Telepathic Suggestions

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Log from #Classroom on Monday, July 1, 2013 at 10PM EDT: “Telepathic Suggestions”, hosted by Miri:
[22:06:47] <miri> Telepathic suggestion is a very simple concept. One inserts a notion into someone else’s head. The simpler the concept, the easier. However, there are many factors that complicate this otherwise very simple process.
[22:06:53] <miri> First of all there is the natural ?psychic censor?, the same part of the mind that keeps you from having a single unified consciousness and segregates the levels of thought/processing. This means you need to affect the level of the mind most effective directly, if you wish for a quick effect.
[22:06:58] <miri> Also, you must consider the problem of cognitive dissonance. If you’re suggesting something directly opposed to someone’s previous thoughts, this can trigger uncomfortable, untenable tension between concepts. Generally the older, firmer concept survives, and your suggestion fails.
[22:07:03] <miri> There is the issue of ?voice?, many people, especially practicing telepaths have a defined personal ?voice? specifically to avoid intrusive suggestions taking hold. If a thought isn’t in their voice, it is alien, and ignored or removed.
[22:07:09] <miri> Performing TPS, despite the complications I mentioned, is fairly simple at basic levels, assuming you avoid the major pitfalls. You can’t force someone to go against their nature. A man who is not charitable won’t give away money without cause. However, that same man may donate money for a tax write off. Understanding your target is helpful in this.
[22:07:16] <miri> Are there any question thus far?
[22:07:57] <Anthony356> umm
[22:08:43] <miri> is that prelude to a question, anthony?
[22:08:47] <Anthony356> avoid intrusive suggestions taking hold. If a thought isn’t in their voice, it is alien, and ignored or removed
[22:08:49] <Anthony356> that part
[22:09:04] <Anthony356> is that something that comes with practice, or something that you can work specifically on developing?
[22:09:11] <Anthony356> or i guess, is it there naturally
[22:09:20] <miri> as a defense mechanism, or bypassing?
[22:09:34] <Anthony356> as a defense mechanism
[22:09:43] <Dracogriff> That is simple, people skilled in telepathy or protecting their minds in general will be able to differentiate between their thoughts and those from outside of them because they have profiled and examined their own thought processes.
[22:09:46] <miri> Generally it develops naturally, but more quickly once noticed/understood.
[22:09:59] <Anthony356> alright, that makes sense
[22:10:15] <Eniri> When I pick up feelings from people (empathy) I can tell it’s foreign
[22:10:16] <Dracogriff> You can develop it if you have not by getting to know your mind.
[22:10:16] <miri> Dracogriff: yes, essentially
[22:10:24] <Dracogriff> Few of us know our own minds.
[22:10:43] <miri> Sadly, that’s true these days. Too much intrusion already.
[22:10:46] <Anthony356> i pick up feelings and generally i can’t tell unless i know i was feeling something completely different moments earlier
[22:10:54] <Dracogriff> and fewer still, where their minds stop and programmed reactions in the body’s brain begin
[22:10:55] <miri> YOur mind is raped daily by a thousand adsa nd subliminal messages.
[22:11:08] <Anthony356> o_O i don’t want to live on this planet anymore
[22:11:19] <Anthony356> lol
[22:11:34] * Dracogriff does not watch tv and uses adblock in firefox…hasn’t seen an ad in weeks
[22:11:38] <Eniri> that’s why I don’t watch television
[22:11:40] <jtbill> i want to be a willing test subject .w. because this seems neat, and my mind is messed up ._.
[22:11:52] <Anthony356> i’d rather be entertained than not watch television
[22:11:58] <miri> jtbill: specifics in PM, please
[22:12:18] <jtbill> specifics on why my mind is messed up?
[22:12:19] <Dracogriff> Anthony356: you can download tv shows through file sharing
[22:12:28] <jtbill> simple i can’t think straight today ._.
[22:12:43] <Anthony356> yeah but then it takes effort, i’d rather just hit a button and have the entertainment drilled into my brain than have to click 2 buttons
[22:12:53] <Anthony356> and TYPE
[22:13:06] <miri> I get roped into “family time” in front of the TV, still, note that advertisers are brilliant. They plant seed in your head like a TPSer, through sheer fiscal muscle.
[22:13:13] <Dracogriff> so, besides knowing the person, is there a way to ping the person in order to see if the telepathic suggestion took hold once you send it?
[22:13:28] <Anthony356> i was wondering that too
[22:13:50] <miri> Dracogriff: the method I will be outlining has observatio nbuilt in
[22:14:00] <Dracogriff> ok
[22:14:29] <miri> If your’e already sensitive/detail oriented, it has what confirmatio nyou can get built in.
[22:14:40] <miri> Okay, Shall we move on?
[22:14:45] <Anthony356> sure
[22:14:58] <miri> All the problems I’ve mentioned can be overcome with adequate planning, practice, and insight. The basic method is very simple. First you will want to enter a synchronized state with the target, if possible. To this end I have designed a meditation. Picture your mind as a machine, a series of cogs and belts, mysterious creating thought. Picture your target in the same way, but tuned differently.
[22:15:03] <miri> Let your subconscious fill in the details. Perhaps some of their gears are smaller or larger, perhaps their mind’s machinery speeds and slows like breathing. This is something you should not force, let it form as it will, trust your intuition.
[22:15:10] <miri> Now, one step at a time, eliminate the difference in the two machines, change your mind machine to match theirs in every conceivable way. If you’re doing this correctly, you should notice some changes to perception and/or thinking. When you have every possible detail matching as closely as possible, you’re ready to move on to influencing them.
[22:15:15] <miri> Will, for simplicity, continue with the previous meditation’s metaphorical mind machine. First, introduce your suggestion to your own mind-machine (which is currently identical to the target’s, and see what changes, let it happen, rather than forcing it. Passively observe any changes.
[22:15:22] <miri> Next, bundle up the entire process, the suggestion and the changes that ensue, and apply this to the target’s mind machine. Here you will want to be somewhat forceful. Rather than passively observing the effects, you will want to ensure and cause them.
[22:15:53] <miri> There is little to do but try some practice, I have some ?volunteers? for you all to make suggestions to. I will present you with a target and suggestion, after pausing for questions.
[22:16:12] <Dracogriff> i gtg
[22:16:21] <Anthony356> see you dracogriff
[22:16:23] <Anthony356> have a good one
[22:16:26] <miri> toodles
[22:16:32] <Eniri> Could you elaborate at “introduce your suggestion”
[22:17:17] <miri> Intiially you do this to yourself, that’ sas simple as thinking of and being influenced by your own suggestion.
[22:17:35] <Anthony356> that sounds really weird
[22:17:47] <miri> Mmhmm
[22:18:16] <miri> The exercise allows you to watch your mind from the outside, and experiment on it.
[22:18:37] <miri> By shaping your mid n to match the target, you can figure out how best to affect your target.
[22:19:26] <miri> Taken as a whole, the method is exceptionally effective as it contains the research element, inherently.
[22:20:30] <miri> Did that answer your question, Eniri?
[22:21:09] <Eniri> It was helpful but not quite what I was asking
[22:21:33] <Eniri> What should be done to create/send the suggestion? Is it subvocalization? Or visualization?
[22:22:42] <miri> It’s up to you. However you conceive of telepathy functioning. For me that’s a mixture of visuals, sensations, smells, and sounds. You can call that “visualization”, in broad terms.
[22:24:46] <Eniri> okay
[22:24:58] <miri> Sorry it’s not more concrete.
[22:26:04] <miri> Anyhow, I’ll hand out targets/suggestions, just /me raises hand for one
[22:26:16] * Anthony356 raises hand
[22:26:23] * Eniri raises hand
[22:26:33] <Anthony356> jtbill where are youuuuu
[22:26:48] * jtbill raises hand
[22:27:18] <jtbill> had to criticize my sister’s game playing
[22:27:35] <Anthony356> lol
[22:35:47] * miri listens to the crickets sing their mournful songs
[22:36:18] * jtbill listens to the song in my head and wonders what it is
[22:36:54] <Anthony356> so uh…
[22:36:58] <Anthony356> what happens now >.<
[22:38:53] <miri> Now I eat chocolates and crack the whip yellign thing slike “Harder my minions, MORE power!
[22:39:30] <jtbill> i did it miri =O i got draco to DC XD
[22:39:51] <Anthony356> lol
[22:40:03] <miri> +9856468 Points. Now make me rich.
[22:40:10] <jtbill> hmmm
[22:40:17] <jtbill> the next lottery numbers are…..
[22:40:31] <jtbill> 42……42….42….84….42…and…
[22:40:35] <jtbill> hmmm lets see.
[22:40:42] <jtbill> 7 ._.
[22:41:06] <miri> Which lottery is that?
[22:41:17] <jtbill> idk ._. jeeze
[22:42:19] <Anthony356> enter ALL the lottos
[22:42:34] <jtbill> especially the one in greenland
[22:42:52] <miri> I don’t know any that go to 84 or sample with replacement.
[22:43:14] <jtbill> me neither xD
[22:44:13] <ThundraFire> sorry was a bit distracted
[22:44:21] <miri> Want a target?
[22:45:26] * jtbill rolls
[22:45:32] <Anthony356> i’d just like to put out there right now i’m the worst meditator ever T.T
[22:45:53] <miri> Duly noted
[22:45:53] <ThundraFire> ?
[22:46:14] <jtbill> TPS, i don’t know if mine worked because he dc’d
[22:47:10] <Anthony356> not to be an impatient ian, but what exactly are waiting for? o-o
[22:52:10] <ThundraFire> I doubt a target is still needed but I can try to help
[22:52:43] <jtbill> we are doing TPS
[22:52:59] <ThundraFire> I know
[22:57:01] <ThundraFire> giving it a shot:)
[22:59:43] <ThundraFire> like the method btw Miri
[23:00:25] <Anthony356> i like the method aswell, only problem i’m having is i can’t visualize machiens o-o
[23:01:19] <ThundraFire> think like you arew talking to an SCY drone or probe
[23:01:30] <ThundraFire> what you want them to build
[23:02:37] <Anthony356> i feel like i would have better luck thinking of fruit trees >.>
[23:03:04] <Anthony356> also, scy?
[23:03:14] <ThundraFire> machines easier to programm them food things
[23:03:27] <ThundraFire> opps
[23:03:29] <ThundraFire> scv
[23:03:35] <Anthony356> starcraft =3
[23:03:52] <Anthony356> that’s actually a really good analogy
[23:04:16] <miri> Yeah, not a bad one
[23:04:18] <ThundraFire> I plaued original and brood and started wings of iberty just got good nets
[23:04:39] <Anthony356> i’m plat in hots
[23:04:44] <Anthony356> play every day
[23:04:45] <Anthony356> >.<
[23:04:51] <ThundraFire> I read up and seen Anthony mentioned
[23:05:21] <ThundraFire> <–ForKerrigan
[23:05:51] <Anthony356> <– my life for auir
[23:06:03] <Anthony356> i want to go pro eventually ^^ it’s part of the reason i commit so much time to it
[23:06:40] <ThundraFire> I protoss player oddly
[23:06:54] <ThundraFire> my nick is forkerrigan
[23:07:18] <Anthony356> oh
[23:07:22] <Anthony356> i’m Walnut.845
[23:07:25] <Anthony356> if you wanted to add me
[23:07:59] <Anthony356> miri was that like the end of the class, or is there more shtuff?
[23:08:22] <ThundraFire> I trying
[23:08:23] <miri> Well ,there’s not much else to say in a formal capacity, but if there are questions, I’m happy to answer.

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