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Article: “Kinesis”, by JediKaren
Kinesis refers to the movement of mass caused by a stimulus. For psions, psi is the stimulant. There are many types of kinesis that a psion can do. Some kinesis are the combination of two different ones. Psychokinesis is generally thought as the over all kinesis. Psychokinesis is the ability to cause mass to move by supernatural means. Other types of kinesis are telekinesis, moving objects with your mind, pyrokinesis, starting, putting out and controlling fire, cryokinesis, creating ice, electrokinesis, controlling and creating electricity, hydrokinesis, the control over water, levitation, being able to lift yourself off the ground and float, and aerokinesis controlling and air and wind.The hardest part about any kinesis is the belief factor. The actual doing of kinesis is rather easy, but convincing the mind that one can do this is decidedly difficult. Many starters wish to see proof of this feat. Unfortunately, movies, homemade or professional, can be easily counterfeited or misleading in how easy it is to do the feat. Seeing someone do it through a web cam, in real time, is much more truthful, but even so the mind may not be convinced enough to succeed. Whether big or small the object you are trying to move, both can be moved equally with the same amount of will power and energy. Do not let the size faze you.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that a psion move or lift something or start a fire just by thought and will power. This is not so. A psion manipulates psi so psi causes the object at hand to do something. So in order to do any type of kinesis, a psion should use their mind to access psi and let psi do the moving for psi user.

We all wish we could levitate the remote control to our hand and save ourselves the energy of getting up, but most of us have a far ways to go. Even once a psion gets past the doubt aspect, he or she is going to only be able to nudge something or cause a flicker in a flame. All kinesis require mental strength and control. This strength must be built up with lots of practice, but beware of doing too much practicing at once. Short, thirty minutes or less practices, twice a day will enough. Should you find yourself feeling drained or with a headache, take a break for that day. Then shorten the practice. Check to see how hard you are trying.


This skill is the most famous one in movies and in books, often only half described on how to do it. In the present world, telekinesis is not a mandatory skill to learn for an energy user, but one that is interesting and will teach the person more about the properties of psi. Telekinesis is best known as the ability to move objects with your mind. A psion should know that it is psi that moves the objects, not strong thoughts.

A few times an untrained newbies will open them to psi while thinking or staring at an object and cause that object to fall. This is not bad and can be used for the belief problem by remembering that telekinesis can be done. In fact, one really good trick that a site describes is fooling your mind into believing that you just barely moved the psi wheel, knowing you really did not. Once your mind is convinced this can really happen, all you have to figure out is how to ask the wheel to move, not force, beg, or will it to move. Then, you learn how to be aware of the part of your mind that is moving psi around the wheel and start learning control.

Remember, once you do something, you can also do it again. Occasionally an angry, emotional, untrained energy can cause near by objects to break. This happens because psi user has a lack of emotional and control. Emotional control and concentration is essential to telekinesis.

Some beginners think that trying very hard to move an object will do the trick. This is hardly correct way of thinking. No one should try to “will” anything to move, you have to “ask” and let the object move on its own. In reality it takes very little effect to move a piece of paper. Do not try to command psi to move something, always respectfully request psi to do it.

Psi Wheel

A psi wheel is a small, hand made toy that is perfect for learning telekinesis. It is called a psi wheel because the psion invented the wheel. To make a psi wheel you will need a sew needle or pin, a small, one inch squared piece of paper and a cork. Stand the cork on a flat surface and then insert the needle or pin in so the pointy side is facing up. Fold the piece of paper twice and unfold it. The crease should divide the square into four litter squares. Balance the paper on the point of the needle or pin. Notice how easily the paper will stir. Let this enforce the idea you can move this paper.

First off, sit in front of the wheel. Get comfortable because you are going to be there for a while. Have the wheel at a distance so if you breathe hard you will not move it, but try to get fairly close to the wheel. Now, ignore the wheel for a minute.

Breathe and relax your mind and body to open your mind to psi. Fear or anger will stop a psion from doing this. Allow psi to flow through you and become aware of your surroundings. Extend your awareness to the wheel. Feel the paper, sense the paper and know everything you can about it. Sense the paper so thorough that you become part of the paper. It is like you are seeing and feeling it with your hands but in an all in one feeling.

Think of a direction that you would like the wheel to move in. Do not try to move the wheel. Do not try to mentally push or shove the wheel. It will not work and it will give you a headache. There is something in the back of your mind that does the moving of the psi wheel. You will have to find this part of the brain through experimenting. In order for the wheel to move, your mind needs connect to the wheel with psi.

You have to have this connection, ask the wheel to spin. At first the wheel might only shake or wobble. This is a good sign. Continue to think of a direction for the wheel to move, but do not think about it too hard. After a couple of practices, the wheel should start moving. With time, practice, and experimenting, your control will grow.


Pyrokinesis, the ability to start, control or end fire, is next popular kinesis to learn. For beginners, all they will need is a candle and a lighter. Needless to say, a bit of common sense about not getting burned would be good too.

Sit in front of the candle and light it with the lighter. Make sure that if you breathe heavily, you will not disturb the flame. This is the take away the possibility of a breeze causing the flame to move.

Remember the properties of fire. Fire needs three things to exist: air, fuel, and heat. If you take one away, the fire will end. If you increase one of the elements, the fire will grow. In this exercise, you will manipulate the amount of heat in the flame of the candle. The goal will be to make the flame bigger by adding heat to the flame.

To do this, open yourself to psi and sense the flame. Use the “becoming one” method to become the flame. Sense the heat the flame gives. Sense the middle of the flame. Now forget about the flame for a minute. Extend your senses to the near by area around you. Feel the energy in the room. Where there is energy there is heat in the room. Gather the heat in your body and then direct the heat to the flame, using psi to create a link to the fire. You should see and sense the flame getting hotter.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute