Introduction and Intermediate Telepathy

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Log from #Classroom on Friday, June 14, 2013 at 9PM EDT: “Intro. and Intermediate Telepathy”, hosted by Miri:
[20:06] <miri> Energetic telepathy is generally performed using links, encoding information in energy bundles and sending these bundles at the recipient. The recipient’s subconscious then interprets the encoded energy’s message. There are important differences between this and natural telepathy.
[20:06] <miri> Natural telepathy is a purer exchange of information. Whereas energetic telepathy requires encoding, transmission, and decoding. This isn’t to say natural telepathy is universally superior, it is however, on the surface, simpler.
[20:06] <miri> Energetic telepathy, however, has the grand advantage of being more easily examined directly. Being energetic, you can scan the process, perceive it outside of direct experience. Natural telepathy, on the other hand, is almost impossible or impossible to externally perceive. Rather one must simulate such observation based on direct experience.
[20:06] <miri> Tonight we’ll be trying energetic telepathy first, as most (that is to say, those to whom it does not already come naturally) initially learn best with energetic telepathy.
[20:06] <miri> Before I elaborate on particulars, are there questions about the difference between these two ?flavors?, about the class in general, what telepathy is, etc.? (Ask away, if it’s something I’m going to cover anyway, I’ll tell you, there are no stupid questions right now.)
[20:06] <Rowan> Natural telepathy is also ridiculously annoying at times.
[20:06] <miri> True fact
[20:07] <miri> On both ends of the equation.
[20:07] <Eniri> So telepathy doesn’t pass through the filter of language, correct?
[20:07] <miri> Eniri: No, generally speaking it does not.
[20:08] <miri> This is one of the hilarious screw-ups of fiction.
[20:08] <Jonn> miri: Can it also be labeled as active telepathy and passive telepathy?
[20:08] <miri> Jonn: Not accurately
[20:08] <miri> Jonn: Natural telepathy can be entirely active, as well.
[20:08] <miri> Not everyone passively sits by listening to their telepathy radios.
[20:09] <MysterOrc> So with natural telepathy is that to say its decoded so to speak by a more just kinda when your mind figures it out kinda sense or is thee a more specific way in which its perceived
[20:10] <miri> MysterOrc: If I’m understanding your question, it is more directly interpreted. Energetic transmission requires encoding, transmission, decoding and translation. Natural telepathy is transmission and interpretation.
[20:09] <Little_Dragon> Since every mind is different, wouldn’t natural telepathy still require some decoding to translate?
[20:09] <Rowan> Little_Dragon: Not always. There are times where natural telepathy simply forces things to happen the way it needs to happen. Pulls things to the front, shoves things out, et cetera.
[20:10] <Rowan> If there’s decoding, it’s done at a subconscious level.
[20:11] <miri> Little_Dragon: As Rowan said, not always, and it’s less to do with linguistic barriers and more to do with how minds operate. very different grammatical uses can be an issue, for instance.
[20:10] <Little_Dragon> so, would one way of saying it be natural telepathy is not pushed and requires no modems whereas energetic telepathy is pushed and requires a modem?
[20:11] <Rowan> Natural telepathy can well and entirely be pushed, too, though.
[20:12] <miri> Little_Dragon: It’s fine to say that, [natural telepathy is] like using firewire from computer to computer instead of connecting via the internet and using modems
[20:13] <Little_Dragon> but isn’t that an oversimplification?
[20:14] <miri> Little_Dragon: of course it is
[20:13] <Jonn> I feel like we are talking about entanglement vs. classical operator > channel > receptor communication.
[20:14] <miri> Jonn: that fits, I suppose. Natural telepathy, as I’m calling it skips the energetic medium we usually work with. There’s no need to coordinate, the mechanisms are already there.
[20:15] <Eniri> there are simple forms of telepathy with people that aren’t trying to (close married couples). I’m assuming that’s natural telepathy. Can energetic telepathy work from someone sending to someone not intentionally trying to receive? (someone that doesn’t know how to, basically)
[20:16] <miri> Eniri: yes on the couples; yes, but less easily [on sending to an unwilling recipient], sensitivity is an issue there.

[20:15] <miri> Energetic telepathy, as I explained earlier, is not performed as ?natural? telepathy is. Rather it is almost akin to programming energy as in the case of constructs. Though it shares a name with the other flavor of telepathy, performing it requires an entirely different skill set. However, the practice of quieting the mind and opening ones’ senses to another’s information is applicable to both varieties.
[20:15] <miri> The practice of controlling one’s own thoughts sufficiently to send a specific piece of information is also useful. What differs is the mechanism enabling the phenomenon, not the results, or preparation involved. With this in mind, we are going to try a little exercise.
[20:15] <miri> Pair up with another class member, if there’s an odd man out, I’ll pair with them. Clear your mind as much as you can. There should be only two things in your mind, your partner/target and the idea you’re trying to convey. I will assign an appropriately distinctive image to each of you via PM, decides amongst yourselves who will send first, and do so, you may want to coordinate in PM.
[20:16] <miri> Pair up, if you don’t mind.
[20:17] <miri> LD, MysterOrc, I’ll PM you your objects for the exercise.
[20:20] <Eniri> I’ll partner with Momo
[20:22] <miri> Everyone has been assigned an object now.
[20:23] <miri> Combine your full impression of the assigned data. Assuming it is physical, consider its color, shape, associated sounds, the emotional impact of the object on you, associated concepts ?A light bulb? would be associated with light and cartoon characters having ideas, etc.; A famous actor/actress would be associated with famous roles, being human, Hollywood, etc. as examples.
[20:23] <miri> Combine this information as completely as you can to create a very full profile of the object. You want to make these ideas into a single notion, a single packet. Then take some energy, and put this idea into it, reinforce this programing several times, focus on it for some time, let’s say 20 seconds or more, without wavering.
[20:23] <miri> Then send it to your partner who will absorb the packet and try to interpret the information contained. This isn’t a perfect science, but I’m hoping for some good results here tonight. 🙂
[20:23] <miri> Determine who will first send and who will first receive amongst yourselves.
[20:27] <miri> Coordinate in PM then report your readiness here, folks, Please.
[20:28] <miri> Momo and Eniri are underway
[20:30] <miri> I hope that LD and MysterOrc are as well.
[20:30] <miri> Ah, they are, good.
[20:38] <miri> Okay, I expect the first half to be finished by now, have you all sent or received once, yet?
[20:40] <Eniri> I still haven’t gotten to the core idea of this thing
[20:40] <Eniri> I’ve gotten around it though. Beating around the bush
[20:40] <miri> 😛
[20:40] <Rowan> Sometimes beating around the bush is a good way to get a psionic idea to work for you too. Cheat it until it works for you.
[20:43] <miri> in a few more minutes I’ll be asking everyone to report their results.
[20:44] <Little_Dragon> report here or in pm?
[20:45] <miri> Little_Dragon: here
[20:46] <Little_Dragon> well, I sent MysterOrc the statue of liberty, he got the statue of Lincoln but did not mention it until after, and then I did not pick up on anything from him no matter what I tried.
[20:48] <miri> Momo, Eniri, where are you at?
[20:49] <Little_Dragon> all i sensed was it was sleek and metallic as well as tall, and nothing else.
[20:49] <miri> That was pretty accurate
[20:49] <miri> Not perfect, but not bad
[20:49] <Little_Dragon> my first guess was a sex toy, it was a long barreled shotgun…i should not have dismissed the first thought.
[20:49] <MysterOrc> you did get the gist of it
[20:49] <Eniri> I still haven’t figured it out
[20:49] <miri> Eniri: You haven’t moved on to sending yet?
[20:50] <Eniri> I was still trying to figure out Momo’s message
[20:50] <Eniri> Sorry when you said time was almost up I thought you meant time to switch sending/receiving
[20:50] <miri> It’s fine
[20:51] <miri> But for the sake of finishing today, we should probably move on soon.
[20:51] <miri> I’ll give you five more minutes
[20:52] <Eniri> ok I just sent to Momo
[20:53] * miri nods
[20:53] <Eniri> He said he sent me Mona Lisa and I described the background of the painting, but not the fact that it’s a painting
[20:53] <miri> The subconscious is a fickle mistress
[20:54] <Rowan> Fickle is an understatement.
[20:55] <Little_Dragon> Shut up, subconscious, or I will stab you with a Q tip again
[20:55] <Rowan> I don’t think that’s a very effective threat.
[20:55] <Little_Dragon> it was a joke
[20:56] <miri> Okay, Eniri, Momo, going to have to move on at this point
[20:57] <miri> Sorry guys
[20:57] <miri> How far did you get on your second go?
[20:57] <Eniri> I don’t know. Momo only said one thing
[20:57] <Eniri> I guess not
[20:57] <miri> He says he didn’t get much of anything
[20:58] <Eniri> I have no idea if I did it right
[20:58] <miri> That’s fine.
[20:59] <Eniri> Is it just like
[20:59] <Eniri> make a psyball and then encode the information to it?
[21:00] <Eniri> then send it to someone?
[21:00] <miri> Essentially
[21:00] <miri> It’s a rather impractical method
[21:00] <Eniri> compared to the natural way?
[21:00] <miri> however, many find it useful to get used to the mindset of telepathy
[21:02] <miri> keep in mind, this is the horribly inefficient manner of performing telepathy, it’s crappy in all ways, it’s brute forcing a delicate matter.
[21:01] <Methos> Since I came halfway in, I’m guessing you were trying to traverse messages in the forms of energy then reconverting it to make actual sense to the receiver. Are you doing this be transmission of energy to receiver general location, or is there another predetermined factor like Astral projection?
[21:01] <miri> Yes, Methos, sent to the partner, astral/physical made no real difference.
[21:02] <Methos> Distance a factor, and are you using err what’s the word… conductors like radio towers or clock towers to enhance range capabilities?
[21:02] <Rowan> Distance is a factor for some people and not for others.
[21:02] <Little_Dragon> distance is irrelevant
[21:03] <Rowan> Depends on the person. It *should* be irrelevant but it isn’t always.
[21:03] <miri> Methos: Subtle energy seems unaffected by distance, at least for most practitioners.
[21:04] <miri> Radionics were not involved (like your conductor you mentioned)
[21:04] <Rowan> I do get fuzzy somewhere around Siberia, Mongolia, India/Pakistan/Afghanistan myself, but those are places that are basically as far away from where I live as is actually possible.
[21:05] <Rowan> And it’s fuzzy rather than impossible.
[21:05] <miri> The distance issue is an interesting one, I will be sure to keep that in mind for classes in the future, it has never posed any issue to me.
[21:06] <Methos> what part of Siberia?
[21:06] <Rowan> Methos: Most of it.
[21:06] <Methos> Same issue occur near Alaska?
[21:06] <miri> I think we’re getting a bit off topic here.
[21:06] <Rowan> Methos: Nope. I live in California, Alaska’s much closer to me. 🙂
[21:10] <Rowan> miri: The distance issues go away if I actually go through and put more effort behind things. But for the natural/no effort, it’s fuzzy at around the points that are as far away as possible from California.
[21:11] <miri> Subconscious assumptions, probably *shrugs*
[21:12] <Rowan> Knowing me, yeah.
[21:13] <miri> This energy-based model is only one way of performing telepathic communication, and it’s not the natural form that one typically thinks of. Natural telepaths function very differently in terms of mechanics. Anyone can perform telepathy in either fashion, but energy workers generally do find the previous approach easier to learn with.
[21:13] <miri> Natural telepathy works far more mysteriously. It seems to operate through a collective unconscious of sorts. All minds, it seems, are connected in a network of some sort. Attempts to observe this network often resemble outer space, every star a mind, or an ocean of sorts.
[21:13] <miri> Rather than being a collection of links, it is a space of connectivity that is not astral or physical, or energetic, but mental. Accessing this level of awareness is far easier than you might expect. It’s a matter of willing to and opening oneself to such. The biggest reason you’re not terribly telepathic right now is that you fight against being so, on some level.
[21:13] <miri> Opening yourself up, becoming vulnerable, is the quickest and most efficient way to develop telepathically, it isn’t without risks, obviously, but for many it’s something that can be turned on and off. Those who normally experience spontaneous telepathy are already open to this level of human experience.
[21:13] <miri> We will, tonight, open those who aren’t already up to this experience, if they are willing. Then we will perform a little exercise. You guys can compare/contrast this experience to that of energetic telepathy as well.
[21:14] <miri> So, if anyone wants to back out, that’s fine, Rowan at least doesn’t need such an exercise, but participating, even if you’re naturally telepathic can help to reinforce your ability.
[21:14] <Rowan> will happily participate. XD
[21:14] <Eniri> I have a question
[21:15] <miri> Ask
[21:15] <Eniri> Well you just described being open to receiving information, but what about sending? I feel like making a strong enough “push” with a lot of things is what hasn’t been working well for me in a lot of things
[21:16] <Eniri> Or is that one in the same with being open?
[21:16] <miri> Eniri: You can hear a whisper
[21:16] <miri> Even if you cover your ears you hear a shout
[21:17] <miri> You can learn to yell, expend that energy, or simply communicate with the willing.
[21:17] <Rowan> Some people think very naturally loudly, as well.
[21:17] <Rowan> Some people don’t.
[21:17] <miri> Opening yourself up to telepathy as I’m suggesting is a two way street
[21:17] <miri> You take fingers out of your ears, and that way you can hear your own volume better, too, so to speak.
[21:17] <Eniri> oh, okay
[21:17] <Eniri> two-way
[21:18] <miri> Like the deaf tend to be very loud or very quiet
[21:18] <miri> You will better be able to be heard when you understand what hearing is.
[21:18] <miri> Opening up to this ?space? is pretty easy. I’ll provide a basic meditation to do so now.
[21:18] <miri> First, calm your mind, be a point of perfect stillness, the eye of the storm. As you breathe in and out the eye of the storm grows, expands takes over the storm, replaces it from within. This expands and reveals you beneath the storm, unflinching, unfazed.
[21:19] <miri> Now, imagine yourself in a sea of stars, you are yourself a star. Unlike out space the other stars are all around you, very close, accessible. You can reach out and touch them, and the star you touch will be the one you seek, not matter which you touch. Each star is a mind, and as you are able to touch any of them, any of them may touch you.
[21:19] <miri> Take a few minutes to cement this concept, as you’re essentially inviting your subconscious to raise the portcullis and drop the draw bridge. It will take a firm effort, clear will, to accomplish this.
[21:22] <Little_Dragon> funny…when id id the first part my mind started trying to figure out what teh storm is.
[21:22] <Little_Dragon> the*
[21:23] <miri> *nods* let the meditation progress as it wishes, when it has a wish, let it go at its own pace, so it really takes hold.
[21:23] <Little_Dragon> er, doing the second part gave me a serious headache.
[21:23] <Little_Dragon> that is not good, is it?
[21:24] <miri> Little_Dragon: as I said, let it go at its pace, don’t force the issue.
[21:24] <Rowan> take time, breathe, and let it happen.
[21:24] <Little_Dragon> I am not forcing
[21:24] <Rowan> It’s not going to happen all at once, and it’s an adjustment.
[21:24] <Rowan> It can, for some people, take ten minutes, sometimes longer, though that’s on the long side.
[21:25] <miri> Rowan’s right. And even just expecting a quick result is forcing, know what it will be, but don’t make it go there, or expect it to do so quickly.
[21:26] <miri> Momo, Eniri, MysterOrc, how are you getting along?
[21:26] <Rowan> And there are some people for whom the part of opening themselves up to more natural telepathy is a process that takes weeks rather than days rather than minutes.
[21:27] <miri> Rowan: Yes, but none of those people have had me threatening them to bolster their pace
[21:27] <Rowan> miri: Hah, that’s true. 😛
[21:27] <Eniri> I did it, but it feels like even if I clear the sky clouds return to the periphery
[21:27] <Eniri> but the calm zone is bigger now
[21:27] <miri> Eniri: repeat the process, as much as you need to
[21:28] <Eniri> I think I did it in part though
[21:28] <Little_Dragon> hmmm…I am getting results but not intended results.
[21:28] <miri> Little_Dragon: explain, please
[21:29] <Little_Dragon> well, instead of feeling more open telepathically I am sensing an astral location I usually project to overlaid over my physical vision.
[21:30] <miri> Little_Dragon: This isn’t bad, not intended, but this would point to increased sensitivity, part of the goal, here.
[21:31] <Little_Dragon> my best results have always been unintended.
[21:30] <Eniri> I feel like I can easily pick a friend of mine and get an idea about what they’re up to right now
[21:30] <miri> Eniri: good
[21:31] <Rowan> And increased sensitivity that starts with people you’re closer to is often a starting point.
[21:32] <Eniri> I don’t know if I’m picking up things or just guessing, but it feels good
[21:33] <miri> Eniri: we’ll put it to a test soon
[21:33] <Rowan> Eniri: That’s a good sign either way. If it hurt there would be a Problem.
[21:34] <Eniri> Well at first I did feel like there was a lot of “stuff” coming at me but it seems it’s getting filtered now
[21:38] <Little_Dragon> i am starting to pick up on rapid data i can not interpret like excited whispering among a room full of people.
[21:38] <miri> Good, I’d say
[21:38] <miri> Though try to filter it a bit
[21:39] <miri> So you can focus on just one
[21:39] <Little_Dragon> oh, and I was able to tell what my boyfriend is doing
[21:42] <Little_Dragon> and now it felt like one mind pulled me in and a ton of images flashed before me, it was…unpleasant
[21:43] <miri> Little_Dragon: you get more used to it with time, and it’s more useful when both parties are doing this intentionally, a controlled exchange.
[21:39] <MysterOrc> I have to say this way is certainly a lot more fluid than the other
[21:40] <miri> MysterOrc: yes, yes it is
[21:40] <MysterOrc> I’m sensing a lot
[21:40] <MysterOrc> like a lot a lot so now I need to just focus the stream in
[21:40] <Little_Dragon> i sense a lot of gibberish but need to clear my head.
[21:41] <Eniri> I’m trying to replace that image of clouds on the periphery with a clear sky and instead it feels like two images now that overlap
[21:41] <Eniri> wont clear all the way. Maybe it’ll take more time
[21:42] <miri> Eniri: that may be fine.
[21:42] <miri> So long as you’re noticing more perception, and things are clearer, you’re on the right track
[21:42] <miri> You don’t need to open completely immediately (or ever, really)
[21:42] <Eniri> asked someone that I apparently peeked at, he said he was doing what I saw
[21:43] <Rowan> opening completely isn’t necessarily a good thing
[21:43] <miri> Eniri; see? You’re doing something right.
[21:43] <Eniri> I could already sort of do that but it came a lot faster this time
[21:43] <Eniri> so this helped
[21:44] <Little_Dragon> i am just assuming my boyfriend is playing video games with a friend, his connection is open and he is not responding and normally responds right away. but i tried to sense before verifying
[21:44] <miri> This is just prep for natural telepathy, mind you 😛
[21:44] <Eniri> welp, other friend said he wasn’t doing what I thought he was
[21:46] <Little_Dragon> is it normal for children to be more open and inviting in telepathy than adults?
[21:46] <mir> Generally speaking, yes.
[21:47] <miri> Especially before 7 or 8, I hear a lot of tell of unthinking telepathy
[21:48] <Little_Dragon> it feels like i can not touch others now all of a sudden…wtf
[21:48] <miri> Little_Dragon: go through the meditation again, if you feel it is necessary.
[21:51] <miri> Now that you’re all primed, we’ll try the same exercise as earlier, same partners, if you wish, but we will do this with natural telepathy. Instead of forcing your impression into energy and launching this, simply touch a nearby ?star?, know it’s your partner, and impart your impression. Likewise, when receiving know that they are accessing you in this way.
[21:51] <miri> It’s really as simple as that. I will assign each of you a new object. Transmission in this way is generally faster and easier. For your convenience, the instructions for forming a telepathic data bundle for an object follows.
[21:51] <miri> Combine your full impression of the assigned data. Assuming it is physical, consider its color, shape, associated sounds, the emotional impact of the object on you, associated concepts ?A light bulb? would be associated with light and cartoon characters having ideas, etc.; A famous actor/actress would be associated with famous roles, being human, Hollywood, etc. as examples.
[21:51] <miri> Combine this information as completely as you can to create a very full profile of the object. You want to make these ideas into a single notion, a single packet. Then focus on it for some time, let’s say 20 seconds or more, without wavering. This solidifies the information as a single unit, crystallizes the concept.
[21:51] <miri> Then simply send/receive, coordinate in PM, again.
[21:51] <Rowan> Oh hey, I don’t have a partner. XD
[21:52] <miri> Guess I’ll have to listen to you
[21:52] <Rowan> That would be good. or if we wanted to play demonstration, Little_Dragon could PM you and me both objects.
[21:52] <miri> Sure
[21:53] <Rowan> Can’t promise I can keep images of my dinner out of it. XD because the garlic SMELLS REALLY GOOD.
[21:54] <Rowan> the idea is that someone else sends us each the object.
[21:54] <Rowan> so that the entire thing is objective.
[21:54] <miri> Right
[22:07] <Eniri> Nada results over here
[22:07] <miri> Eniri, momo, would you like to try again, with new objects?
[22:07] <Eniri> We both did several guesses and nothing was close
[22:08] <Eniri> Still haven’t revealed the object but we’re obviously doing it wrong
[22:08] <Rowan> miri got what I sent right, though the object was wrong.
[22:10] <miri> I got all the traits right, but my specific object thoughts danced around it
[22:12] <Eniri> I don’t get it. I keep getting totally random images (bee hive, glass of water, cat) that have no relation to each other, or the thing I’m trying to receive
[22:15] <miri> It’s likely an issue of focus
[22:15] <miri> Probably both of you
[22:15] <Eniri> I don’t normally think random thoughts like that
[22:15] <miri> Try to empty your mind of *everything* but the object
[22:15] <miri> Don’t look at things, nothing
[22:16] <Rowan> (This is an interesting exercise to do while cooking, let me tell you.)
[22:16] <Rowan> I am all I KNOW WHAT THAT IS and then AGH THE POT OF PASTA.
[22:21] <Rowan> goes to get some water, takes a hint from his sub-c.
[22:21] <Eniri> We both tried again and didn’t get close
[22:26] <miri> I’m thinking I’ll call it a wrap at this point, you guys have the tools to practice this on your own, do so. Pick ideal conditions at first, quiet rooms, not hungry or thirsty, etc. When you get the hang of that, try less ideal conditions.
[22:28] <Eniri> Did anybody get it to work?
[22:28] <miri> Rowan and I
[22:28] <miri> I dunno about Little_Dragon and MysterOrc
[22:29] <miri> It takes a lot of practice to reliably do well
[22:29] <miri> And even then it’s not really *reliable* so much as *not horribly unreliable*

Posted By: Miri

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