Managing Pain

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Article: “Managing Pain”, by JediKaren

Humans have suffered pain from the time they were created. Pain, while seemingly bad, is actually a biological miracle that warns the body there is something wrong. When one thinks about it, how would you know if you cut yourself or broke a bone that you can’t see if there was no pain to feel? Pain also lets us know if a wound is getting infected or the bone is being hurt even further. So pain is also an indicator that further damage is being done or healing is taking place. Yet, pain in many cases in a crippling, unnecessary experience to go through, or at least that is how most people view pain. While it might be good to know a bone is broken, one may be in a situation where one needs to turn off the pain to move, get away, or to start the healing process. Thus, we need to learn how to numb, or take away the pain through mental and psionic means.

When you numb you are literally doing what the doctors do with the needles. Have you ever gone to the dentist and been given a shot of novocain? Have you ever broken a bone and been given a painkiller? Remember that feeling of nothingness? It was like that broken foot didn’t exist. What was happening was that the painkiller was blocking your foot’s nerve’s signals from reaching your brain and screaming “pain!”. You will be doing this blocking of the nerves yourself.

Let’s say your cat scratched you a minute ago and you would go after the beast, but your bleeding leg hurts too much. First off, deal with the blood. Next, relax your mind and clear your mind. Forget about the fact you want to kill the cat. Now, close your eyes. You don’t have to, but in my experience it makes it easier to focus. With you mind go straight to where the pain is in the leg. Focus on the pain, where it is, how intense it is, and is it spreading to other parts of your body. Mentally wipe out all the pain by imaging the pain suddenly not exists anymore. What you are really doing is finding and controlling the nerves in your leg and shutting them off. You should feel the pain suddenly disappear. Remember you are getting rid of the pain, not the leg. Don’t try to numb the leg, just go for the pain. If the pain returns, no problem, just do it again. For things like broken bones and sprains you are going to have to hold this numbing method for a few seconds to get a lasting result.

To psionically take away the pain from a wound, you first want to calm the mind and breathe in and out slowly to settle the body. You will need to relax your tightly defensive mind so you can open your self up to the flow of psi that is in and around you. You will find this hard seeing how pain it a hard distraction to ignore. Still, with a strong will and discipline, this can be achieved. The next thing you will want to do is to gather psi from and outside of your body and concentrate the energy where the pain is located. This might increase the pain. Do not let go of your grip on psi. Accept the pain and then will psi to carry the pain away. Imagine if you will the pain being this angry red glow and psi being a blue calming flowing river. Direct the blue river to the red and then sweep away the red from the area and to away from the body.

Now leave the wound alone. Once you touch it or have something brush up on the wound or area of pain, the pain will come back and you will have to start all over again. So sit or lie down for a while. Once the leg is numb and you’ve rested for a while, go have fun chasing the cat. If the pain comes back, repeat the process again and look for infections. You may want to seek a doctor.

You can use this method for any type of pain or itching. I use it for mosquito bites. I have a very hard time trying not to itch. I have been able to numb both legs (both were covered with bites) and could hold the effect for some minutes. The hardest thing about healing is that you have to calm down when doing it, or else it won’t work. Also, keep in mind that it may not always work, especially if the pain is way too big. Injuries like bad sprains, broken bones, bad tears in muscles, cramps, and sore throats might not be able to be entirely worked with, but it even still does help somewhat. Good luck and be pain free.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute