Basic Skills Practice (Psi/Psi Balls/Sensing Energy/Grounding)

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Log from #Classroom on Friday, June 1, 2012 at 8PM EST:  “Basic Skills Practice (Psi/Psi Balls/Sensing Energy/Grounding)”, hosted by JediKaren: 
[19:47] <JediKaren> ok rules:
[19:48] <JediKaren> this is a practice.  This is not a class.  We have actually already covered most of what I will teach
[19:49] <JediKaren> if you have questions I will stop every so often and ask for questions or people needing help.  Please no debate.  Debate me another time (and please not today).
[19:49] <JediKaren> Please do NOT talk when I am talking.  I will have Raven quiet us, but just in case, please hold your questions and comments until I ask
[19:50] <JediKaren> I will go at a pace.  Unless most of you are going faster or slower than my place, I’m not going to slow down.  But I’m pretty good at pacing.
[19:50] <JediKaren> Please respect each other and respect and me and Raven.  She will be handling anything that isn’t teaching
[19:51] <JediKaren> This practice is 1-2 hours.  Any one can leave when they need to and come back, but please be quiet.  if you need to go potty, go.  we don’t need the “brb” and “back!!!”
[19:52] <JediKaren> I’m not keeping a log since it’s been taught already.  If you want a log, ask someone
[19:52] <JediKaren> if you are struggling or really really like my teaching, please pm me and I will give you private lessons some point soon
[19:53] <JediKaren> I’m also a zombie right now I’m that tired.  I’m doing this practice because psionics means that much to me.  forgive me if I’m slow to think or to be clever or a bit impatient with joking around.
[19:53] <JediKaren> any questions about the rules?
[20:00] <JediKaren> ok I guess time to start
[20:00] <SilentEcho> woo!!
[20:01] <JediKaren> Welcome to my practice.  Today we will go over feeling psi, making psi balls, feeling psi outside of our bodies, and finally grounding psi out of us.
[20:01] <JediKaren> I’m going to just go through how to do each thing.  I’ll try to give you breaks every so often
[20:02] <JediKaren> Feeling Psi
[20:02] <JediKaren> I like to break it into 3 easy steps.
[20:02] <JediKaren> Step 1.  Breathe and relax.
[20:03] <JediKaren> It sounds easy to do.  Everyone breathes right?  Everyone should know how to relax yes?  Well the truth is most of us don’t know how to breathe right or relax enough when doing psionics.
[20:04] <JediKaren> Now there are many tricks to breath deeply.  Everyone has their own method, but I’ll give you mine.  Take a deep breath for 3 seconds.
[20:04] <JediKaren> now when you breathe in again, hold your breath for 4 seconds.  Don’t strain yourself.  If you can’t do it for 4, do it for 3.
[20:05] <JediKaren> After that breathe out very slowly.  breathe out for 5 seconds.
[20:06] <JediKaren> and before you breathe in, try holding it for 2 seconds.  This will help you learn to control your breathing and it will help you relax.
[20:07] <JediKaren> You might think you are relaxed right now.  I doubt it.  You have fears, worries, anger, depression, greed, and even nagging needs right now.  You have little aches and pains.   You hold stress in your body.
[20:08] <JediKaren> As you breathe I want you to gather your emotions.  Gather your worries and fears.  Allow them to build and grow stronger.  Let it get to the point you think you are going to explode.  and then think of your emtoions like steam and allow them to simply rise through your head and disappear into the air above you.
[20:10] <JediKaren> Also pay attention to your body.  locate points of stress and will the muscles to relax.  stretch your body and then let your body go limp.  relax.  you are safe for the moment.  be calm.  all is right with the world at this very moment.  breathe.
[20:11] <JediKaren> Step 2: Song
[20:12] <JediKaren> I want you to pick a calming song.  It doesn’t have to be a soft quiet one.  Just one you find calming.  You can play it on your computer right now if you want, but it’s better than you pick one you know and can play in your head or sing out loud.
[20:13] <JediKaren> play the song several times over.  focus on the feeling the song gives you.  that peace, calming, good feeling.  Remember to breathe slowly.  Allow your body to further relax as you play the song.
[20:15] <JediKaren> Step 3.  Stare at Air
[20:16] <JediKaren> Yes that is an actual step and as strange as it is it works and there is a reason behind it that I will explain another time or in a pm.
[20:17] <JediKaren> Now to stare at air I don’t mind actually really try to see air.  When you daydream and stare at a wall, you don’t really see the wall.  You sorta see it, but your mind isn’t focused on that.
[20:17] <JediKaren> I want you to pick a spot to stare at.  It can be anything: wall, the screen, your feet, a pencil.  Just nothing too distracting.
[20:18] <JediKaren> Once you have an object, try seeing the space, the air between you and that spot.  Don’t try too hard.
[20:18] <JediKaren> Remember to breathe slowly.  Relax.
[20:18] <JediKaren> Allow the sound of the sound to continue.
[20:19] <JediKaren> Now: what do you feel?  (you can answer this)
[20:20] <JediKaren> anyone?
[20:21] <JediKaren> feel free to share
[20:21] * DragonAtma feels relaxed
[20:21] <JediKaren> besides that, what else?
[20:23] * RavenFire pokes everyone
[20:23] <RavenFire> Cat got your tongues?
[20:23] <RavenFire> Come on guys
[20:23] <JediKaren> did anyone feel a warm/ rushing/floating/tingling feeling?
[20:23] <DragonAtma> sorta
[20:23] * Ryunaker often feels that kind of thing without any meditation exercises.
[20:24] <JediKaren> this is a tech for beginners
[20:24] <JediKaren> if you did feel this way it’s psi.
[20:24] <JediKaren> psi being energy
[20:25] * RavenFire nods
[20:25] <JediKaren> Now you don’t have to do all those steps.  As you get better you can skip or create your own tech.
[20:25] <JediKaren> So next skill: Psi ball
[20:26] <JediKaren> Again I have an easy 1,2,3 tech that is easy to remember and do
[20:26] <JediKaren> Step 1. Feel psi.
[20:26] <JediKaren> Remember the 1.2.3 of that.  breathe, song, stare at air.  and of course take notice to what you feel.
[20:26] <JediKaren> Step 2.  Gather psi.
[20:27] <JediKaren> Take the psi you are feeling.  Imagine it as a blue mist that you can control.  Direct that mist through your body and into your hands.
[20:28] <JediKaren> A lot of people describe their hands to feel heavy, tingling, and sometimes warm.
[20:29] <JediKaren> Take your hands and put them into a position like you are holding a ball or a bird
[20:29] <JediKaren> Step 3. Make a ball
[20:30] <JediKaren> take the energy in your hands and focus and shape it into a ball.  It might help to picture of kind of ball you are wanting to make.
[20:31] <JediKaren> ok how are we doing?  Anyone made one?
[20:31] <RavenFire> yes
[20:31] <Ephraim> i have
[20:31] <Ryunaker> I have
[20:31] <DragonAtma> mmhmm
[20:32] * SilentEcho nods
[20:32] <JediKaren> good!
[20:33] <JediKaren> Now for those who think this boring: try making a tiny ball or the biggest one.  make 2,3,4,5.  Make one as fast as you can.  make one while walking/running/ even playing a sport.
[20:33] <JediKaren> ok anyone needing a 5 min break?
[20:34] <Ryunaker> Not really, but if you do, it’s fine
[20:34] <DragonAtma> I don’t need a break.
[20:35] <JediKaren> ok let’s go on to the next skill
[20:35] <JediKaren> Feeling Psi Outside of our bodies
[20:36] <JediKaren> Now you might be wondering what is the big deal, but for newbies this can be a bit hard and very different.  I find feeling psi outside of my body has a much greater source than what’s in my body.
[20:37] <JediKaren> When I do anything, I always draw energy outside of me when possible unless I just want to feel psi.
[20:37] <JediKaren> so to do this:
[20:37] <JediKaren> Step 1.  Feel psi within you.  do your 1,2,3 steps.
[20:38] <JediKaren> Step 2.  Think of your “barrier”
[20:39] * RavenFire nods
[20:39] <JediKaren> You don’t really have a barrier, but it’s easier to think of it this way.  You have a shield, a barrier all around you.  within it is the personal energy you have been feeling.  Outside is the energy of the whole world.  when we feel another psi signature, we are feeling someone’s personal energy.
[20:40] <JediKaren> Step 3.  Reach beyond that barrier.
[20:41] <JediKaren> Your mind is your hand.  you can mentally go beyond that shield that is all around your body.  Think past your body and focus on the energy two inches away from your skin
[20:41] <JediKaren> it’s sorta of a mental hop
[20:41] <JediKaren> now what are you all feeling?
[20:42] <DragonAtma> I feel as if I’m ion touch with everything…
[20:43] <CryacelesteNyani> I feel like I’m running my hands through something o.o
[20:43] * Ephraim feels that his skin stops two inches beyond where it normally is
[20:43] <JediKaren> good
[20:44] <JediKaren> now try to feel the energy of your whole room.  expand your awarness to every corner and wall
[20:45] <JediKaren> then go to the next room.  You don’t have to know it looks like in detail, but some idea will do.
[20:45] <JediKaren> if you can do this, try your whole house.  or house and yard, or block.  But stop when it gets to be overwhelming
[20:47] <JediKaren> Ok how is everyone doing?
[20:47] <Ephraim> good
[20:47] <CryacelesteNyani> Everything feels the same to me
[20:47] <DragonAtma> mmhmm
[20:48] <Ryunaker> I think I’m doing all right.
[20:49] <JediKaren> ok good!
[20:49] <JediKaren> let’s take a 5 min break
[20:51] <RavenFire> k
[20:51] <JediKaren> you can talk if you wnat here
[20:57] <JediKaren> ok back sorry all
[20:57] <RavenFire> wb
[20:57] <JediKaren> ok last skill and then we are done
[20:57] <JediKaren> Grounding
[20:58] <Ryunaker> WB
[20:58] <JediKaren> grounding is pretty simple.  We are sending energy out of us to avoid overloads and burn outs that can harm our ability to practice and even feel psi, as well give us headaches.
[20:58] <JediKaren> You should ground at the end of every practice you do.
[20:59] <JediKaren> to ground, think of yourself as a tree
[20:59] <JediKaren> while trees send water up to the leaves, you are going to do the opposite, by sending energy into the “roots” and into the ground
[21:00] <JediKaren> So focus on the energy you have been playing around with today.
[21:00] <JediKaren> Focus on it going through your body and head down to your feet.  You might start at your head and work downward
[21:01] <JediKaren> then imagine you have roots at your feet.  Send the energy through your feet and into the ground.  Imagine the energy spreading out and away from you.
[21:01] <JediKaren> You can use the same tech with your emotions
[21:02] <JediKaren> How do we feeling?
[21:03] <DragonAtma> not bad; there’s a basement below here, though, so it hampers the rate that energy can flow out.
[21:04] <JediKaren> doesn’t matter.  You can always ground
[21:04] <DragonAtma> true
[21:04] <JediKaren> anyway, there you have it.  feeling psi, psi balls, feeling psi outside of your body, and grounding!
[21:04] <JediKaren> tada!!!!!

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