About The Astral Plane

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Article: “About The Astral Plane”, by JediKaren

Here is a lesson in how to astral project. Please note this article is for newbies with a few tips for harder stuff. I do it slightly differently by skipping certain steps or not going to the full detail of them. I do this because this is not my first time astral projecting and also I am a natural at this. I do not recommend at all skipping steps if this is your first time.

Astral projection, also known as A.P., is the ability to mentally and spiritually leave your body and travel the world around you. When you project, you enter into a plane. The most commonly known and visited plane is what is known as the astral plane. This has been misnamed because the astral plane is really a term that sums up all the planes that exist and not just one plane. So, what I like to call this well-known plane is the Real Time. This plane shows us Earth and all of space. Everything you see on Earth you will see with you A.P. There are many other planes that you can go to. Psionics are constantly discovering a new plane. There is one plane that is most visited because this is the plane everyone starts projecting to. It is called the Real Time Zone plane, due to the fact that the plane is an exact copy of the world you see, breathe, and live in.

There is no limit of how far you can go and you can always return to your body whenever you wish. You can meet people in this state. They can be either A.P.’ing themselves or just noticing you. If they are not projecting, they must be strong enough in psionics to be able to sense your presences. This will not work with your newbie friend. You can return to your body anytime by either opening your eyes and break the link or by returning to your body. You can not be hurt while A.P.’ing, but you can be mentally attacked. Astral projection will have no physical effect on you because you are using energy indirectly.

Here is my first astral projection that I was conscious and aware of. I suspect that I have been unconsciously and without meaning to, projected before, because the feeling is very familiar and it might explain why I was able to project on my first try.

“A few days ago I was in my room, near my window at night. The lights were out and I was trying to sense the outdoors with my eyes closed. At first, I saw my window through a third person view. Then I found myself outside. I could see the willow tree we have and the next door neighbor’s house. I could feel the slight breeze and the cool of the night. I could almost smell the air. This was all in my head. I finally opened my eyes and it did feel like I had left myself and came back. It was SO weird and yet cool at the same time.”

Step 1: Clean Slate

For sitting or lying down, this step is a must. Clear your mind of all thoughts and emotions. Your mind must be empty and still. You will need full concentration for this skill. If you sneeze or stop yourself for any reason, you will have to start all over again. Relax and get rid of any fears you have about astral projecting. You will have to really want to do this in order for this to work. Any fear you have about the astral plane or leaving your body will keep you from being successful.

Step 2: Get In Touch

In order to astral project, you will have to feel and control your spirit. Your spirit is your soul, personality, what makes you, you. To do this, feel yourself. I do not mean physically. Close your eyes and think about yourself. Who are you? What do you think about when you think of you?

Step 3: Rising and Visualizing

What you are going to do is project your astral body, also known as your spirit, out of you. Imagine a ghost of yourself. Picture the ghost like a see-through view of you. Now, imagine a fan below you, blowing air through your body. Visualize the fan blowing the ghost gently and slowly out of your body.

Now, picture what it would look like to be floating a few inches above your live body from a first person point of view. You will be looking at the ceiling if you are lying down. With that picture of the floating ghost and feeling your spirit, let your spirit become the ghost and float slowly up. Have your spirit float to that spot in the air, looking at the ceiling. It is the closest feeling to levitating without actually doing it. You may feel like you are in two places at once. It will feel like you can feel your alive body and your ap body at the same time. This is called bi locating. This happens because your focus is divided. This is ok and you should not be afraid. Place your focus on A.P.’ing.

Step 4: Moving and Seeing

Although floating in the air is fun, it will get old quickly. To get your feet on the ground, just float downward and at an angle to straighten your body up so you will be standing. Take a moment to stop and look around. Notice the details around you. If the room is dark, what you should see is a dark room. Some details may be less noticeable than when you are in your room awake. Some details will stand out more. Do not get worried if your eye sight isn’t there at first or isn’t very clear. This problem will go away as you adjust to the astral plane. You can still use and feel psi to help you move about.

Step 5: Walking

I have read in people’s experiences and articles that you have to teach yourself how to walk. At first, I disagreed with this notion about having to learn how to walk, but after carefully A.P.’ing several times I realized what these people meant by walking.

When we walk to the kitchen we don’t think about picking up our feet and then placing it ahead of the other foot. We just move with no conscious thought to it unless we trip or our balance is off. Most of the time we are hardly aware of the movement involved with walking. When we walk in our astral body we just think of where we want to go and just go there. So for practice look for the door to your room and walk over to the door. Practice walking around the house. I promise you no one will see you or know that you are “out” of bed.

Other Things To Try:

Coming Out

Once you have master A.P.’ing while lying down you can experiment coming out of your body in different ways. If you are sitting on the ground or in a chair you can practice aping standing up. Just image what it would be like to stand up and ap to that view.

AP’ing With Change

If you want a more challenging place to project to, try a location with change. What I mean by change is with things moving. I would suggest outside in a place that is nearby and you know well.

Do steps 1-3. Take a moment to notice the air and your surroundings. Is it raining, snowing, thunder and lighting? Is it very windy? Are the trees, grass and flags moving? Look for cars and people going by. Please note only a well trained psion would have any idea you are there.

AP’ing To An Unknown Place:

I have heard from a lot of newbies that want to travel to a place they never have been to. While it is possible to project to Antarctica, it will be very difficult. It is hard, because you do not know what Antarctica looks like in real life. It is not enough to look at the tv, books, and web cams. Everything always looks different once you are there. Also, you need to know the exact location you are going to project to. The more you know about the area and the exact spot you are going to ap to the easier it will be.

Astral Projection can be hard because it demands experience with energy and you must be able to think in a certain way. Not everyone can project and most beginners can’t. Do not give up if you project the first time. There are many ways to ap and this is mine. Remember the old saying about practice makes perfect. It is true for all psion skills.

Astral projection for most people can be the hardest skill in the psionic field. There are many different methods to project and this particular method may not work for you. If so, please go to other sites for different techniques and do not get discouraged if projecting takes you several weeks to several months. Astral projection is a very personal type of skill and it may take you some time before you find the right way for you. Keep trying and good luck on your trips.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute