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Log from #Classroom on Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 6PM EST:  “Shielding”, hosted by Psylocke:
[18:03] <Psylocke> Shielding in general
[18:04] <Psylocke> Now can someone please describe shielding for the class
[18:04] <RowanMists> its chi blocking against ones appoinant
[18:04] <RowanMists> apponant*
[18:05] <Entropist> *opponent
[18:05] <RowanMists> thanks
[18:05] <RowanMists>
[18:05] <Entropist>
[18:05] <RowanMists> sleepy hehe trying to spell today
[18:05] <Psylocke> Anyone else
[18:07] <Entropist> I suppose depending on style it could just be redirection of someone else’s effect
[18:07] <Psylocke> Shielding is using psi to block out negative energy or emotions or thoughts etc.
[18:07] <Entropist> Or general preventative measures against hostile effects
[18:08] <RowanMists> its like blocking someone elses emotions or what they throw at you
[18:08] <Psylocke> It can also be used to stop one’s self from damaging people or themselves
[18:08] <RowanMists> cant it be used to heal too?
[18:09] <Psylocke> That is a less common thing but it is possible
[18:09] <RowanMists> i see
[18:10] <Psylocke> Now can someone please list some shields
[18:10] <RowanMists> i noticed there is a lot of technics that deal with sheilding
[18:10] <Aceso> shielding: actively protecting something from harm
[18:10] <RowanMists> shield*
[18:11] <RowanMists> well isnt a force field some kind of a shield
[18:11] <Aceso> bubble shield
[18:11] <Psylocke> Yes
[18:11] <Aceso> resistance shield
[18:11] <RowanMists> nods
[18:11] <Aceso> marshmallow shield
[18:11] <RowanMists> and i was thinking of the terms shield blocking?
[18:11] <Psylocke> Not to you mists
[18:12] <RowanMists> um k
[18:13] <Psylocke> Mirror shield
[18:13] <Psylocke> Difuse shield
[18:13] <Psylocke> Chaotic shield
[18:13] <Little_Dragon> portal to another area that surrounds you and sends energies there?
[18:13] <Psylocke> The list can go on for a while
[18:14] <MattParkman> i’m not familiar with the chaotic shield
[18:14] <Psylocke> I will explain it in a bit
[18:14] <Little_Dragon> I have come across a couple who used a servitor or godform as a shield by surrounding themselves with it.
[18:15] <RowanMists> well what about energetic shielding
[18:15] <Psylocke> Now I will ask that people please hold questions until I am done with a small portion of the lecture
[18:17] <Psylocke> A shield is energy used by a psion or mage to protect or to prevent themselves from negative energy thoughts etc.
[18:18] <Psylocke> It can also be used to ensure the psion themself from doing anything negative to the people surrounding them
[18:18] <Psylocke> The most common types of shields are
[18:19] <Psylocke> Mirror: a shield that returns any energy that is directed at it
[18:20] <Psylocke> Bubble: which is like a “force field” all it really is is a dense shell
[18:21] <Psylocke> Marshmallow: absorbs energy directed at it and spreads the energy into the shield
[18:22] <Psylocke> High energy: this shield was created by someone in psion guild. It basically destroys energy directed at it
[18:23] <Psylocke> Chaotic: this is also called thread shielding. It basically is made of different types of shields woven together
[18:25] <Psylocke> Please use this command /me raises his/her hand and wait for me to acknowledge you then state your question
[18:25] * MattParkman raises his/her hand
[18:26] <Psylocke> Matt
[18:26] <Psylocke> Ps use your gender only
[18:26] <MattParkman> right are you going to teach us the different techniques to create each individual type?
[18:27] <Psylocke> Yes
[18:27] <Psylocke> Any more questions
[18:28] * RowanMists raises her hand
[18:28] <Psylocke> Yes
[18:28] <RowanMists> will we be learning the techniques about the chi shielding as well
[18:29] <Psylocke> Chi and psi are basically the same thing
[18:29] <Psylocke> I only deal with psi
[18:29] <RowanMists> yes i understand oh i see
[18:29] <RowanMists>
[18:29] <Psylocke> Any more questions before I move on
[18:30] * Little_Dragon raises its genderless hand
[18:30] <Psylocke> Yes
[18:30] <Little_Dragon> What are the benefits and drawbacks of weaving several shields together?
[18:30] <Little_Dragon> And can you suggest ways to deal with compatibility issues between shield types?
[18:31] <Little_Dragon> Also, since energy is not confined by space, would one be correct in saying that shields built outside of one’s energy field will not be as effective as shields in the energy field?
[18:31] <Psylocke> The benefits are you have versatile a shield
[18:31] <Psylocke> One question at a time
[18:32] <Little_Dragon> sorry
[18:33] <Psylocke> The only downfall is if you have 2 layers with a mirror shield on the bottom layer
[18:33] <Psylocke> And shields are typically only effected by the size
[18:33] <Psylocke> Not distance from the psion/mage
[18:34] <Psylocke> Anymore questions
[18:34] <Little_Dragon> er, in that case, could an energy attack be created and sent behind the opponent’s shield or around it?
[18:34] <Psylocke> Yes
[18:35] <Little_Dragon> And how effective is making the shield a solid sphere vs. a hollow sphere in a real situation where one is needed?
[18:35] <Psylocke> If the person does not shield with proper programming they can send an attack through it
[18:35] <Little_Dragon> Plus, how important is vibration frequency in shields? i was told once that higher vibration beings are less prone to harm from ones at a lower vibration.
[18:36] <Psylocke> You would need a hollow one because you are shielding yourself
[18:36] * Little_Dragon is out of questions
[18:36] <Psylocke> One question at a time
[18:36] <Little_Dragon> sorry
[18:37] * RowanMists raises her hand
[18:37] <Psylocke> The lower the vibration the higher chance you can phase(sending energy at a higher frequency than the construct the energy is being sent through) through it
[18:38] <Psylocke> Yes
[18:38] <RowanMists> how affective is mirror sheilding
[18:38] <Psylocke> Very good if it catches your attacker off guard
[18:39] <Psylocke> If they scanned before hand if it was me personally I would mess up the programming
[18:39] <Psylocke> Any more questions
[18:41] <Psylocke> So no
[18:42] <Psylocke> I would ask anyone who has orange juice or chocolate to go get it
[18:42] <Psylocke> 2 minutes
[18:42] <Psylocke> RUSH
[18:44] <Psylocke> Is everyone back
[18:45] <Psylocke> Anyways I have a question for everyone
[18:46] <Psylocke> Do you want to go through all the shields or only some so we can get more practice time
[18:47] <Psylocke> Anyone here?
[18:47] <Entropist> Whatever works for you
[18:47] <Entropist> I’m not picky
[18:47] <Entropist> This is all outside my paradigm, anyway
[18:48] <Psylocke> Rowan?dragon?
[18:48] <Psylocke> Ok
[18:49] <Psylocke> RowanMists?
[18:49] <RowanMists> yes
[18:49] <Psylocke> Little_Dragon:
[18:49] <RowanMists> i am sorry forgive me i am eating at this time
[18:49] <Psylocke> Ok I will cover high energy and chaotic in another coss
[18:49] <Psylocke> Class
[18:49] <Psylocke> For time reasons and there complexity
[18:50] <Psylocke> Ok now I would like to move toward practice
[18:50] <Psylocke> Can someone remind us what a bubble shield is
[18:51] <Eris> a shield in the shape of a bubble?
[18:51] <Psylocke> No
[18:51] <Psylocke> Anyone else
[18:51] <RowanMists> a bubble shield is
[18:51] <FoxDemon2> a shield comprised of many bubbles
[18:51] <RowanMists> a shield that is like a force field
[18:52] <RowanMists> its a dence bubble
[18:52] * Eris still says it’s a bubble
[18:52] * Eris reads up
[18:52] <Psylocke> Thank you RowanMists
[18:52] <Psylocke> Now to create one is simple
[18:53] <RowanMists> your welcome
[18:53] <Eris> *you’re
[18:54] <Psylocke> Make a psiball the shape of your body and hollow it out. Then make it dense and program it to protect you and make it so only you can program it
[18:55] <RowanMists> nods thats what i do in my shielding
[18:56] <Psylocke> Now for those of you can scan I currently have a bubble shield
[18:56] <RowanMists> yes
[18:57] <Psylocke> Ok
[18:57] <RowanMists> looks hollow
[18:57] <Psylocke> Now can someone explain what a marshmallow shield is
[18:59] <Psylocke> Anyone
[18:59] <Little_Dragon> yes
[18:59] <Psylocke> Little dragon if you will
[19:00] <Little_Dragon> A marshmallow shield is a softer and thicker shield that basically slows down attacks and eventually stops them or relies on another shield to absorb the remaining impact.
[19:00] <Psylocke> Yes
[19:00] <Little_Dragon> One good variation to add to marshmallow shields is the ability to convert energies that enter it into energy it can
[19:01] <Psylocke> And to make one you make a soft malleable psiball and make it cover you then program to absorb and destroy/convert any energy spewed at it
[19:02] <Psylocke> I currently have one
[19:02] <Psylocke> Scanners please look
[19:03] <RowanMists> looks
[19:03] <RowanMists> wow impressive i find that rather useful
[19:04] <Psylocke> Now onto mirror,
[19:04] <FoxDemon2> if there’s ever a class i needed its scanning :/
[19:04] <RowanMists> it mirrors your energy meaning it returns any energy that is directed at it
[19:04] <Psylocke> Yes
[19:06] <RowanMists>
[19:06] <Psylocke> To make a mirror shield make a psi cube and put it on you then program it to deflect any energy that is not your own
[19:06] <Psylocke> Ok
[19:07] <Psylocke> Scanners scan
[19:07] <RowanMists> oh thats pretty neat i do take that as affective as well i will put this to my lists
[19:08] <Psylocke> This is part one in a series
[19:09] <Psylocke> The next part will be next monday time undecided
[19:09] <RowanMists> i see something that looks like a energy but mirror like
[19:09] * Little_Dragon raises a hand
[19:09] <Psylocke> I must leave but pm me and I will scan you if you are still online
[19:09] <Little_Dragon> er…would making it a cube rather than a sphere add structural weaknesses?
[19:10] <Psylocke> No
[19:10] <Psylocke> Any last questions
[19:10] <Psylocke> I really must leave
[19:10] * Little_Dragon sees the channel full of people in round shields, puts chalk on his giant pool cue, lines up to take a shot
[19:11] <Little_Dragon> ok, have a good one
[19:11] <Little_Dragon> thanks for the lecture
[19:11] <Psylocke> Thanks
[19:11] <RowanMists> thank you for the class
[19:11] <RowanMists> it was much needed for me
[19:11] <Psylocke> Pm me with questions and I will respond once I am on
[19:12] <Psylocke> This is a series it is not over yet
[19:13] <Little_Dragon> Groove, I will certainly want to attend the next class.
[19:13] <Little_Dragon> Groovy*
[19:15] <MattParkman> will you be posting a summary of the class on the forums?
[19:19] <RowanMists> i am going to be going now thanks for the class

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