Healing Headaches

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Article: “Healing Headaches”, by JediKaren
You naturally guard and fuss with any wound, especially mental ones. We all know that if you put a band-aid or get some help the wound will heal faster. A headache is no different. If you could force your mind to stop guarding the pain, your body will naturally heal the mental wound. This is a hard skill to do. For me, and some others, it is easier to heal someone else. So I will tell you how to do it. Please note there’s very little difference in healing someone and healing yourself.The first step to healing a headache is to find out the history of the headache. How long has it lasted? Where is the pain located? What was the person doing when they first noticed the pain? Have they taken anything for the headache? Do they often get headaches Is the headache a migraine and do they have a history of migraines? Have they eaten or slept?

The reason for all these questions is to find out what you may or may not need to do for healing. If the person just took something, then you might advise them to wait. Find out if they have eaten or drank anything recently because if they haven’t, then that is the cause. They may be reacting to a drug or haven’t had enough sleep, or simply have the start of a cold or the flu. Then there is another reason for the headache that is not completely natural and will greatly influence how you heal them. That cause is a psionic cause.

Psionic causes could be several things such as an empathy overload, an energy overload, a purposely done attack with the attacker meaning to do harm, an unintended attack that caused harm, and psi vampirism. For these causes you will want to check to see if the person was doing any psionic activity or was physically or through the internet, around any energy users. Keep in mind the person may have a friend over that could be an energy user and not know it. Sometimes psi vampires are not aware of who they are or what they are doing. Check for sudden, explained tiredness, lack of energy, feeling physical sick, blockage from psi, and unusual emotions that do not make sense to feel. These are the signs of energy or emotional overload.

If the headache was not caused by psionic means, then you will want to do the following steps. The first step is to find out the exact location of the pain. While the person may have said in the front or back or in the sides, they can’t point out the exact spot so you will need to sense it with your mind. For this you will need to learn telepathic linking in order to “become” them for a few minutes. Be aware that they may pick up on your presence so ask them not to panic or try to defend themselves. They will only cause damage to themselves and possibly you. You will have to scan the person’s mind and study the pain. Why is it there? How bad is it? Is there something else wrong or weird in the area?

Have the person relax their body and mind as much as possible. The less brain activity, the better. It’s exactly like when you have an operation the night before you aren’t allowed to eat anything. Once they are truly relaxed you can then “touch” the pain. This skill is done in telepathy, empathy, and remote viewing. Now slowly, but firmly, push their mind away from the mental wound. The person you are healing may find it painful if you aren’t too gentle, so be careful.

The person should feel detached. This is a good sign. Build a shield or as I like to call them a “band-aid” between the mind and the pain. This shield should last for a few hours at least. Make sure the person clearly understand that they need to rest. If they can, sleep. The worse thing they could try is to do something hard, like math homework, because then the mind is forced to work. It’s as if you were trying to do too much exercise when you’re tired it’ll end up not only getting more tired and less effective, but the muscles might get cramps and cause you pain. Even when psionic healing does exist, it’s far from being a miracle in almost all cases.

If the headache was caused by psionic means, teach the person to shield, ground, and center themselves to help and prevent attacks and headaches. Let them know the various dangers of psionics and to ask them to be careful when training. They could simply training too hard. Once you have done talked to them, you will still need to deal with their headache. Use the method explained above to heal the headache, but when creating a shield, program the shield to block out any incoming flow of energy. This will ensure the end of any future attack for the time being.

Understand that a healer should not take the place of a doctor or medicine. Unless the healer is a certified doctor, the healer, no matter how good, does not know totally what they are doing. This is not to say you can’t trust the healer, but understand you still may not be out of the danger zone and should continue to monitor your condition until the pain has gone away.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute