Astral Projection

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Log from #Classroom on Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 9PM EST: “Astral Projection”, hosted by JediKaren:
[20:58] <JediKaren> START CLASS
[21:00] <JediKaren> Welcome to my class, which will be on Astral Projection. We are just going to cover the basics. I will teach what it is, theories, opinions, dangers, problems and tips, and of course how to do it. While I will teach how to, i will not pause for those wanting to do it right then.
[21:00] <JediKaren> First lets go over a few rules:
[21:01] <JediKaren> I’m going to lecture for about 10-15 mins. Please be quiet during that time. if you have questiions, wait for me to ask for them. I will stop and ask. I will then answer questions based on order of asking. If i skip you please see Ephraim for help.
[21:02] <JediKaren> You can come and go as you need to, but please be queit about it. have a problem or a question, please seek ephraim about it. I’m typing as fast as I can. I’m going to make typing and spelling mistakes. Be patient.
[21:03] <DJ_Ephraim> and i’ve put +m so there’s 0 talking during the lecture portion, i’ll drop it during question time
[21:04] <JediKaren> If you find what i say offensive or incorrect, please be polite in your arguement. or just wait until after the class and talk to me then. be respectful and polite to your fellow energy users. astral projection is not a clear cut topic and there are many opinions and theories. listen when a open mind and think about it later before starting a flame war.
[21:04] <JediKaren> Oh and I have a 10 week old kitten who will NOT leave me alone. typing and distractions happen. I’m trying
[21:05] <JediKaren> if you must leave or need a log, pm me and I will make sure you get a copy at the end of the class. If you chose to pm me during the class, I will probably not answer you until the questions time or during our one break. Be patient and understand I’m kinda busy teaching.
[21:06] <JediKaren> and with that, does anyone have any questions about the rules or how this will work?
[21:06] <JediKaren> any?
[21:06] <DJ_Ephraim> also with JediKaren permission the logs will be posted on the forum
[21:06] <JediKaren> permission granted
[21:06] <DJ_Ephraim>
[21:06] <JediKaren> ok if no questions, I will begin the class!
[21:07] <JediKaren> Astral projection….one of the more interesting abilities in psionics, but also one of the hardest to do. It’s right up there with tk, if not harder for some.
[21:08] <JediKaren> I am a bit rare in that I’m a “natural” at it. I had just discovered psipog in 2005 and tried aping for the first time and…well just did it. I do however have theories as to why it came to me so easily.
[21:10] <JediKaren> Astral projection is not a clear cut topic. There is no “correct” way of doing it or right belief. There are no true solid and hard facts. There are opinions based on personal experience. There are common elements many of us have experienced and that is considered the “truth” of the topic. I will teach what I know.
[21:11] <JediKaren> I have been aping for years. I have taught it, researched every article I know. I have looked into all the various theories and reasoning. I have been to a lot of astral sites. I have seen a lot of fluffy (polite for bs) and I have seen a lot of spirituality in astral projection. I am a strong believer in the spirituality of aping and even some of the
[21:12] <JediKaren> “fluff” You don’t have to agree with me or like what i have to teach, but I ask that you at least listen.
[21:13] <JediKaren> so let’s go into what it is: Astral projection is the projection of the astral body or “spirit”. You might define the “body” as your soul or who you are. Your presence. what makes you you.
[21:14] <JediKaren> You project, or leave your “real” body and go into the astral plane. Now there are a lot of theories about what exactly is this “plane”. I’ll give a few I know and believe to be true or close to the truth. The plane is another kind of reality. It’s real, but it’s like putting on 3D glasses and seeing a different world from 2 D
[21:15] <JediKaren> there are things in the astral plane we aren’t aware of when not projecting. As you get really good and experienced you can become always aware of the astral plane, but we’re dealing with the beginnings today.
[21:17] <JediKaren> btw for terms: ap can mean astral plane or astral projection. Use common sense to figure out what term people mean. aping means “astral projecting”. Obe or Oobe means “out of body experience”. Some people argue that obe and ap are the same thing. Others will agrue there is a difference. If you ask me
[21:17] <JediKaren> oob can mean projecting into any plane, though usually it’s the “reality” one.
[21:18] <JediKaren> brb
[21:18] <JediKaren> b
[21:20] <JediKaren> now you might be wondering if there are other kinds of planes. Some say yes. some say no. I say yes and I will explain the three ones I recognize. There is the “reality” or “physical” plane. this is the plane you walk around in. It’s reality. It’s the room you’re in right now, the house you live in, the school and streets and grass you see and
[21:21] <JediKaren> experience every day. You project into this plane when you first ap (usually). it’s easy and simple and not weird.
[21:22] <JediKaren> the second plane is the astral. It’s different. It gets abstract. You might hear people projecting to temples or strange places filled with strange beings and not always human. It is the plane for your imagination and a place of learning.
[21:23] <JediKaren> and third is “the mental plane”. this is the most abstract and weirdest and hardest plane to reach. It is a plane filled with tons of energy. It requires a lot of psion practice and understanding of energy.
[21:23] <JediKaren> and with that I will stop for questions.
[21:23] <JediKaren> comments/ questions? suggestions?
[21:23] <DJ_Ephraim> you may now talk freely in an ordered manner
[21:24] <Kasada> Inquiry: Why do you use the term “reality plane” to refer to the physical? It carries undesirable implications.
[21:24] <JediKaren> it’s how I think about it. I see it as the reality most people are use to
[21:25] <Kasada> Inquiry: Is it your belief that the three planes mentioned thus far are the only ones?
[21:25] <JediKaren> No, but to keep it simple I’m mentioning those
[21:25] <shirkamisamyogai> Suggestion: since “ap” can mean either “astral projection” or “astral plane”, can we, for the sake of the class, distinguish it: perhaps, “ap” for “astral projection” and “AP” for “astral plane”?
[21:26] <JediKaren> I think some people do that. I’ve never seen anything official on that, but it’s a good idea
[21:26] <Korr> a lot of people dont know the difference between ap and oobe, mind diving into it more for those unable to perform these?
[21:26] <Chance> Question: Do you believe that when shamans go on spiritual journeys, as well as when various other cultures/belief systems do, they are going to the astral plane?
[21:27] <Korr> mine first!
[21:27] * shirkamisamyogai tries not to laugh
[21:27] <JediKaren> lol korr is first
[21:27] <DreamLord> Observation: just a terminology thing, but I do feel I have to point one thing out…OBE has the word “experience” in it, implying that specifically an OBE can be anything the /feels/ outside of your body. Even just a dream that you projected.
[21:27] <Korr> (anything to make me smile)
[21:27] <JediKaren> Korr: I already explained the difference to me. It’s kinda tricky to me. I see the differences as subtle if at all. It’s all on how you view it.
[21:28] <JediKaren> Chance: they could. It depends on their experience. I would have to listen to what they went through before I would decide
[21:29] <Korr> Karen: You spoke about seeing buildings in the second plane. Have you actually stepped into one?
[21:29] <JediKaren> DreamLord, obe is also a science term. So yes I think that could be more right. Again, it really depends on what you call your experience.
[21:29] * Chance smiles at that question
[21:30] <JediKaren> Korr, yes, but that is a very very long and strange story meant for a pm. feel free to talk to me about my experiences in depth afterwards
[21:30] <JediKaren> good questions guys! anymore? let’s do a few more and then move on
[21:30] <Korr> I probably won’t last till the end.. my patience is very thing tonight, and i’m on a short fuse
[21:30] <Korr> *thin
[21:31] <DJ_Ephraim>
[21:31] * SilentEcho pokes his head in
[21:31] <JediKaren> Might try looking at what’s going on and breathe a bit and take a step back. being calm is good
[21:31] <JediKaren> anymore questions?
[21:31] <Nexus> on perceiving the other planes. do things, at least to you, appear to have a solid form? or more ethereal/incorporeal? is perception on the different planes subjective?
[21:31] <SilentEcho> hmmmmm
[21:32] <Korr> I’m good right now
[21:32] <Korr> thx
[21:32] <SilentEcho> and after you answer his question i have one
[21:33] <JediKaren> on the astral plane, yes. mental no. it’s like seeing a world of ghostly energy and everything is blurred, though that’s because you aren’t ready to view the world through that kind of energy. Practice psionics for years and understand how energy works and that plane gets clearer
[21:33] <JediKaren> SE
[21:33] <SilentEcho> is it possible to pull someone out of their body while aping if they are willing
[21:34] <JediKaren> we will cover that probably in the next lecture after these questions
[21:34] <JediKaren> anymore?
[21:35] <JediKaren> Ok I suggest we move on. wait until I ask for more questions
[21:35] <JediKaren> thanks
[21:36] <JediKaren> Why is it so hard? Why do people struggle so much? well it’s a very different kind of skill compares to other psionic or energy skills. It’s a mind set and willing to embrace the unknown
[21:38] <JediKaren> aping is scary. I won’t lie. There are dangers. There are strange stuff out there. There are things you have never experienced. And it keeps getting weirder, kinda like energy work does. Imagine the world without the laws of gravity or being able to walk through walls, teleport, deny energy work, manifest at a thought, and have physical and mental
[21:38] <JediKaren> abilities beyond what you can do on earth. Yeah it’s creepy.
[21:40] <JediKaren> But is it’s not as hard or as scary as you think it is. It’s a personal journey of greatness and joy. You can learn so much and do so much. You can be inspired, healed in the mental sense. You can practice what you can’t on earth. And time doesn’t work the way you think. What you think is 30 mins of aping actually was 15.
[21:40] <JediKaren> There are many fears about projecting and fear is a major part to why people can’t.
[21:41] <JediKaren> You must be willing to relax your body. You must be willing to let go of your body. You must be willing to leave your body. You must be willing to go into the unknown. I can tell you all day long what is out there, but that won’t calm your fear.
[21:41] <JediKaren> And finally, you must be willing to learn about yourself in order to get out.
[21:43] <JediKaren> Now for fears: people fear that they can be pulled out. You can’t. sure spirits can try, but in the end, you hold say if you leave or not. dig deep, get stubborn and stay. Use that mental power of being able to say “no”.
[21:44] <JediKaren> People fear demons. the truth is there are and aren’t demons. Demons are the manifested fear within you being projected in a state of “monster” or whatever you consider fearful. If you go into a dark room, fearing monsters, everything is going to look like a monster because you have it on the brain and concretating on it. So stop thinking about it.
[21:45] <JediKaren> For aping, stop looking for the danger and the danger isn’t going to find you. Don’t go looking for demons to go kick butt and you won’t have to fight. don’t play helpless victim and you won’t have to be one. Ap for the reasons that are positive. Healing, learning, relaxing, expriencing. Want joy and happiness and you will find it.
[21:47] <JediKaren> People fear that if they ap, something bad will happen to their real bodies. Not true. Just because you left doesn’t mean you aren’t somewhat aware of what’s going on. If I scream right next to your body, you will snap back into (which is unpleasant to say the least) and be very startled and probably pissed off at me
[21:48] <JediKaren> People fear that they can’t get back. I argue that you always can get back. Just open your eyes, wiggle a foot or just focus on your real body. You’ll go right back in. If you fear you can’t get back, you’ll probably manifest that block. Be aware of the power of thought on the astral plane.
[21:49] <JediKaren> Now if you have ever been in a city you know there are bad scary parts that you just don’t go to. The same is true of the astral plane. Please be smart and don’t go there. go and you will have trouble and little pity from me.
[21:50] <JediKaren> a cool little thing about aping is that you can project to real people and walk around in their house. but some people are sensitive or trained in psionics or just more aware or maybe a natural and can see or sense you. It kinda feels like being caught watching some get naked to get dressed.
[21:51] <JediKaren> so be ware if you watch, you could be caught. that may be a good or bad thing if you want to be caught or not.
[21:51] <JediKaren> and I will stop there so we can have questions and then a break
[21:52] <JediKaren> questions comments suggestions?
[21:52] <SilentEcho> back to my question, can someone pull you out if you want them to>
[21:52] <SilentEcho> ?*
[21:52] <JediKaren> feel free to answer each others questions. I’m not the only one who knows anything
[21:52] <Vridarin> APing is a full blown hallucinatory state sort of deal?
[21:52] <Chance> Do you think there’s a big problem with ‘people with unrealistic expectations?’ As in, people aping, but they think it’s their imagination and that they aren’t aping.
[21:52] <Vridarin> Like dreaming I guess
[21:52] <Korr> Except you’re not hallucinating
[21:53] <Korr> you can meet other people there, and they’ll remember the events
[21:53] <JediKaren> Oh doh. Yes you can. But I wouldn’t advise it. It’s actually dangerous if they aren’t ready. You can cause real harm to them if they aren’t ready and they won’t know the first time
[21:53] <Korr> so its not like a dream, but in a sense it is
[21:53] <Vridarin> :\
[21:53] <SilentEcho> but what if you plan it, make sure your ready for it
[21:54] <Vridarin> OKay
[21:54] <Korr> that answer ur question, Vridarin?
[21:54] <JediKaren> Vridarin, I would say no. it’s real. They have done studies and tests that prove we go into a deep mental state. But it can feel like a drug induced dream
[21:54] <Vridarin> Does it seem like regular waking reality?
[21:54] <Vridarin> That’s what I meant
[21:54] <Korr> regular waking reality? not sure what u mean
[21:54] * DJ_Ephraim has soooo many examples from sci-fi that could be likened to ap
[21:54] <JediKaren> Chance: yes and that’s what makes it hard to tell if it was real or not and what is the truth about the topic
[21:54] <JediKaren> guys, slow down!
[21:54] <Vridarin> You’ve never been part of waking reality?
[21:55] <Korr> i’ve got ur back karen
[21:55] <Korr> i’m not sure of the term
[21:55] <Vridarin> It’s a pretty self explanatory term
[21:55] <Vridarin> It’s the reality you experience when you’re awake
[21:55] <JediKaren> Vridarin: yes I would describe as a walking reality, but there is a sense, a feeling that tells me if this is a dream or my imaganiation. not sure how to explain how I know. But I do
[21:56] <Chance> *nods* Because I think I might of aped a few times, but got there through visualization at first rather the whole ‘quiet yourself and you’ll snap into it’ kind of thing.
[21:57] <JediKaren> Chance, people project and don’t know it. I actually had that happen to me a few times.
[21:57] <JediKaren> ok more questions?
[21:57] * SilentEcho has never projected T_T
[21:57] <Korr> Its not a bad thing..
[21:57] <Itchies> How do you know if you /are/ projecting?
[21:57] <Korr> it just takes a lot to get there the first time
[21:57] <Itchies> Stupid question. . .
[21:57] <Vridarin> okay thankehs karen
[21:57] <Itchies> >.>
[21:57] <JediKaren> It’s not.
[21:58] <Kasada> questions, yes. Related to the topic at hand, not so much.
[21:58] <Korr> no such thing as a stupid question
[21:58] <Chance> And my other questions will probably fit better with the methods, so I’m done for now
[21:59] <JediKaren> projecting to me never feels like a dream. it’s too detailed. It’s too logical and flowing, but not like a story. My dreams are like stories and I never know I’m dreaming when I am. When I project I am conscious of the fact that I am and I can control what I do. In my dreams, I can’t
[21:59] <JediKaren> Korr, there are stupid questions and they still need to be asked because we just don’t know the info.
[21:59] <Korr> i was trying to make her feel better..
[21:59] <Korr> Also, how do i get logs?
[22:00] <Itchies> so what’s the difference between aping and, say, guided meditations or something?
[22:00] <JediKaren> pm your email and I will make sure you get it
[22:00] <DJ_Ephraim> they will be on the main site forum
[22:00] <Malv> When you project, can certain sleep related problems still affect you such as sleep apnea?
[22:00] <Nexus> say if i start to feel energy around me, either produced by my environement or myself. would this sense inhibit or promote astral projection? or does the perception of this energy have nothing to do it?
[22:01] <Vridarin> Karen have you ever done lucid dreaming?
[22:01] <JediKaren> guided meditation is a guide suggested imagery, or at least what I have known about it. aping is free standing and not suggested.
[22:01] <JediKaren> ok slow down
[22:01] <Nexus> er. “no effect on it” would be a better way to phrase that last.
[22:01] <Vridarin> I would be curious to hear the similarities and differences if any
[22:01] <JediKaren> Malv: if you can’t breathe, you will be aware of it very much so and not project at all, or stop because you will be forced to pay attention to your body needs.
[22:02] <Malv> I see, thank you.
[22:03] <JediKaren> Nexus: it can promote astral projection. I’ve had that happen once or twice. I don’t like it personally. But you can control when you ap or not
[22:03] <Korr> karen, get my pm?
[22:03] <JediKaren> Vridarin: yes once or twice. It’s rare for me.
[22:03] <JediKaren> one sec
[22:04] <JediKaren> ok
[22:05] <JediKaren> ok I need a break and the bathroom. say we come back in 5 mins? for the sake of the log, please talk about on topic stuff or go to the lobby to chatter. or pm each other. or go pee or get some water
[22:05] <Vridarin> Leads to another question being what seems to be the qualitative differrences?
[22:05] <JediKaren> nope break time
[22:05] <Vridarin> ‘ll just point it again after
[22:08] <JediKaren> ok question for you all: anyone really hot or feeling a lot of energy?
[22:08] * Vridarin is very slightly buzzy
[22:08] <JediKaren> yep that would be from me
[22:09] <shirkamisamyogai> JediKaren: i’m comfortable, and not freezing, so yes, lol
[22:09] <Malv> I’m feeling something
[22:09] <SilentEcho> my back is a bit hot
[22:09] <Chance> only now that you mention it, but i wasn’t paying attention before i read it
[22:09] <Malv> But I’m freezing my arse off
04[22:10] <DJ_Ephraim> i’m my usual cold
[22:10] <JediKaren> ok let’s go back to questions for a few more mins and then I’ll go into how we project.
[22:10] <JediKaren> so questions? comments? please be aware I can answer only one at a time
[22:10] <Korr> Karen
[22:10] <Korr> to answer ur question
[22:10] <Korr> Yes
[22:11] <JediKaren> lol go
[22:11] <Chance> Could you astral project from a mentally created space? Ie. project from the mental plane.
[22:11] <Korr> What do you want to know?
[22:11] <Korr> Chance, its possible
[22:11] <Vridarin> K: that question from earlier
[22:12] <Korr> Yes, sorry?
[22:12] <Korr> gah
[22:12] <Korr> [22:08] <@JediKaren> ok question for you all: anyone really hot or feeling a lot of energy?
[22:12] <Korr> I answered yes to that one
[22:12] <JediKaren> I would consider the mental plane a more abstract state than the astral one, so in that sense no. But I have projected in a way to see two completely seperate view points. I call this bilocating
[22:13] <JediKaren> ah
[22:13] <Vridarin> <Vridarin> Leads to another question being what seems to be the qualitative differrences?
[22:13] <JediKaren> err what are you referring to?
[22:13] <Chance> Specifically meaning projecting to some mentally defined area, and then doing some symbolic act to get to the astral plane, such as climbing a ladder or going down a tunnel.
[22:14] <Vridarin> I’me refferring to lucid dreams and AP
[22:14] <JediKaren> ok yes you could
[22:14] <Vridarin> You said you’ve had a few LDs
[22:15] <JediKaren> vridarin: lucid dreaming means being aware that you are dreaming and that can lead to dream control, being able to control what happens in a dream. but in a dream you are not aware of your body and you have not left your body.
[22:17] <JediKaren> if there aren’t anymore, I suggest we get to the juicy part of this class: how to freaking do it
[22:17] <Vridarin> :\
[22:17] <DJ_Ephraim> lol
[22:17] <Itchies> lol
[22:17] <Vridarin> So you’re saying in AP you’re fully aware of your body?
[22:18] <JediKaren> not completely aware. Most of your attention will go to your astral body and the astral plane. But again if I scream, the cat jumps on you, your little brat of a sister barges in, or there is a cold breeze or that busted ankle decides to scream in pain, you will know and probably stop projecting.
[22:19] <Chance> Well, this begs to be asked now. Does your astral body look like your physical body, in your opinion?
[22:19] <Vridarin> I’m pretty sure that happens also when you’re sleeping
[22:20] <Vridarin> Being if someone screams or someone intrudes
[22:20] <JediKaren> yes. though you can control what you look like. If you do nothing, you will default to your body or what you subconsciously think yourself to look like. It depends on how realistic you actually view yourself to be
[22:20] <Vridarin> specifically both have happened while I was dead asleep and I bolted awake
[22:20] <Vridarin> Also something you do while dreaming
[22:21] <JediKaren> if you think yourself as being super hot and are actually ughly as sin, you’ll probably project an image of yourself being insanely hot. But if you can face your unrealistic views, you can see who you really are.
[22:21] <JediKaren> ok I suggest we move on or we will have a 3 hour class
[22:21] <RavenFire> lol
[22:22] <JediKaren> So how to project?!?!? lol
[22:23] <JediKaren> I will show you my way and I do not make any promises my way works. There are many ways. I don’t really get all of them. I’m a natural and I have spent years trying to understand how my way works and why it may not work for others. I still don’t have a great answer and you may not like my way. try it and do your research. pm me if you need links to get
[22:23] <JediKaren> research going
[22:24] <JediKaren> so I will break this down into steps
[22:25] <JediKaren> step 1. find a place to sit. you can project in any position, but for newbies I strongly suggest sitting. lying down can cause you to fall asleep because you relax too much.
[22:25] <JediKaren> don’t drink caffiene, sugar, be in too much pain. be too hot or cold. or be too full or hungry. You want to be able to ignore your body.
[22:26] <JediKaren> You want a quiet place. You want about 30 mins to be alone and not fear someone, like that brat of a sister to barge in. I suggest waiting until night where people are more likely to leave you alone. but you may find yourself too sleepy. find a time that works for you.
[22:28] <JediKaren> step 2: relax and breathe. do a bit of meditation. let go of your emotions. Can’t project if you;re pissed off or scared. Or too happy. You want complete relaxation of the body. If you must, focus on each muscle relaxing.
[22:29] <JediKaren> You actually want your mind to be active. that doesn’t mean screaming with thoughts, but focused. That doesn’t mean the sen blank mind (which doesn’t even work the way you think it does). You want to be able to focus, be aware, and concretated. take your meds if you are ADHD. If you are on sleep meds, that will just put you to sleep.
[22:30] <JediKaren> Step 3. Imagine the spot you want to project to. For beginners, lets stay in your room. Thus, pick a spot that you have stood still at many times. Maybe it’s by a window or at the tv or mirror. This needs to be a spot you know quite well. You need to imagine it in all the detail you can.
[22:31] <JediKaren> Imagine standing there. See it in your mind. It’s important to visualize for this method. If you can’t, well I suggest researching another method.
[22:32] <JediKaren> Step 4. find that soul. find that part of you that is you. Go deep. Feel yourself. feel the aliveness that is you. Feel the energy that is yours.
[22:33] <JediKaren> (there is a question about if we are going to the astral plane or not. we are going to the physical plane)
[22:34] <JediKaren> Step 5. Imagine a image of you, like a ghost but more solid slowly rising out of your body and to a standing position and to that spot we thought about.
[22:35] <JediKaren> Step 6. find that spirit and make it move to that spot. You will feel the seperation. focus on the astral body. I know it’s a weird feeling. It’s not bad. It’s not going to cause harm. don’t fear it. don’t get too excited or you’ll lose concetration and go right back to your body.
[22:37] <JediKaren> Step 7. Once you are standing there, notice what it feels like. You can feel the two yous. You will notice the detail around you. If you can’t “see” or see well, don’t worry. It takes a few times to get use to seeing through your mind. Your vision will clear up.
[22:38] <JediKaren> Step 8. Take a step. It might be a little hard. for me, it was like learning how to walk again. I had to become conscious of how I actually moved when walking. this trouble will pass as you get more use to it. You can walk, float, run, jump or whatever you want to do.
[22:39] <JediKaren> Step 9. getting back: you have a few options. You can walk back to your body, sit back into yourself and open your eyes. Or you can skip that and just open your eyes. The first way will be a little less jolting. I will warn you that when coming back to your body you may feel disoriented, dizzy, or vaguely weak. For a long time I had to sit for a min and
[22:40] <JediKaren> slowly get up and walk over to my bed and lie down. If you must return to your body quickly, it’s like getting slammed into a wall. It’s not fun and I have been forced to have to stand up right away. Not fun. Take it slow. It will be get better over time.
[22:41] <JediKaren> And you have done your first projection!
[22:41] <JediKaren> any questions? lol I’m sure you have a thousand right now
[22:43] <JediKaren> lol oh come on!
[22:43] <Kasada> hehe
[22:44] <JediKaren> I’m all ready now and you don’t have any?
[22:44] <JediKaren> or did I overload you with information and your brains are fried?
[22:44] <Itchies> lol
[22:44] * SilentEcho cracks egg on top of head, proceeds to fry it on top of head
[22:45] * RavenFire sniffs the air, smells fried brains
[22:45] <Itchies> Braaainnnnssss
[22:45] <JediKaren> lol okkk
[22:45] * Itchies bites SilentEcho and zombifies him
[22:45] <JediKaren> are we just done with learning and I should end the class?
[22:45] * Vridarin will stick with the eggs over the brains
[22:45] * SilentEcho is now known as ZombieEcho
[22:45] <Chance> Nah, one question
[22:45] <JediKaren> yay!
[22:45] <Itchies> oh, hey. this is classroom. I thought it was adult. . .
[22:45] <Itchies> my bad.
[22:45] <Itchies> sorry.
[22:45] <Itchies> >.>
[22:46] <Chance> What if that image of you mentally snaps back to your body? Should you try and bring it out again, or should you restart the whole process?
[22:46] <JediKaren> bring it out again
[22:46] <JediKaren> a lot of people struggle to get out and stay out
[22:47] <Chance> *nod* So it’s just a matter of calming your mind from being all jittery?
[22:47] <JediKaren> btw it is possible to project through a dream. I have done that. telling the difference…lol ugh yeah it’s a personal, gotta go through it experience
[22:47] <JediKaren> yes
[22:48] <JediKaren> emotions will distract you greatly in this
[22:48] <JediKaren> once you’re out and steady, you can have emotions. you can even work through emotions like fear and anger, but you first have to be decent at getting out and not snapping at a moment notice
[22:49] <JediKaren> I have used the astral plane to face down fears or solve problems
[22:49] <Chance> Not sure how telling the difference between your surroundings and what you create/your imagination is any easier than telling the difference between dream and astral but yeah.
[22:50] <JediKaren> well try to keep your imagination at bay. you’re going to be so interested by whats going on at first you won’t even want to imagine anything else. imagination happens when we get bored of what we are doing. or we are so focused on something we can’t help but ingore what is around us.
[22:51] <JediKaren> ok so now for a few resources for you all
[22:52] <JediKaren> for more info about aping and what i forgot to cover, read my articles here:…;id=247&Itemid=0
[22:52] <JediKaren> for more reading of my psionics book:…atid=50&Itemid=0
[22:53] <JediKaren> for an FAQ that I wrote a few years ago about aping:
[22:53] <JediKaren> here is more or less the same info on aping:
[22:54] <JediKaren> and for other links on aping and oobe: you’ll have to dig through that. I ain’t about to go doing your research for you
[22:54] <JediKaren> I think I have overloaded you enough.
[22:54] <JediKaren> END CLASS

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