The Newbie Welcome Mat

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Article: “The Newbie Welcome Mat”, by JediKaren

Newbies, allow me the honor and pleasure of welcoming you to this site and to psionics. Although this may not be your first psionic site or your first day as a psion, I am going to presume it is.

You have entered a strange and seemingly unreal world. What we propose and teach may look impossible. You may be excited, cautious, or just plain bewildered. You are not the first or the last to feel this way, as I can assure you, I and thousands of others have walked in your shoes. After being a newbie myself and personally having helped countless of others I know the questions and fears you are bursting with. So, in this article I will briefly explain the rules and ways of psions, the psi community, and this site.

To begin with, let us go over some terms you are going to be confronted with and must know to understand the articles. The term psi is the name that was given to the energy phenomenon. While no one can pin down the idea if psi is really energy or something else, for newbie’s sake, we will call it energy. The term psi comes from the 23rd Greek letter. It is pronounced “sigh”. The next term to know is psion. The plural is psions. The term means a person who practices and studies psi. It is pronounced “sigh-on”. Technically, the moment you feel and use psi for the first time, you have become a psion. In reality, the community will think and accept you as a psion after you have learned the very basic skills of psi and show involvement with other psions, typically shown in membership on at least one site. The word psionic is an adjective, used the same way psychic is used. It is pronounced “sigh-on-ic”. One will see us use the term in an example like this “He moved a pencil by psionic means.” The last term to know is psionics. It is pronounced “sigh-on-ics”. This is the general reference to anything related to psi or the psi community. Now that you have an idea of what the terms mean, let us continue on to what is a psion.

To call yourself a psion may seem to be a joke or an ego booster for teens with no life. The truth is psions have a more meaningful and fuller life than those who watch TV and play video games all day. Psions learn how to question, separate fact from fiction, discipline the body and mind, carefully observe and improve reading and writing skills. This only happens if the persons works hard, pushes themselves, and involve themselves in the community. To make this clear, psionics is not a game or a tv show or a book. Psions are not anime characters with unlimited powers. Psions are no lightsaber wielding Jedi. Psions are not out to rule the world or protect the innocent. There is no code or honor, only a suggestions of morals. You decide why and how to use psi in your life. We are just common people doing some pretty common things.

Let it be known that being a psion does not mean you are a freak of nature, a mutant, crazy, or other any other negative term you can name. You shouldn’t fear yourself or fear how people view you. You do not have to tell people that you can feel and use psi. Psionics is a gift, a hobby, something that occurs naturally, and an art of science. You may have been attracted to psionics because you can do certain things or certain things happen around you. This is perfectly normal and can be stopped or controlled. Understand that being a psion does mean the abnormal will become normal. Things that society condemns as impossible will become possible and things the scientists discourage, will be encouraged. It might be scary at first, but the rewards are beyond your dreams.

A psion is often a lone wolf. They have to practice alone, with no one around their physical community. They talk to people thousands of miles away. Their friends, family, school teachers, and real time community may not believe them and often will make fun of them. There are only a few books and online articles to learn from. There is no one to do the work and practice for the psion. The only help is from communities. A psion will have limited support and must fine a way to motivate themselves. If they do not, they will most likely drop out before a year is up. It is a sad fact, but the world of psionics is a harsh place. Those who really want to become a true psion will find a way and the rest will move on to something else. But be comforted by the fact that once a psion, always a psion, even if you try to forget it and put it behind you. You will always remember what you learned in the back of your mind.

Written By: JediKaren (2009)
© 2012 Psionics Institute