Easy As 1, 2, 3

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Article: “Easy As 1,2,3”, by JediKaren

Why can’t I?

Do telekinesis?

Make a psiball?

See my psi ball?

Make a contruct?

Many newbies often ask the questions above, without even trying to look for the answer which would be located all over the web. I understand some of the articles out there go around the bush, slow to answer a simple question. So, in this short guide, one will find how to make a psi ball in three easy to remember steps.

Step 1:

The first question I ask to any newbie who asks those questions, is can you feel energy, also known as psi. If you answer no, then continue reading this paragraph. If yes, you may want to read this anyway or go to step 2. To feel energy please do this. Think of a song, one that is calming. You can sing the song, or hear the song out loud. Play the song through your head, or turn it on, but have the volume on low. Relax your body and mind. Do not think about anything and put aside all emotions and worries. Do try to do anything. Just sit there and enjoy the moment of peace.

If you are one of those who can’t sit still or be quiet try taking a breath, holding it for three seconds and then blow all the air out and then breathe in slowly. Will your body to relax. It might help if you take a short walk before hand to get some energy out your system. Repeat the breathing exercise until you are calm.

Now, I want you to stare at air. Try looking at the space between you and your hand. Sure, you won’t see anything, but that’s not the point. Don’t strain yourself. Let your mind wonder and just space out a bit. Let the music help you. Now pay attention to what you feel. Do you feel something around or in you feeling warm, tingly, good, possibly like your blood is rushing, but isn’t? If that is the feeling you are experiencing, that is psi, energy. Good job. You have just felt psi. Learn to recognize that feeling as much and as fast you can you.

Step 2:

For those who know how to feel psi, you may not know how to gather psi. This is rather simple. First, complete step one. Now, imagine energy around you and in you. You may want to imagine it was a mist, you can add color (blue is a good choice) if that helps you. You have control over this mist. Imagine this mist coming to you, by your own will. Now, understand this mist is psi, energy. Relax, feel psi, gather the energy to you so that it surrounds your body. You might feel as if your whole body is tingling. Do not worry if the feeling makes you uncomfortable.

Step 3:

You have learn how to feel energy and gather it. Now you’re going to form a psi ball. To do this, complete step 1 and 2. When you gather it, hold out your hand. Gather psi into your hand. You will not see anything in your hand, but you will feel the energy. It may or may not feel solid, but more like a mass of tingling. Check to make sure you are not holding your hand in such a way as to make it fall asleep. Do not worry if the ball is too hard to feel clearly. You will get better. As you get better and quicker at making psi balls, you can make bigger, better ones.

Why Make a Psi Ball?

Some newbies come to the conclusion that a psiball is simply a ball of energy and wonder what the big deal is, why make one? A psi ball is the perfect introduction into the world of psi. One learns how to feel, recognize, gather, and control psi. These are the basic, required skills for all abilities. Mastering the psi ball, will have a newbie mastery a steady foundation.

What’s Next?

After conquering the psi ball, many people wonder what the next step to take is. There are many answers to that question and really it depends on what the person is most interested in learning. One can then start tackling perceptive skills such as empathy, telepathy, or remote viewing. If that fails to interest you, then there is energy manipulation with skills like constructs, telekinesis, and shielding. If you find yourself having trouble with skill, or a group of skills, try the opposite type of skill.

Some Problems Newbies Have:

Q. How can I make my psi ball visible?

A. The term you are looking for is called flaring. Flaring is manipulating energy in that that you can see it with your eyes, is far from easy. There are extremely few people I know that can do it. To flare, you have to practice psionics for years and have a gift with energy manipulation. You are more likely to be able to see the aura of a psi ball.

Q. Can you make a strong psi ball one day and barely feel psi the next day?

A. This is perfectly normal. It’s like walking. Sometimes the baby can stand, sometimes the baby will fall. Eventually, the baby will be able to stand all the time, but it will take time. Newbies at psi are no different. Some days your grip over psi is going to be better than other days. This does not mean you’ve lost your skill. It means you need to keep practicing.

Q. Finding your self getting worn out?

A. Like any type of exercise, you can get tired and need to take a break and get some water. Practice psi is mental exercise. If you find yourself getting tired or sleepy, take a few hours break. Make sure you get a snack for you will have used up energy, feeling and controlling energy.

Q. Suppose I don’t take a break, what will happen?

A. Like exercise, you can hurt yourself, and possibly hurt your abilities for a long time, though you really have to push the limits. Headaches are the first and most common signs you need a break. Feeling drained all the time is another sign. Unexplained weakness in abilities is a major sign that you need to take a month off from practice. You can really hurt your mind. I did. Even after months and months of not practicing ever much, I still got bad headaches. It got to the point that even feeling psi caused pain. To heal the damage I did to myself, I had to go through serious long healing. Don’t make the mistake I made.

Q. Do you feel like you have too much energy at times and it hurts or scares you?

A. Please read up on grounding.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute