Shielding FAQ’s

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Article: “Shielding”, by Sylar

What is a shield?

A shield is simply energy imbued with an intent to perform a certain function. Depending on its complexity, it may be considered as one of the most basic and simple constructs that are made. The most common of shields are those programmed(intended) to keep someone or something from entering or being able to go pass through a certain area or space.

What types of shields are there?

The different types of shields that are possible are too numerous to be listed. If your mind can think it up and conceive it, then it can be created. However I will list to you a few shields that are popularly used among beginners and novices.

Bubble Shield – One of the most basic shields which is is programmed to protect the individual from attacks and negative energy.

Marshmellow Shield – A shield imbued with the intent to have the characteristic of causing energies or attacks to stick to, dissolve, and absorb energy that comes in contact with the shield. It is meant to resemble the characteristics of an actual marshmallow.

Mirror Shield – The mirror shield is simply a shield that is imbued with the intent(programmed) to take on the characteristic of an actual mirror, and reflect and deflect any energies that the creator deems negative or any attacks directed towards them.

Chaos Shield – A chaos shield is a shield that is designed(programmed) to shift from one particular shield type to another at random intervals in order to confuse potential attackers or to help in warding off stray negative energies.

Empathetic Shield – Shields designed to block out the conscious or unconscious broadcasting of emotions that may come within range of them.

Telepathic Shield – Shields that are designed to block out the conscious or unconscious broadcasting of thoughts that may come in range of them.

Why should I shield?

For some individuals, shielding is a must. Empaths and telepaths know that shields help them to maintain their sanity and allow them function normally from day to day without the constant bombardment of information. Shields also are useful for deflecting and keeping the individual inside the shield safe from attacks from other individuals or entities.

Do I have to shield?

Of course not. Shielding is merely optional just like everything else is. Shields can help you, but they certainly are not a requirement. Some individuals do not shield at all. After time passes, you will find that you don’t even have to consciously shield, but that from the repetition, your subconscious will complete the shielding process on its own.

I can’t get rid of my shield! What do I do?

Not being able to drop a shield is simply a mental block. In order to get rid of a shield, you simply cut its power source. If you have it linked to yourself, simply intend for the shield to break that link and to dissipate. This goes for any power source. Simply intend the shield to fall apart. Visualizing the shield crumbling or fading away may help your subconscious understand what it is you wish to do.

How do I make a shield?

In order to consciously make a shield, one must be familiar with manipulating energy. First, you should know what it is that you want the shield to do. You must make sure that your desire is conveyed to your mind as efficiently and completely as possible. This is because the power in which your subconscious mind holds is stronger then you realize, and your intent can be manifested by your subconscious with little conscious effort on your part. By communicating with your subconscious and letting it know what you intend to do, it will help you to do whatever it is you want, making the process much smoother and easier.

Know, learn, and meditate on the fact that intent controls energy. Once you know and understand this fact, shielding will come very easy for you. There is no need to “gather” or “pull” energy to you. It is simply a matter of manifesting where, and how you want it to be.

Decide on what energy source you want to take from. Whether it be yourself, celestial bodies like the sun, moon, earth or even a distant star. You should have it decided in your mind what your power source is going to be.

Manifest the energy from your power source around you or wherever you want the shield by intending the energy to simply “be there” exactly where you want it. Intend the energy to be infused and imbued with your desire which you communicated to your subconscious in step one. If you wanted a shield that keeps out certain emotions, then while taking from your energy source and manifesting it at your desired location, intend the energy to have that characteristic of being resistant to and keeping out that certain emotion.

Overview: Shield Creation
1. Convey to your subconscious what it is you want done.
2. Decide on and pick the energy source you plan to use.
3. Manifest the energy from your source to your desired location while intending it to have the characteristics that correspond and help to aid in accomplishing your original desire.

Written By: Sylar
© 2012 Psionics Institute