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Log from #Classroom on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 7PM EST: “Scanning”, hosted by TashRikil:
[19:05] <TashRikil> alright. now we’re gonna get started.
[19:05] <Wyrd> BLEh
[19:05] <Wyrd> k
[19:06] <TashRikil> now most of you were here for my last class, right?
[19:06] <Akradai> mhmm
[19:06] <Seren> what was the last class
[19:06] <Aerys> passively
[19:06] <Cene> Nope, hehe
[19:06] <Akradai> Seren, it was on “Perception”
[19:06] <TashRikil> the last class was on perception. a bare-bones beginning to psionics
[19:06] <Seren> nope I was not here
[19:07] <Akradai> Seren, the log of the last class is on the forum if you want to sign up on there.
[19:07] <Monoclarity-afk> hello , i m here as well
[19:07] <TashRikil> okay. well i taught everyone to meditate, analyze their own energy, and shield. can everyone do that?
[19:07] <Seren> yes
[19:07] <TashRikil> glad you’re here
[19:07] <Cene> Hmm, nope!
[19:08] <TashRikil> as long as you can do that you should be fine for scanning. if you cant, you have no business scanning because it could put you at risk.
[19:08] <Cene> Really? Oops.
[19:08] <TashRikil> cene, i’ll catch you up after class, you too Monoclarity.
[19:08] <Cene> Mmk
[19:08] <TashRikil> nono. stay. this is also easy and basic.
[19:08] <Monoclarity> ok
[19:08] <TashRikil> but i dont want you doing it until we can be reasonably sure of your safety
[19:09] <Monoclarity> roger
[19:09] <TashRikil> now, i’m going to ask everyone that can to meditate first off.
[19:10] <Aerys> yes
[19:10] <TashRikil> tell me when you’re ready
[19:10] <Cene> (I know how to shield theoretically, but not sure what you mean by analyse your own energy, anywho. And I know how to meditate)
[19:11] <Aerys> i am ready … i just quickly centered and grounded
[19:12] <Seren> ready
[19:12] <TashRikil> good. if you can center and ground, that is equivalent to what i taught
[19:13] <TashRikil> the good news is scanning is also not hard. but it can be a little tricky to recognize
[19:13] <TashRikil> everyone’s mind interprets things a little bit differently. scanning is no different
[19:15] <TashRikil> the visual equivalent is picking up an object and studying it in detail. trying to figure out what its about, actively. as opposed to passively glancing at it.
[19:15] <TashRikil> and a lot of people do interpret their scannings visually
[19:16] <TashRikil> scanning is the focused version of that sixth sense you hear people mentioning.
[19:16] <TashRikil> it tends to overlap with one or more physical senses, or rather, your brain interprets it that way
[19:19] * Bmartin82 sneaks in and takes a seat
[19:20] <Akradai> pfft, late!
[19:20] <Akradai> 😛
[19:20] <Bmartin82> dam…i was noticed…
[19:20] <Bmartin82> lol
[19:20] * Akradai nods to Tash
[19:20] <TashRikil> i wont send you to detention. 😛
[19:21] <Bmartin82> yay !!!
[19:21] * Bmartin82 just wears the dunce hat instead
[19:21] <Bmartin82> 😛
[19:22] <TashRikil> figuring out how your mind interprets the sensory data is the tricky part. some folks feel like they are seeing, some feel like they are hearing, others feel like they are touching. and many have some combination of all 5 physical senses, even though none of the input is physical
[19:25] <TashRikil> you guys with me so far?
[19:25] <Seren> yes
[19:25] * Akradai is understanding so far
[19:25] <Cene> Yup
[19:25] <Aerys> yes
[19:26] <TashRikil> alright. good.
[19:27] <TashRikil> at first, if you are new, the method of scanning is going to be very limited. as a rule, you’re still probably pretty self absorbed, at least as far as perception goes, so you’ll be limited in your ways of scanning and you’ll have to get very close.
[19:28] <TashRikil> scanning does not reveal what an object is very well. you will likely see something which your brain is interpreting as an object, but not what it is.
[19:28] <TashRikil> i’ll give you a concrete example
[19:29] <TashRikil> suppose you see a sword.
[19:30] <TashRikil> what you are seeing is not really a sword, but a bit of energy fashioned as a weapon, intent on doing harm. capable of injuring someone greatly, even killing them, and requiring that the killer be up close and personal with the victim (usually).
[19:31] * Akradai nods
[19:31] <TashRikil> if your mind is particularly saturated with anime or video games, you might even see a weapon that is designed to kill at a distance as a sword.
[19:33] <TashRikil> in fact. if your mind is of a ceremonius bent, and your interpretation of a sword is the faerie uses of “the realm of man” you might be looking at a boundary, not a weapon at all.
[19:33] <TashRikil> now this is a little brain bending, i know.
[19:34] <TashRikil> but this is simply how the astral IS, and it’s very hard to trust what you are seeing, and three people can look at the same thing and come up with wildly different ideas. learning how you interpret things is the most important part of scanning.
[19:35] <TashRikil> you will make mistakes. but you can also get it right, with help, and confirmation, and learning how your mind works
[19:36] <TashRikil> confirmation being you talk to someone else and try to get their input.
[19:36] <TashRikil> are you with me?
[19:37] <Seren> yes
[19:37] <Monoclarity> yes
[19:38] <Cene> Mhm
[19:38] <TashRikil> scanning is a lot like chess. it’s easy to move the pieces, and you can practice for a lifetime and not win very many games. but experience matters.
[19:38] * Akradai nods
[19:40] <TashRikil> i will also take this opportunity to point out that you do not want to play scan the object and then say to someone LOL WRONG. their perception is different than yours, and they may be seeing the same thing in a different light, or the same thing up too close, or too far away, etc.
[19:41] <Aerys> mhmm
[19:42] <Bmartin82> indeed
[19:43] <TashRikil> arrogance in scanning is usually one of the first signs of a corrupted psion. self importance and ego is lethal in this business. if your head is stuffed up with its own importance you will be less effective in everything psionic you do, and more vulnerable to manipulation.
[19:44] <TashRikil> there are two bottom lines to this sermon: trust your first instincts, but dont get carried away with your own abilities.
[19:44] * Akradai agrees
[19:45] * Seren nods
[19:45] <TashRikil> everyone with me?
[19:45] <Seren> yes
[19:45] <Bmartin82> so far
[19:45] <Akradai> mhmm
[19:46] <TashRikil> okay. that being said, there are a couple of exercises i like to throw out to first time scanners
[19:47] <TashRikil> the first is placing an object on a table, having everyone scan it, and report your results.
[19:47] <TashRikil> the second is creating a little drone or entity that floats around and having you scan to see where it is.
[19:48] <TashRikil> i’m not sure how productive the second is going to be with multiple participants, so we will stick to the first
[19:49] <TashRikil> is everyone capable of seeing or otherwise feeling the table?
[19:49] <Aerys> yes
[19:49] <Akradai> mhm
[19:50] * Akradai is a little outta practice since being sick tho
[19:50] <Bmartin82> awwww
[19:50] <TashRikil> thats ok. being sick is going to mess up your abilities, its understandable.
[19:50] <Cene> I’m not sure. You mean like actually seeing the real table?
[19:51] <TashRikil> not necessarily. i’m not sure how it is you sense.
[19:51] <TashRikil> i’m going to grab you, and lead you up to the table, ok?
[19:52] <Seren> id like to kmow how im supposed to find a table and know when i find it
[19:52] <Wyrd> is just not sure
[19:52] * Wyrd being tired trying to restart all this
[19:53] <TashRikil> okay. so i have been ranting only to the experienced ones. lovely. alright, i more or less expected this. we will go one at a time.
[19:53] <TashRikil> but i will not do this without your consent.
[19:54] <TashRikil> Cene. do you agree to let me lead you up to the table so you can see it, hear it, feel it, or however your mind interprets psionic objects?
[19:54] <Cene> Mmk. I mean, I can focus on the idea of the table to try and sense it, or visualize the table, but I can’t just ‘focus’ on the table and instantly see the table as it is in real life.
[19:54] <Cene> And sure, if you can
[19:55] <TashRikil> you are vastly unlikely to see a table before your physical eyes. i just want to make that crystal clear.
[19:56] <Cene> Well yeah, but mentally.
[19:56] <TashRikil> here you are. now tell me what you feel. tell me what sense is being used, and what you feel through it.
[19:57] * TashRikil is way more interactive than most PI lessons, he knows. but he expects input, darn it! 😛
[19:58] <Cene> Hmm, don’t feel much, but I am a few feet away from the table. I see a simple table surrounded by not darkness, but just ‘no picture’
[19:58] <Cene> So, sight.
[19:59] <TashRikil> excellent.
[20:00] <TashRikil> and i tried to make it high contrast so it’d be easy to see
[20:00] <Aerys> sorry
[20:00] <Aerys> back
[20:00] <TashRikil> alright. stay where you are.
[20:00] <TashRikil> Wyrd. your turn. are you ready?
[20:02] <Wyrd> rdy as i can be tired as i am
[20:02] <TashRikil> thats ok. just give it a shot. doesnt always work on the first try
[20:02] <TashRikil> here you go. tell me what you’re seeing or feeling.
[20:05] <TashRikil> nothing is an acceptable answer, as long as its the truth
[20:05] <Wyrd> not seeing much, feeling energy.
[20:05] * Wyrd is horribly tactile
[20:05] <TashRikil> ok.
[20:05] * TashRikil places your hands on the table
[20:06] <Wyrd> dark table top with something on it?
[20:08] <TashRikil> nothing on it yet. but it was designed for that express purpose. very good.
[20:08] <TashRikil> Seren. are you ready?
[20:09] <Seren> yeah first can you tell me if I found the table because I see a plain table empty space light with a candle and I can feel other people there
[20:09] <Aerys> wb
[20:10] <TashRikil> i think you found it. well done
[20:10] <Seren> i suppose I should learn to trust my instincts better
[20:10] <TashRikil> now i didnt intend as a candle, but i did put a small beacon over it and i cleared out the space around it all so it would be exceptionally easy to see
[20:11] <TashRikil> excellent all of you. congrats. you just scanned the table. and discovered a little bit about how your brains worked.
[20:11] <Seren> that must be it i was confused it was dark but something so I assumed candle
[20:11] <Monoclarity> can i try too,or just wait ?
[20:12] <TashRikil> you have to wait. i have to make sure you’re in good order before we do this
[20:12] <Monoclarity> roger
[20:12] <TashRikil> i will brb. i need to use the bathroom.
[20:18] <Bmartin82> no, unacceptable….
[20:18] <Bmartin82> 😛
[20:19] <Bmartin82> lol…j/k
[20:22] <Akradai> lol
[20:25] * Bmartin82 taps his claws waiting patiently
[20:25] <Bmartin82> 🙂
[20:26] * Wyrd frys fingers tending candles, waiting
[20:26] * Wyrd debating sleep
[20:27] <Wyrd> candle*
[20:27] <TashRikil> sorry for the wait
[20:27] <TashRikil> as is usual when i’m teaching, i found myself full of it and had to remedy the situation. 😛
[20:27] <Bmartin82> lol
[20:28] <Bmartin82> wb
[20:28] <Cene> TMI
[20:28] <Cene> 😛
[20:28] <TashRikil> hey, i figure if i cant laugh at myself i got no business laughing at anyone else. 😛
[20:28] <Bmartin82> 🙂
[20:28] <Aerys> wb
[20:28] <TashRikil> thank you.
[20:28] <TashRikil> i see everyone stayed more or less where i put them
[20:29] <Aerys-afk> brb
[20:29] <TashRikil> ok.
[20:29] <Bmartin82> alrighty
[20:29] <TashRikil> well we can go for this first round.
[20:29] <TashRikil> it’s a game i like to play. Scan the Object.
[20:30] <TashRikil> i’m going to make something, plunk it on the table, and you tell me what you see.
[20:30] <TashRikil> or feel, whatever the case might be
[20:30] <TashRikil> you all ready?
[20:31] <Akradai> brb, has to use the little dragon’s room too now >.>
[20:31] * Wyrd is too tired
[20:31] <TashRikil> well you can touch it, like you touched the table. if you’re too tired i wont make you.
[20:33] <James_Ableton> Hmm, I say an orange.
[20:33] <TashRikil> alright. well wyrd is tired and bowing out. which is fine.
[20:33] <TashRikil> interesting.
[20:33] * Seren is ready
[20:34] <TashRikil> i havent made it yet.
[20:34] <James_Ableton> So that’s why my answer is interesting. 😛
[20:34] <Cene> Phew. I thought I saw nothing
[20:35] <TashRikil> okay. now it’s there.
[20:35] <James_Ableton> Orange!
[20:35] <TashRikil> why do you think it’s an orange?
[20:35] <James_Ableton> I don’t know it’s just a guess.
[20:36] <Seren> all i feel is a ball of energy
[20:36] <TashRikil> well dont just guess. i’d like you to at least try to scan it.
[20:36] <James_Ableton> Ok sure, give me a minute to try.
[20:37] <TashRikil> fair enough. can you tell me anything about the ball of energy, Seren?
[20:37] <Seren> nope im aware its there thats about all i got
[20:38] <Cene> Well, I first get the picture of a big blue eye. Then the idea of something in layers. It’s not very bright, kind of dull and unemotional. Seems almost technological or like a kind of golem (if you’re familiar with the term)
[20:38] <TashRikil> yes i know what a golem is. interesting.
[20:38] <TashRikil> can you tell what it does, if anything>
[20:38] <TashRikil> ?
[20:40] <James_Ableton> My mistake, I thought we were remote viewing. I should pay more attention next time.
[20:40] <Seren> i have to step away for about 15 mins 🙁
[20:41] <Aerys> back
[20:41] <James_Ableton> In regards to which object (construct) is on the table, I’ve got nothing. There is nothing on the table.
[20:42] <Cene> And mmm, hrm
[20:43] <TashRikil> dont be afraid to be wrong. dont let others’ opinions sway you
[20:43] <Cene> It looked kind of like it was defensive, in a way. I also can’t help but draw the link between the eye and the golem and call it an observer.
[20:43] <TashRikil> just call what you see
[20:43] <TashRikil> alright.
[20:43] <Cene> However, it also looked technological like a computer, kind of.
[20:43] <Aerys> so what are we doing now?
[20:43] <Cene> As in, rigid structure
[20:44] <TashRikil> i’ve placed an object on the table.
[20:44] <TashRikil> i’d like everyone to scan it and report what they see
[20:44] <TashRikil> very well, cene.
[20:44] <TashRikil> boss, i want you to report in too. 😛
[20:44] <James_Ableton> Just to clarify, did you place a physical object on the table?
[20:45] <TashRikil> no. astral object. astral table. scan and tell me what you see
[20:45] <James_Ableton> Ok, refer to my previous answer.
[20:45] <Aerys> I see a very rotund object that is heavy which reminds me of marble
[20:46] <TashRikil> interesting.
[20:46] <Aerys> I can’t make out any programming to it except for it to stay around
[20:46] <TashRikil> anyone else got any input?
[20:47] * TashRikil prods Akradai and Bmartin82
[20:48] <Cene> That is interesting
[20:49] <TashRikil> alright. it seems they are too busy to play.
[20:49] <Akradai> For some reason, I see the table, but kinda looks blue and spherical but I could be wrong
[20:49] <TashRikil> interestingly enough, you are all partially right, and partially wrong.
[20:49] <Cene> Since when I saw layers, it seemed like stone slabs. And yay, reveal now?
[20:49] <Akradai> The object I mean
[20:50] * TashRikil picks it up
[20:50] <TashRikil> it’s a feather.
[20:50] <Cene> *giggles*
[20:50] <TashRikil> rigid structure, absolutely.
[20:50] <TashRikil> grey like marble, certainly
[20:50] <TashRikil> the shaft of the feather is round
[20:50] <TashRikil> it drops slowly to the ground
[20:51] <TashRikil> you could write with it, if you had some ink.
[20:51] <TashRikil> layered, definitely.
[20:51] <TashRikil> and yet, everyone’s vision went a little screwy.
[20:51] <TashRikil> this is typical of scanning.
[20:52] <TashRikil> ready for round 2?
[20:52] <James_Ableton> Woah, slow down a second.
[20:52] <James_Ableton> I feel like you were going to say something there.
[20:53] <James_Ableton> “this is typical of scanning…” why?
[20:53] <Aerys> i am ready
[20:53] <TashRikil> this is typical of scanning because i made the feather with the intents that i mentioned. as close to a real feather as i could.
[20:54] <TashRikil> but what each of you saw was one or two of the intents, and everything else distorted.
[20:55] <TashRikil> and to be truthful, you added a lot of your own emotional baggage onto what you were viewing.
[20:55] <James_Ableton> I can see how personal biases could effect one’s perception.
[20:55] <TashRikil> some of my own emotional baggage also went into the object’s creation. happens every time
[20:57] <TashRikil> buddhist monk, or jedi-like calm is the goal here, to relieve a lot of that baggage
[20:57] <James_Ableton> I’m ready for round two.
[20:57] <TashRikil> and yet each of you got a little bit of it. even you, with nothing. because there’s a lot of nothing, negative space that goes into a feather which falls very slowly
[20:58] <TashRikil> everyone set for the second try?
[20:58] <James_Ableton> In case nobody caught that, this implies that scanning while in an emotionally neutral state should improve accuracy.
[20:58] <Monoclarity> in my opinion everyone should pm Tash with their findings , not on the main channel , noone scans someting knowing resaults of a group of other ppl scanning the same thing at that moment?
[20:59] <Aerys> i am ready
[20:59] <TashRikil> that would be optimal. but as this is getting published
[20:59] <Monoclarity> ahhh true
[20:59] <Monoclarity> nvm then
[20:59] <TashRikil> we all need to be able to see. so as i said. ignore what other people say while making your own analysis
[20:59] <James_Ableton> Or close your eyes while you scan.
[21:00] <TashRikil> that too.
[21:00] <TashRikil> okay. the object is on the table.
[21:02] <Aerys> i see somethign that is flatter and more fluid that is writhing around worm like and can alter its size at any given time
[21:02] <Seren> im back
[21:02] <Cene> First impression is of blue, perhaps water though it also means increased flow to me. It also seems to be in a neutral, perhaps earthen container. I’d think a cup of sorts. It’s also surrounded by neutralish energy.
[21:03] <Cene> Also, obvious tip, look away from window and write results in notepad or something then copy/paste.
[21:03] <James_Ableton> I’m going to say a small toy car.
[21:05] <TashRikil> cene: look inside the cup and tell me what you see?
[21:05] <TashRikil> James_Ableton: is that your final answer?
[21:06] <James_Ableton> Yes, also whenever we get a chance I have a question and a comment.
[21:07] <Monoclarity> sorry i cannot just help myself :/ its hard to see nothing when trying to not try scan , it just happends :/
[21:07] <TashRikil> it’s fine. this place is safe.
[21:08] <Cene> Hmm.
[21:08] <Monoclarity> are that place your sanctuary for meditation? a black square table on four black balls as legs , the object ii see is changing its shape rapidly
[21:09] <Cene> Yeah, can’t get the picture of a feather in it out of my mind, though I do see ripples. Like I said, I think water or some liquid substance.
[21:11] <Monoclarity> now i see a small windmill on the table , kind of a fan onaa stick
[21:12] <Monoclarity> spinning
[21:12] <TashRikil> interesting
[21:14] <TashRikil> anyone else?
[21:19] * TashRikil shrugs
[21:19] <TashRikil> what i put on the table was fire.
[21:20] <TashRikil> again, everyone’s wrong. but each of you picked up on small pieces that were correct
[21:22] <Monoclarity> as i see stuff like this can take years to master , or even be proficient at
[21:23] <Cene> Heheh. Well, it is a fluid.
[21:23] <Cene> Sort of
[21:23] <TashRikil> that’s correct. it takes a LONG time to be good at a blind scan
[21:25] <Monoclarity> is the place safe coz its placed outside of our galaxy ?i saw milkiway on the background when trying to scan :D, like out of reach , where noone would look for it
[21:26] <TashRikil> the place is safe because i created it, and i am shielding it, and hiding it. not even frank could find this place and bust in uninvited.
[21:26] <James_Ableton> If not a single person could determine what was on the table then how does anyone know that there is anything on the table at all? Also did we only know there was a table because you told us?
[21:27] <TashRikil> well thats a funny thing. the table itself was what is sometimes called a frontload. but as i told you what it was, and we all agreed on its being there, guess what. it’s there.
[21:28] <Aerys> i was very close
[21:28] <James_Ableton> If the table is there by virtue of us all agreeing that it is there doesn’t that mean that by virtue of us all disagreeing on what is on top of the table that nothing is there?
[21:29] <TashRikil> you noticed a key aspect of it, yes. but you didnt catch on to the BURN BURN BURN HOT HOT HOT. none of you did.
[21:29] <TashRikil> an interesting way to look at it.
[21:29] <TashRikil> but no. i made the table. i told you it was a table, and then i proved to you it was a table by having you each look at it or touch it in turn
[21:30] <TashRikil> the feather, and the fire, i simply skipped the middle step of telling you.
[21:30] <Aerys> not me
[21:31] <TashRikil> you didnt mention it then.
[21:31] <TashRikil> you have to mention everything. because you didnt mention it then i have to doubt you now.
[21:31] <Cene> Well, I generally can’t feel the heat without touching, but yeah.
[21:32] <Aerys> I was afk when that part began and then I only recently came in when I scanned the fist time
[21:32] <James_Ableton> I asked those two questions to ask the following question. Is there a way of knowing whose scan is correct and whose is incorrect?
[21:32] <TashRikil> its ok.
[21:33] <Monoclarity> now you bashed my mind about that agreeing that theres a table and stuff
[21:33] <Seren> is it possible to practice another time since its impossible to do it by myself
[21:34] <James_Ableton> Technically, even you don’t know there is fire on the table because you automatically frontload yourself and your scan is biased.
[21:34] <TashRikil> i’m sorry if you’re confused. psionics is not as concrete as physical reality most of the time. there are many things, and many ways of thinking about things that influence how things play out, and who is correct.
[21:34] <TashRikil> the rule of thumb is he who made the object is always right.
[21:35] <James_Ableton> Yet the only way to know whether or not you made an object is if another person can scan it correctly.
[21:36] <TashRikil> and very seldom can anyone scan anything correctly. 😛
[21:36] <TashRikil> and also the question becomes, what if i lie? what if i say i made fire and i made ice? you never know, do you?
[21:36] <Seren> its a matter of perception though what might be fire to one person might be water to another no one is right or wrong its how you view it that matters
[21:37] <TashRikil> it’s how you view it, and the intents the object was invested with.
[21:37] <TashRikil> i invested the fire with BURN BURN BURN HOT HOT HOT. and then surrounded it with a small protective field to prevent anyone that touched it from harming themselves.
[21:38] <Monoclarity> as for me , i saw the fire as a spiked ball , that was morphing to different shapes , changing
[21:38] <TashRikil> the visual was of a fire, which of course changes shape repeatedly. thats one of the lesser intents in the object
[21:38] <TashRikil> but to emphasize. FIRE is a verbal shortcut here.
[21:39] <TashRikil> what i made was not fire. it was an astral approximation of fire.
[21:39] <James_Ableton> I can see the similarities between Monoclarity’s scan and fire.
[21:39] <TashRikil> what i did was i made several intents that approximated fire and put them together. and these folks DID sniff out some of those intents.
[21:40] <TashRikil> and this folks, is the entire point of the exercise. to realize that you are not looking at FIRE. you are “looking” at burn burn burn hot hot hot light and flicker.
[21:41] <TashRikil> your brain is just interpreting it as FIRE. or mine does. yours interprets it as you saw.
[21:42] <TashRikil> this is why scanning is a tricky business.
[21:43] <TashRikil> the Truth is this is all quite new to you, and you’re all half blind.
[21:43] <Cene> Well, it makes sense why I saw lots of flow then. And the fire was contained, right?
[21:43] <TashRikil> the fire was contained.
[21:43] <Cene> Only half? What colour was the fire?
[21:44] <TashRikil> you were looking at the protective envelope.
[21:44] <Monoclarity> that might be why i picked the first time a shape changing ball
[21:44] <Cene> I’d think the light blue I saw in the stone looking container was the fire
[21:44] <Cene> *shrugs*
[21:44] <Cene> It’d make sense
[21:44] <TashRikil> the fire was the color red orange and yellow. and yet, what’s red, orange and yellow when you’re not physically seeing it?
[21:46] <TashRikil> for me, red is passion, orange warmth, and yellow authority (gold).
[21:46] <TashRikil> it will take much practice to be a good scanner
[21:47] <Cene> Hmm.. for me red is passion, however blue is adaptability, change, and flow.
[21:47] <TashRikil> and nobody no matter how good is perfect or infallible. myself included.
[21:47] <Cene> *nods*
[21:47] <Cene> That’s obviously true. To get better at anything you have to do it repeatedly.
[21:48] <TashRikil> yes. and you have to burn the pathways into your brain so that you can root out the feelings associated with things. because if you know how it works, it doesnt particularly matter what you “see”.
[21:48] <TashRikil> thats why i asked you what you feel
[21:49] <TashRikil> time, and practice. get others to practice with, and a good scanner to help you.
[21:50] <TashRikil> something i have taught myself is not to report what i see, but to report the first things i think about what i see.
[21:50] <TashRikil> sometimes, if i know another person well enough, i can guess what their mind made of those same intents.
[21:52] <Cene> Yeah, I see and ‘feel’ things at the same time, though I’m not a tactile person, so it’s not that kind of feel.
[21:53] <TashRikil> the more you practice this, the better you will get at it. also, there’s more than one intent in almost any object. always search for as many intents as you can find.
[21:53] <TashRikil> it is a lot like the blind men and the elephant
[21:55] <TashRikil> is this making sense? i dont want to be completely losing people here. this is a bit of a peek behind the curtain.
[22:01] <Cene> Yeah, but how can you tell if you’re just making up intents?
[22:03] <TashRikil> sometimes you cant. which is the sad part.
[22:03] <TashRikil> which is why you practice with friends.
[22:03] <TashRikil> and more experienced scanners. some things, only experience can teach
[22:09] <TashRikil> alright. any more questions?
[22:11] <Monoclarity> nope
[22:14] <TashRikil> okay. class is dismissed. you need to practice this to get good at it

Posted By: Adara, Head Manager/Head Operator

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