[20:02] <JediKaren> Please do not talk when I’m talking. When question time comes, tell me you have a question and I will call on the person in order of asking
[20:02] <JediKaren> Please understand some questions will be answered later on during the class
[20:02] <JediKaren> please be respectful of me, the mods, and your fellow psions
[20:03] <JediKaren> if you do pm I may not answer it if I’m talking
[20:03] <JediKaren> there will be 10 points I wish to cover. There will also be a practice session that I’m going to have for the last 30 mins. You are welcome to practice beyond that
[20:04] <JediKaren> There will be a log for those who want it. Please pm your email to RavenFire
[20:04] * RavenFire nods
[20:04] <JediKaren> I am not the best speller or typer in the world. Be patient.
[20:05] <JediKaren> If you fall behind during practice or need special help with something, I am more than willing to help you out as much as you need AFTER the class. Just wait until then for my help.
[20:06] <JediKaren> Are there any questions about the rules or how this will work?
[20:07] <JediKaren> ok then lets get going
[20:07] <RavenFire> Class Reminder: #Classroom – Topic: Empathy. Hosted by JediKaren. Going on right now! Class Duration: 2 hours
[20:08] <JediKaren> Today I am teaching about Empathy. This is a psi only class. Please understand I am not going to talk about magic as it’s not my speciality. For those who do not understand psionics and do understand magic, seek your fellow friends in magic for translations of ideas
[20:09] <JediKaren> So what is empathy? Empathy is the psionic ability to feel the emotions of others. It is the literally feeling of another person’s feelings. You can feel one or more feelings from someone, but usually people just feel the strongest emotion.
[20:11] <JediKaren> The dictionary definition is that empathy is the ability to “understand” another person’s feelings. Meaning that you can remember what pain, fear, anger feels like in their situation. This is different from the psionic definition in that isn’t not understanding, it’s literally feeling as if it’s your own.
[20:12] <JediKaren> Understand that empathy isn’t just limited to people, it applies to animals too. You can feel the fear of your cat in a thunderstorm. You can feel the excitement of your dog when you come home after work and then the joy and pleasure of being patted and loved.
[20:14] <JediKaren> Empathy is not limited by space or relationship. You can feel the emotions of someone in this room who is literally across the world. You can feel their emotions even if you don’t a single thing about them. Although distance and relationships can enhance the sensitive and effect on a person
[20:14] <JediKaren> For example if you are sitting next to be and you are my best friend and a nervous wreak, I’ll feel it more strongly than if I’m talking to you online and you’re across the country.
[20:16] <JediKaren> So why learn empathy? Who cares if I know what you are feeling? The thing with empathy it can be a huge help in understanding the viewpoint of someone else. You can understand how they are reacting to a situation. You can use that information to help them function better or understand their own feelings. You can use the information to comfort something
[20:16] <JediKaren> or provoke a response, good or bad. Though I suggest you do not use empathy to cause harm or people will not trust you and thus cause harm to yourself.
[20:18] <JediKaren> You will learn how people react and feel, learn how your family works, learn a little bit about psychology and socialogy because much of our culture, rules, and manners are based on how we feel. Even our words, phrases, and curse words are based on how emotions make us act.
[20:18] <JediKaren> It’s like holding the key to a lot of cool things people wouldn’t notice because society has taught us to ignore our emotions unless they are screaming at us and causing us pain.
[20:19] <JediKaren> ok so question time…anyone have questions?
[20:19] <JediKaren> Raven..
[20:20] <JediKaren> thanks
[20:20] <RavenFire> You’re quite welcome
[20:20] <JediKaren> ok questions? anyone?
[20:20] <TashRikil> yeah. i got a question.
[20:20] <JediKaren> go
[20:20] <Kazasu> Would you consider feeling what others feel, in terms of impulse/physical feelings/etc. a part of empathy or something different? (to be referred to after Tash’s)
[20:20] <TashRikil> if the class is on empathy, why is it being taught lecture style, in a moderated room? doesnt that kinda defeat the purpose
[20:20] <TashRikil> ?
[20:21] <JediKaren> because I feel it’s important to go over some basics. Not everyone knows much of anything about empathy here. there may be some people here who haven’t even heard of the term
[20:22] <RavenFire> It’s being taught in a standard classroom format, one instructor, the audience in this case being students. This is the style we chose.
[20:22] <Dot> Oh. Would you be able to feel the emotions of a best friend who’s across the world, better than you could feel the emotions of a complete stranger who lives next door to you?
[20:22] <JediKaren> impluses are feelings, the feeling of need, wanting can be sensed
[20:22] <Kazasu> Mm, I suppose I mean more.. impulse, as in impulse to perform an action.
[20:22] <JediKaren> everything you feel is part of an emotion of some sort
[20:23] <JediKaren> that has an emotion behind it
[20:23] <Kazasu> 2. A sudden wish or urge that prompts an unpremeditated act or feeling; an abrupt inclination* Thats what I mean.
[20:23] <Kazasu> And yes, and what of physical feelings, pains, aches, warmth/cold/etc.
[20:24] <JediKaren> yep that can be felt, though it would take some attention from the empath to feel it, unless they saw it coming
[20:24] <JediKaren> pain evokes fear, sometimes anger
[20:24] <JediKaren> warmth relaxes you
[20:24] * Ephraim can do the physical pain empathy thing >.< hate it
[20:24] <JediKaren> aches bring on a sense of sadness
[20:24] <Kazasu> Eh
[20:25] <JediKaren> there is an emotion behind everything you feel.
[20:25] <JediKaren> ok anything more or can we move on?
[20:25] <Kazasu> I more feel it without thought, tend to feel it without it being connected to emotion. More think of it as.. processing incoming information, information containing feelings/something felt is most easily processed by being felt. Thank you very much for your view point. ^_^
[20:26] <JediKaren> you are distancing yourself from the emotion, not letting it effect you, which is denial, but that’s ok for somethings, sometimes required
[20:27] <Kazasu> Eh, I still feel emotion, just not with the physical feeling.
[20:27] <Kazasu> I feel them at the same time, but not because of one or the other.
[20:27] <JediKaren> I can talk to you later about that
[20:27] <JediKaren> let’s move on
[20:27] <JediKaren> Raven…let’s have quiet
[20:27] <RavenFire> Done
[20:27] <JediKaren> Our next topic, which I know many are waiting for: empaths
[20:28] <JediKaren> most of you here are empaths to some degree or another. some of you are and don’t know it. I hope we discover a few today.
[20:29] <JediKaren> Empaths (note there is no “y”) are people who feel the emotions of others. There is a term out there called “natural empath” which means a person naturally feels the emotions of others without trying or meaning to. It is a gift and a curse to many. It’s something they are born with and will die with.
[20:31] <JediKaren> Although some empaths may not like this idea, there is one theory out there that everyone is a natural empath. Most don’t care to know the emotions of others or don’t try, or have never noticed. Some natural empaths will say that they are “strong” this means they feel emotions a lot and all the time. they are very sensitive to even slight feelings
[20:32] <JediKaren> If you aren’t a natural empath, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn empathy. It just means you will have to put some work into it. We will later practice and you’ll find out if you’re a natural or not
[20:33] <JediKaren> to give you an example of what an empath is:
[20:33] <JediKaren> Jane, in a classroom or meeting. Bob is in the same room as her, but Jane doesn?t talk to Bob, or know him well. Jane suddenly feels an emotion she cannot explain. She feels a strange feeling of annoyance and impatience. She doesn?t know why because she?s usually very calm and can wait forever without a problem. She certainly doesn?t mind the meeting/class as
[20:33] <JediKaren> it?s interesting to her. She can?t get rid of the unwanted emotions no matter what she tries. What Jane doesn?t and can?t know without training, is she?s feeling Bob?s emotions. Bob is broadcasting his feelings so strongly that Jane, who is sitting a few seats away and isn?t even looking at him, can feel his emotions in a personal sense. Jane is a natural
[20:33] <JediKaren> empath
[20:35] <JediKaren> Empaths tend to be moody, emotional, sensitive to any emotion and pick up and copy the emotions of others. They don’t like crowds. they don’t like highly emotional people. And yet they find themselves listening to a lot people’s problems with their own emotions or relationships
[20:36] <JediKaren> Empaths struggle with logic, yet can easily understand emotional logic when practiced. they may cry at movies, get nervous at big gatherings, and freak out at emotional events like a concert.
[20:37] <JediKaren> Being an empath is not easy. It’s not fun. The whole world feelings like it’s screaming at you it’s emotions and there is little escape. It can be quite confusing when you don’t know you’re an empath or are just starting to realize and practice. There is relief though.
[20:39] <JediKaren> Empaths often suffer from what is called empathy overload. that is, the feeling of too many emotions or too strong of one emotion being felt. Imagine you’re at a school pep rally for the first time. the gym is packed. People are excited, bored, angry, scared, moody, hyper, anxious, raging, totally in love, playing around, laughing, crying, sighing and so
[20:40] <JediKaren> on. You are in the middle of this crowd and you can not get out. Yet you are feeling all of this in one jumbo mess. It’s so much you can’t even pick out what you are feeling. You just feel jittery and axnious to get the heck out of there. This is empathy overload and trust me when I say it really really sucks
[20:41] <JediKaren> and if you are wondering, this was a true experience for me.
[20:42] <JediKaren> Empathy overload can be solved with a few options: shielding before you enter a situation like that. getting away from the situation and finding a quiet spot to rest, relax, let go of the emotions, and if you can sleep will erease the worse of it.
[20:42] <JediKaren> you can also practice grounding before, during, and afterwards so to keep emotional calm.
[20:44] <JediKaren> And then there is the part about understanding what you are feeling and seperating what is YOUR emotions verses what is others. to do that, learn to pay attention to how your personal emotions work. When do you feel something. Why do you feel it? When do you feel it. How does it make you act? if you should feel something that clearly isn’t you or doesn’
[20:45] <JediKaren> make sense to feel like being angry in a library, then it’s not your emotion. You can then look for the source of the emotion. Failing that, accept that it’s there and practice grounding or leave the area to calm down. We will practice grounding later
[20:45] <JediKaren> ok question time?
[20:45] <Kazasu> Is there any chance I can make a suggestion for shielding?
[20:46] <JediKaren> what do you mean?
[20:46] * Shay|SSH agrees with JediKaren’s refelctiona
[20:46] <Shay|SSH> *(s
[20:47] <Xecutive> I have a question
[20:47] <Lutasi> May I comment?
[20:47] <Kazasu> I mean that.. for some, they view shielding as disconnecting, cutting off, which could be more harm than good, dependently. When you could view it as.. making a shield which.. “neutralizes” anything incoming, something which doesn’t disconnect you or cut you off into your own little bubble.
[20:47] <Shay|SSH> Sheilding for me only works so much. I have to keep a light sheild and a really strong ground to keep my head on straight and filter out uneeded crap.
[20:47] <Adfeng> I would be glad to go into shielding after this class is over for those wanting to learn
[20:48] <JediKaren> sometimes you might have to disconnect just to keep your sanity, but I do agree, I don’t like cutting yourself off, not for any length of time
[20:48] <Kazasu> Eh, shielding for the most part didn’t help me at all, until a bit of advice from someone on making something which neutralizes incoming energy/information.
[20:48] <Kasada> if I may?
[20:48] <JediKaren> yes
[20:48] <JediKaren> and feel free to comment Lutasi
[20:49] <Kasada> Given that shielding feels in some cases smothering and like too much of a cut off from the world until better methods are developed, would you consider filtering a good alternative?
[20:49] <Xecutive> You said about feeling peoples emotion inside of your own body
[20:49] <Xecutive> I feel other peoples emotions on them
[20:49] <Xecutive> like inside of them
[20:49] <Itchies> This^^
[20:49] <Lutasi> Could not a person also just completely shut down emotionally and psychically speaking?
[20:50] <JediKaren> yes filtering is good, but again you need to beware of what you filter and why.
[20:51] <JediKaren> I would not advise shutting down if you don’t have to. If you’re about to scream out of panic, then yes.
[20:51] <JediKaren> learn to moniter what you are feeling and where you are and who you are with and you won’t have to
[20:51] <Kazasu> How would you feel about discursive meditations for sorting one’s empathy out?
[20:51] <JediKaren> The key to empathy is learning how it works and being constantly aware
[20:51] <Lutasi> Why would you recomend not shutting down?
[20:52] <Xecutive> jesikaren do you have a comment on my point?
[20:52] <JediKaren> I could go over that if you all would like, though part of the grounding is meditation in a light form
[20:52] <Shay|SSH> Lutasi: IMHO and FME: Being a walking vegtable sucks
[20:52] <JediKaren> ok one at a time
[20:53] <JediKaren> Xecutive and then lutasi
[20:53] <Xecutive> You said about feeling peoples emotion inside of your own body
[20:53] <JediKaren> what do you mean other people’s emotios on them?
[20:53] <Xecutive> I feel other peoples emotions on them
[20:53] <Xecutive> well i feel them inside of them
[20:53] <JediKaren> ohh like feeling hwo they are feeling other peoples?
[20:54] <Xecutive> like I can feel there emotions inside of there body
[20:54] <JediKaren> that’s just being very aware of their feelings…a “strong” empath
[20:54] <JediKaren> yep
[20:54] <JediKaren> it’s part of empathy
[20:54] <Xecutive> oh ok
[20:54] <Adfeng> I can tell how someone feels about someone else just by thinking about them, or talking to them.
[20:54] <JediKaren> a bit more advance than beginners go through, but still normal
[20:55] <JediKaren>ok Lutasi next [20:55] <JediKaren>I don’t like shutting down because you aren’t dealing with the situation. It is better to face the emotion you are feeling and try to understand it. You may be able to help that person if possible [20:55]<JediKaren>that is my opinion though. [20:57]* Raven-AFK1 has quit (Broken pipe) [20:57]<JediKaren>if shutting down keeps you sane and not screaming, then it’s a good idea for then. But learn to deal with your empathy, not hide from it
[20:57]<RavenFire>Karen, if I may add to that? [20:57]<JediKaren>yes [20:58]* Raven-AFK1 (adara_oran@PI-298B3D4F.ec.res.rr.com) has joined #Classroom [20:58] <RavenFire> Lutasi, as someone who has completely shut down her abilities and empathy before, it is worse when it resurfaces. So as Karen suggested, best to deal with it as it happens and learn to adjust to it, whether it be shielding or something else.
[20:59] <JediKaren> ok because we are doing great on time, I call a two min potty break for everyone who needs it
[20:59] <RavenFire> lol alright
[20:59] <JediKaren> please not stupid comments
[20:59] <RavenFire> Well I’d say 5 mins. since women have to sit and men don’t
[20:59] <Kasada> May I posit a theory based on what Raven just said?
[21:00] <Lutasi> Perhaps I’m mistaken but my own experience forces me to disagree Raven.
[21:01] <JediKaren> sure kasada
[21:02] <RavenFire> Lutasi, you’ve completely shut yourself down before for an extended period of time?
[21:02] * Xecutive smiles at beeing called advanced
[21:02] <Itchies> lol
[21:03] <Jammer-ICTX> I have a question
[21:03] <JediKaren> yes?
[21:03] <Shay|SSH> RavenFire: I was a few years ago when on meds.
[21:03] <RavenFire> Kasada, you were going to speak?
[21:03] <Shay|SSH> RavenFire: It kind of cripples growing up
[21:03] <Jammer-ICTX> how would you say that telepathy and empathy are interrelated if at all?
[21:03] <Kasada> It may be that *some* natural abilites, such as for a strong empath, grow stronger over time regardless of use. It’s always easier to notice a swift change than a gradual one – perhaps the lack of adaptation to using the stronger abilities makes it seem like a much greater change, when that same change would have occured anyway, but just not been noticed as much?
[21:03] <Jammer-ICTX> ^agreed meds suck
[21:03] <Lutasi> Again I could be mistaken but that’s pretty much how I went through high school
[21:04] * RavenFire nods
[21:04] <JediKaren> I think that was was the meds
[21:04] <Lutasi> Shoving my attention into novels and ignoring everything else
[21:04] <JediKaren> telepathy and empathy are close, in fact I meant to cover that
[21:05] <Jammer-ICTX> I thought so…
[21:05] <JediKaren> you actually use the same tech for each skill, but for one you use emotions and the other you use thoughts
[21:05] <Shay|SSH> JediKaren: Probably. Still kills you inside the same way
[21:05] <JediKaren> some would say they are the same thing. I personally disagree
[21:05] <JediKaren> ok break over.
[21:05] * RavenFire nods to Shay and Lutasi, hugs them both. Sorry for your experiences.
[21:05] <Shay|SSH> Thats ok
[21:05] <JediKaren> I have a few more things to cover before practice time
[21:06] <Shay|SSH> I grew up without a problem
[21:06] <JediKaren> raven? quiet time
[[21:06] <JediKaren> thanks Shay!
[21:06] <Shay|SSH> <3
[21:06] <RavenFire> Beat me to it
[21:07] <JediKaren> One thing I want to cover is something I went through that was so horrible that I didn’t know about until I got out of it and started healing. Psionics doesn’t have an official term for it, or at least that I’m aware of, but it’s worth mentioning. It’s called empathy burn out
[21:09] <JediKaren> I named it this because of this: I worked at Target for about 8 months. I worked in an insanely busy store. The crowds got worst as christmas came. the weekends were living helling. I saw 500 people on the weekdays and more on the weekends. the store obviously had more than that
[21:10] * Bmartin82 sneaks in and takes a seat
[21:10] <Bmartin82> did i miss anything ?
[21:10] <JediKaren> I am a natural strong empath and while practiced and studied and aware of my reactions, there is no defense strong enough to withstand the constant battering of rude, impatience, fearful, angry customers who throw their emotions at you like punches
[21:12] <JediKaren> I was overloaded most days and it got really bad during christmas time. By the end of the holiday I was so overloaded i went into burn out. I could not handle anyone’s emotions. Any reaction set me off. I was irrated all the time. I didn’t care about feelings. I ignored my own. I grew to hate people and their problems. I refused to be around anyone an
[21:13] <JediKaren> and just wanted to hide away from all society. I got offered another job, took it, and only had to deal with one or two people at a time for hours. I relaxed, healed, and as i was healing I stopped being irriated. I paid attention to emotions again, and I changed. I realized how overloaded I constantly was and named my experience empathy burn out.
[21:14] <JediKaren> now for the last section before practice
[21:14] <JediKaren> How do emotions work?
[21:14] <JediKaren> You may not care or want to know so if you don’t like it, I suggest you keep quiet and be mindful this will help some struggling empaths here.
[21:16] <JediKaren> to understand empathy, you need to understand emotions. I don’t have a degree in counciling or psychology and I don’t pretend to be an expert, but as an experience empath, I am sharing my observations and emotional logic with you. this is purely opinionated so don’t take it as the truth and do not get offended
[21:17] <JediKaren> You could divide emotions in positive and negative. You may note that negative emotions draw a LOT more power and attention. It is not that they are more powerful, but they get stronger reactions. Like how the news always reports more negativity than positive events.
[21:19] <JediKaren> But here is something for you: even powerful positive feelings like extreme love or joy or happiness can cause negative reactions or results. Being in love to the point of being blinded. Being so in joy that you become self centered in that joy.
[21:19] <JediKaren> it is easy to get lost is the negative. it is easy to feel the hurt, the pain, depression, rage, lost. These emotions are powerful and can be spread very easily.
[21:20] <JediKaren> Just because you aren’t an empath or your friend isn’t, doesn’t mean emotions can’t be broadcasted in a way to effect others
[21:20] <JediKaren> Anger has a strange way of spreading like a disease. A father comes home from work in a bad mood. He stomps in, slams the door close and announces angrily that he is home. The mother is thrown off (not physically) and cannot finger out what is wrong with the father. The youngest kid has left some toys out and the father trips over them. He yells at the kid, w
[21:21] <JediKaren> who breaks out into tears. The mother gets angry at the father for unnecessary yelling. The older kid storms in and demands that everyone quiets down. The whole family is now yelling and screaming at each other. Remember, this all started because one person was angry.
[21:21] <JediKaren> You can feel all of this if you pay attention
[21:22] <JediKaren> Of course you don’t need empathy to see the physical reactions, faces, fists, taking a step back in fear, eyes widen, a back in turned in denial and so on
[21:23] <JediKaren> and then to make it more confusing, there is subtext in emotions. Emotions hidden within an emotion. Like anger comes from fear. Fear comes from the unknown.
[21:24] <JediKaren> and you could even go so far to say hate is a misinteruption of love. If you hate someone, you care enough to react. Your strong reaction is actually love with a nasty twist.
[21:24] <JediKaren> the worst thing to feel is no reaction. No caring. no attention
[21:24] <JediKaren> like they say in movies and books “I wished he would scream or beat me up. anything is better than the silence he gives me”
[21:25] <JediKaren> And while I could go on for another 10-30 mins about emotions, i’m going to stop there. If you have questions about more emotions, wait until after the class.
[21:25] <JediKaren> If anyone has questions about what I’ve talked about, please go
[21:26] <JediKaren> thanks
[21:27] <AgentAAA> I only partially agree on the hate thing
[21:27] <RavenFire> yw
[21:27] <JediKaren> it’s an opinion
[21:27] <AgentAAA> in that I do hate people I barely know or care about, BECAUSE they’ve done things to people I care about
[21:27] <AgentAAA> not because I care about them themselves
[21:28] <AgentAAA> Regardless, an informative and insightful class
[21:28] <JediKaren> we’re not done yet. We have practicing after this
[21:29] <JediKaren> anyone have questions?
[21:29] <Air> mmm. not particularly
[21:30] <JediKaren> I’m guessing everyone wants to practice?
[21:30] * Ephraim finds teh term “emotional logic” to be illogical \\// ,
[21:30] <Kazasu> Would it be alright if I just watched? ^_^’
[21:30] <JediKaren> it’s logical in it’s own sense
[21:30] <HuntinOwl> Merry Meet and Welcome to the Room Axle
[21:30] <Adfeng> I have a quick question
[21:31] * RavenFire tries to heal up her headache quick so that she can participate
[21:31] <Jammer-ICTX> I’d rather not read others emotions here
[21:31] <Jammer-ICTX> if others want to read mine
[21:31] <RavenFire> Good Evening, Axle
[21:31] <AgentAAA> I’d rather just watch
[21:31] <Jammer-ICTX> thats okay
[21:31] * Ephraim appologies, the Star Trek geek in me was screaming that comment and I just had to get it out
[21:31] <JediKaren> No one has to practice if they don’t want to. This will only be for those who want to
[21:31] <AgentAAA> Me emotions, I’d prefer to keep to myself at the mo
[21:32] <JediKaren> ok let’s keep focused guys
[21:32] * RavenFire would probably feel them regardless, Agent
[21:32] <TashRikil> we’re also having an empathy discussion in #TheDen, if anyone wants to join. free forum for expressing ideas.
[21:32] <Adfeng> Well, it was a thought in process. It is quite a weird question in a way. I was going to ask something like, is it possible that significant others may block out the others’ emotions because they know each other so well? I’m not entirely sure how to word what I’m thinking
[21:32] <Kazasu> AgentAAA, did you just say Me- mo, as in, memo, as in, m-emo?
[21:33]<AgentAAA>no, I said mo [21:33]<AgentAAA>as in “moment” [21:33]<Kazasu>Darn.
[21:33]<JediKaren>ok let’s have quiet time so I can show people how to send and receive and then I’ll send an emotion and you all type in your guesses [21:34]<Kazasu>Extrapolating toward a false word for comedy didn’t work, and sorry, quieting down. [21;34]<JediKaren>ok one answer for Adfeng and then we’ll practice [21:34]<Axle>we should guess in a pm so are chioces aren’t effected by other’s [21:34]<Adfeng>And on top of that, why is it so easy for one’s significant other to catch up on one’s emotions with them saying little, or nothing at all? I’m trying to be brief [21:34]<JediKaren>you mean they just know through patterns of living together than empathy itsekf? [21:35]* Raven-AFK1 has quit (Broken pipe) [21:35]* Raven-AFK1 (adara_oran@PI-298B3D4F.ec.res.rr.com) has joined #Classroom [21:35] <Adfeng> Not even living together, let’s say for instance two people who have been dating for only a few months.
[21:35] <HuntinOwl> Merry Meet and Welcome to the Room Raven-AFK1
[21:35] <JediKaren> being in a close relationship means you open yourself completely to another person. It’s an action of love and trust.
[21:36] <Lutasi> >:\
[21:36] <JediKaren> People get so interconnected it’s like they can read each other and not really think about it
[21:36] * Lutasi does not have a good disgusted emote
[21:36] <JediKaren> if that helps, let’s go tot he practicing part…
[21:36] <JediKaren> ok quiet time!!!
[21:37] <JediKaren> Sending
[21:37] <JediKaren> 1. one person sends
[21:38] <JediKaren> that person needs to take a breath and clear out their emotions. calm down. breathe in and out. focus on peace. relax your body and mind. do not focus on feeling anything.
[21:39] <JediKaren> Now. pick an emotion. something that you can easily feeling. I won’t give examples. Really feel the emotion as much as you can. Let it become you, but don’t let it take over you.
[21:39] <JediKaren> that was 2.
[21:39] <JediKaren> 3. Picture you are being circled around by nameless, faceless people. these are the people of the chatroom who want to play.
[21:41] <JediKaren> 4. focus your emotion on them. your emotion is a wave, water, blue mist. whatever you want to visualize. send this wave all around you to the blank people. do not think of the name of the emotion. we don’t want telepathy. just feeling and keep sending the emotion out
[21:41] <JediKaren> ok Receivers
[21:41] <JediKaren> you also need to clear your mind out. relax. be calm.
[21:43] <JediKaren> when you are thoroughly calm, focus on the person who is sending. notice what you are feeling. Extend your mental awareness, like a shield, to the sender. Allow yourself to open up and feel them and their emotion. If you feel more than one emotion that is because either the sender is not being clear in sending just one emotion
[21:43] <JediKaren> or you need to clear yourself out of emotions and stop having them intefer with what you sense
[21:44] <JediKaren> now I am going to send first. I will typing “JediKaren is sending”. I will send until I get a fair amount of answers and then stop.
[21:44] <JediKaren> receivers, feel free to post your answer. don’t worry if you don’t get it or get your answer down fast enough
[21:44] <JediKaren> I’ll do two rounds and let Adfeng go next. He’ll do a round and hten it’s open to who wants to send
[21:45] <JediKaren> ok voice please?
[21:46] * JediKaren is sending
[21:46] <Xecutive> I feelt some positivity then sadness
[21:46] <Adfeng> ^
[21:47] <Ephraim> same i think, idk
[21:47] <Adfeng> Like a brief high
[21:47] <Adfeng> Well, mine is staying.
[21:47] <Lutasi> ^ that but I thought of the positivity as calmness
[21:47] <Axle> nothing… ._.
[21:47] <Air> Guilt but afraid while feeling guilty
[21:47] <Adfeng> As if I’m flying
[21:47] <Air> So that kind of guilt
[21:47] <Axle> just a throbbing and that may be me
[21:48] <JediKaren> anyone else?
[21:48] <Lutasi> calm then a sort of mood that makes you want to cry though not of enough intensity to do so
[21:48] <Axle> I imagined blue and then an upburst of green though
[21:48] <JediKaren> okkkk
[21:48] <Itchies> first i got joy, then maybe concern.
[21:48] <Adfeng> Lutasi, I felt that at first
[21:48] <JediKaren> now that IS weird
[21:48] * Air bets that it’s happy
[21:48] <Kasada> The smell of heat, and the touch of cold silver. I don’t know how to translate that.
[21:48] <JediKaren> when I teach I get into a calm, focused, settled mindset
[21:49] <Air> oh, that
[21:49] <JediKaren> so that’s the underlining emotion
[21:49] <Lutasi> Then I stopped looking as soon as Xecutive posted
[21:49] <JediKaren> BUT
[21:49] <JediKaren> I was trying to send out fear
[21:49] <JediKaren> a panicy feeling
[21:49] <Adfeng> Fight-or-flight, haha
[21:49] <Itchies> damn. I thought the panic was me.
[21:49] <JediKaren> also with a touch of caffiene rushing through me
[21:49] <Axle> actually I did feel that but I thought it mas me. my dad sneezed and that is kinda scary
[21:50] <Air> could be both Itchies
[21:50] <Xecutive> hummm
[21:50] <JediKaren> ok now everyone clear your head again
[21:50] <Itchies> haha, the concern was probably my roommate wondering what the hell I’m doing.
[21:50] <JediKaren> and get ready for another emotion
[21:50] <JediKaren> I’ll give you two mins
[21:51] <Axle> can we say it now?
[21:52] <JediKaren> no I haven’t sent yet
[21:52] <Kasada> She’s giving a (rather long) period of time to calm, silence, reset.
[21:52] <Axle> what did I feel then? that definatly wasn’t me…
[21:52] * JediKaren is sending
[21:52] <Adfeng> Everyone can be susceptible to others when feeling emotions.
[21:53] <Xecutive> No emotion come through on my end
[21:53] <Air> Frustration/anger
[21:54] <Axle> a deep falling feeling with a dark green light in the middle of black smoke
[21:54] <Adfeng> I feel a little jumpy
[21:54] <Axle> it just feel like darkness or maybe despair
[21:54] <Axle> and cold
[21:54] <Adfeng> Feels kind of like a mini-freakout to me
[21:54] <Kasada> Claws on a burning hand. Rage. Possibly at injustice.
[21:54] <Itchies> I want to laugh. But I’m guessing that’s just my sadistic streak. . .
[21:54] <Axle> yeah I sort of got a freakout too
[21:55] <Adfeng> Sadness
[21:55] <Ephraim> i got nothing
[21:55] <Lutasi> felt kind of quick of thinking… if that makes sense
[21:55] <Adfeng> Yeah, that’s what i felt too.
[21:55] <Kasada> Alternatively, betrayal
[21:55] <Adfeng> Kind of just jumpy
[21:55] <JediKaren> okk…interesting
[21:55] * Axle is still cold
[21:55] <JediKaren> A. don’t send when on caffiene
[21:55] <JediKaren> yes i’m jumpy
[21:55] <Air> lol
[21:56] <JediKaren> b. I had tried rage/betrayal, angry, the wanting to destroy someone, but I was too calm to pull off enough of it
[21:56] <Itchies> yup. that would be my sadism, then.
[21:57] <JediKaren> c. so I switch to calm and enhanced my calm warmth. It felt like nothing because society teaches us to ignore calm unless it’s trying to put us to sleep
[21:57] * Axle is shivering
[21:57] <JediKaren> and I’m cold!
[21:57] <Itchies> why are you so cold?
[21:57] <Itchies> nevermind.
[21:57] <Axle> my therometer says it’s only 60
[21:57] <JediKaren> because my body is cold
[21:57] <Axle> I shouldn’t feel THIS cold
[21:58] <JediKaren> and my feet are like ice
[21:58] <Axle> exactly!
[21:58] * Adfeng turns up the thermostat
[21:58] <JediKaren> ok now adfeng’s turn
[21:58] <Ephraim> i’m usually cold by default so i tend to ignore if i’m cold if that makes any sense
[21:58] <Adfeng> Wait, I have a wood stove
[21:58] <Adfeng> Okay guys!
[21:58] * Axle gets a blanket
[21:58] <JediKaren> he will say “sending”
[21:59] * Adfeng is sending
[21:59] <Axle> hunger
[21:59] <Itchies> I want to either yawn or cry.
[22:00] <Axle> brown hunger
[22:00] <Itchies> Not sure.
[22:00] * Itchies is REALLY bad at this game.
[22:00] <Ephraim> ok, now i got something, pain? (i’ve what i call my meatcleaver headache,i usually get when i’m hungry)
[22:00] <Lutasi> BLuh skipping this one people started answering before i’d looked
[22:00] <JediKaren> deep sadness, like a painful lost
[22:00] <Air> Hmm..
[22:00] <Lutasi> also from before the sending where the fuck is that sadness coming from?
[22:00] <Ephraim> ok, someone pls get the meatcleaver out of my forehead!
[22:00] <Adfeng> Sadness is not me
[22:01] <Itchies> Why do I want to cry?
[22:01] <Air> yeah, just feels like a bunch of pressure/anticipation if anything
[22:01] * RavenFire for some reason, got abdominal uneasiness, either hunger or nausea
[22:01] <Adfeng> ANyone else?
[22:01] <Axle> I associate color with emotions btw
[22:01] <Axle> this is a plain brown
[22:01] <Itchies> We’ve gathered that, yeah.
[22:01] <Adfeng> Axle, what colour are you seeing?
[22:01] <JediKaren> ok Adfeng, what is it?
[22:01] <JediKaren> I think people are hungry because it’s past dinner time
[22:01] <Adfeng> Strange… some of you are close with anticipation
[22:02] <Adfeng> It was warmth and love
[22:02] <Adfeng> That I was broadcasting
[22:02] <Ephraim> wtf?
[22:02] <JediKaren> ah
[22:02] <JediKaren> lol good emotions to send
[22:02] <Itchies> wtf? Why do I want to cry?
[22:02] <JediKaren> notice how most people went for negative?
[22:02] <Air> well that’s an obvious one.
[22:02] <RavenFire> Sorry Itchies
[22:02] <Ephraim> wow, someone must be hungry cuz after Adfeng said sending i got hit with pain
[22:02] <Axle> nope that would be yellow and pink
[22:02] <JediKaren> we think negativily before we think of happiness
[22:03] <Itchies> can i try? maybe I’m better on the other end.
[22:03] <Lutasi> Makes sense… that sort of affectionate feeling just stabs me in the gut personally
[22:03] <Adfeng> Please be sure, everyone, that you aren’t broadcasting any emotions, because that would throw off everyone
[22:03] * Air knew it couldn’t be happiness exactly but–
[22:03] <JediKaren> sure, Adfeng, do you mind?
[22:03] <Adfeng> Mind if I go once more, everyone?
[22:03] <Adfeng> Then Itchies can go
[22:03] <Itchies> works for me
[22:03] <Air> and be sure that you aren’t receiving any more emotions and broadcasting it
[22:03] <Axle> though I do have MJ Cole – Crazy Love in my head
[22:03] <Air> heh
[22:03] <JediKaren> ok, adfeng and then Itchies
[22:04] <Adfeng> Be sure that you concentrate solely on who is sending and no one else
[22:04] <Air> that is, watch that you’re not broadcasting the emotions that you might be receiving
[22:04] <JediKaren> please remember to look deeply at the emotion and make sure it’s only one and it’s not yours
[22:05] * Adfeng sending
[22:05] <Air> sadness
[22:06] <Axle> I just want to lift my head upwards
[22:06] <Kasada> I would dare to say more of anticipation
[22:06] <Itchies> somber. and dizzy.
[22:06] <Ephraim> i’m getting nothing
[22:06] <Axle> a yellow burst of wind that turns upwards across my body and pushes my head up
[22:06] <Lutasi> I’m getting a headache….
[22:07] <JediKaren> loneliness…?
[22:07] <Adfeng> Anyone else?
[22:07] <Itchies> warm. dizzy. still somber.
[22:07] <Adfeng> Okay… so…
[22:07] <Lutasi> I’m goanna pop out… I think the sad is proably from me I get like that when i’m tired
[22:07] <Adfeng> My emotion I was broadcasting was multi-leveled in a way. It was the feeling that you couldn’t go on anymore, that you had a headache, that you’re just down right depressed
[22:07] <Itchies> night, Lutasi
[22:08] <Adfeng> Like the world just fell on you and you can’t get up no matter what
[22:08] <Air> cya
[22:08] <Adfeng> And that you just have a dull pain all over
[22:08] <JediKaren> ahhh
[22:08] <JediKaren> depression
[22:08] <Adfeng> Axle, you might have seen the yellow wind lifting you up because that was a reaction to it
[22:09] <JediKaren> ok Itchies your turn
[22:09] <Axle> your or mine?
[22:09] <JediKaren> Come on guys
[22:09] <JediKaren> I can tell none of you are calm or focused
[22:09] * Adfeng nods, agreeing
[22:09] <Ephraim> i’m trying to be
[22:09] <JediKaren> if you wnat this to work, calm down, stop thinking, and just focus
[22:09] <JediKaren> breathe
[22:09] <JediKaren> remember how I had you all feel psi?
[22:10] <JediKaren> that deep stillness in your mind. that is what you need
[22:10] <Itchies> ready?
[22:10] <JediKaren> do we need to over that again? or are we good?
[22:10] * Ephraim is good
[22:10] <Adfeng> Maybe a minute for a quick meditation for everyone?
[22:10] <Ephraim> (i think o.O)
[22:10] <Adfeng> Like, a literal minute.
[22:10] * Axle ‘s got it
[22:11] * Air thinks that he’s good
[22:11] <JediKaren> ok I think people are good
[22:11] <JediKaren> itchies, go
[22:11] * Itchies is Sending
[22:12] <Adfeng> At first a null feeling… somewhat of a neutral feel.
[22:12] <Kasada> nervousness, I’d tend to say. Shakey, like adrenaline flooding the system when you know you shouldn’t be but are anyway.
[22:12] <JediKaren> guilt?
[22:12] <Axle> numbness
[22:12] * Ephraim still got nothing
[22:12] <Axle> in the head specifically
[22:12] <JediKaren> like I’m being pushed down heavily
[22:13] <Itchies> huh.
[22:13] <Adfeng> Now I feel like “Oh.. crap… I can’t believe i did that”
[22:13] <Air> yeah, I’m just feeling somewhat heavy neutral
[22:13] <Adfeng> So, maybe doing something you knew you shouldn’t have done, not feeling bad about it, but then feeling bad about it later.
[22:13] * Lutasi now is wondering what he missed
[22:13] <Kasada> you know when your hands are shaking, but you need them for precision work?
[22:13] <Air> now it’s trying to concentrate but hurting your mind
[22:13] <Axle> a thick gray/white radio static building numbness in the back of my brain
[22:14] <Itchies> Kasada was closest. It’s kind of that “OhGodohgodohgod” nervous/ stage fright feeling.
[22:14] <Adfeng> Something I want to note here with everyone
[22:14] <Adfeng> You’ll notice that most of our responses are somewhat similar
[22:14] <Adfeng> As this may not be the case, but as we read others’ posts, we start feeling what they say unconsiously
[22:15] <JediKaren> ohh I thought that was my caffiene
[22:15] <Ephraim> lol
[22:15] * Air hasn’t been reading the posts, at least on his first responses
[22:15] <Axle> same
[22:15] <Air> second ones it’s somewhat unavoidable
[22:15] * Kasada as Air said, not reading until it’s typed
[22:15] <JediKaren> ok who is feeling overwhelmed by all these emotions being send out?
[22:16] <Ephraim> not me as i’m not getting them
[22:16] <Adfeng> I’ve had a headache this entire time
[22:16] <Axle> I feel breathlessness
[22:16] <Adfeng> From everything happening.
[22:16] <Axle> … minus the ness
[22:16] <Air> not particularly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything
[22:16] <Air> well it does but–
[22:16] <Itchies> i have just a wee bit of a headaceh
[22:16] <Adfeng> But normally I block out most emotions, so that’s why I’m feeling this way.
[22:16] * Lutasi already shut down a little
[22:16] <Kasada> I feel fine
[22:16] <Kazasu> Yay for having to directing focus here causing room spinning.
[22:16] <Kazasu> remove having to.
[22:17] <Kasada> Shall I try sending next?
[22:17] <JediKaren> ok another try or do we want to go over grounding or call it an end?
[22:17] * Shay|SSH has to ignore this channel for now
[22:17] <Adfeng> I’ll be glad to do one more
[22:17] <Itchies> ^^
[22:17] <Air> ^
[22:17] <Kasada> ^^^
[22:17] <Axle> I want to try using music to reach an emotion
[22:17] <Ephraim> please i think i’ll take down my base sheilds a bit this time
[22:17] * Ephraim forgot they were up
[22:18] <Itchies> wow. nice one.
[22:18] <Air> oh yeah.. whoops
[22:18] <Kazasu> Music to evoke or music to feel?
[22:18] <JediKaren> Kasada, you go and then I’m ending the class officially. You all can still practice
[22:18] <Air> i probably don’t have any up but– anywho
[22:19] <Axle> like the sender uses a song to feel an emotion then sends it out
[22:19] <Kazasu> Ah
[22:19] <Kazasu> Eh
[22:19] <Kazasu> I don’t see anything against using music as a bridge to connect with someone.
[22:19] * Kasada sending
[22:20] <Axle> pressure
[22:20] <Itchies> It feels slow. kind of graceful.
[22:20] * Ephraim is typing with his eyes closed.
[22:20] <Itchies> ^^lol
[22:20] <Axle> pushing inwards from all sides
[22:20] <Axle> not together though
[22:20] <Axle> in parts
[22:21] <Ephraim> i’m getting a tingling? a wheight i think, not sure…
[22:21] <JediKaren> excitment/joy/happiness
[22:21] <Adfeng> That’s what i feel
[22:21] <Axle> and all sorts of colors, I couldn’t figure what those where
[22:21] <Adfeng> Like bouncing back and forth
[22:22] <Itchies> still getting that calm grace
[22:22] <Itchies> i like this song.
[22:22] <Air> Content but wanting something a tiny bit, while not caring too much
[22:22] <Taetarthe> Is the class still going?
[22:22] <Axle> still just pressure, maybe even growing thin but not hunger
[22:22] <JediKaren> ok Kasada, tell us what it is
[22:22] <JediKaren> yes but it’s almost done
[22:23] <Kasada> Peace, calm, serenity.
[22:23] <Kasada> What I thought would help the most right now, after everyone’s nerves were up.
[22:23] <Taetarthe> interesting.
[22:23] <Air> you trickster.
[22:23] <Ephraim> lol
[22:23] <JediKaren> LOL yes
[22:23] * Itchies throws arms up in victory
[22:23] <JediKaren> and I like that
[22:23] <Itchies> FINALLY
[22:23] <JediKaren> of END OF CLASS
[22:23] <Ephraim> </class>
[22:23] <JediKaren> offically the class is over for the sake of the log
[22:23] <Ephraim> EOC
[22:23] <JediKaren> if anyone wants a copy of the log, please pm me or Raven

Posted By: Adara, Head Manager/Head Operator

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