Healing 101

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Log from #Classroom on Monday, June 3, 2013 at 4AM EDT: “Healing 101” – Impromptu, hosted by FireBug:
[04:45] <FireBug> alright well first a few things about me.
[04:46] <FireBug> i suck at scanning so i rely on a form of physical empathy to tell me what i need to work on even though a large portion of the work is done at a subconscious level
[04:47] <FireBug> so i guess a game of twenty questions is in order anyone here capable of physical empathy?
[04:47] <Dracogriff1> define physical as opposed to normal empathy
[04:48] <FireBug> able to feel physical pain, pleasure etc from another person
[04:49] <Dracogriff1> not sure, if i have that ability it is weak, I usually rely on visual input.
[04:49] <supremelurker> I tried that once, it’s the results were too embarrassing to recount
[04:49] <Dracogriff1> although learning that can be useful…
[04:50] <FireBug> alright the simplest way of triggering this effect is realizing that physical sensation is tied to emotions and vice versa this will allow your empathy to translate physical sensations as well as emotions allowing you a deeper connection when trying to heal someone
[05:06] <supremelurker> it’s interesting the ways expectation affect perception
[05:10] <FireBug> now based on that you can effect physical healing as well as energy healing through an empathic link.
[05:13] <FireBug> by effecting a persons emotions you can direct their energies focusing on what causes a physical sensation in a certain region can direct the energy to that location promoting healing
[05:14] <FireBug> heart problems can be healed by focusing emotions such as love and joy at a person as most people attribute these emotions to be generated by the heart.
[05:16] <FireBug> brain problems can be healed with emotions attributed to deep contemplation and concentration such as peace and harmony.
[05:16] <FireBug> any questions thus far?
[05:16] <supremelurker> what emotions would you recommend for treating a hand?
[05:17] <FireBug> creativity deep imagination or visualization techniques
[05:18] <FireBug> creativity is often considered to be passed through the hands either by writing, painting, sculpting etc.
[05:19] <FireBug> legs and feet would be exploration and travel.
[05:19] <FireBug> groin area would be lust.
[05:19] <supremelurker> I’m guessing stomach would be hunger then
[05:20] <FireBug> yes
[05:20] <FireBug> hunger or satiation
[05:20] <FireBug> if you are trying to effect a metabolizm trasmitting the sensation of satiated hunger will decrease the metabolism as they will eat less so it will slow down
[05:22] <FireBug> that is a very tricky practice however and i wouldn’t recommend trying it until you have some practice in the field of projecting physical emotions.
[05:22] <Dracogriff> sorry, missed a little bit, my craptop’s battery died
[05:23] <Dracogriff> after mention of hunger and satiation
[05:23] <FireBug> that is a very tricky practice however and i wouldn’t recommend trying it until you have some practice in the field of projecting physical emotions.
[05:24] <Dracogriff> oh, then i missed nothing, thanks
[05:24] <FireBug> any questions at this point?
[05:25] <Dracogriff> not at this time, it seems easy enough to understand.
[05:26] <FireBug> take into account that the emotion used to transmit healing energy needs to be what you associate with that region and a positive emotion.
[05:27] <FireBug> ergo if you have stomach ulcers and are trying to heal them for me it would transmitting a sensation of satiated hunger pains
[05:27] <Dracogriff> yep
[05:28] <FireBug> draw the positive sensation that would cancel out the negative into yourself and then overlay your astral form on your target this will allow your energy to seep into them and thus promote the healing of the problem at hand
[05:28] <Dracogriff> A healer who himself needs healing in the area he is trying to heal would not be effective in his practice.
[05:28] <FireBug> this is a form of directed healing mind you.
[05:28] <FireBug> not always true
[05:28] <Dracogriff> but is cancelling out the negative enough?
[05:29] <FireBug> they would have a deeper understanding of the problem area and issues that alleviate it or make it worse thereby would be better able to understand what is needed to make the problem better for someone else
[05:29] <FireBug> generally speaking cancelling the negative will allow their energy to heal the problem at hand.
[05:30] <FireBug> in some cases that is not enough and you have to give them more than just the cancelation energy at this point you would want to transmit neutralized energy so that it is able to be absorbed by their systems and converted to the necessary energy to promote healing
[05:32] <FireBug> this can be done by simultaneously projecting the energy needed and grounding it as it leaves you
[05:32] <FireBug> or by redirecting an outside neutral source such as energy from the earth itself
[05:34] <FireBug> questions comments concerns?
[05:34] <Dracogriff> but what about higher vibrational energies that some healers insist on using? Would I be correct in assuming that those are not always the best because they are leaning more toward positive energies?
[05:35] <FireBug> such as reiki and so forth?
[05:35] <Dracogriff> yet more effective when positive energy is needed?
[05:35] <Dracogriff> yep, granted, reiki is more neutral
[05:36] <FireBug> the positive energy can be just as harmful as positive as too rapid a healing will cause damage to the cells through rapid regeneration which can cause other problems better to allow the neutral energy to allow the body to do the work at a natural pace unless regeneration is what is needed
[05:37] <FireBug> in that case an excessively positive energy will allow for the regeneration to be done in rapid bursts though this can be damaging to both parties if done too quickly it can drain both parties physically and spiritually.
[05:38] <Dracogriff> and isuppose haling shoulneverfeel painful.
[05:39] <Dracogriff> haling*
[05:39] <Dracogriff> healing*
[05:39] <Dracogriff> keyboard is dying
[05:39] <FireBug> if you are subtle generally they won’t even notice aside from a subsumation of their pain into a sense of comfort
[05:40] <FireBug> if it is invasive it can be painful it takes time and practice to become skillful enough to say exume an energetic tumor that is causing migraines without triggering one yourself.
[05:41] <FireBug> sometimes you will have no choice if it is a dire emergency brute force may be just as effective as tact
[05:42] <FireBug> such as severing an invasive barbed link with a viper protocol that coils in tighter when tried to be removed you may just have to rip it out and repair the damage afterwards.
[05:43] <FireBug> this will most likely cause serious migraine blurry vision and possible brief blackout
[05:46] <FireBug> any questions or comments
[05:46] <Dracogriff> at what points is healing a bad idea?
[05:49] <FireBug> when you have no clue what youre dealing with
[05:49] <FireBug> if you don’t know that breaking up a blood clot can cause it to travel into the heart and kill someone don’t do it
[05:49] <FireBug> other such things can be fatal
[05:50] <FireBug> overexciting someones metabolism can cause them to starve
[05:50] <Dracogriff> ah, common sense so far
[05:50] <FireBug> yes
[05:51] <Dracogriff> and say you do not have enough energy to heal fully, besides grounding what other techniques would you prefer to use?
[05:51] <FireBug> don’t screw with a brain tumor unless you know the brain quite well or can see the ins and outs of it with perfect clarity
[05:52] <Dracogriff> ok
[05:53] <FireBug> don’t toy with genetics unless you have a serious understanding of them how they work and what might be adversely effected
[06:17] <supremelurker> thank you for sharing your wisdom
[06:26] <FireBug> did you have any questions supremelurker
[06:27] <supremelurker> none come to mind, sorry
[06:27] <FireBug> that’s alright

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