Welcome to our Education Department.  This section of our site is dedicated and geared towards academics  and knowledge in occult studies.  Herein is listed our different categories within this section which will allow our members and guest to browse the different material at their own pace and time.  This department is constantly growing and being updated as more research is done, articles are written, and classes/discussions take place.

The articles section is the place where  all of our officially listed and published articles, which are fully backed and supported by us end up.  Articles written here are commonly those that are reviewed and agreed upon by our staff to be quality articles that we feel will help our students to learn and excel in their paths.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
We have provided the answers to some of your frequently asked questions about Psionics. Everyone will have varying opinions on what Psionics or Energy Working is; this is one opinion, one set of answers for those of you with inquiring minds.  This page was beautifully written by one of our P.I. Members, TashRikil.

Glossary of Occult Terms
The glossary of occult terms is a collection/database of common words and terms that the student is likely to come across while reading occult literature and different information on the site.

Meditation is an important part of energy work and an important part of life in general.  It  helps clear the mind of stress and worry and allows your mind to transcend to another state of consciousness.  In this section, you will see guided meditation techniques, as shown by one of our retired teachers, Taetarthe.

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