Programming In Psionics

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Log from #Classroom on Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 6PM EST:  “Programming In Psionics”, hosted by Psylocke:
18:02] <psylocke> Today we will be doing a class on programming
[18:02] <psylocke> Now can someone give me the definition of programming within psionics
[18:03] <psylocke> today would be an acceptable time to talk
[18:04] <Tristan> *raises his hand*
[18:04] <psylocke> yes
[18:04] <Tristan> Isn’t it practicing your psychic abilities?
[18:04] <raven-dance> *raises hand as well*
[18:04] <psylocke> raven-dance
[18:05] <raven-dance> isn’t that where you give direction to your energy – so, as an example, if you wanted to “program” the energy with emotion?
[18:05] <raven-dance> (or color, or etc etc)
[18:05] <psylocke> Correct
[18:05] <psylocke> Programming is basically telling psi what you want it to do
[18:06] <psylocke> It could be shape duration giving it abilites etc
[18:07] <psylocke> So how do we program you ask
[18:08] <psylocke> One way is if you like computers is to see your construct and right click on it seeing a list of options and the attributes you want it have are there
[18:08] <psylocke> Then you would select that/those option(s)
[18:10] <psylocke> Another way is that you see what your construct wants to do and direct those thoughts into the construct
[18:10] <psylocke> Would anyone like to share their technique?
[18:11] <raven-dance> *raises hand again*
[18:11] <Tristan> *raises hand*
[18:11] <psylocke> raven-dance
[18:12] <psylocke> tristan
[18:13] <Tristan> what’s a construct?
[18:13] <psylocke> a mash of psi that you give a purpose
[18:13] <raven-dance> I use visualization, so say I wanted to make an energy-form as a butterfly, I imagine the butterfly in my head, then i make a psi-ball and use the visualization as a “map”
[18:14] <raven-dance> so the psi-ball basically is like “clay” the visualization is a “blue-print”
[18:14] <psylocke> wb
[18:15] <raven-dance> …not 100% sure if that was clear or not…
[18:15] <psylocke> lets try some practice
[18:15] <psylocke> that ok with you two
[18:15] <Tristan> professor.. i am lost
[18:15] <raven-dance> sure why not…
[18:15] <psylocke> What don’t you understand tristan
[18:15] <Tristan> i don’t really understand what i am supposed to do.
[18:15] <Tristan> i simply visualize something and make it do things?
[18:16] <psylocke> if that works for you then just use that method
[18:16] <raven-dance> *raises hand again*
[18:17] <psylocke> Typically when people want to make constructs last for a longer time they shell them which is basically putting a lot of energy in a construct then hollowing it out and giving it a time limit
[18:17] <psylocke>  please use the /me command
[18:17] <psylocke> Also you should always add a kill switch to your constructs and make sure you are the only one who could program it
[18:18] <psylocke> raven-dance
[18:19] <psylocke> raven-dance?
[18:20] <raven-dance> you basically covered what i was going to share…i found starting with colors first was easiest, so if i imagined “red” i could shift the energy to be red
[18:20] <raven-dance> sort of like adding food coloring to a “neutral” state…
[18:21] <psylocke> any questions?
[18:22] <raven-dance> all good here
[18:22] <Tristan> i’ll just watch the class because i don’t understand
[18:22] <psylocke> What don’t you understand
[18:24] <Tristan> everything…
[18:25] <Tristan> i don’t know much of the stuff you are talking about
[18:25] <psylocke> Like what?
[18:25] <Tristan> i missed some classes and i haven’t done my homework… :/
[18:25] <Tristan> i can’t make a construct
[18:25] * raven-dance raises hand
[18:25] <psylocke> this is the first class of the year
[18:26] <Tristan> i don’t know what it is and i don’t know what a psi-ball is
[18:26] <psylocke> yes raven-dance
[18:26] <psylocke> a psi ball is a mash of psi in a ball form and is a construct
[18:27] <raven-dance> right, so, to get to that point, you would pull/draw psi/chi/ki/ energy into your hands and form a small ball
[18:29] <Tristan> well i feel a lot of warm in my torso
[18:29] <Tristan> like since i’m in the classroom
[18:29] <Tristan> i feel extremely warm
[18:29] <Tristan> but i’m gonna try this with my hands
[18:30] <psylocke> Well i guess the class is over
[18:30] <raven-dance> okay so, use that warmth in your torso, and send it to your hands
[18:30] * Trenchent raises hand
[18:30] <psylocke> yeah
[18:30] <psylocke> please do that in #training-grounds
[18:30] <Trenchent> i was just hoping for an example besides a psiball before we end
[18:31] <psylocke> ok
[18:31] <psylocke> Lets say we make a psi-pet
[18:31] <psylocke> so first make a psiball
[18:32] <psylocke> well actually pick an animal first
[18:32] <psylocke> So then shape the psiball into the animal
[18:32] <psylocke> then shell it
[18:33] * Trenchent raises hand
[18:33] <psylocke> then use your favorite method of programming to program it in this example i will say the drop down menu one
[18:33] <psylocke> yes
[18:33] <Trenchent> what exactly are we doing when we are shelling it
[18:34] <psylocke> Typically when people want to make constructs last for a longer time they shell them which is basically putting a lot of energy in a construct then hollowing it out and giving it a time limit
[18:35] <psylocke> then you have a psipet to play with
[18:35] <psylocke> Any final questions?
[18:35] <Tristan> no, thanks professor
[18:36] <raven-dance> psylocke thanks for your time – will you be around for a bit?
[18:36] <raven-dance> wanted to bounce ideas around and maybe see some stuff i hadn’t thought of…
[18:36] <psylocke> i will be coming back in about an hour

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