Getting In Touch With Your Intuition

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Log from #Classroom on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 9PM EST:  “Getting In Touch With Your Intuition”, hosted by Aceso:
<Aceso> welcome to PI’s class on getting in touch with your intuition
<Aceso> This is a beginner class for people who have been all grown up
<Aceso> and forgotten how to listen to their inner selves
<Aceso> I’ll be lecturing, showing you a system that is handy
<Aceso> and asking for a volunteer
<Aceso> and for brainstorming
<Aceso> so there will be quite a bit of participation
<Aceso> As you may or may not know, when we were born, we began interacting with our world right away
<Aceso> When we got hungry or miserable we let everyone know by crying
<Aceso> later on we learned to use language
<Aceso> and as we were socialized, we learned to put off or needs and some ideas in order to be “successful”
<Aceso> This class is going to help us remember how to listen to basic stuff.
<Aceso> Like, I’m hungry or tired.
<Aceso> Or mom is cranky, or my friend needs someone to talk to.
<Aceso> Or what do I do about my girlfriend?
<Aceso> Or money situation? Especially when we feel like none of our options are good ones.
<Aceso> Everyone with me so far?
<Shad0wless> mmhmm
<Aceso> oh, we’re moderated…
<Aceso> so who’s here?
<Taetarthe> Hello Aceso ^^
* Shad0wless waves
<Shay|SSH> No, but in case you wanted to, you can =)
<Shay|SSH> Im listening
<Aceso> ok
<Aceso> good good.
* RavenFire missed the last 5 minutes due to being disconnected
<Aceso> It’s ok, just intro stuff.
<Aceso> I’m going to demo a method that you don’t have to use, but it’s got lots of helpful stuff in it, and it can be adapted to fit almost any situation and/or cosmology.
<Aceso> If you use it on SL it’s free but a resource hog.
<Aceso> Cheap but costs money on website so i’m not promoting either
<Aceso> just a good idea
<Aceso> First of all I need a volunteer with some sort of personal question that is not uncomfortable to share.
<Aceso> You can be vague
<Ephraim> will i get a job soon
<Aceso> ok Eph. This is actually how to get in touch with how to deal with a situation and not fortell the future
<Aceso> so can we change the questin?
<Aceso> to…How can I get a job soon?
<Ephraim> ok
<Aceso> or something like that?
* Ephraim nods
<Aceso> that will work fine
<Aceso> everyone else can think to themselves their own question
<Aceso> while we go through the process.
<Aceso> first of all, if you clicked on the link you can see my screen
<Aceso> does anyone need the link?
<Ephraim> i do
<Ephraim> ty
<Aceso> there are 96 card with simple symbols on them
<Aceso> and the interpretation of the symbol means whatever it means to you
<Aceso> so Ephraim’s interpretation will not be the same as mine
<Aceso> that does not mean we can’t share
<Aceso> but please do not tell Ephraim what a symbol means to him
<Rynver> Howdy.
<Aceso> Hey Rynver, welcome
<Rynver>  thanks, so how are yall ?
<Aceso> I’ll quickly show you the pictures, but we’ll only use 3
<Aceso> then on the floor here you see a circle pattern with 96 spots
<Aceso> each of the cards has a spot and they are all connected
<Shay|SSH> RavenFire: can you turn AOV on?
<Aceso> notice for now that each of the rings of spots is a different color
<Shay|SSH> please?
<Aceso> more about that later
<Aceso> these all represent different ways that we experience life
<Aceso> ok, Eph we are in a different room with pictures on the wall
<Aceso> i want you to look at the pictures in view of your question and pick one that seems to call to you, ok?
<Ephraim> kk
<Aceso> need another look?
<Aceso> and are these all rezzing for you guys?
<Ephraim> i think illumination was one that spoke to me
<Aceso> ok
<Aceso> we’ll get 3 random symbols here
<Aceso> 1. butterfly
<Aceso> is your goal symbol
<RavenFire> turn what on?
<Taetarthe> someone got hit with a momentary dc
<Taetarthe> She’ll be back folks.
* Ephraim plays teh jeopardy theme
<Aceso> crashed
<Rynver> Oh my, that sucks
<Aceso> window was the obstacle symbol
* Ephraim makes a joke about MS Windows and obstacles
<Rynver> *makes a joke about how MS windows is a obsticle
<Aceso> 3. tree is the “you now” symbol
* Ephraim is a tree
* Aceso smacks Rynver with a yardstick
<Aceso> no speaking out of turn!
<Aceso> 1st step is to think what first impression did you get when you found out the butterfly was a goal in your question of getting a job?
<Ephraim> ok
<Aceso> tell us?
<Ephraim> i need to change
<Aceso> any first impression or no?
<Aceso> ok… need to change.
<Aceso> good to take note of first impressions. they are important
<Aceso> next you pretend like the butterfly is talking to you
<Aceso> but in this case, the butterfly will talk to you
<Aceso> Can you here my whisper? I’m the Butterfly.: I am the part of you that is emerging, coming out I maybe delicate, also carefree … sometimes fickle? How may I serve you?
<Aceso> and then you see what else comes to mind…
<Aceso> did you like or hate anything it said?
<Ephraim> i liked
<Aceso> what part resonated?
<Ephraim> delicate, carefree, fickle
<Aceso> ok, then that is good to make note of, too
<Aceso> the next part is what part of life experience is the butterfly?
<Aceso> aw, this isn’t the picture i wanted
<Aceso> but if you remember the circle pattern
<Aceso> all the rings had different colors
<Ephraim> yip
<Aceso> and the butterfly was an orange spot
<Aceso> near the middle
<Aceso> so it’s called a starcross which means nothing
<Aceso> except
<Aceso> it’s a way we experience life through self expression
<Aceso> how we project ourselves to others
<Aceso> how we want to be seen and how we are seen
<Aceso> so somehow your goal of getting a job is connected to your self expression
<Renzuko> xD I clicked that link and thought it was my own mac. WIth the second life setup and the colloquy on the side heh
<Ephraim> >.<
<Aceso> lol
<Aceso> so… you resonated with delicate carefree and fickle
<Aceso> who is checking for software?
<Aceso> jk
<Renzuko> xD
<Aceso> just tuck that away for now
<Renzuko> Wow second life has really updated heh
<Aceso> and we’ll move on to the window
<Aceso> how can the window be an obstacle?
<Ephraim> wont boot 😕
<Aceso> especially if the goal is a butterfly?
<Ephraim> blocks the flight path
<Aceso> good. first impression: won’t boot
<Aceso> You own perspective has much value.: I am the Window, the side of you that is observant, has a viewpoint to share. How may I serve you?
<Ephraim> second was real, first was a joke :/
<Renzuko> I am so confused on the way you guys are communicating. Whats going on here??
<Aceso> i’m doing a class
<Aceso> it’s a method to get in touch with your intuition
<Aceso> Ephraim has volunteered a problem
<Aceso> and we’re working with it
<Aceso> so if the window was talking to you, did that help at all?
<Aceso> most of what it said sounded helpful, not a problem
<Ephraim> imo it kinda stated the obvious and what it represents/does
<Aceso> ok, good
<Aceso> it’s also part of self-expression
<Aceso> like the butterfly
<Aceso> so something there is blocking the way to your goal
<Aceso> blocking the flight path like you said
<Aceso> you now are like a tree
<Aceso> first impression:
<Ephraim> idk. none really
<Aceso> ok
<Aceso> Hi. I’m the Tree. You’re welcome to rest in the shelter of my limbs.: I am the side of you with knowledge and stability, traditional and sheltering. How can i serve you?
<Aceso> that’s the tree talking.
<Aceso> does that sound like you?
<Aceso> in what way?
<Renzuko> Sure doens’t sound like me. To peaceful
<Ephraim> kinda, i’m rather knowledgeable, fairly stable, i like tradition, and like shelter/shelter ppl
<Aceso> ok, and the tree is also on the orange level.
<Aceso> that’s kind of interesting.
<Ephraim> i noted that they all were
<Aceso> the next parts use completely different parts of the braid
<Aceso> brain
<Aceso> lol
<Aceso> you’ll use the primitive mind, the part that you use while dreaming
<Aceso> pick a color
<Ephraim> show tehm again, was looking away for a sec
<Ephraim> red
<Aceso> ok, forget all the brainstorming
<Aceso> forget the question
<Aceso> just relax
<Aceso> and think of yourself in a scene with a butterfly, window and tree
<Aceso> just let it pop into your head and describe it to us
<Aceso> everyone else let a picture pop into your head too and type it without pressing the enter key
<Aceso> if you can describe how you feel, what you see hear and smell and use as many senses as you can
<Aceso> when your ready, go ahead ephraim
<Aceso> you’re…
<Ephraim> i’m somewhere where theres a breeze, sunny and warm, there’s at least one butter fly, a window floating in the air (much like bricks dont), and there’s a tree on a bit of a hill. smells like outside, late spring, early summer
<Aceso> how do you feel?
<Ephraim> calm, and happy that i only did one spelling mistake as my eyes were closed when i typed that
<Aceso> ^^
<Renzuko> So we don’t post ours?
<Aceso> great picture. good job.
<Aceso> okay, everyone who typed a picture, post it
<Ephraim> ty
<Aceso> i just needed ephraim to go first.
<Renzuko> I’m in a huge castle standing on the balcony, It’s about sunset and theirs a glass window behind me. There is impressive architecture all below me that includes many water ways. Many trees with pink tops spread around the architecture whos leaves are slowly falling and drifting in the wind
<Renzuko> the sun is hot but the wind is cool
<Aceso> Renzuko, where is the butterfly?
<Renzuko> ahh forgot to describe that, theres one fluttering right next to my face actually. It seems to be gazing with me in the distance
<Ephraim> Aceso, i think you d/c’d or i did
<Ephraim> i cant see what you’re typing on my screen but i see it on your’s
* BitterNightmare has quit (Ping timeout)
<Ephraim> in my view of the chan (on my mirc) i dont see you typing “cool”
<Ephraim> or that “huh”
<Renzuko> yeah. accesso, we can see what your saying on your “join-me” screen. but our irc clients on our scren aren’t showing yoru words lol
<Ephraim> ppl, use to see what Aceso is typing
<Ephraim> ping time out, thought so
<Aceso> hello?
<Renzuko> see ya
<Ephraim> you timed out via ping
<Aceso> yay
<Aceso> ok
<Aceso> so last time i had you let a picture pop into your head
<Aceso> this time i want you to take those 3 elements and MAKE a picture that you really like
<Aceso> be there, and be somewhere that’s awesome
<Aceso> you can change it anyway you like but it still needs to have a butterfly, window and tree
<Aceso> eph first
<Ephraim> i have the same scene but now theres a wall (rather big (tall and wide)) and the window is in it, the butterfly is using the tree to smash the window
<Aceso> awesome powerful butterfly
<Aceso> are you the butterfly?
<Ephraim> i can be
<Aceso> you don’t have to be
<Aceso> anyone else have a picture?
<Ephraim> what i meant was i can easily shift my perspective to include taht of the butterfly’s
<Aceso> and how do you feelwith this picture?
<Ephraim> awesomesauce with a side of badass
<Aceso> which compared to Eph the tree before is quite the transformation
<Aceso> the thing is, you consciously made that change
<Aceso> the symbols don’t matter.
<Aceso> you had something in your head and you changed it.
<Aceso> you use that part of your brain and powerful things happen in your life.
<Aceso> you can use this in many different ways.
<Aceso> you can go to bed thinking: I’m gonna dream of ways to get a job
<Aceso> and then you have some bizarre dream like always
<Aceso> and you think: what symbols did my dream give me?
<Ephraim> and if we cant remember our dreams?
<Aceso> and some will seem important
<Aceso> good question.
<Aceso> does anyone have a good answer?
<Aceso> first of all, your question is good because you assume you have dreams even if you aren’t remembering them
<Ephraim> i remember the odd one now and again tho it by random chance taht i do
<Aceso> give me a moment to finish and then i’ll finish the answer
<Aceso> every day, something random will happen to you. things out of the blue.
<Aceso> consider them symbols if you are looking for answers
<Aceso> play the game with them.
<Aceso> write down your first impression, what would the symbol say to you?
<Aceso> what part of life experience does it represent?
<Aceso> then make pictures.
<Aceso> If you want a step by step guide, ask me later.
<Aceso> I’ll whip one up..
<Ephraim> ok
<Aceso> also, pay attention to random thoughts like: i should call so and so to see how they are…
<Aceso> do it right away
<Aceso> see how they are.
<Aceso> or I should take a different way home.
<Aceso> do it.
<Aceso> the more you listen to stuff like that, the easier it will become to hear important stuff.
<Aceso> and you will get more feedback on how important that is. how much it meant to so and so that you called just then, etc.
<Aceso> any last questions?
<Aceso> if not, i’m gonna call it the end of class
<Aceso> and answer ephraim’s question the best i know how to.
<Aceso> ok kiddies, class is over.
<Aceso> recess!

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