About Us

The About Us section of the site is a way for our guest and members to familiarize themselves with the organizational side of Psionics Institute.  This page is meant to inform and give information to everyone about our policies, site guidelines and regulations, tell about our mission and goals, and general contact information.

Mission Statement:
We want to inform our members on what this organization is all about.  Our mission statement details to our visitors members, what we intend to accomplish, what our current goal is, and what our end goal is.  We hope to give our members a thorough understanding of what we are about and what we wish to achieve as a organization.

P.I. Staff:
Listed herein for our members and guests to view, is a list of the current staff members of Psionics Institute. This list is also for our members to know who they should contact in the case that they need assistance, have a problem that they would like resolved, or simply have a question they need answered, in order to provide our members with the swiftest assistance possible.

Written By: P.I. Administration
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