Telepathy Basics: Links

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Log from #Classroom on Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 10PM EDT: “Telepathy Basics: Links”, hosted by Miri:
[22:01] <%miri> Common knowledge is extensive on basic links. Two people work together closely, be they family, lovers, or intentionally linked practitioners, and can more easily sense the other’s state of being. Links can be specialized, focused on one aspect (Energy, emotion, physical sensation, thought, etc.), this is especially common with artificially formed links.
[22:01] <%miri> More often, though, links form naturally and spill into several or all aspects of the individuals involved. This is all well known, however, this is as far as most know.
[22:01] <%miri> Before I continue, do you have any questions about this?
[22:03] <+Eniri> You lumped empathy and everything under telepathic link, right?
[22:04] <%miri> I lumped a lot of things under “link”, “telepathic link” is just the most commonly understood/known/accepted variant in the Psionic community.
[22:04] <+Eniri> I’m not quite too sure if I meant to ask about the vocabulary or something more… oh well
[22:05] <%miri> Links, particularly between energetic practitioners, can evolve with the relationship that naturally spawns them. I’m not speaking of artificial links, which tend to change slowly, if at all. Natural links form between close friends, when they grow closer, that is to say, become more than friends, the link can change nature. Rather than being connected, the individuals begin a process I’ve only known to be called called ?merging?.
[22:05] <%miri> A merge is a partial unification of the individuals on an energetic, emotional, telepathic, and/or pseudo physical level. They do not become a single entity, but their consciousnesses become less than separate, what affects one affects the other, not through a link, but directly.
[22:05] <%miri> This can be very awkward, it can feel like an invasion of privacy. Knowing things you’d rather not is common. Relationships that develop this kind of connection generally fail or thrive as a result. However, in the case of two practitioners, such a merge can be controlled and guided.
[22:05] <%miri> This type of connection can also be artificially induced, I have only heard this process termed “synchronization.” Synchronization is, itself, temporary, but can be converted into a more permanent merge structure. Such merges require a great deal f work to get off the ground, but once in place they are very difficult to undo.
[22:06] <%miri> Before I get into practical applications, do you have any questions?
[22:07] <ArynChris> Would you consider it easier or more difficult to undo an artificial link than a natural one?
[22:07] <%miri> Generally easier, though not always
[22:07] <%miri> Some natural links are quite casual
[22:08] <%miri> your waiter at a restaurant for instance may end up with a casual link
[22:08] <+Eniri> Can these links be messed up by a third person?
[22:09] <%miri> Eniri: Of course, but that’s not particularly easy or common. each link is being reinforced at each end, if it is wanted, and tends to correct itself quickly as a result.
[22:10] <Erin> can you delve a bit into creating/removing standard links?
[22:10] <%miri> There will be a brief practical exercise later, covering just that
[22:11] <%miri> There are some obvious points of value in a romantic relationship, as well as points of stress. What is, perhaps, hard to understand is why a platonic, professionally interested pair may choose this type of connection. Generally speaking, the answer is ?power.?
[22:11] <%miri> Merging two energetic systems results in a ready transfer of ability between the individuals. If one is a skilled telepath, and the other a skilled energy worker, for example, each may experience and use the others’ skills. In my own life, my significant other is a sensitive, while I tend not to be. Merging with her enables me to sense more effectively. On her end, my finesse and access to power transfers over, enabling her to work with more energy, faster, and more effectively, than before.
[22:11] <%miri> This is not uncommon in romantically paired energy workers. I have heard tell of merged conglomerates of up to 17 members. There is not, however, necessarily much gain through such mergers. If different specialists are merged, but their specialties are the same, the result is not very
[22:11] <%miri> impressive, there is only a small gain, however when they are diverse in their knowledge and ability, they can do some impressive things.
[22:11] <%miri> Without a skilled controller, such a conglomerate fails. And such controllers tend to burn out in a few years ,due to the stress of maintaining such conglomerates. It is, in all, an unmaintainable system. Much more effective are information sharing hub networks. Everyone in the hub network allows access to their own information, and in return gets access to that of all the others.
[22:11] <%miri> Because there is a voluntary access in such a system, minds are not overwhelmed. It is generally less stress on the mind, even, than a two person merger. Let’s pause for questions.
[22:13] <ArynChris> I don’t have a question, but I do have an example from life. A photographer and his subject, a model, may share a connection for purely professional reasons. This may be a transfer of skill and talent or simply a free flow of ideas, enabling them to work better and faster together.
[22:13] <+Eniri> you’re describing artificial links?
[22:14] <%miri> Eniri, the conglomerate example is artificial, but the two person example is not.
[22:15] <+Eniri> What are hub networks and conglomerates?
[22:17] <%miri> Eniri: A hub is a central connection controller for a large group of connections. A router may be a reasonable facsimile.
[22:17] <%miri> A conglomerate is a many-person merge that reduces personal identity
[22:17] <@DragonAtma> this may not be a perfect example, but dronebase is a hub, linked to the various training drones
[22:17] <@DragonAtma> linked to me, as well..
[22:16] <+bucketmaster> so it’s commonplace for people who don’t practice energy manipulation to create links and share knowledge?
[22:18] <%miri> bucketmaster: Yes, very common, but also barely effective at all. All human being experience an increased emotional/empathic connection to loved ones, for instance (with rare exceptions)
[22:18] <+Skeptic> Are most of the natural links unintentionally made?
[22:19] <@DragonAtma> skeptic: I’m sure there are many links between peoiple and family members, close friends, pets, and such.
[22:19] <%miri> Skeptic: Yes
[22:19] <%miri> That’s kind of the big difference
[22:19] <@DragonAtma> (accidental links, that is)
[22:19] <%miri> Artificial links are intentionally made
[22:19] <%miri> natural ones form naturally.
[22:18] <+Eniri> Does that mean a person has to function as the hub?
[22:19] <%miri> Aye
[22:19] <+bucketmaster> Hmm I see. so could a construct be used as the hub, or does it have to be a person?
[22:20] <%miri> bucketmaster: humans are better in practice, constructs suffice, as Dronebase does for DragonAtma
[22:22] <%miri> Let’s get our hands dirty. Pick a partner to link with. Do this now
[22:22] <ArynChris> Skeptic.
[22:23] <%miri> Eniri and bucketmaster; ThundraFire and DragonAtma
[22:23] <%miri> That work?
[22:23] <+ThundraFire> 🙂
[22:23] <+bucketmaster> sounds good
[22:24] <%miri> Gather a small amount of energy. Not much is needed, no more than you would put into a psiball. Hold your partner in your mind, assign them and yourself two different colors in your mind. Program the energy to tether to that individual, and yourself.
[22:24] <%miri> Note their own link, and observe the two links melding together into a stronger, link, the average of your two different colors. You need not pick the same colors, what is important is the blending. Try to limit this link to share energy between the two of you.
[22:24] <%miri> To program the link to do this, I suggest assigning different symbolism to thoughts, emotions and energy (brains, hearts and lightning bolts would function for this), and visualize the energetic symbol freely traveling the link, while the thought and emotion symbols remain in their respective hosts.
[22:25] <%miri> When you wish to break the link, you should both first agree it is time to break the link, then simply program it to stop existing. You may try visualizing the link disintegrating, to this end. Make certain you hold this deactivating programming in mind for a significant length of time, at least thirty seconds, as links tend to reform if not properly dispelled.
[22:25] <+ThundraFire> true
[22:29] <+Eniri> We think ours is formed
[22:29] <ArynChris> If Skeptic doesn’t reply, I may just let this be and see what he does about it. I was tired; his energy is pleasant.
[22:30] <ArynChris> Yes, I know that’s cruel of me. I’ll break it eventually if he doesn’t.
[22:30] <+Skeptic> Haha, I’m alright
[22:30] <ArynChris> Well, then.
[22:30] <+ThundraFire> DragonAtma
[22:31] <@DragonAtma> yes?
[22:31] <+ThundraFire> I was worried a bit there
[22:31] <@DragonAtma> don’t worry, I’m still here
[22:32] * @DragonAtma has yet to spontaneously change into a giant potato.
[22:32] <ArynChris> If you do, might I turn you into delicious french fries?
[22:33] <+Eniri> What happened to Miri?
[22:33] <%miri> sleep
[22:33] <%miri> Sadly, I’m still here
[22:34] <@DragonAtma> if you need to sleep, sleep
[22:34] <%miri> And class is over, snores for me.
[22:34] <%miri> Shortest class-like-thing ever.

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