The Dream of Dreams

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Article: “The Dream of Dreams”, by JediKaren


Dreaming has never been understood very well by mankind, although there are many theories and a strong fascination for it. Many dreams mean nothing and is simply our mind trying to make sense of recent events, feelings, or fears. However, some dreams are special and should not be ignored. Dreams can be controlled, altered, having personal meaning behind them, and be shared with other dreamers. Some dreams can hint of the future or the past. Learning about dreams can increase self awareness and awareness in psi.

Some people dream a lot, some people rarely dream. Our dreams usually indicate a certain feeling or something happening. The night before a long trip you might have some strange dreams. Sleeping in a bed that you don’t normally sleep in, or sleeping in an unusual way can change your dream pattern. When you spent a night at a friend’s house, your dreams can seem weird.


While nightmares have nothing to do with psi, they do affect psions a great deal. Nightmares can show a lot about person’s feelings. Nightmares general show or reflect a fear that is being suppressed. Nightmares are not a common state for the human mind and are signals to something being wrong with the person. Nightmares, those repeat or happen frequently, are a sign that the person is emotional unstable.

I know about this because for nearly a year I had constant nightmares. I dreamt of school, of college, of work, and my father. All of these things I feared. As time went on and my life got worse, my nightmares came even more. I become more emotional, easy to tick off and lived in a half unconscious fear of everything. It was not until much later did I get told that these nightmares were a way for my mind to make me face my fears. The problem was I still ran away from my fears. The best way to get rid of your nightmares is to figure out what you are scared of, why, and then talk to someone about it.

Being unstable for a psion can mean the person is using their dark feelings within them. These dreams can help a psion understand the feelings and motives behind someone. A psion can look at their own nightmares to help understand their own fears.

Dream Recall

It is normal for people not to remember their dreams, but in order to understand dreams the first fact to remember is we all dream every single night. There are several reasons why we do not remember our dreams. Society has taught us to not pay attention to our dreams. People are taught that dreams mean nothing and are a waste of time to worry or wonder over. Many dreams do not make sense to us, so we forget them quickly.

Remembering one’s dreams is a good way to strength one’s memory. A psion’s memory needs to be clear, detailed, and accurate as possible because it will help them recall astral trips better and increase focus. Although, psi can help a psion do this, the psion still needs the basic skills mastered without psi. To do dream recall, you should first make sure you are getting plenty of sleep when dreaming. Relax, and get rid of all your stress before and after you go to sleep and wake up.

Keep a journal or paper near your bed so when you wake up, you can write down the dream. Write down everything you remember, even if it does not make sense. See how fine detailed you can get. Sometimes, when you look at an old dream you will suddenly understand the meaning behind it or why you dreamed that dream. By keeping a dream journal, a psion can look for important clues in their feelings, help jog their memory of a certain event or look for patterns within the dream.

Learning dream recall does not just help with general memory, but also with remembering out of body experiences. Dream recall can help with lucid dreaming and dreamwalking. Dream recall will force you to focus, increasing your concentrate, and will make you remember small details.


Dreamwalking is when another psion enters your mind, and with your permission, shares control over the dream. This skill requires the walker to be lucid and in control of their own dreams in order to enter someone else’s. When you dreamwalk, both of you have to share the view. Meaning, in the dream, you can only look at a certain direction. The walker, or the person who enters the dream, uses telepathy to be able to understand the dialog in the dream so different languages do not matter. The walker can turn the dream into a nightmare or use the dream to help someone. The dreamer can be forced to confront a fear, solve a problem, or learn how to be healed. The same is true with the walker. Dreamwalking is a difficult and dangerous skill. It should only be attempted by someone who has a lot of experience and knowledge about dreams, the mind and the other person.

Psi Dreams

Psi dreams are dreams in which the dreamer feels and or uses psi in the dream. Sometimes the dream is not a dream, but a vision that comes when the dreamer is asleep. The dream may or may not have any significance importance or truth. With that being said, psi dreams tend to be more connected to reality than fantasy. Sometimes a psion will be gathering psi while dreaming to heal their body, thought not intentionally. A psion should be sure to write the dream down and replay the dream. Two psions can share, though not dreamwalk, a certain dream. This happens because both psions are on similar threads of psi. Should psi dream mean something, a Psion should be caution about acting on the dream. Here is an example of a psi dream I had.

“I was dreaming that I was badly hurt and in the hospital. At the end of my dream I reached out, touched psi, and was going to heal myself. At this point I realized I was dreaming and realized I was feeling psi in my dream. I slowly woke up rather confused. I then went back to sleep and felt psi again. Note I did not do this on purpose. This is the third time that I’ve done this. I don’t understand how I am doing this.”

Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming is the realization you are dreaming. It is commonly confused with dream control. Dream control is when in a dream you are able control the dream. People can be lucid, but not in control of a dream. A psion can know how the dream is turning out and be able to change on the spot the direction of a dream, or replay the event so it happens a different way. A person can wake up, go right back to sleep, or dream a certain part a different way or continue the dream.

This has happened to me a lot. Sometimes I won’t like how the dream is going or I don’t want a certain person to say or do a certain thing that they did, so I’ll replay those few seconds and change the event. Sometimes I am aware that I am dreaming and try to wake up. Sometimes I’m aware I am dreaming, but do not want to wake up to either let the dream continue or I simply don’t want to get up yet. I’ve also dreamed the same dream twice and am aware that I have had this dream before.

To control the dream, you first need realize you are dreaming. There are little things in everyone’s dream that can indicate to that person they are dreaming, called dream signs. Each dream sign is different to everyone. Once that is done, then you need to want to firmly control the dream. Believing that dreams can be controlled is very important. It is best to start with simple changes like where you are, what you are aware, what other people are wearing. You can later work up with changing actions. You can go back to a scene and change a scene. You can control people in your dream so they say what you want them to say. Of course, do not fight to get control of the dream. If you are trying too hard, you will end up waking yourself up.

To some, these skills do not seem very powerful or important, but they can. Dreams are just the doorway to many other skills, ideas, and discoveries. To ignore your dreams, would be a huge mistake, even if the dreams are rare or skill. Good luck and sweet dreams as they say.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute