Scanning Energy Levels: An Unrealistic Ability

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Article: “Scanning Energy Levels: An Unrealistic Ability”, by JediKaren

In the community of paranormal branches, there is a group of energy users who believe they scan current energy levels of a person and potential maxim energy levels. This ability is not recognized or taught on well know psionics sites, yet the skill is being advertised by some psionics. It is my belief and the belief of several other experienced psions that scanning power level is not a reliable or practical skill that should be taken seriously or should be taken truthfully. This article will define who practice this skill, what scanning powers level is, the method, the level system, and four reasons to back up this claim.

With research one can trace scanning, or more commonly known as sensing, power levels to the subject of ki. Ki is a type of energy, some say the same as psi and others argue a different energy. The ki branch of paranormal differs from psi with different abilities and different theories. After reading up on the ki, beliefs about psi and ki differ in that ki users believe that everyone has a ki in them and psions do not believe there is a psi in them, but that psi exists everywhere but the source is unknown, ki on the other hand comes from all living things. Some ki abilities do not transfer over well or at all when dealing with psi, like scanning energy levels. Further research will show scanning power levels come from the tv animated show Dragon Ball Z (DBZ). This cartoon shows the characters using skills that ki teaches. Power levels have also been made a popular idea through role playing games so characters have a know level of strength and listed abilities.

The general common way scanning power levels work is one person scans another for a power level. According to several ki sites, the scanner visualizes their ki in their body and images the ki touching the ki of the person being scanned. Of the sites that I visited, all of them agreed that the scanner should feel a thud in their stomach. Based on the strength of the thud and comparing the feeling to a description that can be found on the sites, they can determine the power level of the person being scanned. There seem to be two types of descriptions of the levels. One type of description is based on words like very low, low, medium, high, and very high. The second type of description is based on a number scale ranging from 1,000 to 50,000. Each site has a different highest level with no explanation of how the scale was created, found, or what source it was copied from.

One of the four problems with scanning energy levels of an individual is there is no logical, scientific way to test the results. Psionic skills such as precognition, telepathy, empathy, telekinesis, and remote viewing can all be tested. Each of the mentioned skills can be tested for did wanted results happen in the desired way or not. For an example, take remote viewing and its goal for the viewer to describe an unseen and unknown target. The viewer either described the target accurately or not. In telepathic games like numbers, or guess the fruit, the receiver either receives the right number/ fruit or fails. When experimenting by the means of telekinesis, the spinning psi wheel or rolling pencil can be video taped and measured to prove movement. Even when scanning personalities, it is easy to tell if the scanner is making up the information as long as the scanner did not previously know the subject. With scanning power levels there is no clear method to see if the result is valid or not.

Now take the power level system. The numbers are based on a cartoon show or a game. Note how both sources are fictional and where made up. What would keep a site manager from deciding he or she did not like the numbering system of one site and completely changed it? This could leave a new comer very confused when they go to other sites and see a different system. Each role playing game has different levels. There seems a lack of consistency and a lack of standards. Take a look at the “low and high” type of descriptions. There is no definition for what “high” or “low” levels mean either, giving a false and implied meaning.

The third reason why scanning energy levels is not a reliable skill is because the nature of energy and how it effects humans. When a person starts feeling and using energy, their ability to feel and control energy is naturally low and limited for a time until they practice more. Many psions experience off days or periods of lack of control due to emotions, sickness, over training, drugs, or stress. All these factors could lead to a low power rating. These factors show that personal energy and ability is unstable, making a trustworthy, long term reading impossible. Also, a power level can make a person believe they have a predetermined energy level, which is not true. Some psions, or any energy user, will loose interest in practicing and never reach full potential.

Finally, the last issue with scanning power levels is the problem with the scanner. If the scanner was scanning their best friend, Joe, and got a low level and did not want to hurt Joe, they would be tempted to raise the score. Now, Joe could ask other scanners for their readings, but he will be confused when he gets different readings and may believe the first scanner, if the score is higher. Another scanner may scan Joe who they despise and purposely give a lower than reality reading. Joe may not notice the scanner’s feelings towards him and believe the scanner. There is also the experience of the scanner. If the scanner is new to using energy and scanning, they could be giving a bad reading. The scanner could also have an off day and that could affect the reading, making it useless. In other words, it is hard to trust any one scan and different scans merely indicate there were one or more faulty scans.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute