To Tell Or Not To Tell

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Article: “To Tell Or Not To Tell”, by JediKaren

The topic I am going to cover today is suggesting who to tell your prediction of the future and if to take the precognition seriously or not.

As I have said in the other article about precognition, the future has infinite amounts of paths. Some talented psions have the ability to see/feel/dream or just know the future. No one can see everything: the actual truth is that the best of the best only can see a few paths of out the millions there are. Those who can see the future must make the decision whether to tell people about the future or not. In a way, you are acting like a god. You may have the power to change the future in a huge way just by a few words and of course what you say may do nothing at all.

Let’s say you were in math class with the teacher talking about something boring and confusing and you are not really listening, but daydreaming about something. Suddenly you have this insanely strong feeling that your best friend is going to attempt to cross a road and get hit by a speeding truck. True, the chances of this happening in real life are low indeed, but this is just an example.

Your first reaction would probably be to run out of the class room, down the stairs, to the science class room, screaming and begging, and generally getting nuts at your friend. You friend, along with the rest of school, is looking at you weirdly, wondering what on earth is your problem. When your friend calms you down, repeating a million times that everything will be ok, the whole school will be making fun of you for weeks.

Ok, so let’s go back to the math class. You’ve decided to tell your friend, but just not yet. You wait until lunch to tell him. You are faced with how to tell him. Should you tell him in a quick and serious tone? Should you tell him in a calm, slow tone? Or maybe you should say it in a non serious, no big deal voice in the hopes of not scaring the living daylight of out of him.

So you decide for the calm, serious tone to tell him of his fate. Have you thought about how he might react? He could laugh at you, ignore you, listen to you with rapt attention, question you, leave you, get angry, or suggest to you to see a doctor. He could react in one of those ways or several of them. You need to think about the more likely ones and decide if this is going to be a good idea. Should you get the idea that he might take this the wrong way you need to prepare yourself for it.

Let’s say he gets angry, leaves you to sit somewhere else and eventually forgets all about it. A day later he crosses that road and dies. For another example let’s pick an outcome that is a bit better. He listens to you with total belief and avoids crossing the road to live a happy and long life.

There are literally a thousand ways your friend could cross or not cross that road. You simply can not predict all of them, but you can guess a few like I showed you. There is no safe, right answer. I am not saying you should not tell him, but you need to consider this carefully. To tell or not to tell is only a question you can answer. I nor anyone one can not decide for you.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute