The Inner World

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Log from #Classroom on Friday, February 3, 2012 at MIDNIGHT EST:  “The Inner World”, hosted by AgentAAA:
[00:11] <agentaaa> there are several planes, or realms, as some call them
[00:12] <agentaaa> the physical plane
[00:12] <agentaaa> the astral plane
[00:12] <agentaaa> the ethereal plane
[00:12] <agentaaa> I’m not telling any of you anything new, here
[00:12] <Chaos> Demoninc plane.
[00:12] <Chaos> …
[00:12] <Chaos> Demonic*
[00:12] <agentaaa> well, the lower planes
[00:12] <agentaaa> anyhoo, we all know there’s a lotta planes
[00:12] <agentaaa> but
[00:12] <agentaaa> One that all of us are quite close to on a daily basis
[00:13] <agentaaa> that is
[00:13] <agentaaa> the mental plane
[00:13] <agentaaa> the mental plane
[00:13] <agentaaa> as I call it
[00:14] <agentaaa> is the plane on which one’s mental state works.
[00:14] <agentaaa> this is, of course, not a plane proper, such as the astral and the like
[00:14] <agentaaa> but nonetheless is an area one can access
[00:15] <agentaaa> and as a result, see and understand things of themselves
[00:15] <agentaaa> and access abilities they normally could not
[00:15] <agentaaa> now, quite obviously
[00:15] <agentaaa> noone is going to be able to understand a straight scan of brain activity
[00:15] <agentaaa> as even the best scientists of this era cannot do so
[00:15] <agentaaa> that
[00:16] <agentaaa> is why one enters a specific mindstate
[00:16] <agentaaa> in order to view one’s self as a “world” of sort
[00:16] <agentaaa> an area
[00:16] <agentaaa> where one’s able to view their mind in a, for lack of a better term, metaphorical form
[00:16] <agentaaa> meanings conveyed via means of symbolism
[00:16] <agentaaa> got it, so far?
[00:17] <Chaos> They all say yes.
[00:17] <Chaos> They can’t talk.
[00:17] <Chaos> :3
[00:17] <agentaaa> oh, right
[00:17] * Chaos sets mode: -m
[00:17] <Chaos> We all following?
[00:17] <Vridarin> No not at all
[00:17] <Itchies> mmhmm
[00:17] <Vridarin> this is so far above my head I have no idea what’s going on >->
[00:18] <Vridarin> ^needless sarcasm because someone is grumpy
[00:18] <agentaaa> well, what confuses ya, vridarin?
[00:18] <agentaaa> …
[00:18] <Eilatan> o.o
[00:18] <Chance> Anyways. Turns out I got the name right, but i was wrong
[00:18] <Chance> heh
[00:18] * agentaaa slaps Vridarin
[00:18] <agentaaa> I’m also grumpy
[00:18] <Eilatan> What exactly are we suppose to be learning?
[00:18] <Chance> though, not necessarily
[00:18] <Vridarin> :
[00:18] <agentaaa> essentially, how to access this mental plane
[00:18] <Chance> We’re learning how to journey into Wonderland
[00:19] <Chance> basically
[00:19] <Eilatan> ahh
[00:19] <agentaaa> except in some people’s cases, more screwed up
[00:19] <Chaos> -.-
[00:19] <Chaos> I knew there was a reason I set +m…
[00:19] <agentaaa> but…
[00:19] <Chance> Alice through the rabbit hole, our mental state being represented by bunnies and mushrooms, and adult stuff
[00:19] <Chance> or whatever
[00:19] <Chance> anyways.
[00:19] * Chaos sets mode: +m
[00:19] <agentaaa> ……..
[00:19] <Chaos> >.>
[00:19] <agentaaa> Thank you, Chaos.
[00:19] <agentaaa> Thank you IMMENSELY
[00:19] * Chaos nods.
[00:20] <agentaaa> now
[00:20] <Chaos> Just let me know when you want to take comments/questions. ^^
[00:20] <agentaaa> for starters
[00:20] <agentaaa> a semi-meditative state is preferred
[00:20] <agentaaa> for this work
[00:21] <agentaaa> one needs to be somewhat open to their environment
[00:21] <agentaaa> so, preconceptions
[00:21] <agentaaa> which might color and distort it
[00:21] <agentaaa> are not a good thing
[00:22] <agentaaa> in other words, clear your mind, and keep it open to information
[00:22] <agentaaa> ok, now, to continue
[00:23] <agentaaa> while it’s not necessary once you’ve gotten to higher levels
[00:23] <agentaaa> in this discipline
[00:23] <agentaaa> it’s recommended you close your eyes
[00:23] <agentaaa> see a road in front of you
[00:24] <agentaaa> concentrate on that which makes you
[00:24] <agentaaa> you
[00:24] <Chaos> So my sexiness?
[00:24] <Chaos> Oh sorry.
[00:24] <Chaos> !down
[00:24] <agentaaa> as you begin exploring this world of yours
[00:25] <agentaaa> then imagine something else
[00:25] <agentaaa> a street, a guideline
[00:26] <agentaaa> see the road, whatever first came to mind, and let your mind fill in the rest.
[00:27] <agentaaa> ahhh, there we go
[00:27] <agentaaa> now, I do hope people here DID meditate a bit
[00:27] <agentaaa> or at least do some breathing
[00:28] <agentaaa> it’s not “necessary” per se
[00:28] * Chaos did not, actually.
[00:28] <agentaaa> but it helps immenssely
[00:28] <Itchies> I didn’t know we were supposed to be doing this now.
[00:28] <Chance> it’s probably a good idea… considering, headache
[00:28] <agentaaa> normally
[00:28] <agentaaa> one normally either meditates first
[00:28] * Itchies goes off to meditate
[00:28] <agentaaa> or is in a state of extreme emotion
[00:28] <agentaaa> when they first view this state
[00:28] <Vridarin> could we just take drugs?
[00:28] <Vridarin> :
[00:28] <agentaaa> …
[00:29] * agentaaa slaps Vri
[00:29] <Chaos> Vridarin: If you can’t be serious, you can leave -.-
[00:29] <Vridarin> Still a valid question
[00:29] <agentaaa> no
[00:29] <Chaos> Esp. considering drugs are no-no topics for official PI channels.
[00:29] <agentaaa> no you could not
[00:29] <agentaaa> try to be serious, Vri
[00:30] <agentaaa> we’re trying to have an intelligent convo
[00:30] <agentaaa> and you should be really trying for this
[00:30] <agentaaa> given even a bad sensing ability shouldn’t hold you back from understanding this
[00:30] <Eilatan> o.o
[00:30] <Eilatan> Not true..
[00:31] <agentaaa> which part is not true?
[00:31] <Eilatan> nvm
[00:31] <Eilatan> I read you said a bad sensing ability could hold you back
[00:31] <Chance> Comment? The road can also be used as an expression of your mind.
[00:31] <agentaaa> ohhh, that’s not what I meant
[00:31] <Eilatan> No soryr
[00:31] <Eilatan> I read it wrong
[00:31] <agentaaa> hmmm… alright, how about I put it this way…
[00:32] <agentaaa> close your eyes
[00:32] <agentaaa> and merely “see” around you
[00:32] <agentaaa> look around, and at what inhabits the world
[00:32] <agentaaa> don’t “think” about it
[00:32] <agentaaa> let the information come
[00:33] <agentaaa> now, tell me, all, what did you first see around you?
[00:34] <Chaos> Apparently I’m a pervert through and through, and that’s all I’ll say.
[00:34] <agentaaa> hey
[00:34] <agentaaa> this is your mind we’re looking at
[00:34] <agentaaa> so…
[00:34] <agentaaa> I’m unsurprised
[00:34] <DreamLord> A forest and a stream running next to my “road”
[00:35] <DreamLord> which was really more like a wide dirt path
[00:35] <agentaaa> what was in place of the road that you had?
[00:35] <agentaaa> ahhhh
[00:35] <Chance> Well, I saw a cobblestone road, then a brick road, and then a yellow, with bricks, road.
[00:35] <agentaaa> that is similar to my own, then.
[00:35] <Chance> and it was a wavy road
[00:35] <agentaaa> Now
[00:35] <agentaaa> follow that road
[00:35] <Vridarin> >-> Mine is kinda flipping between a tree lined path and a tree lined cobblestone road with walls
[00:35] <agentaaa> until you see a dwelling of some sort
[00:35] <agentaaa> just keep going, letting your senses guide you
[00:35] <agentaaa> that’s okay, Vri
[00:36] <agentaaa> sometimes the projection takes a while to stabilize
[00:36] <agentaaa> you’re doing fine ^^
[00:36] <kallisti> >.>; I close my eyes, and i skip right to astral.
[00:37] <Chance> that’s another discussion. >.> what does astral sort of ‘look’ like, in different people’s minds.
[00:37] <agentaaa> ohhh? but are you so sure it’s the astral you’re viewing?
[00:37] <agentaaa> most people here are seeing what they’d consider “normal” “open” and “unrestrained”
[00:37] <kallisti> Positive.
[00:37] <agentaaa> an astral
[00:37] <agentaaa> however
[00:37] <agentaaa> sees the astral, most times
[00:38] <kallisti> I go right to that state of split conciousness.
[00:38] <agentaaa> calm yourself
[00:38] <agentaaa> look inside, not outside
[00:39] <agentaaa> don’t be focused on what’s around you, rather, turn that focus inward
[00:39] <agentaaa> that might help
[00:39] <Eilatan> Erm Afked, what are we doing?
[00:40] <kallisti> Yeah. From zero to astral, still.
[00:40] <agentaaa> read ^
[00:40] <Vridarin> No dwelling is forthcoming!
[00:40] <agentaaa> Kallisti, whether or not you’re on the astral
[00:40] <kallisti> Like….there isn’t an inward to look at.
[00:40] <Itchies> Is it necessary to see a dwelling?
[00:40] <agentaaa> you can still do this
[00:40] <agentaaa> just keep looking
[00:40] <Eilatan> Tl;dr?
[00:40] <agentaaa> normally, you’ll see some sort of structure
[00:40] <agentaaa> but no, not necessarily
[00:40] <Vridarin> TLDR flipping read
[00:40] <kallisti> I dont.
[00:41] <DreamLord> found a grassy clearing
[00:41] <agentaaa> sigh… just… try to suppress projecting then, K?
[00:41] <Chance> well, i saw/see a sandy coloured straw hut thing
[00:41] <Chance> maybe try and close your eyes while projecting?
[00:41] <agentaaa> you should be able to control whether or not you access the astral, at your level, should you not?
[00:41] <Chance> and do it?
[00:42] <Chance> [inception ]
[00:42] <agentaaa> now
[00:42] <agentaaa> again
[00:42] <kallisti> Maybe I’m missing part of this…
[00:42] <agentaaa> did anyone take a minute or two to meditate beforehand?
[00:42] <Itchies> I did.
[00:42] <Chance> not really, was trying to read this but..
[00:42] <Itchies> Eventually
[00:42] <agentaaa> I’m just somewhat amazed you can’t control whether or not you’re accessing the astral.
[00:43] <Chance> i did for like 10-15 seconds
[00:43] <agentaaa> heh…
[00:43] <Chance> derp
[00:43] <agentaaa> people who are having trouble
[00:43] <agentaaa> should take the time to meditate
[00:43] <agentaaa> and then resume
[00:43] <Chance> im not having trouble per say but… *meditates*
[00:43] * DreamLord is sitting in his grassy clearing
[00:44] <Chaos> Agent, the structure I found is influenced by what I told you in PM.
[00:44] <Eilatan> o.o
[00:45] <agentaaa> everything there is interconnected
[00:45] <Vridarin> I’ve got a cabin but when I try to go inside I just wind up with momories of playing skyrim >->
[00:45] <agentaaa> therefore, everything there influences one another
[00:45] <agentaaa> even that can end up there, vri
[00:45] <agentaaa> it’s what you’re able to see it as
[00:45] <agentaaa> however
[00:46] <agentaaa> as far as the cabin goes
[00:46] <agentaaa> that’s normally your “center” as far as your mental state is
[00:46] * DreamLord has a cave entrance at the back of his meadow
[00:46] <agentaaa> your emotional states are normally personified there
[00:46] <agentaaa> most have a light and dark half
[00:46] <agentaaa> but sometimes they’re split further, in their mind
[00:46] <Vridarin> Then I’m proably doing this wrong :
[00:47] <agentaaa> sometimes, however
[00:47] <agentaaa> you get barred entrance
[00:47] <agentaaa> though it is rare
[00:47] <agentaaa> It happened when I taught little dragon this
[00:47] <agentaaa> due to how wonky his own emotional state was
[00:47] <Itchies> I got a dirt road that goes to a cliff with a giant tree.
[00:47] <agentaaa> and due to a bunch of other crap, but I digress… though, people here who know him well can likely guess…
[00:47] <Itchies> No dwelling.
[00:48] <Itchies> Just the tree.
[00:48] <Chance> oops. you cant just phase through it?
[00:48] * Chance said ‘screw the door’
[00:48] <agentaaa> doesn’t matter if you phase through or ot, for some people ^^
[00:48] <agentaaa> though yes, remember that this is an immaterial representation


[00:51] <Eilatan> <- fails at life
[00:51] <Chaos> <- More evil than he thought.
[00:51] <Chance> <- i need moar creatures mod
[00:51] <Itchies> <- Wants a house to live in.
[00:51] <Vridarin> <-full of trees and walls?
[00:51] <DreamLord> can i go explore my cave?
[00:51] <agentaaa> <-wonders why he doesn’t quit and teach carpentry
[00:51] <agentaaa> go ahead and explore
[00:51] <DreamLord> >.<
[00:51] <agentaaa> it’s normally not dangerous to explore
[00:51] * RavenFire is now known as Adara
[00:52] <agentaaa> but it is occasionally dangerous to mess shit up
[00:52] <Chaos> Agent, can one invite another into their mental plane?
[00:52] <agentaaa> you’ll normally have an innate feel for what is and is not a good idea for you
[00:52] <agentaaa> actually yes
[00:52] <Chance> agentaaa, is this the same/similar plane where your sacred space/etc. is made?
[00:52] <agentaaa> as a matter of fact, one can forcefully enter, if necessary
[00:52] <Chaos> …
[00:52] <Adara> oh dear
[00:52] <agentaaa> I’ve done so to stop possessions
[00:52] <Chaos> Great, another thing I need to shield.
[00:52] <agentaaa> though
[00:52] <agentaaa> it’s a dangerous thing to do
[00:52] * Adara does not want to be in David’s mental plane at certain times
[00:52] <agentaaa> as the “owner” of the world
[00:53] <agentaaa> is essentially god
[00:53] <agentaaa> there
[00:53] <Chance> actually, i think that shielding wouldn’t help
[00:53] * Eilatan goes sits over there away from everyone’s mental worlds —->
[00:53] <Chance> at least, the mentality behind shielding but..
[00:53] <agentaaa> as a visitor
[00:53] <Vridarin> Have you read C.E. murpheys walker papers?
[00:53] <agentaaa> you have infinitely less strength than anyone with a right to be there in the first place
[00:53] <Itchies> Agentaaa, while we’re still kind of in our states, is there anything else we should do?
[00:53] <agentaaa> the natives, so to speak
[00:53] <Chance> since if you think that you need to shield, you may think that your shield can break.
[00:54] <Chaos> My ego doesn’t allow me to think that.
[00:54] <Chaos> Silly.
[00:54] <Chance> but if you know you have control, and you can force people out/prevent them from entering.
[00:54] <Chance> heh
[00:54] <Chance> well then you’re fine
[00:54] <agentaaa> indeed
[00:54] <agentaaa> confidence is key, here
[00:54] <agentaaa> the more at peace with yourself
[00:54] <Chance> but again, my question
[00:54] <Vridarin> Nevermind>->
[00:54] <agentaaa> the more strength you gain
[00:54] <Itchies> Agentaaa!
[00:54] <agentaaa> in this plane
[00:54] <agentaaa> yes?
[00:55] <Chance> is this the same place where you do build a mental world/sacred place/etc.
[00:55] <Itchies> While we are still kind of in our mental states, is there anything else you recommend we do?
[00:55] <Itchies> Before I lose it completely >.<
[00:55] <Chance> while leaving undefined areas like this to explore
[00:55] <agentaaa> as far as it is
[00:55] <Vridarin> >-> doesn’t seem like it’s that hard to grab
[00:55] <agentaaa> one can access different strengths
[00:55] <agentaaa> and learn different things
[00:55] <agentaaa> about themselves
[00:55] <agentaaa> by coming here
[00:55] <Vridarin> but then again i’m proably doing the entirely wrong thing
[00:56] <agentaaa> and speaking to the different things
[00:56] * Chance nods
[00:56] <agentaaa> Vri, as long as you were doing as I say, you’re doing okay
[00:56] <agentaaa> have some confidence, aight?
[00:56] <Chance> But is it a good idea to set up a permanent base kind of thing?
[00:56] <Chance> or make one mentally, and then go out here?
[00:56] <Vridarin> Well I’m just saying i’ve got a big fuckton of nothing
[00:56] <agentaaa> this is already a permanent base kinda thing
[00:57] <agentaaa> well, let your senses guide you to something
[00:57] <agentaaa> your frustration might just be blinding you
[00:57] <agentaaa> but, as I said, you’re likely seeing only your surface
[00:57] <Chance> Yeah, but I mean mentally defining every detail, except for leaving general areas open, like.. anyways. I could do a class about that
[00:57] <agentaaa> indeed
[00:57] <Chance> Though there wouldn’t be much to teach
[00:57] <agentaaa> but just repeated access will cement it
[00:57] <Chance> Yeah.
[00:57] <agentaaa> and it will come easier with each access
[00:58] <Chance> The only difference is, mine is intentionally creating things.
[00:58] <agentaaa> I can do this with no more than a thought, at the moment
[00:58] <Chance> The things you create do reflect your mental state but
[00:58] <agentaaa> there’s no problem with that, Chance
[00:58] <Chance> it’s slightly different, and *nod*
[00:58] <Chance> go on
[00:58] <agentaaa> just, watch what you mess with independently
[00:58] <agentaaa> if something happens automatically
[00:58] <agentaaa> it’s likely normal for ya
[00:58] <agentaaa> but if you screw with certain things there, well, you ARE accessing it, not merely viewing it
[00:59] <Itchies> Hey, there’s a town!
[00:59] <Chaos> Alright
[00:59] <Itchies> Why is there a town in my head?
[00:59] <Chaos> Who wants to know what mine looks like? :3
[00:59] <agentaaa> so, destroying a fragment of yourself, or the like
[00:59] <Chance> yeah. but i mean deliberately building a place within a void
[00:59] <agentaaa> prolly not a good idea
[00:59] <Chance> and *nod*
[00:59] <agentaaa> I have a small village in me
[00:59] <Chance> well, that depends on the fragment
[00:59] <Chance> but
[00:59] <Chance> yeah
[00:59] <Itchies> Bizarre.
[00:59] <agentaaa> nahhh, all of them influence you
[00:59] <Eilatan> So if you see only black?
[01:00] <agentaaa> losing anyone of the will cause all others to be a bit more intense…
[01:00] <agentaaa> hmmm, Eilatan, tell me a bit about yoself?
[01:00] <Chance> Yes, but can’t it be used as a method to deal with personal issues?
[01:00] <agentaaa> Kallisti was having a similar problem
[01:00] <Vridarin> Practical question
[01:00] <Chaos> My “road” is a path. Through a forest. A forest of dead trees. My structure is like a castle, but no so massive. And it looks like the castle has been burned down and rebuilt 9001 times. Does this mean I’m like…. Satan or something?
[01:00] <Eilatan> hm? What about me? When I shut my eyes I only ever see black.
[01:00] <agentaaa> No. One can use this to understand the root of problems
[01:00] <Vridarin> is this at all similar to the dreaming state?
[01:00] <Vridarin> or lucid dreaming state
[01:00] <Chance> Could Eilatan mentally create a road and then travel on it?
[01:00] <Eilatan> Tried
[01:00] <agentaaa> this is an “imagine” exercise. you’re not going to literally see it impressed on your eyelids
[01:00] <Eilatan> Don’t see anything.
[01:01] <agentaaa> anymore than when you’re sensing
[01:01] <Chance> basically going with my method
[01:01] <Eilatan> x_X Couldn’t sense anything, either
[01:01] <Chance> of creating a base purposefully in the middle of nothing
[01:01] <agentaaa> my apprentice has something far worse, Chaos
[01:01] <agentaaa> and he’s perfectly normal
[01:01] <Chaos> Phew
[01:01] <Chance> and then leaving loosely defined areas to explore
[01:01] <Chaos> Good.
[01:01] <agentaaa> it’s directly connected, Vridarin
[01:01] <agentaaa> but only loosely
[01:01] <Chaos> Although I wouldn’t consider myself “normal” XD
[01:02] <Chance> like, creating a cabin with a forest around it, and then searching around the forest to see what you see
[01:02] <Vridarin> so you could get to one from the other and vice versa?
[01:02] <Chance> then there’s not just a void backdrop *shrugs*
[01:02] <agentaaa> Vri, this is the conscious version of that state, in many ways
[01:03] <agentaaa> but it’s much deeper in nature
[01:03] <Vridarin> So like lucid dreaming?
[01:03] <Vridarin> Where you’re dreaming but fully aware of it
[01:03] <agentaaa> one can use this to view and undestand their soul better as well, once finetuned
[01:03] <agentaaa> the two are similar. this shows the full extent of the conscious mind
[01:04] <agentaaa> the other is a subsection of the unconscious
[01:05] <Vridarin> So this > lucid dreaming
[01:05] <agentaaa> indeed.
[01:05] <agentaaa> now, this can be used to learn, access or gain
[01:06] <Itchies> Mermaids. Da fuck?
[01:06] <agentaaa> Different powers or abilities
[01:06] <agentaaa> I use this to access, for instance, an ability of mine called “harmony state”
[01:06] * Vridarin is still amused that AAA names things like an anime
[01:07] <agentaaa> Hey, I learned it at 14
[01:07] <agentaaa> on my own, without help
[01:07] <agentaaa> what did ya expect?
[01:07] <agentaaa> in any case, harmony state’s useful in that it works as an equalizer between positive and negative emotions
[01:07] <agentaaa> thus, allowing one to keep a perfectly calm and focused drive
[01:08] <agentaaa> and allows one to generate dark and light energies
[01:08] <agentaaa> or rather
[01:08] <agentaaa> positive and negative energies
[01:08] <agentaaa> at the same time
[01:08] <agentaaa> this ability
[01:08] <agentaaa> is accessed by gaining an understanding of both sides
[01:08] <agentaaa> though, it tends to be iffy whether people have a capacity of gaining such
[01:08] <agentaaa> i learned it
[01:09] <agentaaa> and taught it to my first apprentice
[01:09] <agentaaa> and another energy worker I happen to respect
[01:09] <agentaaa> but
[01:09] <agentaaa> that’s the extent
[01:09] <agentaaa> some others just plain couldn’t
[01:09] <agentaaa> and one refused to access this plane entirely
[01:11] <Vridarin> I can totally see how someone would do that
[01:11] <Itchies> lol
[01:11] <agentaaa> his was slightly… disturbing to him, to say the least
[01:11] * Vridarin is totally absolutely expecting to be incredibly frustrated by this thing
[01:12] <agentaaa> the truth of oneself is a bit difficult for some to view
[01:12] * Vridarin can just tell that /everything/ is goanna be behind locked doors and such
[01:12] <Chance> then teleport, teleport!
[01:12] <Chance> or whatever
[01:13] <Chance> and yeah
[01:13] <agentaaa> sigh…
[01:13] <Chance> i love how both my english classes taught versions of this
[01:13] <agentaaa> well, I’d say this class is a success
[01:13] <agentaaa> given most managed to access
[01:13] <agentaaa> if not necessarily so easily
[01:13] <Vridarin> Again
[01:13] * Vridarin proably did the wrwong thing
[01:13] <agentaaa> that’s all the progress I expected, for now
[01:13] <agentaaa> again
[01:13] <Eilatan> I still didn’t get an answer
[01:14] * agentaaa no you didn’t, just accept you did something right, and stop being Eeyore
[01:14] <Chance> you can’t really do the wrong thing here.. at least except in kallisti’s case
[01:14] <agentaaa> about?
[01:14] <agentaaa> Kallisti got it eventually
[01:14] <agentaaa> btw
[01:14] <agentaaa> Eilatan
[01:14] <Chance> how? and neat
[01:14] <Vridarin> :
[01:14] <agentaaa> what do you consider yourself
[01:14] <Eilatan> what do you mean?
[01:14] <agentaaa> the main reason Kallisti was having trouble
[01:14] <Vridarin> I’ll say I got it right when I get some use out of it :
[01:14] <agentaaa> is she was focusing on her bodies mentality and not her forms
[01:15] <Chance> wb
[01:15] <psylocke> hey kallisti
[01:15] <Vridarin> See
[01:15] <Vridarin> AAA
[01:15] <agentaaa> Are you a proper human, or a “walk-in”
[01:15] <agentaaa> so to speak
[01:15] <agentaaa> Vri
[01:15] <Eilatan> …
[01:15] <Eilatan> Wtf..
[01:15] <agentaaa> quit being eeyore
[01:15] <agentaaa> from now on
[01:15] <agentaaa> whenever you have low self-esteem
[01:15] <Chance> so basically, you don’t know, or no.
[01:15] <Chance> Eilatan?
[01:15] <agentaaa> you will not be dubbed “eeyore”
[01:15] <agentaaa> now*
[01:16] <Chance> aka. are you an otherkin
[01:16] <Eilatan> Basically the question seems stupid.
[01:16] <agentaaa> why does the question seem stupid>
[01:16] * Chance has no idea
[01:16] <Chance> meh
[01:16] <Chance> but, that’s another topic
[01:16] <agentaaa> I’m asking you: are you originally an astral, or does your memory start when you entered this body
[01:16] <Vridarin> it’s not low self esteem >->
[01:16] * Adara giggles at agent
[01:16] <Eilatan> x_X
[01:16] <Eilatan> Fuck it.
[01:16] <DreamLord> eil is a human, just with some wolfy tendancies
[01:17] <agentaaa> if that’s not low self-esteem, Eeyore must think of himself like a stud
[01:17] <agentaaa> alright then
[01:17] <Chance> heh
[01:17] <agentaaa> That’s what I was asking
[01:17] <Chance> go eeyore!
[01:17] <Chance> and ah
[01:17] <agentaaa> in any case, Eilatan, I’d take chance’s earlier advice
[01:17] <agentaaa> allow some unformed idea to serve as a “base”
[01:17] <agentaaa> imagine grass around you
[01:18] <agentaaa> and let it form from there, mayhaps
[01:18] <agentaaa> let your mind scrawl in details
[01:18] <Eilatan> It doesn’t do that
[01:18] <Chance> and if you end up on a piece of grass in the middle of a void, make a forest
[01:18] <agentaaa> just let random stuff come to mind
[01:18] <Chance> and walk around in it
[01:18] <Chance> or a plain
[01:18] <agentaaa> certainly, you have imagination, do you not?
[01:18] <Eilatan> YES
[01:19] <Eilatan> JESUS CHRIST
[01:19] <agentaaa> in a way, i’s like a game
[01:19] <agentaaa> what you’re looking at is actually coding
[01:19] <agentaaa> or in this case, electrical impulses and chemicals
[01:19] <agentaaa> but you can’t understand a game like that
[01:19] * Vridarin is having matrix flashbacks
[01:19] <agentaaa> so it generates a picture one can comprehend in front of you
[01:19] <agentaaa> just by letting it happen
[01:20] * DreamLord sighs
[01:20] <DreamLord> I’ll get her on track
[01:20] <agentaaa> ehh, do what you must
[01:21] <agentaaa> I’m doing  what I can to help
[01:21] <agentaaa> but if she’s going to be so hostile… well, it’s her choice
[01:21] <Vridarin> >-> It’s like she’s more determined to suck than I am
[01:21] <agentaaa> I’m not going to force it down her throat
[01:21] <DreamLord> she’s been asked by 4 people now “Do you have an imagination!?”
[01:21] * DreamLord kicks Vridarin
[01:23] <Vridarin> >->
[01:25] <agentaaa> I wouldn’t mind, were she not so aggressive-seeming about it…
[01:26] * Taetarthe blinks
[01:26] <agentaaa> anyways, things such as harmony state are learnable and usable with this mental state
[01:26] <agentaaa> and that’s hardly the only thing possible to learn
[01:26] <agentaaa> Many things can be gained from these, some unique only to you, most likely
[01:27] <Chance> Question? How to differentiate this state/the stuff seen here from astral?
[01:29] <agentaaa> hmmm, good question, chance
[01:29] <agentaaa> I’d note, however, it’s rare to access this state unconsciously
[01:29] <agentaaa> so, for most, astral projection won’t show this
[01:29] <agentaaa> but a good ideal is the fact that you don’t have the ability to distort and break the astral with the ease you can here
[01:29] <agentaaa> nor can you simply jump in and out
[01:30] <Vridarin> Ayyup I did it wrong
[01:30] <agentaaa> it’s the difference between literal and metaphorical reality, despite initial appearances.
[01:30] <agentaaa> sigh…
[01:30] <agentaaa> no you didn’t, vri.
[01:30] * agentaaa slaps
[01:30] <agentaaa> your name for the next hour is Eeyore
[01:30] <agentaaa> you pessimist you
[01:30] <Adara> lol
[01:30] <Chance> Anyways, yeah. We need a class on astral projection. Meh.
[01:31] <Chance> or i need to look through the logs
[01:31] <Chance> [i call eeyore two!]
[01:31] <DreamLord> Eeyore isn’t a compliment >.<
[01:31] <Chance> as for distorting and breaking the astral.. wouldn’t that depend on which part you’re in?
[01:31] <Chance> i know >.<
[01:32] <Chance> but i’ve probably never actually astral projected so.. anywho
[01:32] <agentaaa> yes, but not with a thought
[01:32] <agentaaa> you can do so, of course
[01:32] <agentaaa> if you gather energy
[01:32] <agentaaa> or will, I suppose, if you’re strong enough
[01:33] <agentaaa> but that’s it
[01:34] <Chance> huh. can’t this plane act like that though too?
[01:34] <Chance> as in, you try and destroy the shack, and it just comes back
[01:34] <Chance> well, not ‘try’ to destroy, but try and remove it instantly
[01:34] <Chance> by just thinking about it
[01:34] <Taetarthe> This plane is rather unique, to say the very least.
[01:35] <Taetarthe> but that has more to do with politics than any real limit.
[01:36] <Vridarin> politics?
[01:38] <agentaaa> You can do that with it’s surfact
[01:38] <agentaaa> but overall, it depends on the will it’s done with
[01:38] <agentaaa> you can “destroy” the shack
[01:38] <agentaaa> but if it’s just lighthearted curiosity
[01:38] <agentaaa> rather than a huge desire to break the crap out of it
[01:38] <agentaaa> it normally won’t stay destroyed
[01:38] <agentaaa> though
[01:38] <agentaaa> for everyone, the rules are a bit different
[01:39] <agentaaa> it’s not the mental plane, so much as your mental plane
[01:39] <agentaaa> and just like noone thinks exactly the same
[01:39] <agentaaa> no mental plane works quite like another
[01:43] <Vridarin> Taetarthe: Politics?
[01:46] <Taetarthe> Aye, Vri.
[01:46] <Taetarthe> Though It isn’t proper of me to speak of it.
[01:46] <Taetarthe> At best I’d seem fluffy =3
[01:47] <Vridarin> You couldn’t be much worse than Agent :
[01:47] <Adara> wow that was uncalled for, Vri
[01:48] <Adara> seriously
[01:48] * DreamLord thwacks Eeyore
[01:48] <Adara> how about you leave?
[01:48] <Itchies> There’s so much drama in here right now. Everyone take a deep breath.
[01:49] <Vridarin> What?
[01:49] <Itchies> Take a deep breath and think about what you say before you say it.
[01:49] * Vridarin didn’t say anything he hadn’t before
[01:50] <Vridarin> Agent is fluffy :
[01:50] <Vridarin> or at least speaks in a manner that is similar to what one would call fluffy
[01:53] <Adara> Tae, you wanted to say something?
[01:54] <Taetarthe> hm?
[01:54] <Taetarthe> Oh
[01:54] <Taetarthe> You want me to talk about it, seriously?
[01:54] <Taetarthe> XD
[01:55] <Taetarthe> Frankly It’s not something to speak of in the classroom
[01:57] <Adara> ahhh okies
[01:57] <Adara> cool beans
[01:57] <Adara> agent, did you want to speak more?
[02:10] <Adara> I apologize for the interruption, agent.  Continue if you wish.
[02:12] <agentaaa> ohhh, it’s no problem, I was just wrapping up
[02:13] <agentaaa> and I was getting distracted by minor affairs anyways
[02:13] <agentaaa> anyhoo, one more thing: when one gets possessed
[02:13] <agentaaa> or otherwise compromised
[02:13] <agentaaa> accessing their mental world
[02:13] <agentaaa> can on occasiona
[02:13] <agentaaa> be quite useful
[02:13] <agentaaa> to at least tell what’s wrong
[02:13] <agentaaa> if not deal with the problem directly
[02:19] * Adara nods
[02:26] <agentaaa> and that concludes my class for now
[02:26] <agentaaa> people can ask me questions in private, about their experiences
[02:26] <agentaaa> but, without more experience in this subject
[02:26] <agentaaa> most will be unable to learn much more
[02:26] <agentaaa> this is a long path
[02:27] * Adara nods
[02:27] <Adara> thank you agent, for your time

Posted By:  Adara, Head Manager/Head Operator

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