Dealing With Negative Emotions

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Article: “Dealing With Negative Emotions”, by JediKaren

Most people understand why negative emotions are bad, but there is always seems to be some who honestly don’t. For psionics to let these emotions take over you it’s like going over to the dark side. I’ve been in a chat room where we had one of these individualizes. What made it really bad is how this guy liked the harmful emotions he was feeling. Everyone in the chat room tried to convince the person, but I don’t think we ever got through. It was a sad sight.Anger, revenge, rage, fear, terror, greed and depression are all negative emotions. You see they in people everyday. Hopefully you’ve been taught by some method these emotions aren’t good. If not, I’ll tell you right now: learn it. To deep down enjoy these feelings is wrong. These dark feelings are not to be trusted. These emotions aren’t good for your mind, body, spirit, friends and family. They will lead you down a path that is very hard to turn back and will ruin your life.

Living with any negative emotion for an extended period of time will slowly take over you. You will find that everything you say and do will reflect what you feel. For an example, ever seen the weird kids wearing all black, all the time? Ever wonder why? Black is the color of a pled, a cry for help in an angry way. You will suffer headaches, upset stomachs and general pain. You focus will go down the drain. Your friends may abandon you, thinking you need space or they feel they can’t help you. You may push your family away or affect them with your feelings.

Some people are sincerely blind to these dark emotions. They are aware of what hate and fear are, but they don’t understand that they are feeling and seeing it. I know because I was one of these people. For three years I read about the horrors of darkness. I saw my parents fight and felt the anger in myself when I fought with them and yet I couldn’t see the darkness in my family and house. One day I was in the library when I suddenly felt this wonderful wave of peace. I recognize it like someone turning on a light. I wanted to go home right then to see if this was something weird or was my house so dark I didn’t know what peace was. When I finally got home from doing chores I found out it was my house and all these years I never knew.

Anger has a strange way of spreading like a disease. A father comes home from work in a bad mood. He stomps in, slams the door close, and announces angrily that’s he home. The mother is thrown off (not physically) and can’t finger out what’s wrong with the father. The youngest kid has left some toys out and the father trips over them. He yells at the kid, who breaks out into tears. The mother gets angry at the father for unnecessary yelling. The older kid storms in and demands that everyone quiets down. The whole family is now yelling and screaming at each other. Remember this all started because one person was angry.

For psionics, anger can be deadly dangerous. I’ve heard plenty of stories of people losing control over their abilities and something falls and breaks. If you are angry and you don’t have control over your powers don’t be surprise if the near by wine glass explodes. This is hot angry. The sort of angry that leads you to shooting your boyfriend when you just found out he’s dumping you. Your emotions greatly affect empaths. Remember an empath will feel your emotions and may not be able to get away. You will cause them to suffer or they may get angry themselves. There is also cold anger that is the type that you go out of your way to kill or harm someone. Add psi in the formula and you’re looking at incredibly dangerous person. Psionic vampires will see you as an emotional feast.

There are all levels of fear. There’s the fear when your realized you’ve forgotten about a test. There’s the fear of death and the fear of god or some powerful presence you look up to. Fear paralyzes people. Fear will block you from your connection to psi. While fear doesn’t spread like the same way that anger does, it will affect others. If people don’t share your fear they are most likely going to distance themselves from you. It’s generally a sign they can’t do anymore for you and have given up.

Most psionics go through a power hungry stage. Some want to become powerful to save the world or make it more peaceful. Some want to use their abilities to blow up things or force people to do what they want. Whatever their reason may be, they want it now. I hate to break to you, but the sort of power they crave will take a ton of years that involve lots of studying and hard work. For mature psionics this is a very annoying stage to watch others go through. It’s partly annoying because we can’t believe we were that greedy.

Depression is one of the easiest traps for anyone to fall into. If a psionic should become depress and does not receive help they more times than not end up giving up on their training. I’ve seen it happen too many. Stress from school or family builds up. The person doesn’t have time, energy or will to train. Their abilities start to decline from lack of practice. The person occasionally goes back to train and find out they can’t. This adds on to their depression. The depression eats away at their confidence and will to train. At some point they convince themselves that psi is a made up fairy tale.

So now that you know all about these emotions what do you do about them? Should you do anything about them? Well that depends on how bad the emotions are and when you feel them. It’s normal and harmless to feel a little fear when watch your cat dash in front of a car and make it. It’s not normal to get so angry that you punch someone in the face just because they looked at you funny. There have been times in all of our lives where we have been stressed out to the point that we throw our emotions onto others. This can sometimes help and sometimes destroy friendships. You need to look at the current situation you’re in and decide what are you feel, effects does it have on others and is it really that bad?

If your answer is, yes it’s really that good job. You’ve gotten through the first hard step. Now you need to decide what is making you feel the way you feel. If you’re not very good with empathy and understand emotions I suggest that you find yourself an empathic friend that is willing to help you look for hidden clues.

For anger and fear I recommend meditating for 10 minutes, or longer if you have the time, everyday. Focus on clearing your mind first. Then think about peace. Continue to focus until you fell peaceful. A personal tip for breathing don’t just take deep breathes. Focus on controlling your breathing and pushing out fear or anger. This isn’t going to happen over night. You will have to do this until the fear is completely gone I, myself know this because I am doing the same.

To recap you need to recognize your emotions. Understand that negative emotions will have a great impact on your life in all aspects. Decide on the intensity of the feelings and make a decision if something should be done with it. If yes, then practice meditating and breathing to get rid of the emotion. Remember these things can be rushed.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute