Advanced Viral Constructs With Sentience

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Log from #Classroom on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at MIDNIGHT EST: Β Impromptu: Β “Advanced Viral Constructs With Sentience”, hosted by kallisti:
[23:44] <kallisi> We’re going to started with some vocabulary to make sure everyone has equal understanding regarding the topic at hand. many of these are real world terms, but are very much so approriate to use within this topic.
[23:45] <sekvi_kialo_> Me
[23:45] * ThundraFire thanks Kallisi since vocab isn’t my strong suite
[23:45] <kallisi> Let’s begin. Who here can define what a virus is, in their own words?
[23:46] <michellethemit> we talking computer or biological?
[23:46] <sekvi_kialo> An entity which can only reproduce within a host.
[23:46] <kallisi> biological
[23:46] <ThundraFire> virus is a disease that can spread like wildfire. regardless of what type it is
[23:46] <blades> a cell/entity that infects and reproduced within another cell/entity thus killing the infected
[23:47] <michellethemit> virus – a series of code which hijacks a host and forces the host to produce more viral particles which assemble into a new virus which then burst out of the host cell, killing the host and setting free more viral particles
[23:47] <ThundraFire> usually harder to get rid of due to reproductive nature
[23:47] <michellethemit> i’m sorry blades, but as a biologist i must correct you on a virus being a cell. it is not a cell.
[23:47] <kallisi> the scientific definition of a virus is an ultramicroscopic, metabollically inert, infectious agent that replicates only within the cells of living hosts. mainly these include bacteria, plants and animals. they can have either an RNA or a DNA core. All have a protein coat, and in more complex types, a surrounding envelope.
[23:48] * michellethemit basks in the biology talk. now we’re talking my language!
[23:48] <ThundraFire> πŸ™‚
[23:49] <kallisi> Virus Species: a virus species is a population of viruses with similar characteristings plus infect the same (or almost identical) range of host species.
[23:50] * ThundraFire not good with defining things
[23:50] <sekvi_kialo_> Would the flu be an example?
[23:50] <kallisi> bacteria are identified based on growth and morphological characteristics, versus a virus that is idenified in terms of which cost is infected.
[23:50] <ThundraFire> I was thinking the H1N1 myseld
[23:51] <kallisi> we will get into the varius viruses in time
[23:51] <kallisi> to start with, we have to define the various viral types
[23:52] <kallisi> an arbovirus is one that is transmitted vy an insect vector. in terms of how we would use this energetically, think mosquito carrying the virial entity you wish to infect someone one.
[23:53] <kallisi> bacteriophage are viruses that infect bacteria. in terms of energy work, this one isnt incredibly signifigant, but could be used with a bit of finagling.
[23:55] <michellethemit> how bout retroviruses
[23:56] <kallisi> a retrovirus is an RNA virus that is duplicated in a host cell. it produces DNA from its RNA genome. that dna then gets miced in with the hosts genome.
[23:56] <kallisi> it then becomes a part of the hosts DNA and is able to replicate as such
[23:57] <michellethemit> sorry, i meant ‘how about retroviruses in energy work’
[23:57] <kallisi> ahh- gotcha. well, the definition is nifty anyhow.
[23:57] <michellethemit> because the integrating property sounds like a pretty nasty ‘extra quirk’
[23:57] <ThundraFire> that would be like a construct might be used to do the dirty work but that is my guess
[23:58] <kallisi> think of it like a corruption, or HIV. at first you do not notice its entry, as it oftentimes masques itself just like its real life viral counterpart.
[23:58] <ThundraFire> or like they infect my guardians to get at me i guess
[23:58] <kallisi> it is very difficult to positively identify such an attack because it is generally speaking a slow moving virus. you arent going to become ‘infected’ and suddently notice energy problems 5 minutes later.
[23:59] <kallisi> depending on how the energy worker formats the virus determines how long it will be before symtoms are possibly noticed.
[23:59] <kallisi> additionally the intention of the retrovius has a lot to do with what the potential symptoms could be. for example, i could specifically target your shields with a complex retro-virus designed to slowly eat your shields one layer at a time
[00:00] <kallisi> in the process, i could either limit it to attacking just your fields, or train the virus to enter your energy system once your shields are fully destroyed.
[00:00] <michellethemit> ……you know, i really wish i had taken that virology course that my uni offered but the prof was useless
[00:01] <michellethemit> that aside.
[00:01] <kallisi> you could even take it to a 2-step process. corrupt the shields completely without destroying them, other than allowing the virus to replicate. in doing as such, you create a virtual breeding ground for virus and bacteria within their shields
[00:01] * sekvi_kialo agrees with michellethemit
[00:01] <kallisi> at that point you could invate with multiple types of viral energy- everything from bacteriophage to retro-viruses
[00:03] <blades> not only that but allowing the virus to infect everyone that person is close to.
[00:03] <zacherys> retro-viruses ftw
[00:03] <kallisi> i highly suggest that you do NOT play with viruses casually.
[00:03] <kallisi> especially those that can affect those outside of the target, like blades mentioned.
[00:03] <Lutasi> aka play witht hem as much as possible
[00:04] <Lutasi> Create an energetic common cold
[00:04] <kallisi> to give you an idea, one viral energy could potentially infect the entire OEC uncontrolled if it were to get out of hand.
[00:05] <kallisi> to begin with the energetic section of this class- we have to first address if everyone here is able to create a multipurpose construct.
[00:05] <sekvi_kialo> Then we would have to call in the CPDC (Center for Psionic Disease Control)
[00:05] <ThundraFire> I think so.
[00:05] <kallisi> if you are unsure of your abilities, i strong suggest working with contructs, specifically those with multiple purposes and conciousness before attempting anything virally based.
[00:06] * sekvi_kialo keeps that in mind
[00:06] * ThundraFire used to be able hasn’t retested it yet πŸ™‚
[00:06] <kallisi> once you can create a construct that is able to systimatically remove someones shield, energy their energy system and syphon their energy (or an equivilantlly complex creation) i would say you are ready to begin with viral basics.
[00:07] <kallisi> additionally, there is a decent bit of structural research that would be done before attempting to create your own virus.
[00:08] <ThundraFire> I did somethine like that before. took out the shield and siphoned the energy then i let loose on them.
[00:08] <kallisi> there are helical viruses that resemble a spiral staircase
[00:08] <ThundraFire> I don’t plan on creating them just keeping them out πŸ™‚
[00:08] <kallisi> there are polyhedral viruses that are nonenveloped whose capsids form geometic shapes with flat sides and edges
[00:09] <kallisi> there are also enveloped helical iruses that have an envelope that surrounds their spiral staircase structure
[00:09] <kallisi> theres also an enveloped variety of polyhedrial viruses
[00:10] <kallisi> more complex, there are viruses that comsist of complex combinations of structers that may or may not be completely consistant between viruses of the same species
[00:10] <kallisi> ex:tailed bacteriophage
[00:10] * ThundraFire nods
[00:11] <kallisi> there is also the 2 types of genomes to consider- RNA or DNA
[00:11] <kallisi> i suggest working from the core up when building a virus
[00:12] <kallisi> determine what it is you want the affect to be, then decide which would work better, an RNA or a DNA core. after that point, you can move onto structural variations, such as haploid or diplod, segmented or non cegmented, single or double stranded, etc.
[00:12] <kallisi> the more thought that goes into the creation of your virus, the more difficult it will be to counter
[00:13] <kallisi> just like a real world virus, an energetic one is very difficult to prevent from infecting you when it is created properly
[00:13] <kallisi> so what all can you do with a virus? well, anything really.
[00:13] * sekvi_kialo__ is now known as sekvi_kialo
[00:13] <Lutasi> Inception
[00:13] <Lutasi> bwoooooong
[00:13] <kallisi> you can target someones shields or energy system, target a specific chakra, or even use someone as a host to infect those around them.
[00:14] <sekvi_kialo> Infect there minds with a thousand little Psi-Vi for mind control?!
[00:14] <sekvi_kialo> πŸ˜›
[00:14] <kallisi> the host concept is very useful if you cannot or are not able to pinpoint your specific target, or they are too well shielded against an incoming direct attack. you can use one that is close to them to pass on the infection.
[00:14] <Lutasi> You could also use it for persistent healing work
[00:14] <sekvi_kialo> Interesting thought.
[00:15] <kallisi> even the way the virus is transmitted can be controlled. is it by touch, or is it by energetic contact?
[00:15] <Lutasi> or use it within your own sheilds to strengthen them
[00:15] <kallisi> and yes lutasi, it can be used for persistant virual healing
[00:15] <kallisi> same thing- you actually jumped ahead a bit- but yes, a virus can be used for positive affects as well.
[00:16] <kallisi> however, there are dangers of mutations within the virus if it is not carefully created, and monitered appropriately
[00:16] <kallisi> i suggest if you desire to test out such a positive-atribute virus, test it out on a dummy construct for a period of time and obeserve it daily to make sure that the affect remains consistant.
[00:16] <ThundraFire> ok maybe rethink not making them. thinks virus thinks negative
[00:17] <kallisi> and just like any virus, the energy body can become immune to that virus over time.
[00:18] <kallisi> any questions so far?
[00:18] <sekvi_kialo> im good
[00:19] <Lutasi> None that could be succinctly answered
[00:19] <ThundraFire> please continue no questions that may not be answered by the continuation
[00:20] <kallisi> alright! so there are multiple things to take into consideration when creating a virus
[00:21] <kallisi> its form, as we already discussed, its purpose, what it will affect, who it will affect, and is it self limiting
[00:21] <kallisi> you can also do complex-programming such as ‘this virus will only affect its hosts outmost shield as a carrier, but once it reaches another shields it will penetrate to their core’
[00:22] <kallisi> it could also be a more basic program, such as ‘this virus exsists within a host for 24 hours and repairs energetic damage during that time. it uses the hosts own energy for repairs. it is limited to their shield only’
[00:24] <kallisi> would anyone like to do some practice using dummy constructs?
[00:25] <michellethemit> hmmm
[00:25] <michellethemit> currently digesting the ideas lol
[00:25] <kallisi> i can give specific traits to create- IE affects hosts shields only, drains host of their energy
[00:25] <michellethemit> but sure why the hell not
[00:25] <ThundraFire> I want to try.
[00:26] <kallisi> alrighty. to start with, make a limiting shield around your dummy construct. ill be putting up additional ones as well just to be safe since we are playing with viruses
[00:26] <michellethemit> oh, we’re supposed to make the dummy constructs too?
[00:26] <michellethemit> wasn’t sure if we were just gonna infect some of yours or what
[00:26] <kallisi> feel free to make your own dummy, or use one of mine.
[00:27] <ThundraFire> already thought would need one so made one before saying yes
[00:27] <kallisi> im going to start with a positive-atribute virus that is specifically supposed to last 5 minutes, and causes rapid spreading healing using the hosts own energy. i will ‘damage’ each dummy, as well as supply each dummy with energy energy for the virus to feed off of.
[00:28] <kallisi> how to infect the dummy with the virus is up to you, as is how the virus is transmitted around the body.
[00:28] <kallisi> just let me know when you are ready for me to scan your results.
[00:29] <ThundraFire> here goes nothing (not ready yet)
[00:29] <ThundraFire> pm or just in chat?
[00:30] <kallisi> just in chat is fine, so everyone can give feedback
[00:30] <ThundraFire> Ready
[00:31] <michellethemit> hold on
[00:32] * sekvi_kialo feels like he is being lightly scanned.
[00:32] * sekvi_kialo or like someone is ‘watching’ him
[00:32] <michellethemit> scan at will!
[00:32] <sekvi_kialo> ( >_>)
[00:32] <sekvi_kialo> (<_< )
[00:32] <sekvi_kialo> Not that I mind.
[00:33] <kallisi> alrighty- michelle, obviously it hasnt taken full affect yet. first thing i am noticing is that it is slower moving than it should be for a complete 5 minute heal
[00:34] <kallisi> however, the virus you created seems to be programmed to target damage first and foremost, and headed directly for the damage rather than combing through everything
[00:34] <Shay> Looks like I have geat timeing for once. =)
[00:34] <Shay> ^also can;t typer
[00:34] <ThundraFire> πŸ™‚
[00:35] <michellethemit> might have to tweak that then.
[00:36] <kallisi> yeah- i would suggest adding in some speed, or perhaps letting it multiply more
[00:36] <kallisi> so thundra, are you ready?
[00:36] * ThundraFire nods
[00:37] <kallisi> righto- well yours is a bit faster than michelles, but still not fast enough to hit every section of the energy system in 5 minutes
[00:38] <kallisi> however, yours seems to feed off of the damage, and uses that to reproduce faster.
[00:38] <Shay> Quick recap~ We’re building a construct or otherwise, to heal damage of an entire energy system?
[00:38] <kallisi> additionally it repairs the damage caused, and re-inforces the sections that were damaged in a way to prevent further damage
[00:38] <ThundraFire> practicing healing virii on test dummies
[00:38] <kallisi> replace construct or otherwise with virus, and yes, that is the current task
[00:39] <kallisi> if you need to use one of my dummys, feel free- be sure to set up a restrictive field around yours. i will be placing one up as well
[00:39] * Shay nods. “I’d like to try my hand in that, if I may.”
[00:39] <ThundraFire> I like using my own dummy. it looks like me
[00:39] <Shay> I just got off of work, let me cool down and warm up.
[00:40] <kallisi> alrighty
[00:40] <michellethemit> i’mma try again
[00:40] <michellethemit> hold on
[00:40] <Shay> Hmm, kallisi. may I use one of our own pre broken dummies?
[00:40] <Shay> *y
[00:41] <michellethemit> scan at will!
[00:41] <kallisi> go for it
[00:42] <kallisi> michelle- much faster now which is good
[00:42] <kallisi> quick fault i noticed is that it did not instantly target damage- it started to affect healthy sections of energy first. id have to watch it for a bit longer, but as of right now it appears to be invading 100% of the dummy, not just the damage pieces and combing through them
[00:43] <kallisi> however the healing of the damage has yet to begin to take place
[00:43] <Shay> Got it to enter quickly and immeidately split off to fix damaged areas, but didnt have enough oomph on its own to pull energy though.
[00:43] <Shay> Should pack it with stronger reserves
[00:43] <ThundraFire> may I try it again?
[00:44] <ThundraFire> or do you wish to move on?
[00:44] <kallisi> feel free to try it again
[00:44] <michellethemit> keep watching if you don’t mind and let me know?
[00:44] <kallisi> surely
[00:44] <Shay> Apologies if I trampled all over the place there kallisi
[00:45] <Shay> Did I leave anything behind?
[00:45] <kallisi> i want to make sure everyone has this basic one down before we even think about negitive atribute viruses
[00:45] <kallisi> and no, you didn’t shay πŸ™‚
[00:45] <ThundraFire> ok. ready
[00:45] <Shay> Making sure.
[00:45] <Shay> My findings with my own attempts accurate?
[00:45] <ThundraFire> had to clear first πŸ™‚
[00:46] <kallisi> pretty much shay- i noticed yours took off very quickly, but fizzled out fast as well
[00:47] <michellethemit> any change on mine?
[00:47] <Shay> well.. I A). Don’t know you too well. B.) Am not too sure about how much you packed your dummy with and didnt want to make it burst or break it more by trying to fix it. and C.) Did not know the final task was to pull energy though at first. Thought it was just to fix things
[00:48] <kallisi> lol- true. i forgot you werent hear for the whole thing feel free to obliterate my dummies for all a care; i have plentry
[00:48] <Shay> I did that at least.
[00:49] <Shay> Nah. Im Im not one for destroying anothers property
[00:49] <kallisi> michelle- yours is still marching its way along at a steady pace. it just reacher the very outskirts of the damage and appears to be affectively repairing it
[00:49] <Shay> Here. I’ll have that going in seconds.
[00:49] <Shay> Finish the job
[00:49] <Shay> πŸ˜‰
[00:50] <Shay> it lives!
[00:50] <Shay> I! AM! THE! RO! BOT!
[00:50] <Shay> =P
[00:51] <ThundraFire> likes my dummy with wings
[00:51] <Adara{I}> heya Shay πŸ™‚
[00:51] <kallisi> lol
[00:51] <Shay> ‘lo
[00:51] <Shay> I’m used to creating mini copies of myself to do things, or specific tasks.
[00:51] <Shay> This is very easy
[00:52] <Shay> ‘lo Adara{I}
[00:52] <ThundraFire> I am same way thought didn’t go into detail with this one
[00:52] <kallisi> anywho, onto the next positive atribute virus
[00:52] * Shay nods.
[00:53] <Shay> Sorry =)
[00:53] <kallisi> use a new dummy this time to be safe
[00:53] <ThundraFire> i am feeling alot more confident. I guess just took getting practice without getting burned by someone
[00:53] <Shay> Confidence works like that. =)
[00:54] * ThundraFire made a few isolated ones with wings. just might need to remake another since i made only 5
[00:54] <kallisi> Hmm…this time, lets go with energy duplication. the goal is to take the exsisting energy within the dummy and make it become 2X more
[00:54] <ThundraFire> just using next one for now
[00:54] <Shay> does it matter wether or not it resonates as my own, compatible with the dummies?
[00:54] <ThundraFire> ah. *gotta think on that one a bit
[00:55] <kallisi> the goal is to make the dummies enegy duplicate, so try to mkae it be as exact to the pre-fabbed energy in your dummy as possible
[00:55] <ThundraFire> how much time frame
[00:55] <kallisi> lets go with 10 minutes this time
[00:56] <ThundraFire> 2x energy in how much time?
[00:56] <ThundraFire> ok
[00:56] <Shay> kallisi: How would you like me to do that? conversion? make the dummy produce its own? Are we on our own to decide that?
[00:57] <ThundraFire> ready. virii so I would guess something that does it without dummys consent
[00:57] <ThundraFire> if not might need a redo
[00:57] <Shay> hmm..
[00:58] <Shay> waiting on reply before I do anything..
[00:58] <kallisi> on your own to decide πŸ™‚ just use a virus to make whatever it is that you need to have that end result
[00:58] <ThundraFire> ok making sure
[00:59] <kallisi> ….wow my nick has been mispelled this entire time.
[00:59] <Shay> lol. Didint notice
[00:59] <Shay> The magic of tab complete/
[00:59] <ThundraFire> yes i thought you would notice by mistyping it
[00:59] <kallisti> xD
[00:59] <ThundraFire> I don’t use tab since I shorthand most names
[01:00] <Shay> Thun | draFire
[01:00] <Shay> kal | listi
[01:00] <Shay> >_>
[01:00] <ThundraFire> TF is usually the shorthand i see
[01:00] <kallisti> lol
[01:01] <Shay> Oh I have a great idea
[01:01] <kallisti> im going to ask thundra to scan shays, and shay to scan thundras
[01:01] <sekvi_kialo> but tabbing a persons name does the LOOK HERE thingy (noise, color, ext)
[01:01] <sekvi_kialo> ^_^
[01:01] <Shay> ..Qwha? Ouch, okay..
[01:01] <Shay> give me a few minutes, I haven’t started anything
[01:01] <ThundraFire> ok.
[01:02] <ThundraFire> do you want me to restart or no?
[01:02] <Shay> No, s’ok
[01:02] <Shay> Sorry about the ‘ouch’ was suddenly switching focus.
[01:02] <Shay> wasn;t being rude
[01:03] <ThundraFire> i know. just didn’t know since it is doubling the start energy
[01:03] <kallisti> im having thundra scan shays, and shay scan thundras
[01:03] <Shay> BAH this things energy
[01:04] <Shay> the fuck is it??
[01:04] <Shay> @_o feels gross
[01:04] <Shay> Also: Does not like being controlled
[01:05] <ThundraFire> mine?
[01:05] <Shay> Okay. ThundraFire Go ahed
[01:05] <Shay> 8a
[01:05] <Shay> Erf.. Multitasking..
[01:06] <Shay> ThundraFire: Having issues doing more than this right now.
[01:07] <Shay> Almost done with getting mine to the “2X” Mark kallisti wanted though
[01:07] <Shay> I’ll get to looking over yours
[01:07] * ThundraFire not sure if it would 2x or 3x by the speed it is going. It seems to act as an amplifier and multiply the dummys starting energy.
[01:07] <Shay> *nods*
[01:07] <Shay> Look closely at the internals.
[01:08] <ThundraFire> yes it seems like it is literally stretching to allow for greater energy flow.
[01:08] <Shay> Listening to infected mushroom and using my normal way of amplifiying energy.
[01:08] <Shay> … =/ Yeah
[01:08] <Shay> Suddenly flush
[01:08] <ThundraFire> would not want to be that dummy makes me hurt looking at it
[01:08] <Shay> Yeah it didnt like that.
[01:09] <Shay> Did you manage to see how I did so though
[01:09] <ThundraFire> it like putting a funnel and then removing the funnel just before you pour
[01:09] <Shay> XD
[01:09] <Shay> Basically: Once you’re inside you can control the chakra points to do whatever you damn well please.
[01:09] <ThundraFire> it seems like it started at what i guess would be its feet and creeped along judging by the tears.
[01:10] <Shay> I ended up running them until they almost burst.
[01:10] <Shay> That was the point, no?
[01:11] <ThundraFire> I think it was just to double the energy at the 10 minute mark or so.
[01:11] <kallisti> im going to suggest practicing positive atribute viruses on your own for about 3-5 days before tacking anything with negitive atributes. i will have a training session or 2 this week for practicing with viruses
[01:11] <Shay> Unrelated: That energy in there reminded me very heavily of the feeling you get after eating chinese food
[01:11] <ThundraFire> not oblierate the poor thing
[01:12] <Shay> <– Just got home from work ( I work in a call center ) Have had a bit of a rough day.
[01:12] <ThundraFire> the energy in the dummy?
[01:12] <Shay> Yeah
[01:12] <ThundraFire> might be good thing I used my dummy
[01:13] <Shay> That may attribute to why I didnt care about routing energy out as much as making it, since I felt disgusted
[01:13] <ThundraFire> I noticed it is like ewww get it off get it off
[01:13] <Shay> Yeah
[01:13] <Shay> Just wanted to ” get in and get the hell out” so to speak
[01:14] <ThundraFire> by feet wasn;t so bad but by the time got to the “ankles” it started going kablooeh
[01:14] <Shay> Its fine though, All I had to do was actually ground and it would’ve done well
[01:15] <Shay> The only thing I wanted to show was forcing energy growth, and i did do that, unfortunately I also tortured the poor thing
[01:15] <Shay> I sorry
[01:15] <Shay> Now then, as for yours..?
[01:15] <ThundraFire> ready as of earlier
[01:16] <Shay> *nods* I didnt forget. Thanks for waiting and seeing mine out
[01:16] <Shay> =)
[01:16] <ThundraFire> πŸ™‚
[01:17] <Shay> Oh wow, you went far more in depth than I did here
[01:17] <ThundraFire> I wasn’t trying to demolish the dummy
[01:18] <Shay> As fr as I can tell, you increased its energy output not only by having it produce it, but having it trickle charge a bit more of what it would normally ground out
[01:18] <Shay> directly back to its chakras
[01:19] <Shay> You also utilized each one between smaller joints not just the main ones
[01:19] <Shay> Very intricate “wiring”
[01:19] <ThundraFire> why do you think i looked like I did at yours
[01:20] <Shay> A “healthier” way of charging energy. This is actually similar to how I build up if I need to.
[01:20] <Shay> .. Oh
[01:20] <Shay> Well, that about answers my question then
[01:20] <Shay> =P
[01:21] <Shay> kallisti: Apologies Im blowing up chats
[01:22] <ThundraFire> like I said i like my dummies. unless they are to obliterate they look like me.
[01:22] <Shay> I can tell.
[01:22] <Shay> I tend to represent myself either
[01:22] <Shay> *as well
[01:22] <Shay> Sorry. Brain is getting fatigued
[01:23] <ThundraFire> I can imagine
[01:25] <ThundraFire> michellethemit? kallisti?
[01:25] * Shay pokes chats
[01:25] <ThundraFire> I think we killed class too πŸ™
[01:25] <Shay> D’aww
[01:26] <Shay> Figures, the one class I’m here for.
[01:27] <ThundraFire> poor Shay
[01:28] <Shay> Unless theyre all conspiring to call me crazy elsewhere and are deciding how to kill me
[01:28] <Shay> lol
[01:28] * Shay hugs ThundraFire
[01:28] <Shay> You’re awesome, thanks for letting me see that.
[01:29] * ThundraFire hugs* you’re welcome and thank you
[01:30] <Shay> For what..?
[01:30] <kallisti> lol
[01:31] <Shay> YOU EXIST
[01:31] <ThundraFire> thanks for the compliment
[01:31] <kallisti> sorry, i ran to the banyo πŸ˜›
[01:31] * ThundraFire kallisti
[01:31] <Shay> Ah. Of course! =) <– ThundraFire
[01:32] <ThundraFire> is that why you wanted us to scan each others?
[01:32] <ThundraFire> or for practice?
[01:32] <kallisti> >.>; maybe
[01:32] <kallisti> lol- both really
[01:32] <Shay> Its okay, read up to see how things went yet?
[01:32] <kallisti> mhm, i did
[01:32] <Shay> ah
[01:33] <Shay> Could’ve said you had to use the facilities.
[01:33] <Shay> =P
[01:33] <ThundraFire> πŸ™‚ poor shay’s dummy.
[01:33] <Shay> Im pretty sure that was the whole point of this things existance.
[01:33] <Shay> FWIW I did ground it after the fact.
[01:34] <ThundraFire> yin and yang lol
[01:35] <kallisti> πŸ™‚
[01:36] <ThundraFire> of course since it is virii practice my dummies that get infected still get demolished but after they serve their purpose lol
[01:37] <Shay> waiiiiiit
[01:37] <Shay> Is the energy in these things recent..?
[01:37] <ThundraFire> mine yes
[01:37] <Shay> E.G any correlation to what i was feeling from my dummy to what .. uh.. you were doing, kallisti
[01:37] <ThundraFire> can’t vouch for other dummies lol
[01:38] <ThundraFire> No I don’t think it was made of body wastes
[01:38] <kallisti> rotfl
[01:38] <ThundraFire> most likely just made of a energy that feels icky to you
[01:39] <Shay> I dont either. Was commenting on the recent foods that kallisti may have eaten

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