Astral Properties

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Article: “Astral Properties”, by JediKaren

O.O.B.E. stands for out-of-body experience. Many people get confused with the difference between O.O.B.E.’s and astral projection. There is no real difference between O.O.B.E. and A.P. O.O.B.E. is considered to be the more scientific term, although science had barely touched the subject. Astral projection is thought to be the more spiritual term, but both terms mean the same thing. Under the category of out of body experiences there is near-death experiences, astral projection, bi- and trilocation.Although most O.O.B.E. happens when the person is asleep, or close to sleep, O.O.B.E.’s can be done when awake. O.O.B.E.’s can be done consciously or unconsciously. People do not need training to do an O.O.BE, but psions are likely to have an easier time doing an O.O.B.E. on command. For people who unconsciously, but are awake, have an O.O.B.E., they describe the experience as seeing the room or environment with an unusual clarity and a different point of view, other than their own. The people say that they feel like they have stepped out of their body for a minute and can see the world around them.


Projecting yourself and walking seems pretty fun and wild, but there is much more that can be done in the astral plane. There are many properties of the astral plane and what be done while astral projecting. There first rule to remember is a hard one to remember. The rule is anything is possible in the astral plane. Only your mind will stop you.

On earth, we are bound to the laws of gravity. In the astral plane, there is no gravity. You can jump as far was you want. You can throw a ball as far as you want. You can be light or heavy as you want. You can be as strong as you want. You can run faster than you ever have and not get tired. Many people find joy in flying around their home. You can walk through anything you want to. You can walk through wood, stone, fire, ice and so on. Your astral body can not die and can not receive any long lasting damage. You will not feel any pain to your astral body, but that does not stop your earth body to feel pain, heat or cold.

There is an interesting ability that can be done in the astral plane and it is called manifestation. On earth, manifestation is possible, but hard to do. Manifestation is the ability, through hard and constant concentration, to make certain events happen. In the astral plane, manifestation takes a more literal meaning. You can just think of an object and it will appear. If you want a cup of water, just think of the exact cup of water you want and it will appear. You can create anything you want through thought.

The astral plane also contains psi. For a psion this means you can safely and privately practice anything from meditation to telekinesis. It is said that transferring skills from what you learned in the astral plane to real life is not as hard as one would think. A psion can also affect their body in a positive way in the astral plane. You can practice healing your body in the astral plane, or have someone, project and heal your astral body, which will heal your physical body.

Bilocation and Trilocation:

There are two ideas of what bilocation is. The first idea is bi location means you are being at two places at once. This type of bilocation is the documented witness of a teacher’s double, though not a twin, being spotted in a school. Students would spot an exact version of her in another part of the school. It turns out that the teacher was astral projecting herself in a way that could be seen.

The second idea of what bilocation is, is the idea of being aware of your astral body being in the astral plane and being aware of your physical body. This ability serves no purpose other than to increase your awareness, learning to strengthen your projecting skills and to increase focus and concentration skills. Both methods are hard to achieve and take practice.

Trilocation is a bit more complex an idea, taking off from the second bilocation definition. You can have more than one astral body in the astral plane, but it is hard to see through two different points of view at once. This skill allows you to be able to view your astral body or what is behind you. Trilocation is when you are aware of your physical body, your astral body, and then another astral body that you project near you. This is extremely hard to do and your focus on each part of you will not be crystal clear.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute