You’re Grounded!

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Article: “You’re Grounded!”, by JediKaren

When most people hear this phrase being said many emotions such as sadness, pity, and anger come to mind, but when a psionic hears this they know they have succeeded in what they wanted to do, that is, to get rid of excess energy. This is called grounding.

Grounding is the act of taking unwanted energy out of you and sending it to the ground. You don’t have to send energy to the ground, any object will do. I will warn you against sending energy to another person without their knowledge and permission. Should you have to send energy to a person make sure the psion you send energy to has enough skill level. You may end up overloading them if they can not handle it or did not know it was coming. There is another way to stop an overload. You must cut yourself away from the energy.

As a newbie I know how hard it is to gather and hold on to energy. I couldn’t image why anyone wouldn’t want it when I was first starting out. That was all before my first overload. I was lying in bed on night and was in the not sleep or wake state of mind. I wasn’t thinking about anything. I slowly could feel this tingling of energy starting to grow in me, but I paid no attention to it. This psi doubled in intensity and I had energy coursing in and around me. There was too much and I was too small. I couldn’t open my eyes, I could hardly breathe and I was close to passing out. I don’t know how, but I found the strength to open my eyes and cut myself away from the energy link. I?m sure many of you know exactly what I am talking about.

There are two types of overloads. There is empathy and energy overload. Empathy overload is when a person feels too many or too strong emotions of people around them. It is described as feeling crowded and panicked. The cure is shielding if it is not too late or getting away from those people and ground the energy out of you. Energy overload is when you have too much energy in you for some reason. One reason may be you are being attacked by someone. Sometimes people can try to overload you in an attack. Energy comes from inside usually, but someone can purposely send too much energy to you. Once again the best way to deal with this is to shield and/or ground. Never attack the person or try to find them during the attack. You will only flare their emotions and make them attack you more.

Some people are naturally more open to psi then others. While you may envy these people for their talents, they envy you for not getting overloaded so easily. It can be very easy to not recognize the symptoms of an overload. The signs usually are marked by unexplained headaches, tiredness (if the overload lasts for a long time), breaking things unnaturally, or extremely energetic.

If you find yourself or a friend feeling this way you need to go to a quiet, peaceful place and focus sending energy to the ground. There are at least two methods I know of. One is the golden roots method. Imagine yourself standing and image golden roots of energy coming form you into the earth. Then imagine the extra energy going from your body into the roots and to the ground. The second method I know of is imagine the excess energy in you and moving it through your body, towards the ground. Remember to never panic when you are being overloaded. I know that sounds hard, but fear will only make the situation worse and will make it harder to get rid of the energy.

So, whenever you find yourself overloaded, you really should practice grounding. Grounding will take away that energy that is causing you pain and fear. You can avoid overloads by not staying in crowded areas where the emotion level is high. The next time you hear someone tell you that you are grounded, you should smile and know there are two meanings to that phrase.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute