The Subconscious

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Article: “The Subconscious”, by JediKaren

There is a belief that humans only use ten percent of their brain. This is a myth and has been proven wrong by science and yet, one has to wonder where and why did this myth spring up from. It is my own personal belief that one origin of that myth was an interest and lack of knowledge about the subconscious.

There are three parts to the mind. The parts are the conscious, the unconscious, and the subconscious. These three parts of the mind where first discovered by an early psychologist, from the late 1800’s, named Sigmund Freud, who named the three parts of the mind the subconscious, unconscious (also known as the preconscious), and the conscious. It was Freud who suspected that psionics abilities were done by the subconscious. Many people like to think of the three parts as layers of the mind with the conscious being at the top and most aware, the subconscious being right below the conscious, and the unconscious being at the lowest part of the mind. The subconscious literally means “below the conscious” or “existing or operating in the mind beneath or “beyond consciousness”. The subconscious is also thought to be a category under the unconscious mind verses the conscious mind. Another opinion is the subconscious does not exist at all, because if the subconscious is part of the unconscious mind, then the conscious mind should be able to be aware of it.

Before Freud, there was another man named Edward von Hartmann, a German philosopher, who had his own ideas and theories about the mind. He, too, came up with three parts of the mind: the absolute unconscious, the physiological unconscious, and the relative unconscious. He believed that the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind were both equal in mental ability, but not equal in speed of performance. His theory was the unconscious mind was far faster than the conscious mind. This makes sense if you think about the poltergeist phenomena. A poltergeist happens when a psion does telekinesis unconsciously and without control. Now, take the same person, teach them how to do telekinesis and you will find it will take them days, if not months, to learn how to consciously perform telekinesis.

There not very much truly understood and few facts are completely agreed upon about the subconscious, but there are a few points that are false. The subconscious is not a second mind, for it is only part of the mind. The subconscious is not a spirit, a ghost, a demon, or an alien speaking to you. A psion will find on some spiritual sites that idea is wrong and the subconscious is an entity. The subconscious is not the perfect guide and will not always work and should not be primarily depended upon.

When one thinks of the subconscious, one should think of a very well done and complex computer program. The subconscious is like a storage building, storing memories, facts, ideas, and sensory information, which the conscious is not aware of. An example of this is when a person takes a walk, they are barely aware of their surroundings, and yet they manage not to walk into trees, or stumble on steps. If you were to ask them if they heard birds chirping, the colors of the houses, what shirt they were wearing, they would have to pause. The person is pausing because their conscious does not have this information on hand and must refer to the subconscious for more information.

At times of need, the subconscious can and will, communicate with the conscious. The subconscious is responsible for many internal body functions, such as breathing, digesting food, checking blood sugar, heart beat, and so on. The conscious part of the mind will only notice these functions, if the subconscious alerts the conscious of a problem, like when a person stops breathing. Another interesting fact about the subconscious is people can become aware and to a degree, control their subconscious. Like a computer program, you do not notice the subconscious working until you look for it, give it a command, or see a result from it. It is interesting to note that the subconscious part of the brain is primarily responsible for psionic abilities.

The subconscious can and is doing a variety of tasks that you may not be aware of. This lack of awareness is because of society. We have forgotten or been taught to ignore the subconscious. Since we are not aware of the subconscious, we lose a lot of self awareness and knowledge about us and the world. If we are not aware of ourselves, we are not very sensitive to small, important details around us. To understand the world and the energy we use, we should start with understand ourselves, which is why it is recommended by some to learn how to meditate first, and then learn to feel and use psi.

The strange thing about the subconscious is it seems the reason behind most skills done naturally or through practice. There is much debate over this idea, but one could conclude that the subconscious seems to have a constant link, or connection, with psionic energy. The logic behind for this statement is it would explain our intuition, more commonly known as our gut feelings, and help understand why some people seem to be luckier than others. The subconscious is often mentioned in posts on forums as “I subconsciously moved the psi wheel” or “I was subconsciously broadcasting a thought”. One will find that psychologists will deny the subconscious having to do psionics, so it up to the individual to decide if this is valid or not.

The subconscious can be programmed to remind you to wake up at a certain hour. To do this, repeat out loud to yourself before you go to sleep, to wake up at that hour. Visualize the time on the clock you want to wake up by, in your mind, to reinforce the idea. If you do not wake up on time, do not get discouraged. This does take practice, like all other skills. After a while your subconscious will automatically wake you up at the hour, unless it is told otherwise.

Another useful task that your subconscious can do is analyzes and solve problems without you being aware of it functioning. When you get stuck on a math problem, or how to write a paper, or even what to say to a friend, it is always best to put the problem aside and take a break, to later come back to it. During your break, the subconscious is working on the problem for you. This is why often times the answer will come to you suddenly, when you are not thinking about the problem during your break. It has been thought that your subconscious will work on a problem as you sleep, which is why you may dream of the answer or wake up, and suddenly know the answer.

When trying to remember an event that you were present for, it is best to communicate with the subconscious. The subconscious is especially good at noting small details like smells, temperature, little movements, faces, and colors. This is important because it can help improve a psion?s memory. Ask your subconscious to help provide the essential details about the event or person you are trying to remember. One should quiet the mind of all thoughts and emotions to be able to pick up on the details being giving. The answer will not be a voice, but it will seem something human like.

The subconscious can be programmed to do many other things like be in charge of your body. The subconscious can be another way to do self healing. It can monitor, notify the conscious part of the mind, and control the body functions. You can ask your subconscious to check and keep your heart rate down, or bring you attention to the problem. The subconscious can check for any harmful germs in your body, to warn you of an upcoming cold. It is important for a psion, and or anyone, to be in their best health, so it is worth while programming your subconscious to warn you. A person may be hard to get in touch with their subconscious and teach the conscious and subconscious to talk to each other, but practice and time will solve this.

As a psion can see, many people believe the subconscious plays a serious role in energy. There are various abilities the subconscious can perform. The first step is to become aware of your subconscious, noting what it does for you. Then, start with easy tasks and work up to asking your subconscious to help you understand something complex or solve a problem. The subconscious is still a rather unknown topic with much debate, so it is recommended to all psions to do their research and not rely only on one article, but to look for the different opinions of others.

Unconscious Abilities

Unconscious abilities are skills, done through psi, which is done unconsciously or subconsciously. Some psions believe psionics skills are done in the back of brain, where this is not much conscious attention or activity. There are two types of psions that fall under this definition.

The first groups to come to mind are the untrained psions. These people will naturally do certain skills without meaning to and have a lack of control and grace. This unconscious control happens because these untrained individuals have a stronger connection to psi than most people. Once these energy users begin training, the unconscious abilities will disappear for some time.

The second group is the well trained psions. These people have worked with psi so much they perform different abilities without noticing it. This is because they have trained for so long and so intensely it comes from instincts. They can gather energy and send it to another person without thought. The psion might be able to sense emotions from someone and not even be aware of the effort it should have taken or the steps needed.


Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute