The Uses of Psi

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Article: “The Uses of Psi”, by JediKaren

When I ask a newbie how training is going I usually get informed that they have not trained for a while. The usual excuses are lack of motivation, wanting a teacher or not knowing how to train. I explain to them that articles from different sites do the teaching. Then, I got told they don’t have time to train. That is no excuse and here is why.

Everyone has their own way of training. Some like to do a steady hour or two of training. For hyper active people, sitting and focusing that long might kill them. I, myself, have found ten minutes here and five minutes there work well and adds up to an hour or more.

The next excuse I get is the newbie does not know how to use these abilities out in the real world. I understand that training online is not the same as in school, surrounded by people. You do not want the whole school or room to know you have power. You also want to do something good and helpful, or so I hope, with these skills. So, you want to do this in a fashion that doesn’t attract attention. This can be done, but it is not easy. You should make sure you have your basics of each skill before trying them out in public. Then, you might want to practice with a trusted friend. If you do get caught and don’t want to tell the truth, you need to come up with something quick and good. Be ready for such situations. Here are some different skills that people have told me about that they use in their daily life.

Empathy and Telepathy

These two skills are nearly the same. They are done in the same method and are usually for the same thing. People and animals are what you use these skills for. Advisers, councilors, negotiators, doctors, vets, healers, and anyone having to work with people?s emotions can use empathy. If you are trying to comfort a friend you can use empathy to sense all the emotion and reason. You can then send out waves of calming to get the person to relax and cheer up. People with pets can use empathy to sense pain or pleasure in the animal. This can help if the cat is clawing your or a bear is too close to you by sending out calming waves of emotion. Empathy can be used to monitor your moods and help you keep happy in a stressful environment. You can use empathy to see if someone is being honest with you or to sense pain and the location. When making friends you can use empathy to find people that are like you.

I have found telepathy is useful for inside jokes, secrets and or those moments between people you don’t get. Both skills can be used in an interview to see if you will get the job or during a practical test to see how you did. In retail stores you can use these skills on customers or even the boss. You can tell what kind of person you are dealing with and know how to react. Someone told me that they will use telepathy to nudge a person into agreeing on where to go out to eat or what pizza to order. Another person said that they use telepathy too for pets to come in or ping people with messages or just to get their attention. Telepathy is also useful in talking to people who speak a language you do not understand. This reduces language barriers.

Remote Viewing

This skill is the one I find most useful, easy to use once you have the hang of it, and one I used the most. I found this to be true with a lot of other people. It allows me to be alert about everything around me. It’s literally like having eyes in the back, front, sides, below and above of me. I don’t have to see something to know where it is. By using remote viewing I can tell how fast something is moving. I can program myself to give a warning when I sense that I am too close to something.

Remote viewing is best when you are in motion. When I first started training with remote viewing, I would walk through the most crowded hallways and sense the people around me. I would avoid them by sensing where they were and where I was. The same method is used when I would drive. This time I was sensing size and speed of the cars around me. I could tell, based on how where and the speed of the car, if they were going to change lanes.

When you get up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water you might find yourself tripping or falling over things you can’t see. If you use remote viewing and are awake enough or have a warning system like me, you can sense where the toys are, how they are and if your dog is coming your way.

When you talk to someone over the phone or online you can use remote viewing to sense what they look like. The other use for remote viewing is finding lost things. You will find some psi sites will help you find misplaced papers or glasses. Of course, you can do this yourself.

Remote Presence and Linking

These two skills are easy enough to use in a secluded way. Remote presence is good for finding people and their location. Linking, which is part of telepathy, is the mental link to another person’s mind and can be used to grab their attention, pass a thought, emotions or energy. This is useful for finding children or vice versa.


Scanning is the combination of empathy, telepathy and remote viewing. Scanning is not just all three skills, but also can find the personality and essences of a person. You can quickly tell what type of person you are dealing with in a business. You can look through the eyes of another person and see why a customer is unhappy. I generally use this at school, at the beginning of the year to tell what the teacher is like.


We all wish we could levitate the remote control to our hand and save ourselves the energy of getting up, but most of us have a far ways to go. Here are the kinesis that I heard were more practical. Electrokinesis can be used to change traffic lights or make computers to work. Cryokinesis is for cooling yourself in a hot classroom, house or building. Pryokinesis is something I use to heat my body and control the fire in my fireplace. You can also use shields to heat or cool yourself. One person told me that they use psychokinetic to close doors, slow down cars and retrieve pencils that have been dropped in class.


It is well known skill used to calm the body and mind. It also trains the mind to a state of calm and peace, a state that is much needed for psi abilities. Meditation can increase concentration and awareness. It trains the mind to be aware of the present. Meditation can relieve pain and raise energy levels. When combined with energy you can explore the flow of energy. It greatly helps with astral projection. Mediation is a great way to learn more about your self too.

Astral Projection (OOBE)

It’s useful in the real world because you can explore the people around you, the planet, the universe, and other planes. The trouble, of course, is trying to faking astral projection as sleep. You can go anywhere you want and do anything you want to do. There are no laws, no rules, no parents, and few dangers. You can meet online friends in the astral plane as long as the friend can astral project. You can train your psi abilities while astral projecting. Your spirit guide also exists there and can train or help you. The possibilities are endless.


It is also known as clairvoyance, is highly useful, but is hard to control. Glimpsing into the future is dangerous, as well as unreliable. Seeing into the future is dangerous because people tend to act on what they see the wrong way. For me, I usually see things that mean little of importance and usually will happen within a few minutes after I foresaw it. Precognition can also be recognized as a gut feeling, a very strong gut feeling. Someone said they use this gift to find out where they should go. It can be used on tests, but understand in the long run it will not help you. You will have to learn the material.

Other Uses

When it is the end of the day and you are sore and dead tired, but you still have work to do, energy can aid you. By sending a stream of psi through you can give you renewed energy and for a while wash away the ache. People have been known to feel psi just to relax them and ground away the excess or negative energy and emotions. Sending energy through you can also get rid of built up energy that can lead to headaches, bad moods and illnesses. Psi can heighten your senses such as seeing or hearing. It can be as good as a cup of coffee, waking you up.

Psi can also alert you to any nearby or upcoming danger. When you come to a decision like what road should you take, you should open yourself up to psi and go for the road that feels like it’s calling to you. If both roads call for you, pick the stronger one. Energy is always correct, but you may misunderstand it.

Psi balls are usually good for newbies to learn how to feel, gather, and move energy around. Those who are looking for something for challenging, but have yet to flare their ball, one can make psi pets. Psi pet, from what I have been told are psi balls formed into the shape of an animal and programmed to act like a pet. Of course you can turn a psi ball into any shape and play with it.


As you can see, there are endless uses for these skills. There is only one option I have not mentioned and that is showing off to get money. I mean either on the street one acts or television shows. It’s cheap and in my opinion wrong. Those shows are often faked and the people are bribed. It doesn’t really help anyone, but you and it harms the psionic reputation. I’m not a huge fan of showing off abilities to get newbies to believe you, but sometimes a newbie needs that proof. I don’t mind using a bit of telepathy on a customer, but don’t abuse it. Of course, never attack or harm anyone for any reason. Attacking people will ruin your reputation and destroy trust in friends. So, next time you get bored in class or in a dull meeting try these skills.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute