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Log from #Classroom on Thursday, December 8, 2011 at 7PM EST: “Magick”, hosted by Djinn:
[19:09] <Djinn1> Today’s topic is Magick, we’ll discuss Willpower, clairvoyance and scrying
[19:09] <RavenFire> Wait, nm
[19:09] <RavenFire> I’ll just temp op you for now
[19:09] <RavenFire> Ahh ok
[19:09] <RavenFire> Do you want me to set +m?
[19:09] <Djinn> no need
[19:09] <RavenFire> Alright
[19:10] <Djinn> The lesson is starting
[19:10] * RavenFire nods
[19:11] <Djinn> As i told you before we’ll speak about 3 main topics which are Willpower, Clairvoyance and Scrying, ill keep you waiting no longer, we’re about to start
[19:11] <Djinn> – Will power
[19:11] <Djinn> Willpower is a key ingredient in magick, with a good, well developed and sharp will power you can accomplish most magickal tasks, along with a powerful awareness of the spiritual world.
[19:12] <Djinn> The solar plexus chakra is the center of your will power, it is a very transformative chakra and working on developing this chakra will greatly reward you in magick.
[19:12] <Djinn> To start developing this chakra, focus energy on it, open it fully and empower it in any way you can. The solar plexus is often associated with the yellow color. Visualize a sphere of energy with the same color on it.
[19:13] <Djinn> Condense it until you feel it is strenghtening the chakra then continue until you feel like it. Once you have achieved high power in your solar plexus it is time to connect it to your hands. Visualize a channel of energy from the solar plexus into your hands,
[19:13] <Djinn> turn your hands yellow to associate with the vibration of that chakra and grab its energies in your palms. Your hands should now be more connected to energy and you should more easily do energy work with them.
[19:14] <Djinn> Now expand your solar plexus energy thru your aura. Visualize its energies expanding to the outer layers of your aura, powerfully, this should do the trick. The sensation may arise that you possess alot of control in your surroundings, once this is done correctly.
[19:15] <Djinn> Once working nice, this chakra will provide you a great control on energy and a great ease in doing any kind of magick. Always keep it working nice and create filters to shield it from negative energies that may damage it.
[19:15] <Djinn> Do you have any questions?
[19:15] <Little_Dragon> if you are using energy from the solar plexus, wouldn’t projecting it directly from the solar plexus be more economical?
[19:16] <Little_Dragon> As opposed to connecting it to the hands to do work through them?
[19:16] <Djinn> It depends on the situation, using your hands to work energy can give you more focus and ease of shaping the energy
[19:17] <Djinn> Plus connecting with your hands can later bring you to use Wands which are much efficient on energy work. My next lesson explains the use of wands.
[19:17] <Djinn> are you clear?
[19:18] <Little_Dragon> ok
[19:18] <Djinn> going forward…
[19:18] <Djinn> – Clairvoyance
[19:18] <Djinn> The third eye chakra is the center of your spiritual perception, having it working right will provide you with awareness, intuition and great learning power throught observation.
[19:19] <Djinn> To start developing this chakra you must first be in peace of mind. Concentrate energy on your forehead and with your eyes opened, look for clues of otherwordly matter – Energy.
[19:19] <Djinn> You can start seeing fog around you which can either be your aura or your ambient energy. Concentrate a sphere of energy on your third eye, the energy must be made of light for light will better activate your third eye powers.
[19:20] <Djinn> Expand that sphere of energy and condense it more until you feel that it is empowering your third eye chakra. Open the petals of your 3rd eye using your imagination (mixed with your willpower).
[19:20] <Djinn> Once this is done correctly, otherwordly perceptions will be abundand, from voices to visions and intuition you will be blessed with. Learn to distinguish that wich comes from the 3rd eye from your imagination because that confusion may occur.
[19:21] <Djinn> You will be able to see energy in its raw form and interact with it since you are aware of it. This perception is key in magick for without it you will be working blind.
[19:21] <Djinn> Furthermore, you should concentrate a sphere of energy made of light in your eyes, that will provide your eyes with spiritual sight and you will be able to see energy with your own eyes, also your vision may come to life and show themselves in a physical like appearance, through this way.
[19:22] <Djinn> You can concentrated that energy in only one eyed, enabling your spiritual vision only in that same eye, if done correctly.
[19:22] <Djinn> That will allow you to know whats physical from whats spiritual by glancing with one eye and another, between worlds.
[19:23] <Djinn> hehe
[19:23] <Djinn> Any questions?
[19:24] <Djinn> moving forward
[19:24] <Djinn> – Scrying
[19:25] <Djinn> Scrying is the art of seeing through the spiritual planes using a physical or metaphysical window. For this discipline you should be already experienced using your 3rd eye and have it empowered to see with your physical eyes.
[19:25] <Djinn> Scrying can be done in alot of ways, with water, with a candle, with a black mirror, with blood, with a crystal ball, etc.
[19:25] <Djinn> I will now proceed to instruct you on scrying using physical vessels. First of all scrying should be done on low light to darkness, you will be using highly your 3rd eye in order to scry. The process is simple:
[19:26] <Djinn> Conduct your metaphysical (and physical) vision through the vessel you are using in order to obtain the vision of that which you want. The following are examples of vessels you can use for scrying:
[19:26] <Djinn> Water: Using the reflection of the water and the energy of the element of water one may scry through it.
[19:26] <Djinn> Candle: Using the energies of fire which has the component of light in it one may scry through it.
[19:27] <Djinn> Black Mirror: Using the reflective surface of the black mirror one may scry into the spiritual realms.
[19:27] <Djinn> Blood: Blood is rich on energy, hence vampires sucking blood from its victims (psychic vampirism), using this energy one may scry.
[19:27] <Djinn> Crystal ball: Crystals have special metaphysical qualities, since they amplify the energy. Funnel your 3rd eye through it for your visions to be amplified.
[19:28] <Djinn> Now I will instruct you how to scry using metaphysical windows. What you have to do is simple: Create an energetic window, it can be on a wall for example, and use it to amplify your third eye energies, that will create a scrying surface in the astral plane which you may use.
[19:28] <Djinn> Again, drive your 3rd eye through any of these scrying objects in order to obtain a vision of what you want.
[19:29] <Djinn> Your thoughts and questions are welcome, the lesson has ended. 😉
[19:29] <Little_Dragon> er…psychic vampires feed off energy, not blood.
[19:29] <Ephraim> how DO you decern what you are seeing is not your imagination
[19:29] <Little_Dragon> Although blood can be used as a medium to carry energy hence why ingesting it may be favourable to some.
[19:29] <Ephraim> and ty LD, tho there are hybrids out there
[19:30] <Little_Dragon> One way: Try to sense something you can confirm.
[19:30] <Little_Dragon> Try sensing energies in the room to see if there are people projecting energy in there when you enter.
[19:30] <Ephraim> ok, and if its confirmed, what does that mean?
[19:31] <Little_Dragon> Try scrying to sense the near future, an event with a limited set of outcomes,a nd see how close you are;.
[19:31] <Djinn> Ephraim That comes with experience.
[19:31] <Little_Dragon> If it’s confirmed, that means you were fully successful.
[19:31] <Ephraim> ty
[19:32] <Djinn> yes, dragon
[19:32] <Djinn> but divination is an art that requires time to master.
[19:32] <Djinn> 🙂
[19:32] <Djinn> you wouldnt be successful at first thats for sure.
[19:32] <Little_Dragon> Also, the best psychics are not always right, so do not be discouraged if you sense things well for awhile and then find out you sensed some things wrong recently.
[19:33] <Djinn> right…
[19:33] <Little_Dragon> I find that the abilities associated with clairvoyance fluctuate, some days they are stronger and some days they are not as strong.
[19:34] <Little_Dragon> But the more you use them the more they grow.
[19:34] <Little_Dragon> But what if they get too strong and you can not tone them down?
[19:35] <Little_Dragon> Not to discourage anyone, I am curious.
[19:35] <Djinn> what you must do is close your chakras
[19:36] <Djinn> but that rarely happens
[19:37] <wildcard> closing chakra can be hazzards
[19:38] <wildcard> the charkra that is open and spinning is helathy
[19:38] <wildcard> one that is closed can cause many health problems
[19:38] <Djinn1> sorry my connection jfell
[19:38] <Djinn1> what was said?
[19:39] <wildcard> wildcard>: closing chakra can be hazzards
[19:39] <Djinn1> why?
[19:39] <RavenFire> Wb
[19:39] <Djinn1> thx
[19:39] <wildcard> the chakr is always open and spinning
[19:40] <Djinn1> but you can close it if its giving you trouble for some reason
[19:40] <wildcard> if the chakra is closed or down it can have many health issues
[19:40] <wildcard> no
[19:40] <wildcard> if it is given you problems
[19:40] <wildcard> it may mean
[19:40] <wildcard> it may be
[19:40] <wildcard> spinning in wrong direction
[19:40] <wildcard> or
[19:41] <wildcard> of balance in a elleeptical orbit
[19:41] <Djinn1> it can cause if closed by extended periods of time
[19:41] <wildcard> or may b e damage
[19:41] <wildcard> one can check with a pendulem its progress
[19:41] <wildcard> and so one need to flow some gentlyenergy into to it to corret
[19:42] <wildcard> for example if one is depressed
[19:42] <wildcard> it may mean a couple of lower chakras are out of sync
[19:42] <wildcard> and so
[19:42] <wildcard> the chakras must be open
[19:43] <wildcard> another thing can happen the chakra can collapse
[19:43] <wildcard> chakrs is sankrist for energy wheel
[19:43] <wildcard> and it is the energy flowing thriuh them htat keeps us in balance
[19:44] <Djinn1> the point is if too much perception or power is causing you trouble, you can close down the chakras, it will last as long as you focus for it to last.
[19:44] <Djinn1> and it won’t cause health issues
[19:44] <wildcard> hmm then ewhave a difference of opinion and training
[19:44] <wildcard> k abook for you to look at
[19:45] <wildcard> is called hands of light by babara brennan
[19:45] <wildcard> it goes into the chakra system
[19:45] <Djinn1> okey thanks
[19:46] <wildcard> welcome
[19:47] <wildcard> itis alway cool to have differences
[19:47] <wildcard> it helps us to grow
[19:47] <Djinn1> indeed
[19:47] <Djinn1> and helps us explore the realm of magick
[19:47] <wildcard> and the difference paths we learn different things
[19:47] <Djinn1> exactly
[19:47] <wildcard> true Djinn1
[19:48] <wildcard> a lot to learn
[19:48] <Djinn1> Any more thoughts on my lesson?
[19:48] <wildcard> since we have had a difference it will give others a cnahce to explore for them selves in research
[19:49] <Djinn1> yeah
[19:51] <Djinn1> well, this lesson is closed.
[19:51] <Djinn1> Have a good night all of you. 😉

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